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me playing oregon trail 2:  I know its best to start in march because a large portion of the rivers in the game come in the early game and it’s a lot easier to cross them while they are frozen.  by the time you get past the rivers it will be spring and you will be less prone to things like frostbite.  I’m going to buy a lot of bacon because for some reason it is incredibly cheap in the mid 1800s.  I don’t need a ton of food anyway because I’m planning on hunting, so I’ll just buy a rifle and 800 rounds of ammunition.  I’m going to buy oxen, not mules, as they are more efficient and reliable.

anonymous asked:

May I request a masterlist for all your works?

  • well, you can see my mobile master list here.

or you can all check it out below ~

RFA Main Master list:

RFA + MC in a college setting

RFA + V and Saeran with an MC who has acne/picks her skin

RFA + V and Saeran during a Zombie Apocalypse

RFA + V falling in love with an MC who’s in love with someone else

RFA cheering MC up after a big break-up

RFA (Bonus!! V) when drunk

MC + Drunk Jumin

RFA making up/comforting with MC after an argument/fight

RFA + MC wearing a ‘risque’ dress to the party

RFA + MC at the amusement park

RFA + MC who’s studying medicine

Jumin + MC shopping

RFA + discovering MC is a Virgin

Jumin/MC/V OT3

Jumin & MC in MC’s first day as a pre-school teacher

One Last Night (Zen x MC)

Finders Keepers (Jumin Han x MC Halloween Fic)

RFA (main pairing: Yoosung x MC) reacts when MC runs away because she is being constantly compared to Rika

RFA (main pairing: Jumin Han x MC) reacts when MC accidentally dials Zen’s number while going at “it” with Jumin

Jumin officially introduces MC as his Fiancee

RFA reacting to MC singing Disney Songs

RFA + getting a date with MC

RFA + reacting to MC having a cat

Jumin’s reaction to MC resetting (Reset Theory Inspired Ficlet)

RFA + V on a rainy day

RFA on a road trip

Dolce Amore ( Zen x MC )

Fanfic Series List:

Jumin Han:

Lost [ Jumin Han x MC ] *completed*

Lost 1 | Lost 2 | Lost 3 | Lost Finale | Lost {After Story}

Metallic [ Jumin Han x MC ] *completed*

Metallic 1 | Metallic 2 | Metallic 3 | Metallic 4 | Metallic 5 | Metallic 6 | Metallic 7 | Metallic 8 | Metallic 9 | Metallic 10 | Metallic 11 | Metallic Finale | Metallic { Epilogue }

Frostbite [ Jumin Han x MC ] *on-going*

Frostbite Prologue | Frostbite 1 | Frostbite 2

Zen (Hyun Ryu):

Romeo and Cinderella [ Zen x MC ] *on-going*

R&C 1 | R&C 2

there you go. that’s so far all the requests i did ~

A foxtrot above my head, a sockhop beneath my bed.


I participated in the Finnish preliminaries for the Nordic Cosplay Championship last weekend! This was my first time doing a solo skit and I really enjoyed it, so here are some (very blue) photos of my performance~

Star Ocean: The Last Hope
celeinia as Faize Sheifa Beleth
Photos by Tapio Matikainen, Tuomas Siitonen and Konsta Väänänen

So to summarize what we learned about ME:A during E3
  • the new Normandy is called Tempest and she’s beautiful
  • Earth becomes uninhabitable (environmentalist narrative? overpopulation? some sort of alien attack? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • the whole thing runs on Frostbite, ergo it’s going to be pretty as shit (fingers crossed for DA:I-esque CC detail, all other appendages crossed for better hair and eyebrow options)
  • said to be the biggest open world game in BioWare history, and you know what that means. yes, three different shades of desert and at least two desolate wastelands
  • definite asari and krogan companion and krogan helmets are giant bubbles which I am not sure how to feel about but I also don’t know what I was expecting
  • protagonist still a member of N7 so no race customization
  • ~95% chance for cute bisexual asari girlfriend and tbh that’s really all I needed to know

Coat  - wintery malec fluff for @my-darling-alexander 

“Are you cold?” Alec asks, feet crunching as they walk through the snow.

“Pfft? me? cold?” Magnus says through chattering teeth.

“I said you should have brought a coat.”

“And I said I’d rather die of frostbite. I’m not going to this party looking like an Eskimo.”

“Nothing wrong with Eskimo’s,” Alec says mildly, and Magnus looks at his hands, buried in warm gloves, and stifles the traitorous burst of envy. Snow starts to drift down in great fluffy flakes. He can feel it melting into his hair whilst it merely settles on top of Alec’s giant hood.

“Damn you and your sensible clothing, darling,” he says, reaching down and gathering up a handful of snow to dump on Alec’s head. Alec skips nimbly out of the way.

“You know, Magnus, this coat is rather large,” he says, casually. It’s true – it is several sizes too big.

“What are you suggesting?” Magnus shivers, shoving his hands in the miniscule pockets of his jeans. Now he knows why people get called fashion victims.

Alec grins and unzips his coat, spreading his arms. Magnus can’t help blushing a little – it’s such a…. boyfriendly thing to do.

“Not a word to Jace,” Magnus mutters, stepping into Alec’s arms and resting his head on his chest. He’s thankful for once that Alec is stupidly tall. Alec rests his chin on Magnus head and wraps his arms around him, blocking out the cold air and snow completely.

He’s warm and clean smelling – soap and wood smoke from the institute’s log fire, a hint of the polish used on the training room floor, the faintest whiff of this morning’s coffee. Magnus inhales and slips his hands into Alec’s back pockets.

“How long till the party?” he asks.

“Twenty minutes. Ten minutes left to walk,” Alec replies. Magnus feels the vibrations of his voice in his chest.

He lifts his head, reaching to kiss Alec, still embraced in the warmth of the coat.

“I think, my dear, we shall have to be fashionably late. I rather like it here.”

It makes me sad that every movie that doesn’t turn out to be as big as Twilight or THG ends up being labeled as a flop/bomb.

Nobody is willing to give YA adaptations a chance anymore and it’s frustrating as a reader because I love when my favorite books get turned into movies. 

Ah, shit I’m already spamming pictures.. I wasn’t exactly planning on wearing this costume, but I kind of ended up putting it on anyway. Idk, apparently she’s my spirit animal and I had fun so whatever. 

Hange Zoë // Photographer