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On July 11, 1908, the heavily decomposed body of 19-year-old Hazel Drew was discovered floating face down in Teal’s Pond. She had a corset string knotted around her neck. Drew had been missing for four days. On July 7 of that year, Drew walked along a secluded place of Taborton Road, Sand Lake, New York. At around 7:30 p.m., she met Frank Smith and Rudolph Gundrum and engaged in conversation with them. What happened next is shrouded in mystery. An autopsy concluded that she had died of blunt force trauma to the head. Locals speculated that her death was accidental and that she had been struck by a car. Many suspects were questioned, among them Smith and Gundrum, but no one was ever charged with the murder of Drew and the case is still unsolved. The mystery surrounding Drew’s death recently made the news after the Twin Peaks series made it’s comeback. Co-creator Mark Frost revealed in 2013 that the inspiration for the character Laura Palmer is partially based on Hazel Drew. Frost stated: “I’d heard stories about [Hazel] all through my growing up, because she’s supposedly haunted this area of the lake, so that’s kind of where Laura came from.


UNCANNY X-MEN VOL. 3 #1-4 “The New Revolution”

In the wake of the Phoenix, the world has changed and is torn on exactly what Cyclops and his team of X-Men are – visionary revolutionaries or dangerous terrorists? Whatever the truth, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magneto, and Magik are out in the world gathering up new mutants and redefining the name UNCANNY X-MEN.

  • Published: February - April 2013
  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis 
  • Cover Artist: Chris Bachalo 

Top 10 films of 2013
 1. The World’s End, directed by Edgar Wright

for the first time in forever,
i will ride, i will fly
fly away, beyond the moon
i will rise like the break of dawn
count one, two, three
and at last i see the light

“Frost! What did I tell you about showing up here before autumn?”
“Nice to see you too, Ronin. Relax, I’m just here to visit!”
“…Fine. I’d better not catch you causing any trouble, understand?”
“You got it.”

ROTG/EPIC Crossover: Troublemaker


It was just so great to work with those guys – can you imagine what it was like on set? A lot of them had a background in stand-up, so suddenly something would start a riff going and we were pissing ourselves constantly. We made up stupid songs, we formed a band; it was like having a bunch of brothers who took the piss out of me mercilessly. I loved it.