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The smartest thing Caitlin did in the finale was leave the team who hardly cared about her at all this season. I’m proud she didn’t take the cure. She doesn’t need to be cured. She needs to learn how to control her powers and it seems like she is the only one who can figure that out. It sucks that she is the most selfless person on the show but when she clearly needs help, no one budges to offer her any. Like when she made a move to walk away in the funeral scene, I know why she was doing it, but no one went after to still try and help her.
—  Anonymous
Caitlin ... Pregnant?


Alright, so if you’re anything like me (God help you) you were berating the TV during the finale with …

“What-the-Fuck does she get out of this partnership?” When it comes to Savitar and Killer Frost. It was, literally, one thing that they never, ever, seemed to address. People kept asking Killer Frost 

“What do you get out of this?”

and her response was always “You wouldn’t understand!” and then she shoots pointy things. 

Now I’ve thought about this for a while and I really couldn’t say. I mean she was immediately Evil!Barry’s partner in crime … kinda his wife from the jump. And I kinda accepted that it was way too good to pass up. Then, later, it was kinda Caitlin sort of happy that her bestie was with her and that she wasn’t lonely. 

But now it doesn’t make any sense as too what Caitlin really wanted. Especially, when she kept, to the very end, very vague why she was with Evil!Barry. 

But then, I had a thought! 

Back in the early part of the season The Speed Force showed Barry Caitlin with a baby. And at first you’re supposed to be think that this was Ronnie’s potential future with Caitlin. But then, I came to realize, why the hell would it be showing Barry Ronnie’s future? Sure, it was a prison and I guess you could make the argument that he was being tormented by guilt for sacrificing Ronnie.

But there is a chance that this was a preview of what was going to happen when Barry returns to the Speed Force Prison. That what he saw in those visions are what are gonna pass during his incarceration. 

One of which is that Caitlin is going to have his child. 


Why Evil!Barry/Savitar who is actually Barry no matter what. 

So her baby would by all laws of Genetics be his baby as well.

So here’s the situation I’m proposing.

Evil!Barry and Killer Frost had sex and created a Bairn (To quote Mrs. Hughes from Downton Abbey) and that was why Killer Frost was not only loyal to Evil!Barry to the very end, but also why she seemingly cracked the ice around her heart. Because, if she’s pregnant, then there is no stronger emotion than a Mother’s love. 

So in the end when Caitlin refuses to come back. It is possible that she doesn’t know what to do. Barry and Iris were seemingly happy and going to get married, so she couldn’t mess that up. It is also possible that Caitlin was mourning Evil!Barry who she really did love. And, maybe most importantly, The superhero life is not safe for a child to be raised in. I mean, look at what happened to Barry’s parents. 

But, hey, that’s just a Theory …

A Snowbarry Theory!   

So much to talk about in the finale. First of all, why wasn’t Killer Frost and Savitar’s origin more explored? They obviously had a relationship with each other, why wasn’t more interaction showed? I honestly feel like Iris and the WestAllen relationship was everywhere I turn. I wanted to see action and I did get some but this finale didn’t feel like one. Did it for you? It felt like more filler, more bull shit on an already weak season. I think Season 3 will go down as the worst one. I truly wish the show will reboot in Season 4 and come back to the things that made it great in the first place. Like friendship, love, superhero triumphs, family and drama kept to a minimal.
—  Anonymous