frost 2013


It was just so great to work with those guys – can you imagine what it was like on set? A lot of them had a background in stand-up, so suddenly something would start a riff going and we were pissing ourselves constantly. We made up stupid songs, we formed a band; it was like having a bunch of brothers who took the piss out of me mercilessly. I loved it. 

anonymous asked:

I heard you downloaded the French dub of Frozen? How did you find it? I'm currently looking for the Polish/Danish dub, but I'm getting nowhere. owo

i did!! here is the torrent i used uwu i did some digging around, and this seems to be a torrent for the polish movie (Kraina Lodu), though i assume it’s not HD quality. this one was a little harder haha, but here are some danish (Frost) torrents. hope this helps anon!!!