frosty draws

I doodled a little mercy for senpai’s shipping reasons ^_^

He made me mom and now he’s gonna have to put up with my shipping and nonstop blabbering
HIS FAULT!! He made me ship mercy76
God how I hate photoshops god awful pen stability, I had to doodle this in 20 minutes ;-; I’m so sorry it looks bad or anything looks off, our schools wifi wasn’t working well today

mcsmc day 1: Order of the Stone

“Cool mask.”

I absolutely love the opening to what is probably one of my most favorite games. As each character is introduced, you can quickly and easily figure out their basic layout and personality and it just stuck with me since I would quickly become attached to these four!

mcsmc day 2: Assembly Required

“Thanks for coming back, Lukas. I mean that.”

I’m behind a day or two oh well. This episode is PACKED with so many great things like characters being introduced and new places being explored but I just love the goofy moment thinking that you and Reuben just died cause you missed a jump and then Lukas coming down right after you into the ender pit

Indigo Pearl, but not the final version, just a finished (then tweaked) doodle i started yesterday.

@frosty-draws Black Pearl is skilled in making shields, so Indigo has a plated tail that can also create a shield when defending theirself with a few plates on legs and hands. Doesn’t walk too well on land and generally is at home when in the water. They have a fascinating personality but sometimes a little too curious.

fun fact: this fusion comes from a very small Black Pearl and a Diamond-sized Teal Pearl.

I’m working on revising my Jack Frost cosplay, and the anniversary for this movie is coming up, so I thought I’d color a sketch of my boy!