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U.S. 'excessive force' comment touches nerve in Israel.  The world knows Israel is a serial killer and Palestinian territory their kill zone.  They try to hide behind grainy video with a US Jewish owned media narrative of what is occurring.  But nobody is fooled.  Why, where, they can go, and live in peace--is closing down globally.
Israel bristled on Thursday at U.S. suggestions it may have used excessive force to confront Palestinian stabbings, and also published hospital images it said refuted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's allegation a teen suspect had been "executed".

Netanyahu is satan. 

If I was in my house (land) and someone came in to take it over (Palestine), me fighting back WOULD BE DEFENSE.  The world knows what Israel has done, is doing, is wrong and they don’t have to accept it or Jews.  Why most globally are saying–not in my neighborhood.  Has nothing to do with their history BUT ALL TO DO WITH CHARACTER.

If you steal one man’s property, you will steal all men’s property.  No other nation is giving them a inch to become majority in their nation or have a voice, platform or footing.  Called self-preservation.

Isreal, you don’t get to tell us what we are seeing.  And, ALWAYS A VICTIM, is a mental disorder.