Why yes, we should ring up every item.

I used to be a front end manager for a large hardware chain in the Midwest. It was early in the day (around 9 am or so) and my head cashier had called in sick so I was already behind in a lot of ways. Luckily I had a girl scheduled who was a former head cashier who had left the company and came back as a full time cashier. We’ll call her Jenny. Jenny was smart and worked hard, she was always professional and was quick with a joke. I liked when she was scheduled to work with me.

Jenny was around 7 months pregnant (and had the most awful things said to her because she didn’t have a ring on her left hand, but that’s another story) and I had given her the phone while I was trying to accomplish various tasks to set up my day.

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Lie to me? Steal my work? Have fun going from 52K a year to minimum wages.

(warning: long story)

Takes place back in 2014, long read with a lot of buildup to revenge. I was about a year into my job and was being recognized for my talents and promoted pretty regularly. I was constantly being used as the liaison between my company and the client companies we had business and contracts with, and literally have saved our contract companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then I was approached by Amy, who was in another department, for a job opportunity in the next month or so. She was going out on medical leave and was going to train me to take over her position in the interim and then fully take it over once she came back and moved into a new role. I was ecstatic because I knew she had a salary position and that’s what I really wanted. Most of the salaried positions in the company were the kind you had direct reports and in my industry there is a lot of stupid and handholding so I was not looking forward to have to deal with that stuff, but here was this angel offering me the salary I wanted and the stepping stone I wanted to get further in the company, all without having to deal with stupidity on a daily basis! So for the next 3 weeks I’m pulled from my current duties about twice a week to train in her position. In the beginning it was really menial stuff to get aquatinted with her department but then we started getting into the bigger Excel stuff. Now her job was 90% Excel based, but in having her teach me her job and the duties and deadlines for certain things I realized she was basically flying by with basic Excel knowledge (I’m taking formulas to do math and VLOOKUPs were the majority of what she used in EVERYTHING). Now I was really okay with it and knew I could bring a lot more to the position with my knowledge and really help out the management team and showcase my expertise to them.

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lustrouslotor  asked:

Coffee shop au or fake marriage thing??

Ahahaha ok ok I’m gonna go with coffee shop au because it is… so classic but also versatile.

Alright so I’m feeling this as a klance AND shallura thing, because brothers who suffer together, stick together.

So poor stressed out Keith is a university student, trying his best to study, meet assignment deadlines, and manage to take care of himself. He’s faring… ok. There’s a coffee shop he frequents on campus that has a lot to with how he copes. He goes in one day hoping to get his usual long black and say hi to his friend Hunk that works there, when he’s served by someone he’s never seen before.

And oh no. OH no…. he’s really hot. Killer smile. Tan skin. Broad shoulders. Narrow hips that Keith wouldn’t mind grabbing onto…. wait, what was he doing here again? He blurts out his order and robotically moves to the pick up counter. The baristas name tag says “Lance”. Lance serves him his drink with a cheery smile and Keith scuttles out the door.

Keith comes back later that day. And the day after that. 3 times on Tuesday. 4 times on Wednesday. Each time he thinks about asking Lance out. He repeats pick up lines to himself while he stands in the queue, but when he gets to the front, all he manages is a “fell from… hurts!….. I’d likealongblackpleasethankyou”

Shiro is noticing a huge difference. Keith is jittery and has huge bags under his eyes. He notices the coffee cup always in his hands and how Keith starts shivering if he goes for a few hours without caffeine. Shiro starts to reprimand him, but Keith brushes him off.

One day Shiro actually catches Keith entering the coffee shop. Shiro jogs after him, ready to drag his ass out of there. He bursts through the glass door and halts…..

Oh… oh sweet, gay, Keith. Shiro watches how Keith blushed when Lance remembers his order. Shiro knows exactly what’s been going on. He gets in line with a smirk. He conversed easily with Lance, and tells him that Keith always raves about the coffee here.
“Oh, Keith? That’s his name. I’ve just been calling him handsome.” Lance laughs and winks Keith’s way. He ACSENDS.

Lance gets called into the back room and another coworker comes up to serve. She’s tall, startling blues eyes, and an impossible amount of light hair.

Shiro and Keith both have a caffeine addiction for the next fortnight.

Keith goes in one day looking particularly bad. He hasn’t slept at all, and that’s partially due to caffeine, but also due to a killer assignment he had to complete. Shiro looks slightly better next to him. Lance rushes out from behind the counter.

“Dude you look awful.” Lance grabs Keith’s forearm. Keith talks in slurred words and seems to be only half present. He tries to order a coffee, but Lance says he won’t give him one. That he needs to go home and rest. Keith talks about quadratic equations and mumbles something about really needing coffee right now.
“I think you need to stop”
“Can’t stop. Have to ask out lance. Gotta keep…”
It takes Keith 30 seconds to realise what he’s said. He blushes up to his ears and apologises profusely. Lance takes his hand.
“I would make fun of you, except I could never get up the courage to ask you out either.”
Lance promises to go out on s date with him BUT ONLY after he’s gone home, slept and drunken a lot of water. Keith is about to head off when lance laughs:
“You know, we sell things other than coffee. Why didn’t you just order a juice all those times you came to see me?”

Shiro and Keith look at each other in shock, before hissing out “juuuiiiiiice”.

Keith shifts his coffee addiction to a mango smoothie one. Shiro drinks green tea by the litre.
After a week Allura leaves her phone number on his cup. Shiro has never been so happy and hydrated.

C.R.O.W.N. - Continental Reconnaissance Operations to Ward Neutrality
a disney princess modern spy au - written by Brenna, graphics by Drew

Agent 1211-09
Status: ACTIVE

Name: Tiana Harrison.
Alias(es): Tiana Malik.
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America.
Occupation: Director of C.R.O.W.N.
Division: Operational Command.
Specialism: armed and unarmed combatant; disguise and deception; logistical training; master strategist; master tactician; technical skills; wilderness survival tactics.
Additional Knowledge: bilingual (English and French); cooking; university double-major in business administration and foreign policy.
Medical Records: Agent EVANGELINE has no significant ailments to report at this time.
 ●  Harrison, Eudora; mother.
 ●  Harrison, James; father - DECEASED.
 ●  Malik, Naveen; spouse. 

To the outside world, the happiest day of Tiana Harrison’s life was when she traded in her CIA badge for the deed to her restaurant, a revolver for a wedding ring, and drone footage for piles of dirty dishes. Only a select few know the truth - that the restaurant is a front under her husband’s management, and Tiana is still in the spy game, head of the most clandestine intelligence organization the world has never heard of.

