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Bless Sam, Tucker, and Jazz and their pure and beautiful souls.

We all talk about how hard Danny’s got it. So much has been stolen from him because of these powers he never asked for, and so many people hate him for it.

But he has thankfully been blessed with such an amazing support system.

Sam and Tucker are a terrifying duo on their own.

Sam’s filthy stinking rich and doesn’t seem to have any limits put on how much she can spend. She can have emergency deliveries brought straight to her in the middle of the night. She can tip the pizza delivery guy a 10. And that’s just what she can do with her cash. She’s also brilliant, adaptable, and scary influential. She wore down the school board and got them to change the school menu to freaking topsoil without any warning. She managed to chew out government officials. She’s quick thinking and can formulate brilliant plans on the spot. Sam never loses, even if people sometimes wish she would.

Tucker is a technological genius. He’s capable of hacking government tech, private security tech, Vald’s fancy shmancy tech designed by him personally, and a freaking ghost robot suit powered by a literal technology wizard from 10 years in the future. All with nothing but a handheld computer. On top of that, he’s an entrepreneur and an inventor. He’s started multiple somewhat successful businesses, and invented seemingly silly things that ended up helping to save lives (such as an anti-ghost bug repellent.)

These two are 14 and they don’t have superpowers, but they are still capable of so much. There are battles Danny couldn’t have won without them. There are times when they’re the ones who saved him. Tucker literally threw himself between a blade and Danny. Sam just about died falling off a train while trying to save Danny from a mind-controlling villain. They’ve broken out of homes and school, jumped onto moving trains, flown across states, faced monsters and pain to save him, even though they’re just normal kids. And they’ve always succeeded. Danny might be the superhero, but if he’s in danger, these two kids can and will destroy a person.

And if you manage to slip past Sam and Tucker’s radar, I pray you’re ready to face the wrath of Jasmine Fenton. The genius girl who was the only one to find out Danny’s secret on her own, as well as the only one to catch Dan when he came from the future. She brilliantly defended Danny from behind the scenes for at least half a season, protecting his secret from everyone, including herself.

This girl is one of the most brilliant in the nation. She has a passion for psychology, and enough skill with it to match friggin Spectra in terms of mental influence. And even though she’s not the best with weapons, if someone tries to touch her brother, she will destroy them with whatever she can get her hands on, whether that be something as simple as a broom or as dangerous as the ecto-skeleton. She freaking kung-fued a mutant turkey at like 6 or 7 to protect her baby brother. It doesn’t matter who you are, even her own parents. You do not wanna mess with Jazz.

So yeah, Danny’s just a kid who’s dealing with way more crap than he deserves, but thankfully he has an small army of other kids who are scary and powerful and would murder for him.

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Dooku meeting old ben! after getting back from a long mission and wanders who he is until quigon shows up and explains.

His feet sinks into the snow but Ben does not stop as he pulls his robes tighter around himself. He has to get away from the Sith and the base and if that means wading through the snow in his boots, then so be it.

But the cold is closing in on him and Ben struggles to keep walking through the aches and pains in his body.

Ben…this way.

The white haired Jedi looked up, squinting out from under his hood at the snow covered landscape, the falling snow around obscuring his vision.

This way. Ben this way.

The voice calling for him is soft, gentle, encouraging. It makes Ben follow it even as he dreads what he will find in the end, if he’s being tricked or if his cold mind is tricking him.

Not a trick. Safety. They won’t find you here.

The mouth of a cave appears and Ben stares at it, shaking before he wades through the snow and inside it, shaking ever harder. He is so cold and numb that he can barely focus, yet his steps becomes easier once out of the snow as he steps into the dark cave.

Further in. Its warmer. Ben you have to go in further or you will freeze.

And Ben walks in the dark, he walks what feels like hours but must only be minutes before there is a soft light.

He can walk no further as he slips down on his knees, looking around with his faded green eyes. “…It looks like the caves of Illum.” He whispered. “Are those…kyper crystals?” He blinked before leaning his back against the stone wall, tucking his robe more around himself as the Force resonated gently around him.

There was no answer to his question as the crystal glowed gently. For the first time since he was by Maul’s side, Ben feels peacefully warm, his head falling back against the stone wall and his eyes falling shut.

