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what are your dirk gently ships??

  • DIRK and TODD*
  • MARTIN and ME******
  • VOGLE*******

*incredibly predictable? yes. INCREDIBLY PURE AND REAL? ALSO YES! I actively fought against my own feelings up until the point where they’re crouched behind a souvenir stand in the zoo clutching animal masks talking about time travel and Dirk is looking at Todd like he hung the fucking moon. then I gave into my FROTHING HEART FEELINGS for them just in time for the show to kick me in the boobs about it, haha! look at them! yelling at each other! just two best friends baring their souls, telling secrets and changing each other’s lives! and now they’re crying! enjoy, bitch!!!

**Farrah: ssshhhhh you’re wrong and you’re not helping
Amanda: [points out something really helpful and case-cracking]
Farrah: Hi!!!! I’m Farrah!!!!!!!!!!!
(but also, Amanda: Ooh, Todd, are you into Farrah? why wouldn’t you be? she’s so awesome. she doesn’t seem into you though. she has such a cool jacket. she’s great and gorgeous. I spent all night with her and she’s a weirdo! I like her a lot! what a great gorgeous cool weird person, with an awesome jacket! wow!)

***Ken is basically an overawed, overwhelmed babysitter to an infallible angel of death and it is MY FAVOURITE THING! Bart’s doing her whole Leaf In The Stream Of Creation bit and Ken’s sort-of-willingly along for the ride, quietly freaking out and making sure she showers and eats and gets enough sleep. she gave his life MEANING and PURPOSE and he’s there, singing along to the radio to make her laugh and keeping her from getting rickets. when she starts to doubt herself and loses confidence Ken is there to talk her around to continuing her psychic serial murder spree. literally what’s not to love. 


*****I truly don’t see how that last scene could possibly Come Up Estevez but I will hold on hope until season 2 steps on my heart. speaking of: have you ever known the last 5 minutes of a finale to go the fuck in like that? I mean, what the fuck, bro? what the fuck??? 

******he’s just tall and weird and sexy and I want to cling to his ridiculously long legs like a baby panda. tbh I think when I say ‘MARTIN and ME’ what I actually mean is ‘MARTIN and AMANDA’, with ME cast in the role of AMANDA. when he gives her the bat to beat up the car. WHEN HE SAYS ‘DON’T BE SCARED, DRUMMER GIRL.’ WHEN HE’S LIKE ‘VOGLE, GET HER OUT OF HERE!’ WHEN SHIT GOES DOWN AT THE END. I WANT THIS WEIRD FERAL MAN TO LOVE ME! HEFT YOUR WEAPON AND BEAT SOMETHING UP FOR ME, MARTIN!!! HOWL LIKE A WOLF AND DAMAGE SOME PROPERTY AND WHISK ME AWAY IN YOUR VAN!!!!! ABSORB MY ENERGY!!!!!! DRAIN ME!!!!!!!!!!

*******I don’t ship him with anyone, he’s just really, really cute and I think we all need to acknowledge that more. when he grabbed Amanda’s hand I died. I just fucking died.