Police: Where do you live? 

Jack: With my parents.

Police: Where do your parents live?

Jack: With me.

Police: Where do you all live?

Jack: Together.

Police: Where is your house?

Jack: Next to my neighbor’s house.

Police: Where is your neighbor’s house?

Jack: If I tell you, you won’t believe me.

Police: Tell me.

Jack: Next to my house.

I had a dream last night that my fav characters were Pokemon, so I spent a stupid amount of time drawing these guys out.  

Jack is a normal type that evolves to Ghost/Ice.  Tooth is Fairy/Flying, Bunny is Grass/Fighting, North is Steel/Fighting.  Then I thought the characters from the Golden Age could all evolve from the same little Normal Type! So Sandy is Fairy type, Pitch is Dark type, and Seraphina is Grass type.  And I got too lazy to do them but maybe Koz-Steel, Nightlight-Fighting, Mim-Dragon (cuz they’re way powerful not cuz he’s dragon-ish).