Rise of the Guardians Modernized: Chapter 5

Rise of the Guardians Modernized - Chapter 5

A collaborated AU with Dreamsthatimagine

Nightlight was on his way back from observing the usual lunch in the cafeteria once again. He clutched his clipboard, notebook, and small book closely to his chest. His walk was effortless and carefree; clearly implying he was relaxed. The cool mid-winter wind blew leisurely; blowing Nightlight’s long white bangs out of line. He reached up and snagged them with his free hand; adjusting his glasses at the same time so his bangs didn’t get messed up over his glasses.  He muttered something softly to himself, and quickly picked up his pace so he could get inside and attend to his regular work schedule.

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Rise of the Guardians Modernized ~ Chapter 7

Rise of the Guardians Modernized!

A collaborated project with Dreamsthatimagine

Chapter 7

Still no reply?

Jack slumped down next to his gym locker and sighed. Boy had he screwed up big time.  It had been a few days now since the incident with Lauren, and Sera still wasn’t responding to him. It didn’t matter how he tried to approach her.

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Oops  my hand  slipped! 

Looks like you guys get a sneak peak of tonight’s update through a odd comic game I discovered. It allows me to create my own comics by creating my own characters.

And as you can see, this chapter is  gonna get ugly. 

I’ll let you guys figure it out. 


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Frostednature. Body Guard AU. 😘😘 (・∀・) (Thank you darling~)

Jackson Frost, the sole heir to the St. North company, stared wide-eyed at the beaten up security team that surrounded the black-haired young woman that stood among them smirking. He looked at her carefully: almost as tall as him, black hair in a bun except for the few locks that had escaped during the scuffle with his security team (dubbed Yetis for their burly appearance), and green-grey eyes staring steadily at him.
Always maintaining her smirk, she asked with a civil tone: “Do you deem me adequate for the job now, Mr. Frost?”

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4. Frostednature AU: Punk! Jack and Girly! Emily (・∀・)

People would call her crazy (with her pretty clothes and her sweet and delicate appearance), to go out with him (a guy that spent more often in detention than in the actual classroom and that stood out with his leather jacket and his…oh so gorgeous…bad boy appearance). But could she have done anything else than fall head over heels when he looked at her with those blue eyes, or say her name with that voice, or even protect her from the obnoxious boys that thought they could get their way with her despite her refusals just because she wasn’t big or strong? When he gave her a small key chain of Jack Skellington and Sally (one of her favorite movie characters) for their first month anniversary -which she hadn’t hoped he would want to celebrate- and even blushed a bit, she knew she wouldn’t regret a thing.

(I’m sorry if it’s not good enough or too sweet, but I just felt like writing this. Hope you liked it :D)