frost arena

Did You Know: The Tamrielic Calendar has varied drastically? In Arena and Daggerfall, all months were thirty days long. In Morrowind, there were only eleven months. Oblivion and Skyrim closely follow the Gregorian Calendar, except for leap years.
Additionally, Hearthfire, Midyear, and Frostfall are the only months that are a single word, but they are occasionally written in the more common two word style for the other months (Hearth Fire, Mid Year, and Frost Fall).

My Agent Carter Prediction

Dottie, inevitably, escapes from Red Forman, and she immediately makes a beeline for Peggy in L.A. However, they end up teaming up to defeat Whitney Frost (and the lame Arena Club men). Dottie ends up getting some zero matter and then manages to give Peggy the slip, but not before making sure Peggy know they are best frenemies for life and she looks forward to their next single white female encounter.

Okay I LOVE Agent Carter, and I would go through hell for this show and the character, but this love triangle thing is getting on my nerves. We literally went from a unique story about a female character where her story wasn’t about a male character, where having a love interest wasn’t that important, where hanging out with a friend was more important to her than hanging out to a love interest, to 1/3 of the plot being about a love triangle. This season still has a great story with Whitney Frost, the arena club, and the Jarvis storyline, but the love triangle is taking up so much plot and is made so important and it’s so annoying. It’s not even the most developed love triangle. There seems to be some sort of gap between season 1 where she turned Sousa down, to season 2 where she’s suddenly in love with him, and it’s never explained. And as much as I love Jason, she barely had time to get to know him properly before she’s suddenly in love (or at least feels very strongly, presumably equally strongly as for Sousa, for him). And yet so much focus is set on “who will she choose” when there’s been no build up for her to chose even one of them???