He slips into an exhausted meditation moments later as he reaches out for his Qui-Gon.


There’s a soft, fragile brush against his shields and Qui-Gon almost feels as if his legs are cut out from beneath him as he sits down in the extra chair of the ship. ‘Ben?

“Qui-Gon?” Mace and Adi looked to him but the long haired master only waved his hand, focusing on his bond to Ben.

There was another soft brush and Qui-Gon tried not to be frustrated. He was to far away from where Ben was to be able to hear or feel him properly. “Ben’s reaching out but its faint. Wherever he is, he’s still to far from me.”

“Hultomo.” Mace reached out and brought up the information about it. “Its an icy, lifeless planet with two moons. We managed to trace Palpatine’s ship to it. Or we assume that is where Ben is also. If not its a lead to where the sith and he is.”

Qui-Gon rubbed his face at that. “No more leads, I just…I want to find my bondmate.”

“And we will Qui-Gon.” The long haired man looked up as Dooku rested a hand on his former padawan’s shoulder. “Though I do still wish you’d waited for me to be present at your bonding ceremony.”

Qui-Gon smiled tiredly at his former master. “You were far into Wild space master, and I didn’t want to wait to…”

“Rushed.” Yan clicked his tongue before looking to the information on the console. “Hultomo…its a good thing we’ve packed winter gear.”

“And brought a healer with us. Force knows what condition we and Ben are going to be in.” Adi sighed, crossing her arms over her chest.

“I still say we should have brought Maul with us, his bond to Be-”

“No. Maul is a padawan regardless of his skills with a saber and he is still injured.” Qui-Gon objected. “Ben would not want him anywhere near another sith after that. There is a reason why I made Obi-Wan remain behind too.”

“I agree with Qui-Gon. No padawans.” Dooku rumbled.

“…Are we enough though?” Adi asked softly, looking around.

“We should be.” Master Tholme murmured. “Seven masters should be enough. All of us are skilled with battle.” He nodded to Depa. “Even our youngest.”

Yaddle hummed from where she was meditating beside Depa. “Darkness we are heading towards, perhaps end a sith threat we can but doubtful I am.”

“Being bluntly honest, all I can think about is getting Ben away and safe.” Qui-Gon rubbed his face. “And its not only because of my bond to him but consider this, his knowledge of the future.” He glanced at the others to forestall any arguments that Ben’s rescue was the more important mission.

“If his knowledge falls into the wrong hands, it will doom the future, regardless of how much he has changed it. It can still be used by someone knowledgeable and cunning.”

“Qui-Gon is right, getting Ben to safety is our primary goal though the destruction of the Sith are also a worthy task.” Mace offered as they dropped out of hyperdrive above the planet. Adi instantly had the ship scanning the surface, a small frown on her face as she did.

“There is a few settlements, isolated pockets that should not be there.” She murmured softly.

Qui-Gon?’ Came a weak voice and he instantly closed his eyes to listen.

Ben, Ben are you alright?

There was a short, stuttering silence as the others talked around Qui-Gon. ‘No…I’m very cold Qui. And my mind is a mess, he ripped through my shields. Will you come find me?

Of course my Ben. Do you know where you are?’ Qui-Gon took several calming breaths, releasing his tension into the Force.

I’m not sure. I think…I think I got away Qui-Gon. I think I’m hiding but I’m not sure…come find me?

Qui-Gon snapped his eyes opened. “Ben is no longer with the Sith. He’s not sure where he is but he seems to have escaped their grasp.” He announced, his voice cutting through the others talk.

“Then split up we shall. Find Ben you will.” Yaddle stood, brushing of her tunics.

“What if the siths are looking for him too?” Mace frowned.

“I will go with Qui-Gon.” Yan decided. “We worked together as a team for many years, should we encounter them, we can cover each other.”

“…I don’t like this.” The Korun sighed.

“He’s cold Mace. He says the sith ripped through his shields.” Qui-Gon got up to go ready the winter gear. “He’s not in good shape, I can tell you this much right now.” He packed in extra blankets and the spare set of clothes he had pulled from Ben’s part of the closet just in case.

