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12/14/11- A Message from Jason Russell

Below is a memoir of a day and a semester, written by one of the co-founders of Invisible Children.  Coming soon is a lengthy post of me processing and recapping the day/the journey there.  I could not be more happy than I am right now.  So excited for this war to end.  For the first time, it feels close enough to touch, tangible.  

Tonight, December 14th, the Invisible Children community celebrates the UNBELIEVABLE.

For as long as I can remember, we at Invisible Children have had a new goal every six months…for the last 8 years. That’s a lot of goals. They’re always a little different, whether focused on Advocacy, Awareness, or Fundraising. But the one thing they ALL have in common, is that they ALL seem Impossible to achieve. If it’s NOT impossible, we are not interested in doing it.

I’ve always believed that if you shoot for the Impossible and don’t get it, you land on Unbelievable; if you fall from Unbelievable, you land on Extraordinary; below Extraordinary is Awesome.  So, at worst… you’re Awesome.

These are just a few of the Impossible Invisible Children goals you’ve supported us through: 1. Surrounding Oprah’s studio until she put us on her show, LIVE. 2. Getting President Obama to sign a Bill & send advisory troops to Uganda. 3. Raise $2MM in 100 days.

When we gathered the interns, volunteers, and roadies & pitched the $2MM goal back in August, we understood the ridiculous challenge we were undertaking—I mean, we were facing the collapse of the global economy, revolutions around the world & polarizing politics.

And we did not reach the Impossible $2MM goal; but we raised an Unbelievable amount of money: $1.7MM. That is the most we’ve ever raised in a fall campaign. And that is something to celebrate.

We know that lots of teams and individuals are still fundraising, so the Frontline fundraising site will remain up through January. We encourage you to keep going. All the money that is donated to the Frontline pages will still go towards the Protection Plan.

We applaud each of you who tweeted, donated, purchased a FREE TIMMY shirt or spent way too much time watching the Livestream. We shout and scream for all you Roadies, Movement interns, non-Movement interns, Team Leaders, Road Managers, host-homes, teachers, principals, club presidents, bands, and Fourth Estate Members who have sacrificed and pushed waaaaay beyond what you ever thought you were capable of.

And then there’s Timmy….that New Zealander who voluntarily imprisoned himself for 8 days and 9 hours. This week he more-than-proved his limitless dedication to ending this war.

But of course the biggest thing we celebrate is the success of the Protection Plan in Central Africa: We have seen multiple defections because the early-warning radio network is working. The LRA Crisis Tracker is breaking technological ground, and the Rehabilitation Center in Congo is up and running. And now YOU have raised $1.7MM to make it even more effective.

We love you. We are grateful.

Love, Jason

P.S. Get some rest this Holiday, because KONY 2012 will be our biggest Awareness Campaign EVER. In 2012, we will STOP AT NOTHING to end the war and change history. Don’t believe me? Watch this teaser: