frosting creations

DAY 3 SUPERPOWERS ☆ 7 days CAS challenge - by @jhongg

Ice Storm Creation - Aurora Frost

Capabilities: “The user can create ice storms, which results in the accumulation of at least 0.25-inch (6.4 mm) of ice on exposed surfaces. They are not violent storms, but instead commonly perceived as gentle rains occurring at temperatures just below freezing. The freezing rain from an ice storm covers everything with heavy, smooth glaze ice. In addition to hazardous driving or walking conditions, branches or even whole trees may break from the weight of ice.”

Limitations: Once a ice storm has begun, it may be very difficult to stop. Heat may be able to melt the ice.


“What goes together better than cold and dark?”

Black Frost Roulade

Sesame mocha chiffon rolled around smooth, creamy, homemade peppermint ice cream. Decorated with white snowflake sprinkles and a dusting of powdered sugar.

A few of the ingredients that were used to make the airy, black chiffon are ground black sesame seeds, cocoa powder (Pernigotti), chilled espresso (illy® Medium roast), and bamboo charcoal powder.