The Korun closed his eyes before sighing and nodding. “Alright, we split up.”

Desperate Times and Desperate Measures

Darcy stopped just inside the door. “Oh my GOD,” she said, her head falling back. “They STILL haven’t fixed the heat?”

There was a beat of silence, and then, “No. They have not.”

Darcy tossed her purse at the kitchen counter, letting the door slam behind her. “Okay. Right. We’re going to my place.”

“Thanks. No.”

Darcy leaned over to unzip her boots, grinning at nothing in particular. “Harris. You’re going to freeze to death. Are you really choosing freezing to death over spending one night under Tony Stark’s roof?”

“Let me think about it.” Another moment, then he said, “Yes. Yes, I am.”

“Right,” Darcy said. She didn’t bother taking off her hat or her scarf. It wasn’t warm enough to warrant it. In her stocking feet, she headed through the kitchen, glancing over at the living room as she walked towards the bedroom. “I’m getting your stuff. And then we’re going to my place.”

“No,” the pile of blankets on the couch said.

Rolling her eyes, Darcy headed for the bedroom. Halfway there, she stopped. Did an about face. And scrambled back into the living room. “Are you wearing my jacket?

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Prompt time for sure!

taylor-tut said: YASS prompt time! How about some feverish Lance who has ridiculous chills and is complaining all through debriefing, irritating everyone else. As soon as debriefing is over, Pidge goes back to her room. Lance knocks on her door shivering and delirious outside her room, hoping that she might have a heated blanket.

This prompt lowkey wrecked me to read because poor lance but absolutely yes. Hope I did it justice. just dont ask about the title because i dont know either

Brain Freeze

“And now we’ve got that trading route back open for them, they’re more than willing to spread the word of Voltron around. It was a pretty simple fare.” Keith shrugged as he wrapped up his comment.

“Yeah, straight forward and everything-” Lance shuddered, “Can we be done now, please? I’m freezing. Still. Still freezing.”

“Yeah, Lance, we know.” Hunk sighed.  "I’m sorry man, I just don’t think it was that simple. That seems fishy to me.“

"It was that simple. I really don’t know why you think is wasn’t,” Keith crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair. Allura paced at the head of the table and tapped her chin.

“I think Hunk may be right,” Lance groaned out loud. Allura shot him a glare and continued on, “It wouldn’t make sense for them to send that level of distress signal for what sounds like it ended up being a construction job. It doesn’t make sense, they had the technology to do so themselves.”

“Its almost like it was a hijacked signal, or like someone told them to downplay it.” Pidge pulled out a sheet of paper and started drawing a hurried map out. Lance had another shiver rip through him and clenched his teeth together to try and quiet the chattering. He still leaned over to watch Pidge draw out their idea even though he wanted to walk out and curl up under every blanket he could find.

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me playing oregon trail 2:  I know its best to start in march because a large portion of the rivers in the game come in the early game and it’s a lot easier to cross them while they are frozen.  by the time you get past the rivers it will be spring and you will be less prone to things like frostbite.  I’m going to buy a lot of bacon because for some reason it is incredibly cheap in the mid 1800s.  I don’t need a ton of food anyway because I’m planning on hunting, so I’ll just buy a rifle and 800 rounds of ammunition.  I’m going to buy oxen, not mules, as they are more efficient and reliable.

Frozen Over

Bucky x Reader

Chapter (11/?)

Masterlist (x)

Warnings: none

AN: Hello friends! thank you for all the positive feedback!! I’m really excited about this story now!! I hope i can always have enough time to write chapters!! Let me know what you think about Frozen Over!

You traveled down the tall hill that the base was settled on.  Even though it was transitioning into spring there was still a layer of snow on the ground.  Spring never stopped mother nature in Russia from making it snow.  Your black boots crunched the fluffy, white snow, leaving your tracks behind.  

You played with the money in your jacket pocket.  Zola had left behind a large amount of money when he left.  They were funds for weapons and research, but only you knew about it, so you used it for food.  So every once in awhile you would travel to the little village at the bottom of the hill and buy some fruits and bread.  Neither you nor Winter were a good cook, it was always a struggle to make actual meals.  Sometimes you could get food from the babushka that you had befriended.

