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jackson overland + princess elsa

Jackson Overland is exactly what Elsa need in her life. Ever since they met they cant seem to keep themselves apart. They’re the best of friends and fit each others needs perfectly, but is their relationship blooming into something more? Is love the only they’re falling in?

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The Guardians assemble as they notice that Pitch Black has taken over the kingdom of Arendelle. Queen Elsa rules beside Pitch with a heart of ice. Jack Frost is chosen by the rest of the guardians to be sent back in time to prevent Elsa from going under Pitch’s wing. He expects to treat it as any other mission but what happens when he develops feelings for her, and she returns them?

A breeze of cold wind engulfed her and her heart began to race. A thousand memories rushed through her head as she turned around and muttered, “Jack?”

He grinned in reply. A fluttering sensation settled deep within his stomach as he noticed he felt more whole, as if Elsa completed him. It wouldn’t surprise him that he had grown that attached to her. He was always her guardian, even when she didn’t believe in him.

She smiled, “You’re back.”

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The Guardians Assemble once more as a problem is called to their attention. Elsa, the current queen of Arendelle has been corrupted by Pitch and together they plan to start the downfall of humanity. Jack is sent back in time to assure the safety of the planet by making sure Pitch doesnt take Elsa under his wing but he doesnt realize just how much of an impact he really was or is in her life and vice versa.

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