As requested I did another  step by step tutorial on how to start from a sketch to colored version for frontal view : ) I have also provided the lineart so feel free to practice with it ! this time I did 3 light/shadow variation for both the male and female heads  in case you guys want to try something different !

This will be made available through my patreon if anyone is interested : )

Literally I only feel comfortable farting in front of my family because my farts are lethal. Like if I’m at your house and I suddenly leave its probably because I need to go home and fart but I don’t want cause a methane gas leak in your house.
One time I was just coming back from a buffet about a year ago and all I ate there was fried chicken. AS SOON AS WE LEFT BOYYYYYY I WAS BLOWING UP MY MOM’S CAR SO BAD EVEN THE WINDOW DOWN DID NOT HELP MY MOTHER’S DEPRIVATION OF OXYGEN. It got to the point where my mom was writing me a new diet plan to cut starch and anything fried out of my diet since she never wanted to go through another gas attack like that again

The commander of the Wiking Division, SS-Gruppenführer Felix Steiner, talks to his men in the summer of 1942. Steiner was one of those talented leaders who are born, maybe, one in a million. A great feeling of calm, power and security always came from his robust and somewhat stocky figure. Every man who saw or heard him became part of this strength. He was hard and demanding, but at the same time he was as one with his men.