Rain (Frosiron Ficlet)

Tony and Loki were both completely spent.

It had been a fight against the villain of the week in the middle of nowhere.

They couldn’t get into contact with the other Avengers. Tony’s suit was demolished and Loki was out of magic. The only thing they had going for them was that they knew the rendezvous point.

The terrain was rocky and too much for Tony’s exhausted body.

He was holding onto Loki’s belt for balance.  

Loki was hyper vigilant, quick to catch him whenever he stumbled.

Tony was just happy that it was Loki he was with. Thor was off world and of no help, Bruce would have been a sleepy flop-monster post-Hulk, relying completely on Tony, and the others would have trooped on, being mechanical soldiers and expecting him to keep up.

Loki though… Loki knew him better than anyone else did. The start of their relationship had been a whirlwind and had settled into something warm and lasting.

It started sprinkling.

Tony sighed.

From the look of the clouds it was only going to become heavier.

A shadow fell over him and Tony glanced at Loki.

He was holding his cape up, over Tony’s head, blocking most of the rain.

Tony stared at him with wide eyes.

Loki was staring straight ahead.

Tony smiled and a hint of a grin appeared on Loki’s face.

I know that isn’t perfect but i tried. It’s supposed to be Loki giving a hug to Hatchet~ That is Tony’s fist. He’s incredibly upset at seeing Hatchet having such a great time near to Loki. But of course, the elf it’s doing that only to annoy Tony. Wich thing it is working perfectly. 

Btw, i apologies for my horrible english.