frost doughnuts






The good: I slept hard for 8 hours.

The bad: Waking to an alarm clock (I normally wake on my own)

The ugly: I have a HUGE head cold. It’s TERRIBLE! BAD!

The good: I was able to get myself to the grocery store to pick up cold medicine and a doughnut I was craving.

The bad: Most of the frosting on my doughnut stuck to the wax paper. I licked the paper then used the now-clean paper to wipe up my tears.

The ugly: I had to hide behind a shelf while I waited for Icky Soccer Mom to get away from the doughnuts. My son hasn’t played on that team in four years yet I still can’t bring myself to say hello to that woman. One of my favorite soccer memories was when a referee threatened to kick her off the sidelines. She was indignant, like a queen who’s been addressed by a commoner. Icky Soccer Mom had been yelling at individual players from the other team, the line judges, and the referee. She knows as much about soccer rules as I know about knitting a sweater.  Her husband is a doctor. She wore silk shirts and high heels to games. That all makes her an expert, in her mind.

The good: The store brand of NyQuil is $5.79. NyQuil is $9.49. Having saved over nearly four dollars already makes me feel a little better.

The bad: I still had to spend nearly six bucks so I can sleep tonight :(

The ugly: Real or store brand, night-time cold medicine tastes like shit.