The Smart Way

A long time ago, I worked at a big-box store, pulling boxes off trucks, stacking them on pallets, and sending the pallets out to the sales floor to stock. It was hot, tiring, and not particularly fun, but they paid me, so that was good enough.

I had a coworker that those of us in the warehouse liked to call Crackhead. Crackhead wasn’t really a bad guy, but his choice of vice was really beginning to affect those around him. Unfortunately, he had an industrious, git-‘er-done attitude, which management absolutely loved; if a supervisor told him to run head-first into a brick wall, he’d do it with a smile. Which, I suppose, isn’t all that bad either, at least as far as management is concerned. Except… “charging head-first into a brick wall” was his go-to strategy. If the boxes on the beat-up conveyor belt got stuck, his solution was to shove as hard as he could, slamming the boxes into each other until something broke or fell off and everything started moving again. Of all the breakage we experienced that wasn’t broken in transit, 90% of it was from Crackhead. We lost gallons of paint because he wanted to know what the bottom of the paint box looked like. We lost a case of shampoo because he opened it to see what it smelled like, and dropped it on the cement floor. We even lost our lunch hour once because he somehow broke the time-clock so we couldn’t clock in or out for lunch, and told management that everyone had “totally had taken lunch already” and “oh man, those guys are so lazy, they want two lunch breaks.”

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Dating Reggie Mantle would include ...

Originally posted by fakesonia

Identity theft. You have a thing for wearing Reggie’s clothes and he had a thing in seeing you in them. You are pretty sure it was basically identity theft at some point. Something inside him just swells up in pride when he sees you drowning in his clothes because it was some sort of mark or evidence that you were his and he was yours. Veronica may have joked once or twice that you really need to go shopping or else people will already start to mistake you for your boyfriend but you knew deep down that even if you had a closet full of designer clothes you would still chose to wear his beat down grey fluffy sweater every goddamn time.

               -Sweaters. Two words: (1) Sweater (2) paws. Reggie is weak when it comes to you wearing his sweaters that are three times bigger than you. You just look adorable in his big fluffy sweaters that you could wear it every day of the week and hear no complaints from him at all.

               -Wearing his iconic letterman jacket. Let’s be honest here dating a jock would not be complete without you wearing his letterman jacket but when it comes to Reggie it’s more of a protection, to be honest. He usually lends you his jacket that he loves oh so much when you are watching his game from a place where he can’t always keep an eye on you and other boys that might be getting any ideas. The jacket is sort of a big red flag to them to let them know that yes, you are dating the team captain and yes he will beat the shit out of them if they even breath in your direction. Or also when you wear something that was too revealing in his eyes. He would never really tell you directly because he knew how much you hate it when he tries to control you and what you wear so he decides to be sneaky and just let you borrow his jacket even though he feels naked without it because he knows you can never say no to wearing his jacket that was just swimming in his scent.

               -Stealing his snapbacks. If not his jacket, you would always steal his snapback every time you come over because  that boy had a lot of them and it would always give you an excuse to come over and ‘give it back’.

PDA. You weren’t big on PDA but Reggie would find just about any excuse to kiss you or hold you in any possible way. Ever since you had been dating you sat on his lap more times than on a chair that you actually start to feel uncomfortable if you are just sitting next to him, too accustomed in sitting on his lap, with his arms around your waist while feeling the occasional kisses on your neck. You could just be talking or reading a book and Reggie would already be poking his head near your field of vision to ask for a kiss that he always manage to deepen no matter where you are. (Let’s just say the varsity team’s locker room was not the best place for a make out session god bless Archie’s poor soul).

               -Forehead kisses. Like most people you were smaller than Reggie’s six footer frame and he just loves it (and teasing you about it). It was always the perfect position for him to lean down and give your forehead a peck every now and then that never fails to make you blush.

               -Hugs. Reggie is a teddy bear, he will never admit it but he is. When you’re tired of the world or just don’t want to interact with other people (since Reggie always manage to bring a crowd around him being Mr. Popular and all) you would just turn your back on the world and just hug him. He would jokingly wrap his jacket around you and zip it up, successfully hiding your upper body from anyone’s view which makes you whine in protest but he knows you secretly loved it because you just feel so safe in his arms. Any jokes thrown Reggie’s way were ignored at sight.

Protection 24/7. Reggie is anxious when it comes to you because he knows how your mind works and how easily you get distracted so when you’re apart or far from each other he always had to make sure that you are in his field of vision or with someone he trusts to eradicate any and every harm that may come in your way.

Supporting him in his games. You don’t miss any of Reggie’s games because you know how much it means to him to have you there. You had the same spot in front that Reggie always manages to reserve because that was where he could easily see you and give him the adrenaline  to actually get through with the games. And from there he can also hear your cheers and screams every time he does something amazing or even just him doing anything at all. (“HOLY SHIT THAT’S MY BABY!” “Shut the fuck up, (Y/N).” “LOOK KEV DID YOU SEE THAT?! THAT’S THE MVP RIGHT THERE! “ ”… he literally just ran past you.”)

Jealousy. You were both the jealous type, you were just better at hiding it through glares and sitting at his lap and pouting at him until he kisses you in front of the said threat (you weren’t fooling anybody though). Reggie however would simply just stand behind you or grab you by the waist and glare at the threat or even kiss you in the middle of a conversation just to prove his point and teach the other person to learn his damn place because Reggie did not spend the whole sophomore year chasing after you just to have some loser try to steal you goddamnit (it was just a freshman asking for directions).

Mind-blowing Sex.

               -Making out everywhere. And you meant that literally. (“I don’t wanna sit anywhere where you and Mantle had some action, (Y/N).” “Feel free to go out, V.”)

               -Rough Sex. You and Reggie are big on making love but would you be lying if you say you don’t LIVE FOR THE ROUGH SEX. It usually happens when something pissed Reggie off or when one of you gets jealous (which is most of the time) but Reggie would always have you just where he want you to be every time: gripping the sheets and screaming his name.

