beanie-ebooks  asked:

do you think you'd ever be go to acen, in illinois? i guess it's pretty unlikely, but i thought to ask, just in case! i wouldn't die or be really sad if you couldn't come, but it'd be cool if you did!

I’ve considered ACEN, actually! Here are the cons close enough for me to make it:

MTAC, ACEN, Sugoicon, Ohayocon, Animazement, AWA… Those are ones I can drive to in less than a day and not die.

But even then it’s expensive. I can’t hit all of them- or maybe any of them! It all depends on how work evens out for me now. I should have two jobs soon, but I’m socking money away to move again.

beanie-ebooks  asked:

i can honestly recommend acen, haha! it's in a huge area, and i think the only time we had a crowding problem was at the homestuck panel, but you said you usually don't go to those, so!! it's a great place to meet friends and such!

The only time I don’t really like crowds is if I can’t hear the panel/what’s going on.

I.E. some of the Homestuck shoots at Otakon- NO FAULT OF YOURS, ALEX, I CAN SEE THOSE CUTE PUPPY EYES FROM HERE- it’s a bit different when it’s a panel people are watching and not like… a semi-free-for-all.

Amending to that, Saturday at the HS Photoshoots at Otakon was delightfully really well-organized for such a massive meet. They implemented great suggestions and learned from it, then it was a really fun and efficient shoot!