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Summer Secrets

Hey this is the first imagine I’ve written on my new Riverdale blog! I’m basing this on the show, as I have little to no knowledge on the comics. Hope y'all enjoy!

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Summary: You move back to town after years and decide to remake yourself. Betty and Veronica push Archie to find a date to the dance and he asks you out. Little do they know, you had a summer fling with Jughead that ended badly, although you both still have feelings for each other.

You lived in Riverdale until fourth grade, when your dad landed a great job in another town. You never really had many friends, so you knew nobody would really care, but the hardest part was leaving the boy you liked. Archie, Jughead, and Betty would always be playing together on the playground and you couldn’t help but follow them around, hoping that they’d let you be their friend. They were nice to you, but never really understood why you were always around.

It was the summer before sophomore year when your dad lost his job and decided to move back to his hometown of Riverdale. Again, you never really had any friends, so it wasn’t hard to move. You decided to remake yourself over the summer, before unveiling the new you on the first day of school. You wouldn’t tell anybody you had come back until then. Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work, since you moved into the house next to Jughead.

It was the first day of school, and you worked hard on your hair and makeup so you could fit in better. Before first period, you saw Archie and Betty talking, but couldn’t gather the courage to say hi. There was no sign of Jughead anywhere. The rest of the day went by uneventful, with nobody bothering to talk to you. You were so tired of being ignored that when you heard about cheerleading tryouts, you made yourself try out. You needed to make friends, and you were pretty good at dancing so why not? The audition went pretty well and you were soon welcomed to the team. Things were looking up for you.

The next day, you strutted down the halls in your new cheerleading uniform and your favorite shade of lipstick. You felt powerful and ready to take on the world, so when you saw Archie, Betty, Jughead, and some other girl you didn’t even hesitate. “Hey, Archie. Hey, Betty.” you said nonchalantly before walking off.

“Who was that?” Veronica asked after you were out of earshot.

“[Y/N] [Y/L/N],” Jughead sighed as he leaned against a locker a few feet away, his gaze moving to the floor.

“Wait, that’s [Y/N]?” Archie asked, surprised to see you back in town. He craned his neck around his open locker to try to get another look at you, but you’d already rounded a corner.

“Who is [Y/N]?” Veronica asked Betty, looking puzzled.

“She used to live here when we were little. She always followed us around on the playground because she had a crush on Archie. I guess she moved back to town.” Betty stated.

“She doesn’t even seem like the same person.” Archie said, still awestruck by you.


Betty, Veronica, Archie, and Kevin were sitting together for lunch, discussing the next school dance.

“Oh come on, Archie, who are you gonna take to the dance?” Veronica asked.

“If you don’t decide soon, then we’re going to have to find a date for you,” Betty teased.

“I can find you a date, but it probably won’t be a girl,” Kevin interjected, causing everyone to laugh.

“No, I don’t need you to find me a date. There’s already someone I like.” Archie stated. He couldn’t tell them about Ms. Grundy, but he couldn’t let them set him up with some random girl he didn’t know either.

There was a collective “oooohhhh” at the table. “Who is it?” Veronica demanded.

“Uh, you’ll see at the dance.” Archie said, hoping his lie came off as nerves.

“Somebody’s just being shy.” Veronica teased.

“Yeah.” Archie sighed, frustrated that he was now in this situation.


Archie and Jughead sat at a booth at Pop’s, both drinking milkshakes.

“Archie, what’s wrong? You seem distant.” Jughead asked, after popping the cherry from his shake into his mouth.

Archie sighed before explaining the situation he was in. “I need to find a girl who isn’t caught up in any of this drama, so it doesn’t cause any more problems.” He finished.

“None of this would be happing if it weren’t for Grundy,” Jughead leaned in and whispered to Archie, looking around to make sure nobody had heard him.

“Listen, Jughead, I know. But it’s happened.” Archie stated dryly, not pleased with Jughead’s reaction.