               -Marks everywhere. You name it: hickeys, scratches, or bruises and you both have it. Reggie have no shame whatsoever in removing his shirt just to expose the long deep marks all over his back or purposely wearing v-necks for people to see the cute little hickeys you have showered all over his neck. You however would do everything in your power to hide the HUGE hickey on one side of your neck (and more all over your body especially around your chest) where Reggie discovered was your soft spot and trying not to wince from the bruise that formed on each side of your hips, forming into a familiar pair of hands, every time someone accidentally touches or brushes over it. Reggie would just be a smirking mess all day. (“Damn Reg, did you get mauled or something?” “Uh-huh, my baby’s amazing, wanna see?” “REGGIE!” )

               -Overstimulation. Your boyfriend was an athlete which means his stamina was out of this world and there would be nothing wrong with it if he just didn’t expect you, YOU OF ALL PEOPLE, to have the same inhuman abilities as him. He could go for hours, making sure to make you cum at least twice every time you two have sex (even if you were in a hurry because you’re in the JANITOR’S CLOSET JESUS FUCK REGGIE). You would be begging him to stop but he knows you and your limitations so he can always estimate if you can or cannot give him another orgasm. It has become a game for Reggie, to see how much he can push you to the edge over and over again until you pass out from exhaustion.

               -Eating out. Reggie is obsessed in eating you out. You don’t know why but he would find any excuse to get in your pants and just eat you out and goddamn was he good at his job. Anytime, any day he would just give you that look and drag you in the nearest empty room as soon as possible (classroom, janitor’s closet, the kitchen, the living room while you were watching tv, anywhere) and just do his work with his mouth in your core, always putting two fingers in your mouth to keep you from screaming because God knows he gets in the mood in the most inappropriate places possible.

               -Aftercare. As much as Reggie loved fucking you he loved aftercare more. Before you, he never really cared much about aftercare but you are just so fucking pliant and soft after you have sex that he can’t help but want to take care of you and make sure you are in maximum comfort for you to have a good night’s rest, you probably earned it at that point.

Cuddling. As aforementioned, Reggie was a teddy bear. That’s why it was no question when you would just find yourself wrapped around each other as you lay in bed. You could either be on top of him, head comfortable on his chest and his arms on your waist or he could be burying his face deep in your chest (“you’re boobs are comfortable, babe”) as he snored away his problems and slept peacefully knowing he, too, was always safe in your arms.

Staring. Reggie doesn’t notice it but he was always staring at you. Archie could be talking to him about the new play for the game only to look up and realize Reggie probably hasn’t heard a damn thing because he was too busy staring at you from the bleachers, laughing with Veronica and wearing his jacket. (“Goodamnit Reggie, WAKE UP!! You’re girlfriend won’t run away if you stop looking at her.” “…” “You’re not even—y’know what. I give up.”). You however would just glance at him from time to time (*all the time bcos let’s be honest here you’re boyfriend is a snack) to check up on him before minding your own business for the next eight seconds.

Being afraid of your relationship.

               -For you, Reggie was a risk that much was true. You were the first girl he genuinely liked (loved) so all you heard about him were horrible rumours and stereotypes about how much of an asshole he can be. That was the reason why it took you so long to even consider to give him a chance and even when you were already in a relationship you were always just waiting for the day that he would suddenly get tired of you and replace you with some drop dead gorgeous, perfectly manicured, not a hair out of place River Vixen that could relate to him more than you could ever dream of.

               -For him, you were it. You were the one; he has found the one person who has accepted him for everything that he is. He found the one who he can never see a future without and that scares the shit out of him. He can’t believe he found something as perfect, fragile, and beautiful as you so early in his life when he is still a teenage hormonal mess. He was a teenager who found the love of his life in a hell called high school and he was going to need to fuck up a lot of times to become better. He, however, doesn’t want to fuck up when it comes to you but now he has no other choice because you were already there. He is so afraid of doing something so fucking stupid that he might actually lose you because losing you would just kill him. And the fact that someone already has a hold on him like that makes Reggie want to cower back into his shell.

Deciding to dive head first anyway.

               -Reggie proved you wrong every time, again and again that’s why you decided to stop being a wimp and just trust in him, after all he had done nothing to gain your disbelief. It was a leap of faith but if you do crash on the ground, bleeding and broken it would’ve been worth it anyway because if you had to choose someone to break your heart, it would be Reggie. (Reggie would never let that happen, anyway. Not on his watch)

               -You proved Reggie right every time again and again and that’s why Reggie decided to become a better man for himself so that he will be someone worthy of you. It would be a tough road to take and he will meet a lot of obstacles but you were someone who has made Reggie’s walls crash and crumble, the only one who has seen the real him and did not run away. You saw him for who he is: his mistakes, his imperfections, and his weaknesses and you still stayed (God only knows why). And if you could love a mess like that, then how bad can he be?

You didn’t realize it but the whole world did, you were endgame. Reggie was reckless, rough, and bold and you were careful, fragile, and calculated and that’s why you were just so fucking perfect for each other. You hold Reggie down to Earth while Reggie shows you the beauty in flying up in the sky. You take care of him and fix him up every time he goes crashing down and he makes sure that no harm would ever touch a single strand of your hair. He makes you feel protected but at the same time makes you feel strong and for Reggie who always had to have his guard and facade up you just show him the beauty in being soft and loved and open, slowly breaking down his mask to show him that you can love and accept the real him. You were each other’s happy ending and that’s why no one, not even the gods themselves, had the heart to break you two apart.

Guess who got fucking bored? Anyway i’m sorry if it is quite long for a headcannon I always forget to control myself lmao I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT AND LET ME KNOW IF I SHOULD WRITE A SMALL IMAGINE FOCUSING ON ANY OF THESE HEADCANNONS 

bartender!jin + he’s just not that into you au

No matter how many times Jin ran over the totals report for the other night the numbers didn’t seem to be adding up. He had spent an almost mind numbing amount of time calculating receipts and cursing his father for not trusting any of his staff enough to tally their own totals for the night—and granted, the old geezer had every right not to trust his staff before Jin had stepped in, pulling rank and firing the four or five servers and bar backs that were pocketing tips from the cash register. But that was before and this wasn’t Jin’s area of expertise, no he ran the front of house, he managed the staff, made sure the bar was impeccable, and the floor was running smoothly. All this shit, the accountant shit was his brothers job.

But the useless fuck had managed to weasel vacation time out of their Dad and sure, maybe he deserved it but Seokjin had been working the same weekends and holiday shifts he’d been pulling year round, granted Jin didn’t have a newborn or wife but semantics.

“Knock knock.”

Jin barely managed to tear his eyes away from the receipts spread out in front of him, but when he does he’s met with sultry brown eyes and a pouty lower lip—also known as last nights mistake, or if he were to be more specific Seulgi. Jin cards a hand through a his blonde locks and braces himself for what he knows is coming, because he makes a habit of not sleeping with his employees but shit just doesn’t always pan out, now does it?

