nothing like fighting off monsters in the woods while trying to protect your nephew

Monster Falls is my all-time favorite Gravity Falls AU there’s so much I love about it and so many scenarios I want to draw for it ahhhhhh

undertale-paps asked:

Papyrus knew it was going to happen at some point, the monsters wanted out and they knew Pari's soul would open the barrier. Papyrus wasn't about to let that happen. He'd fought them off, being careful not to kill anyone, but he'd been badly injured. Papyrus limped home bleeding and bruised one eye wouldn't open, and his magic was severely depleted. Papyrus opened his front door and managed co call out a soft "Pari." Before falling over in pain and suffering.

She’d been told to run. Told to hide herself. It was only a matter of time before she too would be pursued down here. Papyrus didn’t give her a chance to second guess.. If she knew what had happened to him, she’d have sacrificed herself so that he wouldn’t have been hurt. He, and all the others would be free. And she would be nothing more than a memory. A means to an end. It wasn’t until she heard the door that she sprinted towards the seven foot high skeleton. Tears in her eyes when she saw what had happened.. “PAPPY!”