When you met her it was a really snowy day and you came to the village to stock up on food.  The elderly woman was having trouble carrying her goods and you hated to watch her struggle.  You offered to carry her bags and walk her back to her house.  She thanked you with home made soup and pastries that you ended bringing back to Winter.  It was probably the best food you two had eaten in years.  

She went to the market every Saturday morning, so you went to help her carry food and she could repay you with cooked meals.  You called her babushka Marina.  She was such a loving lady, which made her very easy to talk to.  Although you never told her about who you really were.  In all honesty you weren’t exactly sure who you were besides Frostbite, Agent 0,  one of  Hydra’s powerful assets.

You told her your name was Liliya and your boyfriend’s name was Bucky.  You always had the urge to call Winter Bucky, so when you had the chance to rename him, you went with instincts.  

You would like to believe that maybe you and Winter could be in a relationship.  After years of having to repress feelings and emotions towards him, you could finally let it all out.  

That’s why you enjoyed going to the market so much.  It was a chance to socialize with people other than Winter.  Even if you didn’t get the chance to talk to anyone, it was still nice to be in an environment with other people.  

The market came into view as the tall bare trees began to clear.  You could hear all the chattering of people exchanging food and talking about each other’s lives.  You let out a sigh of contentedness as you finally entered the village.  Recently you’ve been very aware that you didn’t dress like the other young women from here.  They all wore pretty patterned dresses with furry coats, they looked delicate.  Insecurity wasn’t what you felt but more like worry.  You didn’t want attention towards you, because maybe Hydra could find you again.  

As you were lost in thought looking at all the women you felt a soft grip on your arm.  You were surprised, so instinctively you quickly pulled your arm away and turned ready to fight.

When you realized who it was you instantly dropped your arms and untensed.

“My is that any way to greet me”, said Babushka Marina.

“I’m sorry, I was just wasn’t expecting it”, you said ashamed for acting that way in public.

“It’s alright, fluturaș.” She gave your arm a comforting rub.  Her face contorted when her finger ran over a whole on your sleeve.  “I see you’re dressed in you best today”, she smirked sarcastically.

You looked down at your jacket and realized how beat up it actually was.  There were cuts and distressed marks all over the thing.  You thought it had character but to other  “normal” people it was trash.  “Uh yeah, I don’t really have anything better to wear.”

“Your man let you go out like that?”, she asked while looking through some pears.

You scratched the back of  your head in confusion as you followed behind her. “Is that a rule?”  

She picked up a pear and gave it a light squeeze then gave it to you. “Well it is the 60’s, but no it isn’t a rule.  I was just wondering.”

You let out a relieved laugh, “Oh that’s good.” You paid for the pears and then turned to Babushka.  “Are there any houses for sale here?”

She gave you a surprised look, “You’re looking to move?”

“Uh well, I don’t know. It would be nice to live here”, you shrugged your shoulders.

“Well I’m not too sure, but I’m bound to leave sometime”, she said as she winced to pick up her basket of fruit.

You rushed to pick it up before her.  You tsked at her comment, “Oh you stop that, you’ll live for hundreds of years.”  You gave a little chuckle to lighten the mood.

“If only”, she laughed.  “Alright come with me back home and we can continue talking.  My legs are getting tired.”

You carried her things as she told you some old stories when she was young.  You always loved her stories, they made time pass by so fast.  Before you even realized it, it was already dark.  

“Thank you for your stories and food, but I need to go home”, you got up off the couch and put down your empty tea cup.  

“Oh I didn’t realize it was late out already. Silly me filling your head with old memories”, she scolded herself.  

You hugged her, “It’s okay, because I don’t have my own.” She didn’t ask you about it, but she gave you an extra long hug before letting you leave.  

“I’ll see you soon, right fluturaș?”, she asked.

You paused, you didn’t like making promises you couldn’t keep but you didn’t want to let her down. “Yeah, I’ll see you next week.”

With that you closed door and you trudged up the snowy hill with a bag of food.  The woods seemed extra quiet tonight.  Every time something actually did make a noise you moved into a fighting position.  It was unnerving and it felt like your every move was being watched, like you were prey.  When you finally reached the base you opened the door quickly and looked outside as you closed it.  

