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Neymar Jr requiring a lot of help from his fellow Brazukas Adriano Correia and Dani Alves while preparing for the FC Barcelona official 2015/2016 team photo shoot.

I Knocked her up Dude - Grayson

Warning: Mommy and Daddy issues, and Abuse.




OKay no this is really bad, and I mean really bad. I can’t no. No no. I just won’t accept it. Two lines. Those pink lines showed on the test. I panicked. I rushed back into my room and grabbed the other box I bought and ripped it open. I grabbed the test and rushed back into the bathroom and peed onto the stick and waited for it to show if I was truly pregnant or not.

One minute. Five minutes. Ten minutes. The whole time I was pacing around the bathroom. I looked down at the test and fell to the ground. “I can’t.” I whispered as I felt tears starting to fall. I covered my eyes as my body started to shake from me crying. “I just can’t.” 

“Oh best friend!!!!!” I removed my hands from covering my eyes and looked over seeing my friends making her way to me. She stopped in her tracks though once she saw me. “Girl what’s wrong?” She asked walking closer. She looked onto the counter with the sink and made an ‘O’ with her mouth.

“Your pregnant?” She asked. “Obviously. You see the test.” I said annoyed. “Is it Grayson’s?” She asked. “Who else’s would it be.” I said. I was no in a good mood and I can tell that. “If you weren’t pregnant I would so think you were on your period.” Y/bff/n said. “Ha ha, funny.” I rolled my eyes. 

“You have to tell Grayson.” She said sitting cross legged in front of me. “I’m scared.” I whispered bringing my leg to my chest holding them tightly. “I know baby, I know. It’s going to be scary, but I know Grayson and he would never leave you. He would help and stay with you because he would want to keep it.” Y/bff/n explained. I let out a shaky breath.

“I also mean with my parents. My dad’s a god damn priest fro heaven’s shake. Do you know how hard it was to convince him to let me and Grayson date?” I asked her. She nodded and bite her lip. “It was a at most three months.” She answered. “Exactly and telling him and my mother I’m pregnant. God they are going to kick me out.” I whispered. 

“How about we worry about one thing at a time. You can call Grayson over I’ll distract your parents, and you can tell him. You can figure out how to tell your parents along with his. Even though I think you should get an important and get like on of those pictures of the small little baby.” She asked. I nodded slowly. She grabbed hold of my wrist and helped me up onto my feet. She lead me back into my room and handed me my phone.

I let out a breath and unlocked it with my thumb print and went into contacts. I hit onto the contacts labeled : Boyfrand, and hit the call button.

Ring … Ring … Ring

“Hey baby what’s up?” Grayson answered on the other lined. “Ca-can you come over?” I asked stumbling over my first word. “Actually I’m like right down the street. I was heading over to ask you out to diner later actually.” He answered. “That would be amazing.” I smiled slightly. “Good. If you would of sad no I would of had to cancel everything.” He laughed. “I will always say yes. Maybe.” I smiled more.

Every time I spoke a word to Grayson a smile would always form onto my face. Even with a hard day he would always turn it upside down. “Hello Earth to Y/n you there.” I heard Grayson laughing. “Oh huh? Yeah yeah I’m here. Sorry I went into la la land.” I giggled. “I’m outside. Let me in please? Don’t want to listen to the lecture your father will give me.” He laughed. “Yeah i’ll be there soon.” I answered and hung up.

“Okay go distract my parents. I know they like to listen in when Grayson is here. They should be in my dad’s office.” I told Y/bff/n. She nodded quickly and walked a head of me to the door but then stopped. She turned to me and wiped the tears on my face and smiled. I whispered a thank you and she went to the opposite side of the house well I went down the stairs and rushed to the door sliding across the wood floors from wearing socks. I grabbed onto the door handle and opened it to revel my beautiful boyfriend.

“Hey pretty lady.” He smiled and pulled me into a quick kiss. I smiled into the kiss and pulled away. “Let’s go up to my room.” I smiled grabbing his hand and leading him up there. “Your in a hurry.” he laughed. “Well you know me.” I chuckled. We both walked up the stairs and went to my room. I closed the door and locked the door. Grayson laid down on my bed and placed his hands behind his head. 

“What did you want to talk about?” He asked. “I have to tell you something. That is going to change our lives.” I breathed out sitting in front of him on my bed. “Your not moving away are you?” She asked, fear flustering over his face. “No no. I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying right here. At least I hope.” I said frowning a bit.

“Y/n what’s going on?” Grayson asked. “I’m pregnant Gray.” I said all out. Just get it over with I always say. Grayson tilted his head but then returned it to it’s straight position. Soon a big smile fell upon his lips. “Y/n. Th-that’s fucking amazing.” He smiled pulling me into a hug. “Your not leaving right?” I asked just to make sure. “Never in a million years I would think to even leave.” He smiled.

“Now we just have to tell my parents.” I frowned. “Tell us what?” My dad asked walking into my room holding the key in his hand as he moved his arms to be folded. My best friend standing behind him and my mother mouthing sorry to me. I let out a breath and got out of Grayson’s arms and got up and went in front of them. “I-I. Your not going to like what I’m going to tell you.” I said looking down at my feet.

“Look at me when your talking to me.” My father said. I nodded and looked up into his y/e/c eyes. The same as mine. “I-I.” I couldn’t say it. I just couldn’t. “Spit it out.” My dad said starting to get angry. “I’m pregnant.” I said.

The back of his hand came in contact with my face and I stumbled back. I placed my hand on the red hand print and felt it sting from my skin touching it. I saw y/bff/n eyes go wide as everything went in slow motion. Grayson was by my wide and was saying something I couldn’t work out. And then everything came back to me. Everything went back into his normal speed.

“Get your stuff paced and the hell out of my house! Your kind is not welcomed into this house of the lord!” He yelled at me. Tears started to fall from my eyes once again. Stinging the mark on my face. “Let’s go to my place.” Grayson whispered in my ear. I nodded at his request and he picked me up. He held onto me and looked at y/bff/n and she nodded. She pushed past my parents and past us as Grayson carried me down the stairs.

Grayson’s P.o.v

“So that’s why you want her to stay here?” Ethan asked. I nodded my head. My hands trembling still with horror as I watched Y/n’s father hit the girl I loved. “You got her knocked up.” He breathed out. “I knocked her up dude and I want to keep it. I want to stay. I want to marry her.” I said looking at Ethan who smiled at me. “Y/n is like a sister to me. She can stay as long as she wants. But You guys should find a place of your own by time the baby comes.” He explained. I nodded.

“Just make sure to move in next door.” I smiled at Ethan. He nodded back at me and I got up from the couch and grabbed the bag of ice and cloth and headed towards my room where Y/n was resting. As I walked in I saw her best friend Y/bff/n pulling her hair into a messy bun.

“Ladies.” I said as I lightly pressed the bag against Y/n’s cheek. She smiled at me. I kissed her temple and looked at Y/bff/n. She smiled at me and nodded. “Treat them well.” She said at me. “Don’t worry I will.” I smiled. “I’ll go to your house and snatch some things for you. I’ll bring them tomorrow.” She then said towards Y/n. She nodded and left my room.

Y/n turned her head and I saw the stained tears that laid on her face. “I love you Y/n.” I smiled at her. Her lips turned into a smile. It was the first time I’ve said it. Or either of us for that matter. Even though we’ve been dating around for almost a year. I was just to scared. “I love you too.” She smiled and embraced me.

Since I uploaded only one today or tonight I will post one on Thursday. I’m going to be rewriting some of my very first ones just to get back into the hang of things, but after that and in between imagines like this will be posted. Just remember these take me maybe half and hour to an hour to write and it’s very time com-summing. But thanks for reading I hoped you enjoyed it!


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i will yell at you even though both our doors are closed to shut up your class jesus christ au cause imagine Clarke getting pissy like that

The Sacking of Iona

Thank you for this prompt, I had a lot of fun with it!  This is vaguely based on one of the greatest days of my middle school career.

It was sixth period, aka Clarke’s last class and she was exhausted, as she always was by this point in the day.  Teaching biology to high schoolers who just wanted to stab each other with dissection tools and makes jokes about frog intestines was exhausting.

She was bringing up her slideshow about binary fission and asexual reproduction when she heard it.

The noise from across the hall.  From his classroom.  The noise that had been tormenting her all day.

Clarke took a deep breath to calm herself.  There were forty-five minutes left of this period and then school was finished.  She’d been dealing with it all day and she could do it for another forty-five minutes.  It was forty-five minutes.  That was nothing.  Right?


“Okay, guys,” she said, “does anyone know how bacteria reproduce?”

There was a particularly loud cheer from across the hall.

Clarke ground her teeth together and, ignoring the five raised hands from her class, crossed the front of the room to her closed door and looked out across the deserted hallway into Room 1215.  His room.

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my cooping system:
*Me looking at memes and forgetting about my problems until the next day when I literally dont care about it anymore*

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Can you do yandere 1P and 2P England, finding out their crush has a partner already?

England/ Arthur Kirkland- That’s okay. You wont be taken for long, will you? They’re not right fro you Poppet, and you know it. Don’t you? He can make you…You’ll see. Maybe he should just…dispose of this one? Yes, what a great plan! Get rid of this person before they dare to lay a finger on you. Don’t they know who you belong to? How dare they try to claim you…well. No matter, he’ll show them soon enough how much he loved you.

2p!England/ Oliver Kirkland- Oh no…what’s this? He’s holding your hand? Was that…was that a kiss he put on your cheek? How dare he stain you like that. His pure beautiful love. He’ll wash you head to toe, don’t you fret. Every inch of you will be cleaned by his own hands. Sweet Oliver will get rid of this man for you, don’t give it a second thought, alright? This terrible man won’t be around for too much longer. and you’ll be home! Nice and safe in his home.

Great Scott, Barry! (Chapter 4/9)

Barry Allen may quite possibly be the best kisser on the face of the Earth.

After the dessert was eaten and when you two couldn’t figure out what more to talk about, things took a turn. A heated turn. And Barry did this thing with his mouth where it felt like he was vibrating against yours! It was heaven.

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@masuyo-haru-suzuki​ from here~

“You think I don’t know that? That I’m a waste of space? News flash, I’ve known that for a long time.” She looks at her, sadness in her eyes but not showing in her voice.

Naomi just smiles. “Good. Breaking you would be easier.” She said, taking the plush away fro her. “You know what wastes of space don’t get? Toys.”
She takes out a knife she hid under her bed, starting to the doll open, stuffing falling out in the floor.

Yes, but what’s it to you?

and what do you get out of it?

But how do you fit in?

But what’s in it for you?


It's About Time (MCR Oneshot)

Gerard’s fingers flew across the keyboard; he logged in to his favorite past-time, tumblr. It was a secret, no one knew except for him. Maybe it was a little self-centered to pose as one his own fans and obsess with other fans, but Gerard didn’t really mind. It was one his genius plans to actually meet fans in a different perspective and improve on his music.

He picked up his warm mug of coffee and took a small sip before clicking on his tumblr inbox. His mouth curls into a small smirk as his eyes skimmed over the messages. Three messages from some Frank and Gerard lover..haha Gerard loves these people who ship Frerard. But there was that one last message that caught him.


