“A girl of the resistance movement is a member of a patrol to rout out the Germans snipers still left in areas in Paris, France, on August 29, 1944. The girl had killed two Germans in the Paris Fighting two days previously.”


One of the Panther from the Wiking Division carrying infantrymen, possibly from 5. Jäger-Division, during the defensive operations around Warsaw in August 1944. The soldier in the foreground is armed with a StG 44 assault rifle.


Guitars I Want - as requested! 

This is only a selection from an extensively long list!

From top to bottom;
- Fender Custom Road Worn (preferably in Olympic white)
- Hufschmid Custom Made Guitar
- Schecter Blackjack SLS Series 
- Music Man Armada 
- Gretsch Silver Falcon 
- Ovation Elite 
- Gibson Explorer (preferably in wine red, I really loved the vintage 1970s wine red explorer I saw at Vintage and Rare Guitars in Bath) 
- Suhr Modern 
- Zemaitis Metal Flower Front 
- PRS Private Stock 

If you want to see a part 2 of this post, just let me know. 

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NEW VIDEO ! Here’s everything that happened to Tyler’s slumber party tour !

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