“Hey, babe.” He nods, “Did you need something?”

She smirks at the pet name and Jin mentally chastises himself for thinking he could try and maintain the endearing manager-employee relationship they hadd before, “No. Just thought I’d drop by… you scheduled me for swing instead of my morning shift.”

“Yeah,” Jin begins slowly, gesturing with his pen and wishing she would speed it up, because he had work to do.

“Um,” she begins to lose confidence when he doesn’t react, only blankly stares at her as though she’s stating the obvious, “I-I had a lot of fun last night.”

Jin sucks his lower lip between his teeth before nodding, “Yeah, it was.”

A pregnant pause follows his answer and he doesn’t go to fill it because there’s nothing to say. Last night was a mistake on his part but they were both consenting adults and she was just as much at fault as he was—he made no promises and he sure has hell had no intentions of making any now.

“Did you schedule me tonight on purpose?” She asks quietly.

“Seulgi,” Jin says, his voice stern but not cold, “We’re short staffed and I needed a hostess, that’s why I scheduled you.”

Seulgi’s lips form a perfect ‘o’ and it’s as if realization only just dawned on her. Seokjin pretends not to notice the a awkward atmosphere he’s created.

“We good, now?” He implores when it’s all but silent in the office, save for her scuffing her work shoes. She nods mutely but her jaws clenched, “I’ll see you on the floor then.”

Jin winces at the force she uses the slam the already creaky door shut before returning his attention to those damn totals and deposits.

You heard somewhere in a movie that all you needed was twenty seconds, just twenty second of an insane amount of courage, twenty seconds of near embarrassing bravery and it would all be worth it in the end—that you would reap something great for all your efforts.

But sometimes, as it is, life is unfair. And you can try and try, and give it your all but sometimes you lose. For no profound reason, or life lesson, but because the universe deemed it necessary, to keep balance. And even if you’ve won nine hundred and ninety-nine times sometimes it feels like all you remember is your one lost.

“Why isn’t he calling me back?” You murmur, worrying your lip between your teeth.

Your cellphone had been sitting in your hand for the better part of the night, no better part of the week waiting for his call, his text, his anything. You had refused to go anywhere without your phone, you brought it with you into the bathroom, when you were doing yoga, sometimes you would wake up in the middle of the night just to check, because you didn’t want to miss it. And the circumstance was no different now, even with your hair bundled in a towel and your face, freshly scrubbed pressed against the flannel of your pajama pants while you sit on your bedroom floor. You look down and wiggle your toes, painted cornflower blue this week, in an attempt to distract yourself.

Another sigh leaves your lips and you try not to wallow in regret because you should’ve given up four days ago but it stung.

Your twenty seconds of courage hand landed you a date with Min Yoongi, the apple of your eye since you had entered college—the two of you were acquaintances, you didn’t know each other well enough to be labeled friends. But you knew from the moment you saw him that he would star in every horribly cheesy eighties rom com fantasy you had from that day on. A crush.

A college crush and your heart felt like it would beat out of your chest when you worked up the nerve at a frat party. You didn’t go out often but you made an exception, because you were gonna do it that night. You would swallow your fears and have your twenty seconds of insane courage because Min Yoongi was worth more than that.

So with sweaty palms and a hummingbird heartbeat you had approached him when the party was in full swing, his cheeks were flushed from the liquor and he was surrounded by a group of guys. As if that wasn’t scary enough, he was a good deal older than you, a senior to your freshman but he TA’d one of your classes and sometimes he put smiley faces on your test papers. So with wide eyes and Yoongi looking at you curiously if but a bit expectantly you had asked him, in front of all those people and if he gave even the slightest inclination of discomfort you would’ve backed out. But he didn’t.

He smiled at you warmly, ignoring the whoops and hollers and pulling you to sit down next to him the couch. You nearly fainted when he threw an arm around you, brushed your hair behind your ear to speak a ’yes’ over the thumping bass.

And then was the actual date.

He was everything you thought he’d be, witty, intelligent, with a dry humor that bordered self deprecating and you could barely keep your eyes off him. His black fringe was overgrown but he managed well enough, his eyes smiling at you whenever you tripped over your words or flushed too deep at a compliment.

“You’re cute and sweet,” he said, pushing a strand of hair off your face, “Like the girl next door I never had, you know?”

You just let out a soft laugh because you didn’t know, but you knew you liked the compliment, you would’ve liked any compliment he gave you. He could’ve said he liked your fingernail on your left pointer and you probably would have combusted right there. He stopped you in front of the fountain in the middle of the quad, his hands cupping your cheeks and you thought this was it. He was going to kiss you—

…r forehead?

“I had fun tonight.” He murmured.

“Me too.” You breathe.

“I have an early morning tomorrow, but you’ll be okay to make it up to your dorm?” He queries, and his hands are still on your cheeks, stroking the skin, you don’t think you can breathe much less answer but…

“Mhm,” you choke out and Yoongi sends you a small smile.

“Great. I’ll call you, then, yeah?” He retracts his hands and they’re being shoved into pockets.

And you’re nodding at him, biting your lip to contain a dumb grin before he’s waving at you with both hands and walking backwards.

Boys were confusing, you decide. And you had never been that great with them, or confident. You realized early on people saw you as the ‘little sister type,’ you were always too sweet, and too soft and they were afraid of hurting you but you somehow ended up being hurt either way.

“Is being nice such a bad thing?” You grumble to yourself before kicking your phone away from you.

“Guys just aren’t into sweet girls, nowadays babe.” Krystal coos to you and she sends you a glare when you’re glancing back down at your phone. “Please don’t tell me you’re still waiting on Min fucking Yoongi’s call.”

“I’m sure he’ll call.” You grumble before flicking at your full glass of beer—if you left this one untouched again Krystal would probably force you to give her the six bucks it was worth but you didn’t do well with alcohol. “And what’s so horrible about being sweet?”

“Nothing!” Krystal jumps to reassure you, but you didn’t believe it this time around, “it’s just you’re the marrying type, you know? The good girl and not the kind that’s like only bad for daddy. You’re the kind of girl guys bring home to meet their mom.”

“So what am I supposed to do just never have sex until I’m married?” You sigh, before proceeding stubbornly, “I really liked Yoongi and I think he liked me too!”

“Maybe, I don’t know, change your image a little, so you’re not so girl next door,” you wince at her unintentional repetition of Yoongi’s earlier words but still, you glance from Krystal to yourself.