Since you were walking in backwards you felt your back bump into something.  Suddenly arms wrapped around your torso.  

You were about to go into Frostbite mode until you heard, “You’re back!”  Hearing the familiar voice instantly made you relax.

“Geez Wint, you really scared me there.”  You sighed, but you could still feel your heart beating against your chest.

“Why are you so jumpy?”, he nuzzled his nose into your neck.

You tried to wiggle out of the embrace but it wasn’t happening, so you had to waddle to the eating area with him clinging to you.  “I don’t know.  It felt like someone was watching me.”  You placed your bags on the table and turned around so you could finally hug Winter back.  

He placed  his metal hand on the back of your head to pull you closer to him. “It’s okay, no one is watching you.”  For some reason you weren’t convinced this was true, but you tried to push that feeling away.  Winter could tell you were still tense so he tried to change the subject. “So what does babushka have for us this week?”

He let you go and you went to the bags on the table.  You started to dig through them and put the containers on the table. “We’ve got some soup, cabbage rolls, some potatoes, sweet bread, and I bought some fruit and milk.”

He hummed in joy at all the food.  “Sounds great! Thank you for getting the food!”  He came over and kissed the side of your head.

When he did that, a question you have been wondering for awhile resurfaced in your brain.  You bit your lip to try to keep yourself from asking, but you couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“Hey Wint?”, you asked hesitantly.

Winter stopped what he was doing and turned to look at you, “Yeah Frost?”

You looked down at the ground and rubbed your arm. “Umm, well I don’t know how to ask this.”

Winter scrunched his eyebrows in confusion, “What?”

“Are we….” you paused with anxiety building in your chest, but you took a deep breath, “Are we in a relationship?”

“A relationship?… Frost”, he ran a hand through his hair.

When you heard the tone in his voice, you instantly knew where this was going.  You could feel the pain pressing on your chest as tears filled your eyes.  You weren’t sure why you were getting so upset over this.  “I get it…”, you squeaked out.

“No Frost don’t!”, he quickly walked to you. “I don’t even know what a relationship is!”

“Like we are boyfriend and girlfriend”, you laughed through a tear.

“Of course we are friends!”, Winter gave you a pained look.

“No, Wint”, you laughed as you wiped a few stray tears off your face.  “Boyfriends and girlfriends are more than friends. Like.. they love each other.”

His eyes widened at the word love.  It was something that was always forbidden to him but now he is face to face with it. “I do love you.”  He said in a very serious voice.  

You looked at him with wide eyes, “You do?!”

“I really do.”  He closed his eyes tight thinking about the first time he has felt this way, and it was the day he first saw you.  When you were brought into his life, you brought back humanity too.  You gave him: emotions, feelings, hope, the sense of comfort, you were everything good in his life. Now he really understood how much you meant to him. Suddenly, he felt the most pure and passionate feeling his has ever felt before, love.  

Without thinking he grabbed your face in both of his hands and pulled your face into his.  His rough lips crashed against yours.  You were shocked by his sudden actions but you couldn’t help but melt into the kiss.  This was the feeling Babushka Marina was talking about.  It felt like your heart was fluttering in your chest, like your legs had just become jelly and he was the only thing that could keep you standing.  Your brain had an explosion of thoughts that made everything a blur.  You were so absorbed into this kiss that when you both pulled away you realized you weren’t breathing the entire time.  

“You take my breath away, Winter”, you smirked against his lips.

“You take my pain away”, you whispered. “I really do love you.”

You looked at him with happy tears this time. “I love you too. We’re in this together forever.

“And always”, he finished.

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jin scenario | driving home for christmas

Day 7 of ‘12 Days of Bangtan’

- Jin’s stuck in traffic, and you’re stuck waiting -

genre: fluff
insp: ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ by Chris Rea
word count: 1k

This journey was supposed to take three hours. 

