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If you haven’t been arrested in Winterhold, you probably have not been to this location. THE CHILL is Winterhold’s jail which is an unmarked cave north of the college. It’s guarded by frost atronachs, so bring your fire weapons. There are three locked cages and a few horkers. Easy place to get frost salts and gold ore, since there are two veins nearby. Best of all -  nobody thinks to take your inventory so super-easy-jailbreak-time. (Fun fact: The Cooler=Slang term for Prison)

Frost Salts

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This was a Skyrim inspired magical idea!


French Grey / Celtic sea salt


Lavender (optional)

Container of some sort

A windowsill 

Cooler/Colder weather is preferred but not mandatory

Moonlight (can also be a new moon if desired)


Mix your mint leaves (these can be dried or fresh) together with your Celtic sea salt.  If you are going to add in your lavender, now is the time to do it.  While you are blending these together, stirring carefully, focus on a cooling, calming effect going into the salt mixture.  Imagine frost creeping over the granules, infusing them with the cold energy.  After, set your mixture in the windowsill after dark and allow the night and moon to help charge it up! If you feel like the ice energy is fading, stick your mixture in the fridge for a while and maybe toss in another mint leaf to freshen it up.


This can be used to calm an agitated mind or aura.  This is also good to use in rituals or spells designed to even out energy.  This could be utilized to lower someone’s resistance to a curse with a lot of fire energy in it!  Like a primer for the curse to stick, if you will.  You can use these salts to help with any spirit calling or give a strong even foundation for a spell.  This can also be used in a luck spell!  And finally this can be a great aid in restoring energy levels and magic for those who are running on empty.  This is not a substitute for proper rest and medical care, however!  

Safe Travels

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I was gonna post a chapter today, but instead of proofreading it, SOMEONE seeded a filk into my head. And I have this mental problem where once I think of something like that, it won’t leave me alone until I write it, however ill-advised*. Anyway, we’re all stuck with it now, so it’s under the cut: “My Favourite Things”, à la Julan Kaushibael.

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Made a good haul from the Telvanni Apothecary in Vivec today! :)

1 Ghoul Heart: 150 Septims

3 piles of Void Salts: 100 Septims each

3 chunks of Ectoplasm: 10 Septims each

1 pile of Frost Salts: 75 Septims

8 bars of Sload Soap: 50 Septims each

3 piles of Resin: 10 Septims each

1 piece of Scamp Skin: 10 Septims

Total Savings: 995 Septims