There was a vast difference in appearance, from her jeans that seemed to be painted on to her simple camisole top—her style was simplistic but emphatic, plus her model like looks didn’t hurt either. You on the either hand… you weren’t ugly, far from it and you knew that but like she said you were just so sweet looking and any attempts to dress sexy or posh like Krystal looked disturbing like a twelve year old trying on their big sisters clothes. So you stuck to flannels and mom jeans, boring but at least you didn’t look weird.

“But you know what,” Krystal chimes, interrupting your train of thought, “maybe you’re right. You have a good read on people. Yoongi’s a TA he’s probably swamped with work and honestly ___, I know you don’t know this but… you can be kind of intimidating.”

Even Krystal winces at her own lie but she pushes through it when she sees your eyes light up.

Me? Intimidating?” You repeat.

“Yeah!” She says, forcing enthusiasm. God why did you have to look so fucking adorable and doe-eyed it made it really hard to tell you the truth. “I mean, you give off this like too good for you church girl vibe you know? Like… ‘You can’t have my virginity, you gotta work for it in the name of Jesus!’”

You open your mouth and tilt your head at her, not entirely sure that was a compliment, but you never get a chance to ask your question because she’s barreling on.

“But tell you what” Krystal says brightly, “why don’t you forget Min Yoongi and let me introduce you to my friend Jimin.”

“Jimin?” You frown, you remember her mentioning something about him in the past, but it was always in passing and it never stuck.

“Yes, Jimin. He’s a freshman like you and he’s in my communications class.” And then suddenly her focus isn’t on you anymore, she’s too busy pulling up her Facebook on her phone to flash you a picture, “He’s sweet and he reminds me so much of you it’s crazy.”

“Then why don’t you date him.” You grumble stubbornly but she hears it and smacks you on the arm.

“Don’t sass me I’m only trying to help.” She rolls her eyes. “What do you think of him?”

You take the phone from her hands to get a better look at him and you cock your head to the side. He had a sweet looking face, so innocent and cherubic… he was attractive but you couldn’t imagine yourself kissing him and it made you wonder if that’s how people felt when they saw you? And then that made you sad, so you handed her phone back soundlessly.

“So?” she prods.

“He’s cute.” You relent with a shrug, but you feel unsure, uncomfortable and you loved Krystal to death but she had a way of… pushing her agenda on you.

And Park Jimin happened to be the first bullet point listed.

“Perfect I’ll text him and set up the date.” She says almost instantly and you’re clutching her wrist before she can do anything of the sort.


“But?” she insists.

“He’s not my type.” You sigh, before adjusting the brim of your hat, and remind yourself that people—girls don’t wear hat in bars, at least not in the way you’ve styled it, with a half ass ponytail and some converse. You look like you’re about to babysit someone’s kid.

“What do you mean he’s not your type, ____?” Krystal scoffs in that way she does when she’s trying to give you tough love but you’re soft and it kind of hurts your feelings, “Why? Because he looks like he’ll actually return your texts?”

You look up at her on that note and you can tell she regrets the words almost as soon as they leave her mouth but it’s fine, it’s the truth, it’s not her fault you were sensitive. It doesn’t change the stiff smile you give her before nodding solemnly.

“I didn’t mean it like that—”

“I’m just gonna head to the bar, yeah?” You say with a lightness you don’t feel, and then you’re making your way over, pushing through throngs of sweaty, gyrating people in an attempt to forget that you were so easily undesirable. “Don’t wait up for me, I’ve got cab money.”

Jin loved and hated college night. Because it was fun, he didn’t go out much these days, at least not in the way he used to in his college days so he got to be apart of the party without actually… being in the party. But at the same time, the bar was slammed, the waitresses had them overflowing with orders not to mention the orders from patrons, impatiently flagging him down—on top of all that they were short a bar back so Jin was running back and forth to try and fill orders as well as making sure they stayed afloat with liquor and beer. But he was used to this. This was his life, it was fun and exciting and busy and he enjoyed his work. So he navigated smoothly, managing to pick up forgotten orders and stop more than one drunken fight.

“We’re eighty-six on Malibu and pine.” someone calls over his shoulder and he turns back smoothly, cocking a brow.

“The Malibu or the pine?” He scoffs.


“What the fuck are they doing in the back? Snorting it?” Jin groans before doubling back to cancel all ten orders of Malibu and pine because college girls loved that shit and would run it through an IV if they could.

It isn’t until he’s about all but cleared the raging hormonal fucks from his bar that he finally spots you, you’re so tiny he probably would’ve missed you if it wasn’t for the added height of the barstool, still he makes sure to check you when he doubles back.

“Hey, you doing okay? What can I get for—whoa.” He says before throwing the dishrag over his shoulder. He rubs a hand behind his neck before tipping his head at you, “You mind if I uh, see I.D.?”

You almost don’t hear him over the rushing over your ears because he’s beautiful enough to induce that type of reaction. His hair is platinum blonde and disheveled and he somehow manages to make perspiration look like a glowy, sparkling mist kissing his skin but mostly his cheekbones. His cheeks are flushed from exertion and he licks his lips, waiting for you to respond but you were caught up in the veins of his arm, and the way they danced their way up under the rolled sleeves of his dress shirts.

“I-… I sorry…” you stammer and it’s not from nervousness, not that kind, because you don’t like him, you’re not attracted to him. But he just has one of those faces. The kind that’s so beautiful it’s almost shocking and you think about how good he’d look with Krystal before handing him over your drivers license.

“21.” He hums, glancing at your picture before back at you, “A good year. Sorry about that, you look really, really young. The last thing I need are the cops in this place, you understand.”

You nod quietly and don’t mention that he was kind of rude, because you were used to it.

“So what can I get you?” He asks, and the bar is dead enough now that he can brace two arms on it and relax for one fucking second.

“Can I just get whatever you have on tap?” You ask and you to raise your voice from practice, from years of being told you’re too soft spoken.

“You got it.”

It isn’t another minute before he’s setting your beer down in front of you and unlike the last that Krystal has plied you with you actually drink this one because you want to, because you’re sad and you deserve it. Your brain is swimming with countless thoughts of Yoongi, some of Krystal and the boy she wanted to set you up with—jimmy? You couldn’t remember his name, but you should probably take her up on it because unlike you, your friends had an unlikely knack for actually finding guys that were interested in you. The only thing was you were rarely ever interested in them. Was it so bad to want to explore outside of your league of accountants and research assistants? You were 21, you wanted fun, and despite Krystal’s insistence on you being the marrying type and scaring guys off, it wasn’t like you wanted to get married right now either.

No. You just wanted sex. A hookup, a boyfriend. Fuck something.