It’s already been five, and Jin is tired of waiting in traffic. His head lolls forward, forehead brushing the stitched leather of the steering wheel, but a small tap against the horn – beep! – has him starting to again, and glancing guiltily at the drivers to his right and left. But rather than angry faces, glowering back, all he sees is a mirror of his own blue ringed eyes and down-turned lips. They just wanted it to be over too. At last, there’s a stammering of engines, and rolling to life, the snake of jammed cars inches onwards. Pulling in the clutch, Jin eases forward, hoping to get farther than a car length this time. But no, the car ahead is slowing down again, and a weak groan escapes Jin as his car cruises to a halt once more. Fingers reach up to pull at his tangled mess of hair, mussed up from torturous hours stuck in traffic. In desperate need of something to soothe his aching head and shattered soul, he lets his mind trail back to you – you, waiting at home right now. He imagines you, slouched on the sofa, a mug of tea steaming in sweater drowned hands. You’re probably eyeing the bare Christmas tree, wondering what’s taking him so long to come home, wondering when you can decorate it together.

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A foxtrot above my head, a sockhop beneath my bed.


I participated in the Finnish preliminaries for the Nordic Cosplay Championship last weekend! This was my first time doing a solo skit and I really enjoyed it, so here are some (very blue) photos of my performance~

Star Ocean: The Last Hope
celeinia as Faize Sheifa Beleth
Photos by Tapio Matikainen, Tuomas Siitonen and Konsta Väänänen

So to summarize what we learned about ME:A during E3
  • the new Normandy is called Tempest and she’s beautiful
  • Earth becomes uninhabitable (environmentalist narrative? overpopulation? some sort of alien attack? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • the whole thing runs on Frostbite, ergo it’s going to be pretty as shit (fingers crossed for DA:I-esque CC detail, all other appendages crossed for better hair and eyebrow options)
  • said to be the biggest open world game in BioWare history, and you know what that means. yes, three different shades of desert and at least two desolate wastelands
  • definite asari and krogan companion and krogan helmets are giant bubbles which I am not sure how to feel about but I also don’t know what I was expecting
  • protagonist still a member of N7 so no race customization
  • ~95% chance for cute bisexual asari girlfriend and tbh that’s really all I needed to know

Coat  - wintery malec fluff for @my-darling-alexander 

“Are you cold?” Alec asks, feet crunching as they walk through the snow.

“Pfft? me? cold?” Magnus says through chattering teeth.

“I said you should have brought a coat.”

“And I said I’d rather die of frostbite. I’m not going to this party looking like an Eskimo.”

“Nothing wrong with Eskimo’s,” Alec says mildly, and Magnus looks at his hands, buried in warm gloves, and stifles the traitorous burst of envy. Snow starts to drift down in great fluffy flakes. He can feel it melting into his hair whilst it merely settles on top of Alec’s giant hood.

“Damn you and your sensible clothing, darling,” he says, reaching down and gathering up a handful of snow to dump on Alec’s head. Alec skips nimbly out of the way.

“You know, Magnus, this coat is rather large,” he says, casually. It’s true – it is several sizes too big.

“What are you suggesting?” Magnus shivers, shoving his hands in the miniscule pockets of his jeans. Now he knows why people get called fashion victims.

Alec grins and unzips his coat, spreading his arms. Magnus can’t help blushing a little – it’s such a…. boyfriendly thing to do.

“Not a word to Jace,” Magnus mutters, stepping into Alec’s arms and resting his head on his chest. He’s thankful for once that Alec is stupidly tall. Alec rests his chin on Magnus head and wraps his arms around him, blocking out the cold air and snow completely.

He’s warm and clean smelling – soap and wood smoke from the institute’s log fire, a hint of the polish used on the training room floor, the faintest whiff of this morning’s coffee. Magnus inhales and slips his hands into Alec’s back pockets.

“How long till the party?” he asks.

“Twenty minutes. Ten minutes left to walk,” Alec replies. Magnus feels the vibrations of his voice in his chest.

He lifts his head, reaching to kiss Alec, still embraced in the warmth of the coat.

“I think, my dear, we shall have to be fashionably late. I rather like it here.”

It makes me sad that every movie that doesn’t turn out to be as big as Twilight or THG ends up being labeled as a flop/bomb.

Nobody is willing to give YA adaptations a chance anymore and it’s frustrating as a reader because I love when my favorite books get turned into movies.