frostedmoonflakes  asked:

★★ Yoooooo!!! Since you picked two, I'll pick two! IC fact for Sony and Iris??

:D!!!! For Iris, she is actually really fond of musicals and loves to sing and dance from her favorites, but she does get embarrassed since she doesn’t think her singing/dancing is the best, so she tries to keep it private. Though I’m sure Shelton has caught her a couple times! I also imagine that later though she either doesn’t care too much or at least doesn’t mind when Shells catches her! <3 

As for Sonya, she used to not be able to swim! She never had the chance to really learn when she was a child, so it wasn’t until freshman year in highschool that surprise, she kinda needed to learn. shout out to P.E. class amirite? Before she could test the waters(ayyyeeee) with the school pool, though, Haldor pushed her in. Annndd she kinda panicked and almost drowned, but Elliot (who is also who helped to try and teach her beforehand!) saved her! Since then she has gotten much better at swimming, but still does feel somewhat uncomfortable being on her own. 

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