Somewhere along the way your one beer had doubled and then tripled until you were leaning your face on your palm and close to falling asleep on the bar. Because you weren’t a loud drunk, God no, even inebriated you couldn’t express yourself properly and while you couldn’t handle your alcohol you at least weren’t sloppy or messy. Just a little drowsy and slightly disheveled, which is what drew Jin to you when the night was dying down and he was tallying the nights receipts against the bar, ready to close out.

“Hey,” he calls out, tapping the brim of your hat when you don’t respond right away and you’re startled into a state of awareness when he’s leaning on his elbows to talk to you, “you good? You got a friend, boyfriend here to take you home? Or you need a cab.”

Your patting your cheeks to wake you up before shaking your head, “Sorry are you guys closing? I’m just gonna wal—”

“Please don’t.” He sighs and your raising a brow at him, “it’d be mighty inconvenient for me if you were drunk and murdered and my bar was tied to your case on the front page news.”

You glare at him before sweeping bangs from your face, “How considerate of you.”

“Can’t have anyone sullying our good name—even patrons.” He grins before nodding at you, “Let me call you a cab.”

“I told you I’ll be fine. I don’t have money for one anyway. I spent it all on your overpriced alcohol.”

“It’s overpriced because we don’t water it down like the other bars on this block. Besides no one told your broke ass to go drinking, I should just let you get murdered, little girl.” He retorts, and he’s almost amused by how you’re glaring at him, “But you remind me of my niece so I won’t.”

It was poor timing on his part. Because while it wasn’t this bartender—who, now that you glanced at his name tag, you knew as Jin instead of 'blonde asshole'—who was responsible for years and years of being compared to things like babies and puppies and nieces and sisters and just fucking the most platonic and non-fuckable things on the planet, life was all about timing. You knew that better than anyone because you apparently were shit at. And so was he. Because with all the liquor and bottled up emotions coming to a head and years of just sheer frustration of being treated like a kid when you were a grown ass woman, you started spilling over.

“You’re a real jerk, you know that?” You spew and while he’s slightly surprised by your outburst, he’s had enough years training with drunks that he masks it well, “Don’t you think that makes me feel like shit? I’m not someone’s niece or kid sister or a goddamn puppy! I’m a woman. Who wants things and has dreams and aspirations and fucking job and apartment and desires. Like actual, real dick me down desires but I can’t ever say any of that because it’s weird because I’m everyone’s kid sister. Well news fucking flash I’m not. I’m not the girl next door, I’m just a regular person who is trying and failing to get laid and people like you are the reason I can’t.”

Jin blinks at you at a few times before raising a hand at the staff who were still straggling behind, picking up here and there and openly staring at you.

“Me?” He repeats, “I’m the sole purpose that your sex life—or rather lack thereof, is failing?”

“Not you, per se but people like you!” You point an accusing finger at him before leaning back with a pout and Jin wonders if you know how childish you look.

Jin closes his eyes because he did not need this shit but the quicker he got you to spill the quicker he got you the fuck out of here and he was on his merry fucking way. He rubs the back of his head before gesturing to you.

“Go ahead.” He sighs, “Unload, then.”

“Try not to sound so enthusiastic about it.” You grunt.

“Well excuse the fuck out of me, Jan, I just finished a ten hour shift and despite what quirky sitcoms suggest bartenders aren’t actually here to listen to your problems, in fact we don’t want to, I sure as fuck don’t make a therapist salary and even therapist have to go see therapist because people dump on them so much. So no I’m not too fucking fond of hearing your shitty boy problems but lay them on me so I can clock the fuck out and go to bed.” He sighs.

“Jan?” You frown.

“You know,” he says, gesturing wildly, “from the Brady Bunch. She was the much younger, much uglier sister, always bitching about Marcia? Doesn’t ring a bell—how fucking old are you?

“Not old enough.” You scoff, “And are you calling me ugly?”

“I’m calling you a brat,” he corrects, “now spill. Who’s the guy?”

You bite your lip for a moment before eyeing him suspiciously, “He’s my TA.”

“So an older dude, I’m assuming.” Jin reasons, “And what? Is he leading you around by the tail?”

It was such an outdated phrase that you wince at his age showing, making him glare.

“He said he would call and he didn’t.” You explain before letting out an exasperated sigh, “But the date went so well! And he was always so nice to me in class and when I asked him out at the party he said yes and he was so affectionate. And then before the night ended he kissed me on the forehead, which God! I know screams platonic but my friend Jisoo said she knows a girl who knows this guy who has a cousin who’s sister used to always get forehead kissed by this dude so she thought they were friends and then five years down the road they ended up getting married—”

“Okay stop.” Jin says, waving a hand in front of you before pinching the bridge of his nose, “When you asked him out at the party did he happen to be drunk?”

“He seemed buzz but I—”

“Were there a lot of people around when you did it?” He sighed.

“I mean his friends, yeah but what does that have to do wit—”

“It was a pity date.” Jin says firmly and your narrowing your eyes on him.

“How do you know that?” You glare, “Maybe he likes me—”

“You put him in an uncomfortable position and when I look at you I look at a girl that while I wouldn’t date you I wouldn’t go out of my way to like fucking crush your spirits.” He explains, “He went on the date out of obligation but he’s not returning your calls because he wasn’t feeling it.”

“But he could have not returned my calls for any reason!” You argue.

Seokjin pins you with a bored expression, “Name one.”

“He could’ve been busy at work, or maybe I missed it and it went to voicemail or maybe he got hit by a car and died! I don’t know!”

“Kid,” Jin sighs, “If it looks like shit, and it smells like shit it’s probably shit. He’s dodging you because he doesn’t want you.”

You pretend not to feel the sharp tug of pain at his words and barrel on, plied with liquid courage, “But I told you! I knew this girls who knew this girl—”

“There will always be girls who know girls who know girls who have been in the exact shitty situation that you have been in that ended up with a happy ending.” Jin laughs bitterly before jabbing a finger at the pristine surface of the bar, “But they’re the exception and you’re the rule.”

“What’s the rule?” You querie.

“That if a guy wants you he’ll bust ass to prove it to you.” Jin states, “Women claim men are simple creatures but love to complicate the facts.”

“Well how do you know I’m not an exception too?” You implore stubbornly.

“Because, if we were all exceptions then there wouldn’t be a rule, now would there?” Jin says, tonguing his cheek as he leaned back against the opposite bar. “Who is this guy? I’ll tell you if he’s an ass or not, I have a way of telling through names.”

