frostirons inspired

FrostIron Fanart inspired by STARSdidathing’s “A Deal with the Prince” on AO3 ( 

According to the fanfic, Tony is an Asgardian weaponsmith. Here, he is wearing a leather apron and glove, chewing on a tattered quill while looking at some blueprints and adjusting the calculations in his head. The beads of sweat is because of the amount of heat in the workshop. The protective goggles are loosely inspired by steampunk style and is pushed up into his hair, giving a messy look. 

Smittened chibi Loki is making grabby hands at the precious AKA Tony. He wants the precious so much!  

Ink and prismacolor marker on printer paper.  Not my original characters.


Funny how the heart can be deceiving.

I come with knives; and agony
To love you –with agony.

What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron / Alice in Wonderland AU

+ Music: White Rabbit  ft. Trinity (M4SONIC Rework)
Weapon - M4SONICFollow Me Down - UNKLE, Ego - Indila, Nemesis - Benjamin Clementine, Walking With a Ghost - Kadebostany, Immortal - Marina and the Diamonds and Lullaby / Piano & Violin Vr. - Pan’s Labyrinth OST

“We’re all a little mad here.” - Alice in Wonderland

Main Roles: Tony as Alice, Loki as the Mad Hatter

Tony always had a strange dream repeatedly since childhood. Ever since he was a little boy, he’d seen himself go through a magical mirror and falling through to another world. After that, he’d roam this strange world for what seems like hours but have no clear recollection of what he’d seen after waking up except for the fact that he felt absolutely at home there.

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What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron Month
PROMPT 5: Alternate Universe // Teen Wolf + Frostiron

In which Tony is bitten by a werewolf (although everyone thought it was some sort of rabid animal) and he starts to shift during his first full-moon. Loki attempts to calm him down….? More like being a little shit, as usual.


“- I’m fucking fin-argh!”

Pain like nothing he’d ever felt before gorged through his insides, ravishing his nerves, causing Tony to scream (a disentangled note of human vs wolf) and fall unceremoniously to the ground. Each part of his body, his muscles, flexed and tortured him by rearranging what normally would never have moved in the first place.

With bleary vision, Tony saw as his nails grew sharper like that of an animal’s. He felt his teeth forcing itself to make room for fangs to replace the former set of flat human teeth. He screwed his eyes shut tightly, fingers curling around itself and digging onto the floor (which was suddenly so soft). Oh god, why did his eyes burn like hell?

The way Loki spoke his name wasn’t a question. Almost like a statement, as if speaking his name was an attempt to confirm that his mind was still here.

Which it was. Why
shouldn’t it be?

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What if: Fandom AU | Pacific Rim / Frostiron AU (Bigger Pics)
Inspired Music: Canceling the Apocalypse & Main Theme by Ramin Djawadi (Pacific Rim OST)

“Today. Today… At the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other. Today there is not a man nor woman in here that shall stand alone. Not today. Today we face the monsters that are at our door and bring the fight to them! Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!”


What if: Fandom AU | Frostiron (Past Lives AU)
Inspired Music: Gatsby Believed in the Green Light - Craig Armstrong

“What is thy wish from me? Why hast thou endur’d such foreign tides to seeketh for me?”

What if: Fandom AU || Viking Mythology / Frostiron AU
+ For frostironistheperfectotp (Happy Birthday Mina!! :D)
Inspired Music: Ingwar by Wardruna

“You have prayed to the gods for help. Tell me, Anthony Stark. Will you be willing to bleed in my name? To scream your allegiance to a god of lies, of mischief and chaos?”

Father, Don't Lie

Loki hasn’t laughed for a while, and Tony keeps asking him what’s wrong. He never answers, and it’s a bad sign when the God of Lies has no answer for you, not even a lie. 

It’s not until Loki is hunched over in an alleyway throwing up their fancy dinner that he gets a hint. Then it’s later at home, when Loki snaps at him with words Tony hasn’t heard since his father died. 

He goes away for a while after that, because Tony gets his first panic attack in three years and has to hide somewhere dark that smells only like him. It’s almost funny how older memories can hurt more than fresher ones. Almost.


When he comes back, Loki’s still throwing up, but he apologies for what he said. He still doesn’t have an answer when Tony asks him what’s wrong. Tony knows what’s wrong, he just needs to hear it from him. Even if it’s a lie. 

Because Loki’s a man, and Tony can’t be a father because of those very words Loki said to him. 

He keeps asking, anyway, because he has to know, and Loki is getting skinnier. 


Thor scares him one morning, so badly that Tony has to go hide in his spot again. The thunderer who will always love his brother, tends to forget that he’s not alone in that anymore and blames Tony for Loki’s weight loss. 


Loki tells him that night, and they both cry. They both know they can’t be fathers, and they both know that’s a lie


Loki’s laughing again, and throwing up less. Their room smells like fresh paint and pine. The crib is beautiful, and everyone says it’s excessive. They’re excessive, so they don’t care. Loki refuses to name him yet, and Tony sort of gets it. 

Don’t name something that you just might lose. 


Loki’s screaming at him, cursing him, blaming him, and telling him how much he loves him all in the same breath. Tony’s whispering promises, and lies, and tells him how much he loves him right back. 

He’s beautiful, and the crib is excessive. 

They name him after the sides of their families who loved them.

They both cry, and they know they can be fathers. 

visioner i mitt huvud när du ler
jag har hittat nånting vackert,
ser du vad jag ser?