SS-Gruppenführer Walter Krüger, the commander of the Das Reich Division, has just given Knight’s Crosses and other awards to officers from his division for the superb conduct during successful counterattack at Kharkov, April 1943. Click on the gifs to see the names.

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To be fair, complaining about moderate temperatures when you have a roof over your head and probably AC can seem a bit insensitive to people who are homeless and regularly have to deal with much higher temperatures.

oh my god by this logic people are literally not allowed to complain about anything ever because somewhere out there someone has it worse, anything can be insensitive to anyone if you play this dumb game

official heat waves in unprepared countries aren’t “moderate temperatures”

I could just imagine all the jokes james would make when Sirius tells him he likes Remus

• “You could say, you want to fuck him like dog”

“James, fuck off.”

• “you’re barking mad for him”


• “when you two get together, I don’t want to hear any HOWLING”


• “would you follow him to the ends of the earth?”

“That doesn’t even make sense.”

“Wait for it.”

“For what?”

“liKE A DOG?!”

“I hate you.”

• “it’s kinda wrong, you liking him and all.”

“Why is that?”

“Because. Dogs are descendants of the wolf. You’re basically in love with your great great grandpa, pads.”

“I’m leaving now.”

• “oh now I know why your Animagus is a dog!”


“Because you’re gay. You like the meat. Dogs like meat. It works.”

“You’ll have to run out of puns soon.”

• “you probably want to sniff his butt too.”

“Oh that’s just too far.”

• “doggy style”

“No comment.”

• and when he runs out of dog related jokes, “HEY, YOURE A DOG.” Or just “YOU WANT TO FUCK HIM AND YOURE A DOG, OKAY. THATS IT. THATS THE JOKE. YOURE A FUCKING DOG. HA HA HA.”

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