frontiers of space

Headcanon that Spock invented the Space Boots. 

Headcanon that Spock is insufferable with his Space Boots.

Headcanon that Bones is Very Annoyed with the Space Boots. 

Headcanon that Spock practiced accelerating to terminal velocity of a human being in freefall with the Space Boots.

Headcanon that Bones is now grudgingly tolerant of the Space Boots.

Additional headcanon that Spock is still insufferable with his Space Boots. 

Your Fleet Position by Zodiac

Aries: Captain true and through, Leader by heart.

Taurus: Chief of Security red-shirt, quick to protect and to keep people safe. Lieutenant Commander.

Gemini: Navigator or pilot, Multi-faceted with many abilities and a love for chatting it up. Ensign.

Cancer: Medical officer, Lieutenant Commander or lower. Nurturing and caring to any and all. 

Leo: Captain of any field track, but more likely to be some alien royalty with a love for the dramatic. 

Virgo: Yeoman, probably in sciences but could be command or red-shirt. Meticulous and instinctive.

Libra: Communications officer who likes being Lt. Cmmd. but could totally run a whole ship by themselves tbh. 

Scorpio: Red Shirt or science officer (security/coms/engineering) Make a great first officer, too insensitive for medical or command  though.

Sagittarius: Makes a great admiral, ambassador. That or a really outspoken command track officer who some how gets quickly promoted to fleet admiral.

Capricorn: Straight up Science officer with no desire for command, but could effortlessly take captaincy despite it.

Aquarius: Some chief of Engineering buff who makes history. You’re the zefram cochrane of this institution. 

Pisces: Some type of therapist, cook, or engineer aboard your ship. You probably would be totally okay with being an ensign your whole life.