Remember when MCR was together? I miss them so you want them to get back together?? I miss the times when Gerard and Frank kissed on stage and I miss the days when everyone smelled like stage sweat and Gerard’s voice was too huffy to really sing. And I miss those days when Frank would just jump around and injure himself. I miss the tales of Mikey’s idiocy and unicorn fantasies. Stupidly enough, I even miss Ray’s fro. You know??


It was as if this person knew what it was like to be in a band. Ah, Gerard remembers those days. Sometimes he wakes up with an empty and regretful  feeling that My Chem broke up, and sometimes he expects Mikey to be next door, sticking forks into toasters. It already happens on Twitter, he gets so many tweets a day, demanding the return of MCR. The killjoys are one of the most dedicated fan bases ever, Gerard was always too frightened to reply to those tweets, he didn’t want to give too much hope. Ever since the breakup everything was so awkward around his old friends. It was like they moved on too fast.

Gerard clicked the reply button, even though he had nothing to reply. The blinking cursor taunted him as he reminisces and a wave of nostalgia hits him. He remembers those days too clearly. The time when the heater broke and all four of them had to snuggle together in their jammies. Or the time when the mike malfunctioned and Gerard had to scream what he was saying. He remembers the time when Mikey brought a heater into the shower or the time when Gerard awkwardly asked to use Frank’s deodorant. Or the time when Ray’s head got bashed open by Frank. Gerard sighed and wiped at his eyes. He was surprised to find dampness under his eyes. It wasn’t his style to cry, but sometimes Gerard had to let things go. The salty tears slid down slowly, but his mouth curved into a smile as he whispered, “ I miss them too.”

So many hearts were broken when MCR ended, and it wasn’t until now that Gerard realized his heart was a little chipped too. The missing piece where his band was was too big, he had to do something. Gerard started to type his feelings into that reply box. One year of keeping his feelings in. The breakup of MCR was a good time for gathering his thoughts and having a little rest, but now Gerard wanted My Chem back. Tears began to splatter the keyboard as his fingers danced furiously over the laptop.


Yes, I remember MCR. The great times my friends and I had, I want that all back. I miss them too. I never thought MCR was going to burn out, but I think this morning, a match relit that candle. My Chem is my life saver, and I want it to be there for others. I want my friends back, I want my awkwardly musically talented brother, stupidly cute Frank, and hardworking Ray. I think we can do it, I think MCR can come back. Patrick Stump did that didn’t he? We could pull it off, right?

Gerard kept writing, and at last, he drank the last bit of his coffee and sent the message. He put head down on the desk and buried his face in the bend of his elbow. Gerard missed those days too much, the flood of emotions was leaving a tingly feeling within his chest. Gerard clicked the reload button and waited for his tumblr friend to answer. Gerard clicked the inbox and closed his eyes before reading the reply: Gerard? Gerard squinted, looking for more before he realized his mistake, he wrote his reply in his point of view! How could he be so stupid and give away his identity? Gerard’s thoughts were interrupted when his phone rang. He trudged wearily to the phone, one hand on his temple and one hand reaching over to the device. He picked up the phone, not even bothering to see who it was.

A rough voice greeted him on the phone. It sounded like it was crying and the voice only spoke so quietly that Gerard had to press his ear into the cold phone.


“I miss them too,” the voice managed to whisper.


Gerard’s hand flew to his heart and he pressed into his chest and he sank down to the floor. “Frank, is that you…was that you?” Gerard murmured.


“Yeah. I knew it was you from that message.” Silence. More silence. “Gee, do you think it’s time for MCR to…you know?”


Gerard was quiet. For once, he had nothing to say. It has been forever since he heard Frank’s voice and it hit him so hard, the feeling of missing his best friend felt like bullets.


“…yes,” Gerard finally said as he breathed heavily.


“It’s about time.”


Even though their conversation was over the phone, Gerard could feel Frank smile.

Author Note: Hey guys it’s me. Idk, did you like it? I’m very hesitant about posting this…cause I didn’t think I did very well..anyways, lemme know how you like it or hate it..