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Questions to answer:

1. What is the meaning behind your url?
When i made my tumblr my only fandom was Harry Potter and my favourite spell is Expecto Patronum :P

2. What is one childhood toy you still have?
A doll that my parents gave me when i was 3 or 4 and was as tall as me so i used to dress her with my clothes.

3. What are your favorite books?
Harry Potter, The hunger Games, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, The Little Prince, Ami (i’m not sure many people know about it, it’s a Chilean book about an alien and it’s my childhood favourite) , and Don Segundo Sombra (an Argentine book about gauchos that i had to read at uni). (but keep in mind that except for HP my favourites change all the time)

4. What’s your dream date?
I’d love to go to an amusement park or just walk around the city and go to any random store we find interesting and when we get tired of walking go to a park and sit under a tree or go to a coffee shop and talk about life ^^

5. Which celebrity would you hang out with for a day?
Tom Hiddleston <3

6. What is the most important item in your life?
My loved people

7. What’s your favorite gif?
No idea because i don’t save the gifs but today i reblogged this post with falling towers and things and i made me laugh

8. Five places you want to visit one day.
1- London (and visit the HP and Doctor who related things)
2- New York, i’d love to spend a Christmas there
3-Machu Picchu

9. Who would you say has influenced you?
Let’s go step by step:
First, obviously my parents, they taught me the value of reading and learning because they are teachers and i’ve always seen them reading since i was little and didn’t kown to read yet.
Then i learned some values from the Harry Potter books and also they made me love fantasy books.
And then when i was 17 i met my boyfriend (i’m still with him now ^^) and he helped me be more confident and stand up for myself.

10. Write about your future, however you want it to be like.
I want to be a translator or interpreter, and travel a lot and i’m not sure if i want kids, and also i’m not sure if i want to live near Buenos Aires city or in London or in a small town in some Argentine province with a nice landscape (preferably mountains)

11. What tabs do you have open right now?
Fanfiction (chapter 14 of Boreal Involvement), Tumblr dashboard and my url tag :)

My questions:

1) If you could choose your name, what would it be?

2) Favourite childhood memory?

3) Do you cook? if you do, what do you like cooking the most?

4) Favourite outfit?

5) Something you regret not having done?

6) Fictional universe you’d like to live in?

7) What would happen to you if there’s a zombie apocalypse?

8) Which fictional character would you hang out with for a day?

9) Something funny that happened to you last week?

10) How do you imagine yourself in 5 years?

11) Favourite quote?

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Gimme a list of your favourite blogs.

Man, that would be all of them lol. Okay to name a few:




batwyn / frostironcomics



peterhollens and mysteryguitarman

Those are just a few. I don’t think my attention span will allow me to list them all (I’m following 67 amazing blogs) so yeah if I didn’t list you, I’m sorry. I love all you guys equally (trust me, it was difficult picking just a few to name) <3

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