2/10/16 by Kristin Johnstad
“Abass, Jwad and Margarito working at Sam’s Market”

After the former Auto Body shop converted to Sam’s market I remember asking the employees, “Who is Sam?”

Everyone laughed, and the laughter has continued.

I appreciate the unique perspective a corner store staff has on our neighborhood and country.

Why It's a Big Deal That Samurai Jack is Coming Back

Why It’s a Big Deal That Samurai Jack is Coming Back

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Geeks the world over were sent into a collective frenzy recently over the announcement that Samurai Jack would be returning for another season in 2016, with Genndy Tartakovsky at the helm. If that sentence didn’t send you reeling on a wave of sheer exhilaration, then sit down, because we need to talk. This is news of overwhelming awesomeness, and I wouldn’t be able to sit still if I didn’t get a…

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Very happy to report that my first feature film, The Master Cleanse is world premiering at SXSW this year!  Above is the first still from the movie!  If you liked TUB, I think you might like this.  If you didn’t like TUB, I actually think you might still like this!  I dunno!  Listen, I’m excited.  I’ve been working on this movie for over 47 years now!   

Also IndieWire named it one of “7 Hidden Gems at SXSW”!  Thanks Indiewire!

I’m going to go lay down!  More soon!  I have lots of people to thank!