Jughead saw Archie’s face, and sighed. “How about that girl in our biology class? The one with the glasses?” He suggested.

You entered Pop’s Diner from the door behind the booth they were sitting at. Archie faced the door and saw you come in.

“Hey Archie.” You greeted him as you walked past the booth, making sure not to look at Jughead.

“Hey,” Archie waved as you walked by. Suddenly, his face lit up with an idea. “Wait, [Y/N].”

You turned around and walked back to their table. You snuck a tiny glance at Jughead, who had his full attention on his milkshake. “Yeah Archie?” You asked pleasantly.

“Uh, I was wondering…” Archie sounded nervous. “Do you wanna go to the dance with me?”

Jughead coughed loudly, clearly startled by what was happening. You smirked. This must be driving him up a wall, you thought. “Sure, Archie. Let me give you my number.” He handed you his phone and you could feel Jughead’s intense gaze on you as you put your number into Archie’s phone. You handed his phone back.

“I’ll text you when I get home. Bye, Archie.” You glanced at Jughead. “Bye, Jughead.” You said sweetly, knowing it would make him angry.

You stopped by the counter to pay for your food, before you headed for the door. You couldn’t help but look at Jughead. He was staring at you with anger and sadness in his eyes. You felt bad for what you just did to him, but oh well. He was the one who ended it. You held his gaze for a second as the memories washed over you.


It was the 4th of July, the third day after you moved to Riverdale. You only hung out in your house and sometimes sat on the curb reading when you wanted to get outside. That night you were rereading your favorite book as a figure walked down the street. It was Jughead. He had already known you moved back, as your parents made you greet the neighbors the day you moved.

“Hey Jughead.” You said, glancing up from your book.

“Hey.” Jughead sounded angry.

You closed your book and set it on the curb before standing up. “What’s wrong?” You asked, standing in front of him so he couldn’t move past you.

“Please just move, [Y/N].” He sighed.

“Tell me what’s wrong.” You demanded.

He sighed. “I was supposed to hang out with an old friend, but he cancelled on me at the last minute.”

“Archie?” You asked.

He nodded, and you could tell he was angry and hurt.

“Well why don’t you come in and have a frosted lemonade with an old friend?” You asked. He was the only person your age that knew you were back in Riverdale, why not have a friend to hang out with?

He smirked at your effort, but still refused. “No, I just want to go home.”

“Oh come on. Nobody can resist my frosted lemonade.” Before he could protest, you grabbed his hand and dragged him up the stairs into your house. His warm hand on yours sent tiny lightening bolts all the way up your arm.

After a nice conversation and a drink, you remembered something.

“Oh, Jughead I have something to show you!” You said excitedly, as you grabbed his hand again. You felt the tiny shock again as you lead him upstairs and into your room.

“Sit there.” You gestured to a spot on your bed, as you headed into your closet to retrieve something. After a few minutes of searching you found it.

You emerged from the closet holding up a tiny necklace. It had your initials and the letters JJ engraved on a heart. “Do you remember this? Your mom made you give it to me because she wanted us to get married.” You laughed. “I forgot that I used to call you JJ.”

He laughed, “Nobody else would call me that, but you. You always thought it was funny that nobody else thought of that.”

“Here put it on me.” You said excitedly handing it to him, and turning around so he could clasp the necklace around your neck.

His hands gently reached around your neck and closed the necklace. You felt the same warmth on your neck as his fingers touched the back of your neck. You blushed slightly, thinking about your old crush.

“Hey, I want to tell you something.” You said turning around. “You know how I followed you guys around a lot when we were little?”


“Well I didn’t really have any friends and I followed you around because I had a really big crush.”

“Yeah, I remember you liked Archie.”

“No, JJ. It was you I had a crush on.” You said, looking into his eyes. He stared into your eyes intensely.

“Really?” He asked quietly, taking a step closer to you. What was happening? You asked yourself.

“Yeah.” You said, your breathing started to get heavier.

