In all the millennia of my life I’ve never seen something that causes so much vicarious embarassment than this ‘pornographic’ movie. Not to mention that I’m not a fan of these kind of picturization anyways. I prefer the real thing but I think I’ve seen enough for a while.

Jack Frost: frostysnowcone

Filmed by: Hina

(Trying not to laugh while watching this movie is the worst.)


Outtakes # 1

Outtakes from those posts:
Body switch
Sex Sessions

More outtakes will probably follow.

Filming things like kissing or an approach aren’t that easy if you have to stay serious or don’t want to kiss your friend (especially not when your entire face is full with make up.
I smeared my make up into Snowcones face about six times xD (Voldemort doesn’t have a nose, because it’s in the way when you want to kiss people *flips table*)
It scares me that people remember what I said a few months ago, omg.

Jack: Frostysnowcone (By the way…she likes it. She ships it. She just doesn’t want to admit it. Really.)

Filmed by: Hina


Everyone once dreamed about something unpleasant.And for everyone the worst nightmare looks different, too. Well…this guy is…uh…special.

Still on vacation, visiting my awesome friends who helped me with the blog. It was so much fun!
Thank you,
Sparklinggayspider (as Roy Mustang)
Alec & Hina

(And just-a-talking-fishbone is here…*silent screeching*)