frost heroine

My opinion about 3x07 episode ! Minha opinião sobre o episódio 3x07!

I have no words for this episode! Finally Caitlin had her chance in the spotlight! I love the dynamics between Snowbarry and Killervibe. And for those who say she’s just the “doctor”, that Iris can easily replace Caitlin, stay doing his bandages and Caitlin is dispensable: SUCK IT! I wanted to see if Iris would know how to make this neuro component and stabilize Wally. Of course not! She’s just the hero’s girlfriend, she’s just doing what all the characters did in the two seasons: motivational speeches for Barry. This episode proves who really is dispensable in the team.

Iris returned to being the selfish person of the first season. Barry messed up everyone’s life (I agree with Killer Frost), but since hers is still intact, let the rest go to hell. She cares only for herself! In her conversations with Barry, she didn’t even mention Caitlin or Cisco or Wally! The only thing that matters to her is the romance between them!

Caitlin is a bio-engineer, not a degree in medicine, then it isn’t simply a “doctor.” She helped create meta-humans, so she’s one of the people who understands most about them. Because they still remain part human, she understands how their biological part works, and this can help defeat them. What gives me the most anger is Barry saying “there is no Flash without Iris West”. How does it not exist? Who cared for him during the 9-month coma? Caitlin, Cisco and Wells! She did not even know he was The Flash for months, and only discovered it by accident!

Who ever designed instruments to defeat meta-humans when The Flash powers were not enough? Caitlin, Cisco and Wells! I am sure that at journalism university they don’t teach this. I loved that it was Barry (a little Cisco too, let’s not forget him) who kept insisting, he didn’t give up on her. He was the only one who noticed that his Caitlin Snow is stronger than that! As much as W/A marry, have children, the friendship between the team Flash will always be greater! He gave up on his job for her!

Note: The Flashfrost kiss wasn’t just a “fan service”. It was her only way to neutralize The Flash. If she got up and started throwing ice at him, it would give him time to escape and Vibe bring her down. Barry’s hand was free, he could have pushed her, after all his reflexes are faster. But no, he closed his eyes at first. It just opened when he felt that he was being frozen. And Kevin Smith compared the kiss with the Catwoman and Batman kiss! So, who knows, there is not a chance to have, even if only temporary, a romance between anti-heroine Killer Frost and  hero The Flash? It would be extremely hot!

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