frost on saturday


I love it, those people in the audience don’t know what to think about what they just saw.

Five sentence prompt - “Don’t touch that!” Darcy and Steve, from Amazon-X

@amazon-x I blame the fact that I’m watching reruns of Top Chef at the moment for this one…


“Don’t touch that!” Darcy yelps, lightly whacking at Steve’s hand with the offset spatula and leaving a smear of pale leaf green frosting behind.

Steve brings his hand up to his mouth and carefully licks away the frosting, taking his time to clean all the traces away, the tastes of butter, sugar, and a light almond flavoring lingering on his tongue.  

Darcy gives him a glare, all pursed mouth and slitted eyes, and says, “No – this is Sam’s birthday cake, and the first piece is destined for him, not for your sweet tooth and black hole of a stomach.”

“You can at least spare some of the frosting, can’t you?” Steve asks, dipping a finger into the bowl and spreading the frosting on Darcy’s lower lip, watching intently as her eyes go fuzzy and her tongue flicks out to sample the taste, followed up by her leaning forward a little bit and cleaning the rest of the frosting off of his finger.

“I can whip up a second batch,” she replies, just as Steve grins down at her, hoisting her onto the kitchen counter and reaching for the frosting once more.


Katsucon Line-up! (Subject to change)

Click for larger images! Because so many of you have asked for my line-up, here’s what I have so far! This is my first time at Katsucon and I’m still working out panels and photoshoots, so this might change. An official line-up video will be on my YouTube channel in about a week!

Thursday: Sadao Maou from The Devil is a Part-Timer

Friday: Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown

Friday Night: Formal Jack Frost

Saturday: Jack Frost

Saturday after 3pm: Festive Scattergun RED Scout from TF2

Sunday: Tsukishima Kei from Haikyuu!!

I’m hoping to have goodies to hand out as Jack Frost for Valentine’s day, so stop and say hello! <3