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They just could've done a lot with Ruby. She could've played a bigger role in being Henry's pseudo-big sister, a best friend to both Belle and Snow, probably could've even found new love somehow. I feel that the only way to reintroduce her to the show would be to say if she went off to college or something. I dunno. Meghan Ory, if you're not busy please come back to OUAT, we miss you. ;___;

          OUT OF THE WOODS. YES, all of this. there have been so many occasions where it would’ve made sense for them to call on ruby ( for instance when cruella had henry & they were running around in the woods trying to find him ––– it sure would’ve been useful to have ruby around then ), & it just breaks my heart that even her closest friends don’t acknowledge her existence anymore. her friendship with emma had so much potential as well! they could have hella bonded when even emma’s own family was afraid of her magic. i think ruby knows a little about what that feels like. i heard some rumors from the ft3 convention about her potentially returning in season 5, though??? i really hope that’s the case, but they better come up with a good explanation as to where she’s been. I MISS HER SO MUCH.

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Sends a frost rabbit to hop after her.

        EXCITEMENT   can  be   vividly  seen  upon  her  face,   as
        her childish GIGGLE freely echoes within the trees surrounding
        the  two figures.  a tiny  rabbit made of  snow  !  wasn’t  that  just
      adorable ?  the child left behind her bucket  of water from  the
        well, so that she could follow the tiny animal, her hands
        clapping in amusement.  


          she could not be brought to speak; no more was ice magic a skill unique to her. even, this boy seemed to have embraced it another way; an happier way. a smile of gratitude towards his presumed peaceful growth widened. the extent of her bewilderment could easily be measured by the vastness of white in her eyes; a ratio that had not been reached since innocence. elsa was stunned by the looks of him while he flew about, he looked alive, thrilled…. euphoric


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                  The passing weeks had been pleasant and she was
                  finding she was able to be herself more and more. He
                  made her laugh, smile, something that even Aurora, Jack,
                  Anna, Elsa, and Snow even had trouble doing since
                  the passing of her husband and father-in-law. After sitting
                  by the pond’s edge for hours after the fireworks display
                  and other had left she realized how quiet everything
                  seemed. She had just about suggested they go back to
                  the palace when she felt the brush of his lips to the corner
                  of her mouth, catching her by complete surprise.


                  Heat flooded her cheeks, which she chalked up to one too
                  many glasses of wine, while her eyes skimmed over him.
                  She wasn’t drunk, at least the ground hadn’t been spinning
                  before and three glasses in a five hour stretch of time
                  couldn’t make her tipsy. Slightly buzzed and bubbly yes but
                  not tipsy and warm, no it was his kiss - though a barely touched
                  kiss - that had her heart speeding a little in her chest, her lips
                  tingling with the long forgotten taste of intimacy, and her palms
                  sweaty with nerves.

                  She wanted to say something but she knew if she did it
                  would only spoil the moment. Instead she touched her
                  fingers first to his shoulder as if she had seen a piece of
                  grass or a leaf while she braced herself on her other hand
                  to lean in. Perhaps she was making a fool of herself and if
                  so she would blame the drinks and hope he would just laugh
                  it off. It was his fault after all, she had long buried deep
                  any thought of being romantic or having an sort of dallying
                  relationship after her husband died, now Francis had brought
                  out her laughs, an easy air about hr than she had in months.

                                    “This is your fault.”

                  So she did say something but she didn’t wait to see if he
                  would say something, instead her hand turned to lay along
                  his jaw, pressing to a kiss that sent a current through her
                  veins, remembering how blissful just the touch of lips could feel. 

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' I missed you. '

Send me a sentence for my muse's reaction

 Head lifting from the stack of paperwork that still lay
partially unsorted before her, concentration turned to
elation  at  the sight of the fair-haired boy standing in
the doorway.

                    ❛❛ ——— Jack! ❜❜

                    ❛❛ What ——— ?  I  thought  you  weren’t
                    coming back until the end of the
week! ❜❜

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Jack Frost ;)

                                      MEME | ACCEPTING !!

(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)

(how close a friend they consider them)

(wanting to have sex with them)

(hoping for a romantic relationship)

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Blows a trail of dancing snowflakes at her.

                SHE TWIRLS, a LAUGH of joy and childish amusement filling the quiet garden. it was a fresh winter morning and, despite the cold temperature, snow white had not seen one sign of snow anywhere nearby the castle. it was quite an UNFORTUNATE situation, given her love and excitement over that bit of frozen ice. 

                and now, that tiny snowflakes would freely DANCE around her body, snow felt nothing more but the same happiness she felt when she was little and when she first discovered SNOW. the first time she’d see snow happened in a similar situation, when a trail of snowflakes would caress the top of her head, leaving small icy tracks upon her ebony hair. was it the same young boy that had watched over her during her childhood ?

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1. 3. 9.

meme: munday meme!
status: hella

01: What should we call you?

You can call me Chrissy or whatever cute nickname you can think of for me! 

03: Do you have more than one muse?

I do – but they’re not super active. 

09: Which writer(s) inspire you?

Margaret Atwood is not only a writer that inspires me but she also inspires me as a feminist who enjoys reading feminist literature. Atwood’s books and poems are both EQUALLY amazing and I absolutely love how she writes. I’m also heavily inspired by Stephen King – in fact in my writing I subconsciously merge those two writer’s styles together with a spice of my own thing. Arthur Conan Doyle, is of course one of my favourite all time writers along with Jane Austen. AND I need to mention Bell Hooks but she doesn’t really inspire me to write but really just inspire my values as a human tbh. Also I need a shout out to Timothy Findley for being one of the biggest inspirations along with Margaret Atwood – like not only are they writers but they’re also activists but the writing they have are absolutely breathtaking. 

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' You live in a land full of dragons, and /this/ unnerves you? '

     Can ANYMORE get familiar with a chill entity who can CALL upon the elements of cold any faster than a two-ton flying reptile? The dragons are easier. Since he was born these scaly creatures have been a part of his life. From the dark and wretched times of bloody war between sword and claw to the peaceful and fulfilling lullabies of nimble Terrible Terror’s frolicking across wooden roofs in the dawning horizon. The memory carries a distinctive smell of pressed leather, the sensation of hot coals against a roaring hearth–and the winds of CHANGE AMONG HIS VILLAGE AND WORLD. However this situation isn’t enough TIME to classify as SIMPLE AND PLAIN. 

Yes, actually. Key word is: live with! After all how would you handle it if you were in my shoe?

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' Hey! Have you heard of Mark Twain or Oscar Wilde? ' ( smooches ]

          ❛❛ —— Of course! ❜❜

                      ❛❛ I may not be as well-versed in this world’s
                    classics,  but  I’ve  come  across  those  names
                    M U L T I P L E  times. ❜❜

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Drifts beside him

     While on AGREEABLE terms this particular gesture he is STILL not used to, in fact, it’ll take some time before the mere presence of a floating soul becomes the normal occurrence in his LIFE. Brows creased as he takes notice–the action almost discombobulating as ever. He won’t admit it slightly startled him to a degree.

Yeah–yeah. Still NOT entirely used to this, to the whole–defying gravity thing. ❞