“Yoongi.” You say softly but you’re looking down at the smooth surface of the bar so you don’t see Jin’s eyebrows raise in amusement.

“Min Yoongi?” Jin presses and your head is lifting hopefully.

“You know him?” You ask.

“He’s a regular here. We’ve hung out a couple times. He’s too old for you.” Jin says and he hopes its off putting enough, because he knows Yoongi, knows the kind of guy he is, birds of a feather flock together after all.

And while you were bratty and kind of annoying, whether you liked it or not you really did have an endearing sister trait to you. Now Jin wasn’t necessarily gonna prostrate himself to protect you, but he’d give you advice, warn you off the guy if he could, save a good kid like you from a heartbreak.

You were too soft, too innocent and not the kind, guys like him or Yoongi, wanted to corrupt. Not the sex kitten type. No you were Lilly white, virginal type and Jin wasn’t the best of the best but he didn’t stray that far from the light.

“It’s only a four years.” You argue, and Jin pretends not to notice the soft smile that comes to your face when you talk about Yoongi.

“I’m gonna be real with you because your friends probably won’t be and I’m breaking every guy code there is out there by doing this but—” your smile slips and Jin pushes on, “He’s not going to call you and before you told me his name I was half sure of that but now I’m positive because I know Yoongi and you’re not his type.”

“And what’s his type?”

Jin glances down at your chest and you follow his line of gaze before flushing when he raises his brow at you. Your hands flutter around your flannel until your pulling it closed tightly and Jin’s rolling his eyes at you.

“Slutty.” Jin says bluntly. “So do yourself a favor and find another guy, preferably one that’s into you, around your age and not an asshole.”

You don’t look back up at him after that, because even drunk you still had your pride, and shame was burning a dark course across your cheeks, barely concealed by the low brim of your hat. So instead, you push back from your stool before sending him a gracious smile.

“Thanks Jin.” You say honestly before grabbing your purse, “I’ll just… be on my way.”

“Wait!” He’s stopping you with a hand and you blink up at him, “Let me call you a cab, on the house for like breaking your heart and shit.”

“I live down the street and one of my friends is just getting out of the club next door.” You lie. “I’ll be fine.”

He lets you go but he does it eyeing you suspiciously with an accusing finger in your direction, “Don’t get murdered… or else.”

“Got ya..” You roll your eyes and then your pushing it out of the bar and into the cold, windy streets with a sigh. Your heart wasn’t broken, it wasn’t. You were disappointed at best, you just thought that you deserved at least an explanation, right?

new drabble/au series!!!!! eeeeepppppppp theres maybe a two more chapters??? hopefully !!!! 


Request: Can I ask for request for Bucky x reader? Reader has been emotionally and physically drained for stress at work, While their depression and anxiety kick in worse because of it. Bucky finds reader past their breaking point bawling their eyes out and just loves and cuddles then giving them the love and reassurance they need. - pixie

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1199

Warnings: Crying, stress

A/N: Okay, so I went a little off the request, but my work week has been hell and I needed a bit of an outlet. I hope it’s okay!! Feedback would be amazing as always and thank you all so fucking much so the response to Flirt, I am shook!! xo

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SO @mariuspondmercy​ and I were talking about how there are so few Les Mis coffee shop AU’s where BOTH characters are the coffee shop employees, and of course that needed to be rectified immediately:

  • Enjolras and Grantaire both work for Café Chaton- which unbeknownst to them is actually a front for Patron Minette, managed of course by Montparnasse
  • Enjolras is just glad to be working for a free trade small business as opposed to a large chain place, and he was happy to apply when Eponine said her friend needed an extra set of hands. Whereas Grantaire is just happy to work for a place with a chill boss who doesn’t care about his tattoos being visible or if he sketches during quiet intervals
  • They bond over shitty customers and a mutual dislike for the godawful playlist that plays constantly that they somehow can’t turn off
  • The tiny amount of the space they have behind the counter definitely helps create some closeness
  • One night when they close up, Enjolras notices that Grantaire’s a little down and makes him a special drink that consists of way too much caramel, cinnamon and whipped cream. He doesn’t complain when he has to clean out the coffee machine again
  • They sit on the counter in the dark, closed up store. Upside down chairs on top of the tables surrounding them, talking about loads of stuff that don’t involve customer service or complaints or that one guy that would not stop yelling at Grantaire earlier in the day
  • The radio they can’t control plays a song they both despise. But they’re the only ones there and it’s kind of funny how annoyed they are that they know the lyrics off by heart. They’re only slow dancing to the damn thing because it’s funny and ironic…Except Enjolras is very close to Grantaire and his hands are holding onto his waist quite tightly and the way he’s looking at him isn’t funny at all
  • And when they’re both home in their respective apartments that night, maybe the song doesn’t sound so bad anymore, and maybe they’ve both secretly added it to their personal playlists and can’t stop listening to it on repeat
  • They next few shifts something has definitely changed and the energy between them is just intense. The tiny space behind the counter seems to accentuate the amount of times they accidentally bump into each other 
  • They’re being overly polite to each other, not wanting to address the vibe. When Enjolras goes to grab more coffee beans, Grantaire insists on helping. And oh no- the storage cupboard door that needs to be propped open by a bucket has accidentally swung shut, and Montparnasse never got around to hiring that guy to fix the stuck door handle. 
  • And now they’re in the storage room, too close together, noses smushed uncomfortably and wait, is Enjolras’ hand on Grantaire’s hip??? Is his thumb tracing circles?? No it can’t be.
  • They finally kiss! It’s trepid and uncertain at first but then they can’t break away! 
  • Meanwhile Montparnasse has been #done with these two for weeks now. He makes better lattes than those assholes anyway. So if he might have ‘accidentally’ knocked the bucket by the door out of the way to give himself an hours peace then so be it
  • When the cafe rush comes in, Montparnasse reluctantly opens the storage door for them catching them in a less than professional situation. He merely rolls his eyes and says“finally, can the weird tension cease now? Get yourselves presentable and fix your hair!“
Even More Writing Prompts!

i have no control anymore lol.

Things Said Before a Kiss:

  • Can I kiss you now?
  • Do you want to kiss me…?
  • You’re so beautiful.
  • I think I’m in love with you…
  • I love you.
  • I’ve wanted to do this for the longest time…
  • This is my first kiss…
  • I’ve never kissed anyone before…
  • I really want to kiss you right now.
  • Your lips look delicious.
  • I don’t want to get lipstick on you!
  • I’m trying really hard not to kiss you right now.
  • Come here.

