frost glacier freeze

  • Ouma: If you ever meet who calls Gatorade flavors the actual name of the flavors instead of just the color they are 100% a cop.
  • Saihara: Yeah but you have to specify... frost glacier freeze or cool blue, you can't just say "blue" because there's more than one blue...
  • Ouma: Blue and light blue, nice try Officer.

Absolute Zero, by DanielJGreenwood

Something simple for the start of the week. Have been put off from posting on 500px due to a few reasons I’m sure a lot already know about…I often enjoy processing a lot of my night work with strong blue tones to give a cool galactic sense of feel..This was a creative scene I had shot while on a trip to the Rockies about 6 months ago when everything was still very much frozen. It is in fact a set of older files I decided to re process from my 6d. I am finding a lot of local spots do not resonate with me as much as they used to which has lead me to process these older Banff images. I am honestly taking these feelings as a sign, a sign that its time to focus on traveling and exploring further into nature.. I am extremely excited to know that my vision is inspiring me and pushing me to move further into nature.

carolyn didnt mean to kill her mother. thats just the way it happened. after she killed her, she put her mother’s wedding ring inside of a bottle of frost glacier freeze gatorade and buried it where the petunias grow in the spring and summer. it was winter now. carolyn’s father was away on a business trip. he won’t be back for another week or so. carolyn’s boyfriend told her that her haircut looked stupid and she believed him. she let him cut her hair in the bathtub and they showered together after that. she kept telling herself not to look at his feet. she kept telling herself not to look up and swallow the water. her boyfriend’s name was gary. he was considering going into the military in a couple of months. he was the worst at sex compared to any of carolyn’s previous boyfriends and he had a birthmark on his neck that looked like a question mark without the dot. carolyn liked to give him hickies right below it. he yelled at her when she did this because he said it made him look unprofessional. she just looked at him. in the movie theater they shared sour patch kids and when the woman in the movie that they were watching killed herself, carolyn started to cry and when she went to wipe her tears away, she got sour powder in her eye. gary looked at her with malice and scorn and lust and said “its just a movie” and carolyn responded “yes and so is this.”