Dungeon Design: Guiding Player Movement Part II

This time I’m going to go over some factors that guide movement that are less about visual composition and more about content. I am using the same map from Part 1, a map of an icy cavern frost giants are using as a lair. An entrance to a hero’s lost tomb is located within.

Mechanical Design

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Lorelei, of the Kanto Elite 4, was part of Team Rocket, and between the events of FRLG and HGSS, Lance found out and Lorelei fled. When you encounter Lance at the Lake of Rage, it was during his search for Lorelei. He abandoned the search for a while to help take care of the bigger Team Rocket problem in Johto. During this time, Lorelei fled to Kalos and now peacefully resides in Dendemille Town, and spends her time trianing in the Frost Cavern.

Pokemon Games - Evil Team Plots Breakdown

- Mt. Moon
- Cerulean City
- Route 24 (Nugget Bridge)
- Celadon City  (Game Corner)
- Lavender Town (Pokemon Tower)
- Saffron City (Silph Co.)
- Viridian City (Viridian Gym)

- Azalea Town (Slowpoke Well)
- Route 43 (Lake of Rage)
- Mahogany Town (Rocket Hideout)
- Goldenrod City (Radio Tower)

- Petalburg Woods
- Rusturf Tunnel
- Slateport City (Oceaninc Museum)
- Meteor Falls
- Mt. Chimney
- Weather Institute
- Mt. Pyre
- Team’s Secret Base
- Mossdeep City  (Space Center) *
- Seafloor Cavern

- Jubilife City
- Valley Windworks
- Eterna City (Galactic Building)
- Mt. Coronet
- Veilstone City
- Route 214
- Celestic Town
- Lake Valor
- Lake Verity
- Lake Acuity
- Veilstone City (Galactic HQ)
- Mt. Coronet (Spear Pillar)
- Distortion World *

- Accumula Town
- Striaton City (Dreamyard)
- Wellspring Cave
- Nacrene City
- Pinwheel Forest
- Castelia City
- Nimbasa City
- Driftveil City (Cold Storage)
- Chargestone Cave
- Mistratlon City
- Twist Mountain
- Iccirus City (Dragonspiral Tower)
- Desert Resort (Relic Castle)
- Tubeline Bridge
- Opelucid City
- Pokemon League (N’s Castle)

- Flocessy Ranch
- Virbank City
- Castelia City (Castelia Sewers)
- Nimbasa City
- Driftveil City
- World Tournament (Plasma Frigate)
- Lancousa Town
- Opelucid City
- Route 21 (Plasma Frigate)
- Giant Chasm (Plasma Frigate)

- Glittering Cave
- Route 10
- Kalos Power Plant
- Poke Ball Factory
- Frost Cavern
- Lysandre Labs
- Geosenge Town (Flare HQ)

- Iki Town*
- Hau'oli City
- Berry Fields / Big Wave Beach*
- Verdant Cave
- Melemele Meadow*
- Route 5
- Route 6
- Dividing Peak Tunnel*
- Diglett’s Tunnel
- Memorial Hill
- Akala Outskirts
- Aether Paradise
- Route 10
- Malie City
- Route 13
- Tapu Village*
- Route 15 (Aether House)
- Ula'ula Meadow*
- Route 17
- Po Town (Shady House)
- Aether Paradise
- Exeggutor Island
- Ultra Space / Ultra Megalopolis*

* = Third version only.

My opinion on the quality of these plots are as follows:

Plasma = Skull > Galactic > Rocket > Neo-Plasma > Aqua/Magma > Neo-Rocket > Flare.

A Cavern of Frost and Wolves [CF Event Dungeon]

As much comfort and enjoyment that the stay at the resort had been offering, Sceada was nonetheless glad to see it come to a close at last, or at the very least a break. Relaxation and getting to know others was all fine and well, but the more time passed, the more it started to become kinda stale.

Especially if you were that guy people did not exactly like approaching, curtesy of your racial features.

Ah well. He had long since grown used to the fact that people often took longer to warm up to the idea of approaching him. It wasn’t nice and it was far from a pleasant feeling, but it had long since ceased being any surprise whatsoever. And in turn, it made one all the more thankful for those that did want to speak with one.

Glancing over his shoulder, Sceada saw Amina, the friend he had made just recently. Her red eyes - quite the unusual color, but who was he to judge? - were looking around as eagerly as his hand been just moments ago, while the cold wind played with her ashen blonde hair. They had bonded while talking about their homes and goals, while the Northern Lights had danced over the night sky above them, and when he had mentioned the compass’ glow to her she had been quick to join in. After all, hadn’t King Eoras said that the light of the compass would lead them where they were needed? It only made sense to go and see what it had reacted to.

