I had so much fun coming up with an idea for Svell when she was a bit older, probably at least 16. I thought since she’s the daughter of Tony Stark, she could probably have her own suit but then I forgot about the fact that Loki is her “mother” so what about the god-like abilities as well as her Jotun heritage. Then it hit me, why not have her armor be made of ice? So this is the first concept I came up with, and frankly im quite proud of it.

Svell Stark belongs to me

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I know that isn’t perfect but i tried. It’s supposed to be Loki giving a hug to Hatchet~ That is Tony’s fist. He’s incredibly upset at seeing Hatchet having such a great time near to Loki. But of course, the elf it’s doing that only to annoy Tony. Wich thing it is working perfectly. 

Btw, i apologies for my horrible english.