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who are your favourite blogs on tumblr??

well my favourite personal blogs on tumblr are… (in no specific order)

  • i-do-believe-in-fairies Anna’s super nice if you ever talk to her, we have lots of fandoms in common, and she’s in Australia, therefore sometime is solely responsible for my dash not being completely dead in the middle of the night!
  • frostandiron Rhane is… pretty much fantastic.  Her about page tells you everything you need to know.  Oh and she tags EVERYTHING because she truly cares about your blacklist needs (4 for you frostandiron, you go frostandiron) Also good fic recs 10/10
  • leontina Is a fantastic gifmaker who has taken up the task of convincing people to watch Dollhouse (for which I salute her) as well as finding every mention of pineapple in Psych and so much more.  Basically… she’s great.
  • John Green’s Official Tumblr.  Does what is says on the box.
    +20 cloak of trolling.
  • and candidkanima I simply cannot have a list like this without including my future platonic wife.  Not to mention her blog is pretty great on its own

And there are many more that I like but 5 seems like a good number to round it off at!

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Paula, I want to know about texts, what is it, where is it? it's like a fic/roleplay blog thing right?

oh my gosh, rhaney!!! IF YOU READ TEXTS I WILL BE SO HAPPY.

yes! it’s an RP blog, but you’ve probably seen me mention before it’s a whole experience (you’ve probably seen me act loopy about it too) - you can interact and take part and it’s so, so fun, and the story and writing are both superb, it’s constantly being updated too and there aren’t long waits or anything.

there’s also a fic being written by both seth and chel called ‘the sigerson letters’, AND THERES A TUMBLR run by 'sherlock/jeremy’ (he’s both) who replies to us, sometimes. seth is the most perfect sherlock i’ve ever read. IT’S REALLY HARD TO EXPLAIN, but start here and i’ll help you with anything!

I KNOW IT SOUNDS CONFUSING AND LIKE IT’D BE HARD TO GET INTO. that’s what happened to me, when i heard about it i was like ??? this is confusing :{ but then i caught up, followed both seth and chel and a lot of fans on tumblr, and now we’re like a huge family (come into us)

it mainly focuses on sherlock and john, (nothing concrete. there are feelings there, but it’s constantly evolving.) but other characters are involved too, (you will ADORE irene. trust me. chelsea, who writes for john, irene and many others, has made irene come alive for me. i had no interest in sherlock/irene before texts, that’s how brilliant she is, irene is fantastic in texts)
there are also a few OCs, a hint of mormor, it’s just a whole collection of so many feelings and emotions and it will move you.

it really has something for everyone. it’s powerful stuff, a lot of it is very intense. i mean, i always like to warn my friends before reading it because some of it can be very triggering so if you want to message me in private i can do that

i know you love long intense fics and experiences like this. 

just… i hope i explained this right. i always get shy and worried i’ll explain something wrong, but yes. i hope you give it a chance, i would be so happy for you to come have fun with us :’)

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Doctor Who!

favorite male: The Doctor
favorite female: Rose
favorite pairing: Doctor/Rose (esp 10)
least favorite character: Amy. I don’t hate her. I just don’t like her as much as other people.
who’s most like me: Jack Harkness lmao. Nah, rose or MARTHA. I think I’m Martha.
most attractive: wow all the cast is so fucking gorgeous. Rose, Martha, kudos David Tennant.
three more characters that I like: Jackie and Mickey are such darlings! Love River Song too!

frostandiron replied to your post: Faith.

Faith/Gunn is something I could totally see. also can we talk about how awesome the ship name is?

I know, isn’t it wonderful? I don’t even really know why I ship them so much, I mean, they barely interact in season four of Angel, but I don’t know, I think they have a lot in common.

I worked them into one of my Spuffy fics once, and I just had so much fun with them. They just… click. They have the same difficult background and have toughened up and grown beyond their years because of it, but they both have this weakness and fear inside them that they aren’t good enough, and I think that they would really connect on a deeper level than we got to see.

frostandiron reblogged your post: So I’m finally going to say something substantial about this.

I bet that asshat wouldn’t be singing the praises of anti censorship if he were the one being threatened with rape. Or…

What you just said could be taken as a thinly veiled rape threat. 

I will ALWAYS be against censorship. I will ALWAYS defend someones right to speak, to express themselves to an appropriate degree. Had he raped some poor person up on that stage, I’d be right along side you wishing him nailed to a cross. Instead, he was making some off color jokes, and a very rude piece of shit stood up and started shouting at him during his set. Her lack of basic human etiquette is fucking disgusting.

Yours too, actually. Fuck off.