Well, fine then, Academy, if you’re not going to honor Robert Francis Vaughn, then I will–proudly.

His was a face I’d seen many times before I realized who he was–and when I did finally realize who he was, I fell in love.  It was his portrayal of Napoleon Solo that made me fall for him, but it soon became clear to me that any character he brought to life was wonderful and memorable–not just the brave, loyal international agent, but the skittish Old West gunfighter, the wealthy private eye, the authoritative General who could command anyone in the world except his former partner, the most adorable con artist in human history, and so many more.

But he was so much more than just a really good actor.  He was a true Renaissance Man–a man of the stage, the screen, the spoken word, and the printed word.  He was the biggest fan of Hamlet.  And he was an activist–speaking up for what he believed in, ready to take whatever consequences that resulted.

He was an actor.  An activist.  A writer.  An inspiration.

But, most of all, he was a wonderful, kind, and caring human being.

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Nissi jrskkdka jimin captured pokemon jungkook and DEADASS KISSED HIS JAW !!!!!!! Pray for my soul its floated away

the way he held jungkook’s neck to check if hes okay and then……… kissed it better………… and also take in how much tension there was afterwards.. jimin was all “did i just do that in front of everyone”.. and jk was like.. “did he just do that in front of everyone”

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Season 2 of Love Live Sunshine is coming soon!

tbh I have mixed feelings about Season 2 already but hey, it’d be more than a year after Season 1 so I suppose it makes sense. And knowing me, I’d be flailing and all hyped up by the time it airs XD

Right now though, more psyched about duo/trio and new subunit songs and, ofc Happy Party Train!

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I'm drawing the junk son and I have to remind myself that I need to put on his eyeliner.

I read this as like, you were gonna physically put Junkrat’s eyeliner on for him and tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if this asshole needs somebody else to do his makeup


I was tagged by the beautiful @pcyearkink for the bias selfie tag! So thank you so much because I love doing these💙💙 Any chance to put a picture of me and Yoongi together im all for it 😂 I tag @writeiolite @jisoonyoung @chogiwinkwank @weirdestwitch @babymonsbaby @kimlovesc-k-c-j-and-j-h @taehlien @bangtanxships @jeylovestoblog @rapmonjoonie @dae-bakk-pop @colourfulnoodles and anybody else who wants to do this! Just say I tagged you 😊💙

ID #73584

Name: Elliot
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hello!! My name is Elliot, as you probably read above, and I’m a super artsy gay guy from California.
I really really love art- everything from paintings to music to literature to, well, anything! I love a lot of stuff aha…
My favorite musical artists are a City and Color, the Front Bottoms, La Dispute, and also any random French indie music, and my favorite artist is either Monet or Van Gogh (basic, I know).
I really love writing and reading poetry. I’m in a slam poetry group, actually, so that’s kind of cool.
I would really really like to have a pen pal that wants to write traditional letters (aka Snail Mail)! In fact, that’s the whole reason I’m writing this up in the first place.
I’ve been described as an art hoe, so if you’re one too, hit me up!
Stay smiling!!

Preferences: 21 and under please! Also, please be accepting of the LGBTQ community and be fluent in English, as that’s the only language I can speak. Most importantly, be willing to send and receive letters!

The issue with this model is not the Laclauan style ‘populist’ terms it justifies itself on–after all, these new theoretical groundings are necessary in a world where the Marxist ‘brand’ is seen as a limitation to succeeding in politics.  But these justifications are secondary to practices; a party can use the most revolutionary and innovative rhetoric out and still be a run of the mill social democratic party.  This is the case with the new wave of leftist parties, who are not organizationally or strategically revolutionary, but who hide their status as normalized political parties behind a veneer of leftist rhetoric.  
Yes, the new leftist parties have large voting rolls, and sometimes win elections.  But it takes more than a large membership base to be a mass party.  The Communist parties of the mid 20th century were not radical purely due to their contributions to magazines and journals.  The new Leftist parties are not social spaces and are not centers for activist or intellectual activity: they are places where social activity consumed under the altar of electoralism.  Looking at their actions rather than their words shows parties which attempt to gobble up the activist groups they came from, which sideline organizational democracy in order to better commit to realpolitik, which have ignored the day to day organizing of their members in favor of a year to year organizing of their constituents.  To be a member of Podemos, Syriza, the Fronte de Gauche, means little more than being a member of some other political party.  Sure, it says much about one’s political predilections, but beyond this it means nothing.
—  Organizational Materialism, by Jean Allen