Before you knew what was happening, Jughead had placed a hand under your chin, pushing it up so he could meet his lips with yours.


You snapped out of your daydream. Jughead was still staring at you angrily. You didn’t care. He was the one who hurt you. You turned towards the door and walked out.

Joker’s Daughter Part 2

“Daddy! You’re home!!” You cy, scrambling down the stairs, “I missed you!”

“Hello, Princess! How’s my favorite girl?”

“I’m the best, daddy! I had so much fun with, Uncle Frost! “

The Joker grinned, “I’m sure you did, Pumpkin. Did Frosty keep you busy while daddy handled business?”

“Yup!” You glance behind him, confused, “Where’s momma?”

“She wanted to spend some time with Poison Ivy tonight.” The Joker grinned, “The girls have a plan for Batsy”

You giggle and clap your hands, “I hope they have fun! But” you clear your throat, “daddy can I have something?”

“You can have whatever you want, princess! You know that!” you can already see the manic glint in your daddy’s eyes, he’s already plotting how to get whatever it is to you.

“I want the Red Hood” You try to sound confident, but don’t know if you managed it.

Daddy stiffens immediately and hold you at arm’s length, “Why would you want him? You can have anyone, Princess! Why would you choose him?”

“He isn’t scared of you! That’s why!”

“Y/N …”

“You make everyone scared of you, daddy! I just want someone who will love me for me! Not for your power!” You can feel tears building up in your eyes.

“Sorry to interrupts, Mr. J but your wife is on the phone”

The Joker growled and pushed you towards your uncle, “Take her up to her room, Frost. I have business tonight”


“No, Princess. You are gonna stay here tonight, I need to take care of a few things”

You nod and quietly turn to follow Uncle Frost. You really wish that you had waited fro momma to come home, but you were just too excited to wait! Momma and daddy’s relationship had gotten better ever since she got pregnant. According to Auntie Ivy it had been really bad in the beginning, that daddy had hurt momma a lot, but it hadn’t been that way for a while.

“Do you think daddy’s mad at me, Uncle Frost?” you whisper.

“I think he was just surprised, Princess. You know he would give you anything, but you asked for a vigilante that is constantly trying to ruin Mr. J’s plans. The Red Hood seems to have a particular disliking for Mr. J too, so your father might have been a little upset”

“I met him today, Uncle Frost. I met the Red Hood, he saved me”

Frost stopped and quickly spun you around, “What do you mean he saved you?”

“When I ran away, there was a guy in the alley who grabbed me” You didn’t really see it as a big deal, but uncle Frost’s eyes widened in horror, “He didn’t touch me! Don’t worry! Red Hood beat him up for me!”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Frost hissed.

“I don’t want you to tell daddy! Please don’t!” You beg, you decide to pull out the puppy-dog eyes. Uncle Frost can’t resist those, so reluctantly he nods, “And then Hoodie and I started talking, and I gave him a kiss! And he said that he wanted to see me again! But I want to see him outside of the Hood. I want daddy to not hurt him!”

Uncle Frost sighed, “I know you really want this, and I know you don’t want him to be hurt. I also know you and Mr. J know exactly who they are under the mask. You have to give him a little time, sweetheart. He has to get used to the thought of you growing up, you know he’ll always see you as his princess.”

You wrap your uncle in a tight hug and nuzzle against him, “I really want him, Uncle Frost”

“I know you do, but you have to be patient”

“I will, promise”

“And you can’t run away anymore! You scared the shit out of me! If something had happened to you …”

“But nothing did! Nothing happened! Red Hood stopped it! It’s like I have a guardian angel watching over me!”

“Yeah, a guardian angel who likes to beat up your father, and who likes to use a gun”

You giggle, “But you like to use a gun, Uncle Frost!”

“I suppose I do, but Mr. J know I’ll die to protect you. Will your Red Hood?”

Once again you manage to slip away from your guards, this time however you head up to the rooftops instead of into an alley.

