Normal Service Is Fully Resumed

Well, that was an unplanned break, wasn’t it?

Still, I return - now with 35 circuits around Sol, loveliest of sun goddesses, a bellyful of cake, some very pretty pointy kit:

(I can’t be arsed to take a photo of mine, so here you go - @lepsydreaming is the best gift giver. Oh, and for the #deerkult folk: “The handle is made from a combination of curly birch, thin layers of leather and reindeer antler. It has a well designed shape which fits well in the hand and it it is finished off very smoothly without being slippery.The sheath is made from wet-formed cow hide and it has a reindeer leather belt hanger attached”.)

Many thanks to you all for the birthday well wishes. Terribly nice of you, that was!

Finally, a PROOF OF LIFE SEPTEMBER ‘16 containing (one of) the traditional Albion salute(s):

Still not dead. Let’s. Get. Shit. Done. Eh?