Still… the cold wind that came up from the cavern’s entrance as it lay before them wasn’t exactly inviting.

“If the king’s message was not mistaken, then we should find the Aetheryte down there, probably in a sort of hall not far from the entrance. But it is what lays deeper that he wants us to investigate.”

An anomaly, he had called it. That could mean many a thing… guess the time had come to find out just what he had meant.

“Do you think you’re ready to head down there, Amina? It doesn’t exactly look like it’ll get any warmer.”

So it's my birthday today

I was up all night doing some Wonder Trades to pass the time since I didn’t feel all that great. I wasn’t really paying that much attention. A lot of Froakies were going around that night so I didn’t expect to get anything good. Until a Fletchling showed up. My first thought was “Oh come on, a Fletchling?!” But then I noticed something. Its wings had gold tips instead of white, and it was different shades of brown where it would be gray. I was like “HOLY CRAP A SHINY FLETCHING ONLY A FEW MINUTES AFTER IT OFFICIALLY BECAME MY BIRTHDAY”

It was Jolly, which raises Speed, and Gale Wings, which gives priority to Flying type moves. So, instead of going back into Wonder Trading and risking me accidentally trading it away, I went to the Pokemon Center to check it out from the PC. The screen didn’t move for a few seconds. I thought my game had frozen, but then colorful confetti and little Pikachus rained from the top of the screen. At this point I’m like “Oh my gosh is this what I think it is” and then Nurse Joy wishes me a happy birthday and hopes I’ll keep visiting the Pokemon Center for many years to come. A birthday cake showed up on the screen behind her and special music started laying. It sounded like the normal Pokemon Center theme but made with a music box and something else. It was all so great and it made me feel realy special despite it only being a bunch of pixels.

AND THEN I go to Frost Cavern . I see something in a comment section of a video that says something special happens there on your birthday. I quickly get on my Talonflame to fly to Dendemille Town. I go up towards Frost Cavern, and as soon as I do, I see sparkles floating around in the air in addition to the already gorgeous scenery you can see above the cavern itself. It was actually a phenomena known as diamond dust. The night sky combined with the stars and the  diamond dust made for an incredible sight.

Call me overemotional if you like, but I like the fact that the game makes you feel special on your birthday. I have to go check Animal Crossing too.

Nuzlocke Update 49 PT 2 (Seriously wtf is wrong at Frost Cavern)

Last time we entered Frost Cavern b/c I don’t know. We met some weird adults along the way but what else is new. We caught and evolved a Bergmite named Chilla and Mac Attac evolved into Granbull. Collin unfortunately passed away and we’ve almost reached the the final floor of Frost Cavern. Lets continue


Okay so his Graveler exploded on me

As well as his second one

Do you want to Self-Destruct to Carbink. That seems to be the most popular thing to do to me right now

Is there something you Mustache me Probopass?

You just gave me the biggest migraine ever with that statement. 










Me: oh my god…………… not now

That means “bitch get the hell up out of my cave” in Abomasnow

Well its about 13 inches and… oh wait you meant what does it look like you guys are doing here oh my bad

Wait is Serena behind me? I had now idea she followed me in here

So that must mean you have at least more than two Pokemon right b/c for the most part you scientists have only had like one pokemon 

I know. The Bitches that’s why right?

First Pokemon, energy, and money….then the bitches. genius

Well its about time one of you three useless characters grew a pair


Its not so much about power more like I have more than two Pokemon with me at a time. Seriously people logic

I’m blue da ba dee da ba die…

Do you have a blue house with a blue window?


About the smartest decision you guys ever make

Not so much scare just annoys me

You mean I managed right? Lets be honest you would’ve shit yourself by the time you got had to fight the blue bitch Mable

Actual valuable life lessons kids 

Fuck yeah Abomasite

and a Snowww to you my good friend

Hey i find a pilo-shit 

And thus ends my journey in Frost Cavern. I solved Snowmagedon 2014 and saved lives once again

Except for one life I didn’t save

External image

Collin. The master of screens. You were really starting to make your own place on this team. You had so much to bring to this team with your diversity and light screen. I was really starting to notice your skills and value to this team. When i first recruited you I wasn’t sure how long you were going to last but you made it far and shun above my expectations. Far well Collin the mr. mime

Omg I finally finished my Pokemon X, so have a picture (lol I was drawing it around 5 days, it’s just the time I was playing xD)

Frost Cavern is my favourite location, it’s so omggggg beautiful.

I was also trying to draw trees, but, surprisingly - I’m really bad at drawing bgs! 

And also that face, but I think it’s because I’m not really photogenic.

Omg I wanted to show how fantastic xy skies are, but I think I wasn’t able to do so. :/