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Caitlin Snow Appreciation Week: Day 6 Favorite Killer Frost Moment

“Guess I just needed a little sleep. Thanks guys, I’m feeling much better now. It’s okay, you can let me out, I promise I’m not gonna hurt anybody. Hum… I guess you’re all smarter than I thought…”

The Sleepy Genji Main

Because I’m always sleepy™ 24/7

I’m always this tired ass Genji whos sleeping on the payload and trying my best not to miss reflects. I have to apologize to my McCree and Mercy main, friends who always haves to carry my dead sleepy body to bed. zzZ

the signs as rare cats
  • Aries: Señor Don Gato
  • Taurus: Conductor Whiskers
  • Gemini: Ramses the Great
  • Cancer: Joe DiMeowgio
  • Leo: Sassy Fran
  • Virgo: Tubbs
  • Libra: Lady Meow-Meow
  • Scorpio: Frosty
  • Sagittarius: Billy the Kitten
  • Capricorn: Xerxes IX
  • Aquarius: Guy Furry
  • Pisces: Bob the Cat
Faux girlfriend ~ ThatcherJoe

Requested - Can you please do a Joe Sugg imagine where he asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family event and his family adores you and he admits he likes you? x Hope you like it :) 

“(Y/N) you know you’re my favourite person in the whole entire world?” Joe says to you as you both sat on your sofa eating popcorn watching a film. 

“What do you want Joe?” You knew him well enough to know when he wanted something. 

“It’s Zoe and Alfie’s wedding next week would you come with me and pretend to be my girlfriend?” He asks you, looking nervous. 

“Okay.” You said, it would be a little bit weird but you would help him out and pretend to be his girlfriend. 

A week later you found yourself holding onto Joe’s arm as you both walked into the reception, the wedding had been beautiful and people were believing that you were Joe’s girlfriend. 

You sat at the table surrounded by Joe’s family and joined in with the various conversations. You found yourself talking to Joe’s grandmother who seemed to absolutely adore you. 

“Hopefully it won’t be long until it’s you and Joe doing this.” She says, nodding her head towards Alfie and Zoe. You laughed nervously as Joe took your hand under the table, trying to comfort you. 

After many more awkward encounters you made it out of the reception for a few minutes to relax a little bit. You were beginning to get a bit too caught up in the lie and found yourself imagining what married life with Joe would be like. 

“Hey, there you are.” Joe whispers as he spots you stood outside, he hands you his jacket to put around your shoulders. 

“Thanks, sorry it was all just a bit much inside.” You say, taking a few deep breaths. 

“Sorry about that, they like you lots.” He smiles, wrapping an arm around your shoulder to keep you warm. 

“I like them all too.” You smile up at him, momentarily left speechless by how good he looked in a suit. 

“I almost wish we weren’t lying to them.” He whispers into the darkness.

“Almost?” You question, not allowing yourself to get your hopes up. 

“You wouldn’t want the lie to be true, would you?” He asks you, his hands were beginning to shake. 

“I’d love it to be true.” You smile into the darkness as he turns you to face him. Joe leans down and kisses you. Stood in the frosty night kissing Joe was not how you expected the evening to end but it was how it always ended in your wildest dreams. Dreams that were now coming true as you walked back into the reception as Joe’s actual girlfriend. 

Thanks for reading! :)  

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