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Heart shaped pull-apart cake 😍 📷: @tiphero


“Frost! What did I tell you about showing up here before autumn?”
“Nice to see you too, Ronin. Relax, I’m just here to visit!”
“…Fine. I’d better not catch you causing any trouble, understand?”
“You got it.”

ROTG/EPIC Crossover: Troublemaker


@Regrann from @ilkbahar_pasta - Haydin biraz evcilik oynayalım🙂😉
Efenim taaa eskilerden bir video. Bir kaç bordür çalışmasını görüntülemiştim.
Müzik en sevdiğim 💟🎶🎶🎶Linsey stirling

Happiness is a Cupcake Away

Woozi story where you work at a bakery and later you end up dating Woozi, this first part is just build up to meeting Woozi. I really like where this story is going so… Enjoy~

“Y/N! Hurry up! We’re going to be late.” Your roommate shouts from her bedroom.

“Mhm.” You try to say through the toothpaste in your mouth. Spitting out the toothpaste and giving your hair one last fix, you leave the bathroom. “You’re not even ready! How are you going to tell me to hurry up.” You laugh, standing in the doorway with your bag. “You have five seconds before I leave without you.” You friend doesn’t respond. “five…four…three…” you start drawing out the syllables. “Twooooo.”

“Wait wait wait, coming!” she yelled, stumbling out her room with her phone in between her lips and bag between her legs, trying to push her arms through a pale blue hoodie. Her bag and phone both fall and she tries desperately to grab her phone before it falls, phone bouncing back and forth both hands before she finally catches it. You couldn’t hold back the laugh you were keeping in. She releases the breath she was holding in, “well” she smiles, “they won’t bake themselves.” You smile to yourself, even though it was way too early for most people to function, you loved going to work, baking was your hobby and hopefully, your career. Luckily you were a morning person, unlike your roommate, who could barely crack an egg without falling asleep. “How can you be this happy at butt fuck in the morning.” You hear you roommate say behind you with a yawn.

“I don’t know.” walking backwards to talk to her. “Today just feels good, ya know?” she chuckles and shakes her head.

“whatever you say, Y/N.”

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Sherlock sucks at cooking (always gets distracted, mixes up steps, things always go catastrophically wrong for no reason) but one day, on a combined youtube/pinterest spiral, he decides he wants to make frosting roses. specifically on cupcakes.  so instead of making cupcakes, which would be a disaster, he buys them from a bakery. dozens of unfrosted cupcakes in several flavors and sizes. like, a ridiculous amount of cupcakes. he makes the frosting himself, that he can manage. hours later, the flat is covered in cupcakes with different frosting rose techniques. John comes home, takes one look at the sugar and frosting smeared kitchen counter, and the cupcakes, and his sugar coated frosting smeared boyfriend sitting on the ground piping a mini rose on a mini cupcake and every bit of anger and stress melts away and gets a very sweet, very sticky kiss.

Christmas Happy Thoughts:

Harry Potter

Draco, James, and Al playing together in their ENORMOUS blanket fort that spans the whole living room, while watching Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer on the magically modified version of a ‘telly’ Arthur gave them.

Harry covered head to toe in flour, tongue peeking out of his lips, as he is concentrating on making the PERFECT Christmas cookies for the kids to decorate. 

Toddler Lily sitting on the kitchen table (protected by safety charms of course) wearing a Santa hat much too large for her while playing with an enormous glob of dough and covered in as much flour as her father. Giggling in delight when harry makes ‘pwetty pictuews dada’ for the cookies.

Scorpius deciding he doesn’t like the cartoon and instead watches Harry make cookies in a less rambunctious area of the house. Directing him on the finer technique of frosting colouring.

Off-key renditions of “God Rest Ye Merry Hippogriffs”

Cookies that look less like trees and bells, and more like blobs and smaller blobs when the kids smear icing on them

The kids eat them anyway and their mouths are stained red and green.

Turning on the Christmas lights and tucking the kids into their beds. 

Al and Scorpius wearing matching pj’s with snitches zooming across the fronts.

James’ simulate the changing constellations with the season, and right now’ Sirius’ position in the sky would cause the old convict to blush. 

Lily preferring to sleep in one of Harry old Hogwarts Alumni shirts

Harry and Draco going back downstairs and cuddling on the couch, more content to lie there and eat candy canes than to watch another HORRIBLE Christmas movie

Draco getting melted candy cane on his fingers, and blushing as red as the tinsel when Harry licks it off.

Draco getting his revenge when he returns the favour to the spot on the corner of jaw.

Peppermint flavoured pecks on lips.

Peppermint flavoured snogging on the couch 

a tiny, muffled, voice from the stairs “eww”

embarrassed dads groaning and then laughing as they chase the giggling kids back up the stairs with threats of tickles.

exasperatedly amused dads letting all of the kids sleep in their bed because Christmas isn’t complete without snuggles from their four marauding children

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