“Y/N!! Y/N!! Not again!! Where are you?!?”

You can’t help but laugh at your Uncle Frost’s distressed voice, “Silly Uncle Frost, as if I would give up this far into the game!”

“And what are you doing all the way up here, Princess?”

You whirl around, your blue and purple streaked hair twirling around you, “Hoodie!!”

Red Hood jumped down from the taller building, landing silently next to you, “Did you run away again?”

“I had to!” You jut your bottom lip out in a pout, “Daddy’s been trying to keep me in the house. I wanted to see you. I missed you”

Jason chuckled, pulling his helmet off, “You missed me?”

“Of course I did, sugar! Daddy tried to get me to forget about you! He brought home a bunch of guys from his club, but I didn’t want any of them!! I only want you, Jaybird” You whisper, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Jason grinned, “It’s been a week, doll. I thought you forgot about me”

You put one hand on your chest, “I would never forget about you!”

The safety on a gun clicks off from behind you and in an instant Jason had you pushed behind him.

“Step away from my daughter” Your momma snarled

“No momma! Don’t shoot him!!” You try to get around Jason, you know that momma won’t hurt you, but she has no problem hurting anyone in the Batfamily.

Jason just continues to hold you behind him, “I’m not going to hurt her, Harley. She hasn’t done anything wrong”

“Yeah, and the minute she does you’re going to turn against her. You’re going to hurt my princess, and I’m not going to let you do that, I’m not going to let anyone hurt her” Momma ended up screaming at the end. She raised the gun, ready to shoot.

“Please!” you sob, “Please don’t hurt him”

“Your daddy told me about your infatuation, honey. Puddin’ said you wanted to see him for a date, and then Frosty said that you had managed to get away from the guards and from the house. I knew exactly where my girl was heading, so all I had to do was find Red Hood here, and I knew I would find you”

“Momma please, I’ll go with you. I won’t see him anymore, I promise. Just-just don’t hurt him” you beg.

“No” Jason snapped, “I won’t just give up on you like that, Y/N! You’ve proven that you’re different, that you aren’t a killer, or at least that you don’t kill without due cause.”

“You’ll let her go, Hood, or I’ll shoot you”

“I said no” Jason growled

“Jason please, just let me go, I don’t want her to hurt you, you know momma will. She won’t hesitate”

“You have until the count of three to let my Princess go. One” the gun cocked, “two” momma aims right for Jason’s chest, and you tense, “Three” the gun goes off.

I am the forest,
I am ancient.
I treasure the stag,
I treasure the deer.
I shelter you from storm,
I shelter you from snow.
I resist the frost,
I keep the source.
I nurse the earth,
I am always there.
I build your house,
I kindle your hearth.
Therefore, you people,
hold me dear.
—  Inscription found in a 17th century forester’s house in Lower Saxony, Germany
i thought it was a dry season
long thick amber brown
and rather rigid
sterile boundaries
trenches dug with bare hands in hard soil
waiting for a war that never comes
a chasing after the wind
oh humans
so shortsighted
trusting what our eyes can see
what a lack of imagination
no it wasn’t the desert sand
suffocating and shifty
it was growing downward
roots binding deeper into the soil
pushing, persisting, weaving
an underground crown
sweet woody smoky garland
of brownish-purple flowers
built to withstand mudslides and rockfalls
resist frost and wildfire
survive heavy pressure
chaotically structured
the waters will not carry me
unless i choose to embrace the flow
it was a necessary season
even if the all this growing left me feeling like a hollow oak
a home for everyone else but me
yet a time is coming and has now come
i’m ready for the sunshine
fragrant lemongrass days
pine tree mistery nights
i can finally taste the air
it’s intoxicating

vetyver prophecy // julia m.

inspired by @nosebleedclub ‘s prompt for napowrimo, “Vetiver”

Paladin Mordred’s “higher level” armor.

The mantle’s fancy but it has no additional effect aside from being warm.

The nondescript armor holds the enchantment – AC +2.

Also the nondescript ugly brown scarf – grants resistance to Frost damage, and when pulled over the nose grants advantage to Constitution saving throws against airborne poisons.

Feldsalat is also known as Rapunzelsalat, Ackersalat, Mäuseöhrchensalat, Vogerlsalat, and Nüsslisalat in German and lamb’s lettuce, field salad, corn salad, and mâche in English. It’s a seasonal, delicious lettuce in Germany that is grown as a winter or early spring green and often sold with the small main root still attached. It’s famously known as Rapunzel, the vitamin-rich food that cost a peasant family their only daughter in the Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It resists frost and can be harvested well into the winter. It’s available for most of the winter season in German grocery stores. It’s used like lettuce to make salads. It has a nutty taste to it and often comes dressed with a hot bacon vinaigrette, mustard vinaigrette or is used in a mixed greens salad. It has high levels of vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin B6, folic acid, iron, and potassium.

anonymous asked:

I think you've mentioned that the "race" thing is more of a game mechanic than a actual concrete depiction of the various people in tamriel but what would say a nordic-dunmeri child generally look like? and would they inherit both their parent's elemental resistance to frost and fire?

Is the mom a Dunmer and the dad a Nord? The kid will look primarily Dunmeri. Maybe their ears will be blunter or their eyes a human color. 

Is the mom a Nord and the dad a Dunmer? The kid will look primarily Nordic. Maybe their ears will be pointier or their eyes red. 

In regards to the racial powers and traits in the games, the conversation gets trickier still. I tend to think that they are representations of both cultural traits (Dunmer commune with their ancestors = can summon a ghost), physical traits (Khajiit can see in the dark = Night Eye spell), and actual magical abilities. We don’t really know if the Nords’ resist cold ability translates to all Nords magically being immune to cold, or if it just means that they’re more used to cold and know how to make warmer clothing. Likewise, we don’t know if the Dunmer are just more used to hot temperatures or if they’re literally able to walk through fire. If the “powers” are primarily cultural or location based (used to cold/warmth), the child would have the “power” of whichever culture or location they’re raised in. If the “powers” are primarily magical (complete natural immunity to frost/fire), the child would likely have a combination of both, though I don’t think it’d come at full strength. 

“I am the forest, I am an ancient. I treasure the stag, I treasure the deer. I shelter you from storm, I shelter you from snow. I resist the frost, I keep the source. I nurse the earth, I am always there. I build your house, I kindle your hearth. Therefore, you people, hold me dear.” — Inscription found in a 17th century forester’s house in lower Saxony, Germany

alliswell21  asked:

My birthday is Oct 21st. My favorite tropes are: "age gap" or "friends with benefits to exclusive lovers" Everlark. Either one will make a great birthday gift drabble, I'm not picky 😉 thank you!

Originally posted by cam-helya

Happyhappy birthday dear @alliswell21!! We hope you have a wonderful day, and to start it off right the inimitable @dandeliononfire has crafted this lovely bit of age!gap Everlark just for you!!

Find Someone Your Own Age

written by @dandeliononfire

A/N: I’ve been all about angst this summer, so angst alert. No triggers that I’m aware of, except for the obligatory reference to Peeta’s mother. Agegap!Everlark has not been a trope I’ve previously written, so I hope this is satisfactory! A VERY VERY happy birthday!

“…and that, ladies and germs, is why most businesses can’t keep their books balanced,” Professor Abernathy said unenthusiastically, signaling the end of the first class of the community college’s night section of Introduction to Small Business Accounting. He tossed his stick of chalk onto the tray under the blackboard, “For Wednesday, read chapter two on acceptable accounting principles.”

Unlike the rest of the class that had laptops that took time to power down and pack up, Katniss and the man she was sitting next to were armed only with spiral notebooks. As he carefully finished notes, Katniss leaned back in her chair and watched him.

