Cuestión de flores

Lleva una flor para tu amor cada vez q vuelvas no importa de donde sea q lo hagas, no te cuestiones por que ? para que ? No hagas caso de esa voz q no te deja ser el amante mas atrevido, toma una daga y córtale una flor…

gelid raw souls lie sleepless
and hungry down the stairs
in the cellar, only in a

“meaningless fluctuation
of sameness”

in hebetude seek
the solace away from self it is
all in the attics as frore as
philosophy or or

earth) earth)

Heron’s Call: ‘She’

Her spirit, having grown weary, fatigued

rebels against the mind - retreats into its own;

the body, without him worried, weakened,

like the mist upon the hills - brisk, benumbed, boreal;

the cut of her thoughts sharper than that

of the bleak morning sun - its bite frore, frigid, frozen




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