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Snowbarry is Very Much Alive: Here’s Why

Reasons why Snowbarry is not done yet…

Basically the future isn’t set yet…until something small/big happens to skew, change or tweak the time line. This happens on many shows involving time travel when one or more characters know the future. Barry has changed the future before with his abilities and he could very well do this again. The future Wells/Reverse Flash checks the headline hologram is a reminder of the dubious work he has planned to do. Wells as we know always has plans up his sleeve and this is one of many. But those plans can change. We’ve seen it happen in 1x15 before the tsunami hit the city and if you can see the future, you can change it by altering anything that made it happen. I’m not surprised about the spoiler. I knew it was going to happen because I was told it was, we were all told. And if it’s going to be dragged out in the same fashion that Lana and Clark were in Smallville then I’m preparing to be bored watching it in future episodes. Unless of course the writers gave Iris something else besides being an epic love of Barry’s life. Is she going to have powers to? Does she have her own origin that exists outside of her relationships? Who knows? The writers are the ones who could write this for her. To me, that would finally make the character diverse from the rest of the “girlfriend dates/marries hero” trope that comic universes have milked dry.

The main reason I believe Snowbarry is very much alive is because Caitlin is developing layers and Barry will no doubt be around foresee those layers. We know her back story with Ronnie, her loyalty to Barry and Cisco, even to Wells, and we know what kind of a person she really is. What I find really exciting about the character is how the writers are going to juxtapose all the traits we already know about her with the transition of her becoming Killer Frost down the road. I believe that Barry and Caitlin will interact with each other even as Flash and Killer Frost because opposites truly attract. Barry and Caitlin confide in each other and they are deeply close. Much like the relationship Barry has with Felicity (which I hopelessly ship also god help me). I still believe in Snowbarry because they are fascinating to watch. I don’t know what’s going to happen. With wa, I do know what’s going to happen and it’s not as satisfying because, as a writer and reader, I love the element of surprise more. I love to not know all the plots. That to me is why I continue to ship Snowbarry, and even if the writers will pursue wa all the way down to the alter and children, Snowbarry is a far more wonderful aspect of the show to explore and delve into. It’s not over yet.

First Christmas scent I got today: Frosted Snowberry. I honestly feel so clean and refreshed because I used the shower gel tonight and I just put the lotion on. Smells just like Christmas to me, berries and it does smell like snow! I just cannot get enough of this, I’m sure this will run out quickly. Love the packaging also!

Cruel is Life

I’ve been receiving a lot of messages asking if I’m alright. It’s a hard question to answer, but physically yes. I know a lot of people are worried right now, and while it’s really nobodies business, I feel a bit bad that people are concerned and they have nothing to go off of. My sister is currently in the hospital, and that is why I’m there. She got in a car wreck and I’m here to keep company and make sure she’s alright. 

I’m sorry I got a few worried. But I will be fine, it’s just a lot to take in. Concerning this, I felt a bit bad, and wrote something for you all. It took me about a half-hour. So apologies for any misspelling. 

Description: Sansa finally kills Petyr. 


The moment Sansa found, saw, and heard beyond the Weirwood was the day she lost any consolation towards that of Petyr Baelish. The more evidence she gathered, the longer it dwelled in her head, a spiking urgency tearing her at the seams, the easier it became to hate him all the more.

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