He’d caught her attention almost the moment she’d walked into the room, and he’d kept it the entire class. Her first guess was that he was in his mid-thirties, but with how exhausted he looked, cheeks hollow and face slack, it was impossible to tell. He could easily fit anywhere within that decade, between six and a dozen years older than her twenty-four. He was blond and blue-eyed, with thick shoulders. Patches of flour were ground into his hunter-green polo, embroidered with a bakery’s logo, and an orange smear at the side of his neck looked like a remnant of frosting which had resisted a hasty wipe.

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Rated: T

Genre: Fluff, angst - past, comfort

Pairing: Klance

Word Count: 3700

Summary: captured, Lance is left in a cell to rot. He expects torture, questioning, and threats. However, all he gets is a Galra named Keith, who just happened to be in the same cell as him. Lance is sure he is a spy, seeking to attain information. What he doesn’t expect, though, is to find himself befriending the Galra. (Galra!Keith. Comfort. Cuddles. Tears. Prisoners. Hope.)

The steps of the moving Galra soldiers are heard beyond the dimly lit hallways of the cell they were imprisoned in. The sound is muffled by the distance of its source, stretching through the hall. It’s almost familiar to Lance’s ears. Ever since he was taken, this is the sound he hears, around a similar time every single day. He even begins using it as a mean of knowing the approximate hour. It doesn’t help much, really, but he can at least predict when meals and such will come for him and Keith.


The Galra is quiet at this moment, sat at his corner, brooding as always. Keith digs his claws into the dusty, metallic floor, twirling his finger and scraping the rusty metal with a screech. His eyes are closed, and he seems to be humming a tune under his breath, the rhythm unfamiliar to Lance’s ears.

Lance huffs and crosses his arms, deciding to observe the outside of their cell. It’s monotone as always. Dread and misery return to Lance every time he remembers how he ended up in this situation, and just how much danger the rest of his team must be in as they search for him.

“Bored again?”

Twisting his head back, Lance rolls his eyes.

“What do you think?“ he deadpans. It’s more than evident that Lance is the type of person to easily find themselves with a lack of entertainment. He can’t stand still for longer than a few minutes, and spending countless days and nights locked up in a Galran prison isn’t exactly giving him many activities to squander his time with.

Keith shrugs and closes his eyes again, settling against the wall behind him. Keith, unlike Lance, isn’t much of a talkative person, and he rarely speaks, much less starts conversations. Lance doesn’t converse with the galra often, either, for he believes it is suspicious.

“I ain’t telling you nothing,” He said soon after he was thrown into the cell with Keith, dismissing the story he was told. “If anything, you’re a Galra spy wanting to get information about the paladins.”

Keith only arched and eyebrow and let it be.

Lance chuckles at the memory, and frowns as he remembers just how long it has been since he was thrown in this place. Weeks, month or years - he can’t tell. He doesn’t know the time like he once did, and he can only wait to be broken free. The thought seems naive even to himself.

“Do you know what they’re going to do to me?” Lance asks. The question has been floating in his mind for long, but he’s never thought of asking Keith. Even if he has, he likely banished the thought whenever it came. But the mystery has been plaguing him for too long now, and the worries driving him up the wall.

Keith brings a clawed hand to his chin, and furrows his eyebrows in thought. He seems to be thinking about it. Lance is surprised that the galra is actually mulling over the question.

“They’ll probably leave you here until they get the rest of the lions,” Keith tells him, nodding to himself. “Yeah, and then they’ll kill you once Zarkon has Voltron. For now, they need you alive; it will bring the rest of the paladins here.”

“Talk about blunt,” Lance mutters under his breath, running a hand over his face. Now he knows why he’s being kept alive. It makes him feel guilty that he is the bait to bring his friends to their doom.

They’ll get through it, Lance tells himself. He doesn’t know who he’s convincing thought.

Silence descends upon the atmosphere once more, and Lance decides he can’t take it. He needs something to do, to distract himself. And if it means he has to talk with Galran spy, then so be it.

“Say, how did you end up here?”

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