Things Said After A Kiss:

  • That was… nice…
  • I love you(too).
  • I don’t want to forget this moment.
  • Can we do it again?
  • Was that your first kiss?
  • Go out with me again…
  • Best.First.Kiss… Ever…
  • Kiss me again…
  • Wow…
  • That was better than I ever dreamed…
  • Thanks for not trying to eat me…
  • I’m glad you kissed me, because I was so close to kissing you.
  • You have really soft lips…


  • You remind me of someone…
  • Did you remember to pick up eggs?
  • I still remember the day I met you…
  • Do you remember when we met?
  • What were they like…?
  • Did you love them?
  • I don’t remember!
  • Where did you grow up?
  • Déjà vu…
  • What did you dream about last night?
  • Have you always been like this?
  • You remind me of myself, and that scares me!
  • Don’t make me forget, please…


  • Wow!
  • Woah!
  • What the heck?!(alt: hell).
  • Unbelievable!
  • Son of a gun!
  • Bless my soul…
  • I’ll be darned!
  • Holy smokes(or cow).
  • I’m over the moon!
  • Well, slap me silly!
  • Why’d you go and drop a bombshell like that?
  • Her jaw literally dropped at the news!
  • this is amazing!

Declarations of Love:

  • I love you, okay? Is that you what you wanted to hear?
  • I never thought love existed until I met you…
  • You complete me, you make me feel whole!
  • You inspire me… You make me want to be a better person, to do better, to be better and I… I want to thank you. If I may, can I thank you by… By saying I love you?
  • I want to hold you close and never let go. Because, I feel like if I let go, I’m going to drown in the sorrows of this world.
  • You’re the light of my life.
  • I love you more than I thought was possible…
  • I love you more than life itself.
  • I want to wake up with you, every morning… I want to make you breakfast, even though we both know I burn toast to a crisp… I want to fall asleep with you, ever night. Even though we both know, I like to take up most of the bed…
  • Learning to love you has been the greatest pleasure of my entire life…

First Encounters(Situations):

  • You run into each other at a local supermarket. They stare at you while you get your shopping done, and you’re scurrying to finish because some creeper is watching you very intensely. While checking out, they finally come up to you and say, while fidgeting, “Oh, I thought you were someone else.”
  • They’re running down the street, from what, you weren’t quite sure. You thought you had enough time to get out of the way, but alas, you didn’t and so, without thinking, they grab your hand and made you start running with them instead of ultimately running into you. You’re screaming, they’re telling you to “CALM DOWN. LET ME EXPLAIN”.
  • You’re at a New Year’s Eve Party. Alone. But, you didn’t come alone. You had left your ‘date’ for a moment to go to the restroom, and when you came back, they were tongue in tongue with a blond across the busy living room. You stared at them for a moment, your mouth dropping before turning on your heel, ready to leave. You knew it was a bad idea to let your friend set you up on a blind-date. But, when you turned you ran into someone. And, you figured, by the way they were staring at your ‘date’ and the blond, they had came to the party earlier with them.
    You had a choice now. Start kissing them out of spite, to see if your date notices, or leave and never look back.
  • You both reach for the same item at the store, and it’s the last one on the shelf. You though, being as polite as you were, told them they could have it. You expected them to digress and say, “no, no you can have it” so as they set it in their basket, you twitch and say, “on second thought, I really need it.”
    Now, you’re both in front of the store manager, half the store is a mess, you have flour in your hair, they’ve got cake mix on their face as you start to explain why the store was such a disaster zone.

The Itch for a Better Half Part 2

 A/N: Hey everyone! Here is part 2. Sorry it took a while, I need to figure out a tag list thingy. Please send me an ask if you want to be tagged in everything I write, and I will figure out a tag list that isn’t typing them all individually.

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex (wrap up that dick), ABO dynamics, idk what else to put a warning about.


TAGS: @persephone-is-here-omg @tinaferraldo @siren-kitten-his @thranduilsperkybutt @kudosia @plumfondler @221bshrlocked @arabellaaurorabarnes @yessy2012 @daniissuchadani @melconnor2007  @winterboobaer @angryschnauzer @b-n-a-o @kenobi-and-barnes @lomlwintersoldier @sgtjbuccky @buckyslocalfarmer @axelinchen @lbouvet @daybreak96 @dinorapreira @mpunter @pdy93 @geekyweed @sgt-jbb-107 @hellomissmabel @curlyexpat @horsesandbandsforlife @stargazjng @lovably17 @bladebarnes @thecrownedrose @ursulaismymiddlename @cherrytrinkets @charliexowrite @sanjariti @captainpoopweinersoldier @sexylibrarian1 @lovelynemesis @vintage-switch @bucky-plums-barnes @poe-also-bucky @avengersandlovers @totheendofthelinepal @avasparks @marvelandwinchesters927 @robin-writes @ebonyheartnet @feelthemusicfuckwhatheyresaying @shadow257 @hmltntrsh51 @sexysamsungl @bloo-moon-freak @sad-af1121 @gaybybirth @megan-hufflepuff @after-avenging-hours @lancefuckrr @brookebarnes @heavenbarnes @themercurialmadhatter 

Y/N had picked up his scent and started making her way to the door, not believing it for herself having dreamed so many times that he would come to her.Dreaming that he would want her as his mate. She had to see it with her own eyes, she bends down listening to his moans, as she smells his arousal flooding her senses. Slick run down her legs. Not being able to resist anymore she yanks open the door, and is meet with the sight of the Alpha she so desperately wants, nose buried in her underwear and hand shoved down sweats.

She stares with wide eyes, his scent hits her nose at full force causing her legs to become weak, she leans against the doorframe for support. Cedarwood and eucalyptus, like a rainforest after a storm. She breathes deeply through her nose and lets out a lengthy moan. She clutches her lower stomach in pain, needing an Alpha’s knot. Needing his knot. She looks at him and whimpers “It hurts so much, Alpha.” Losing all rationality, she moves her fingers to her slick, vigorously circling her clit and inhaling the smell she has always dreamed about.

He looks up at her shock all over his face as he takes her naked form in, frozen not able to move her scent washes over him like a tidal wave. His eyes turn black with lust and desire, and when her words hit his ears his eyes snap to her hand moving down to her heat, and he let’s out a primal growl.

Instincts take over, standing quickly he grabs her hand and brings it to his nose inhaling deeply and sighs, “Oh god, Omega you smell divine!” Taking her fingers into his mouth he sucks and licks them clean, watching her intently as she squirms and gasps in front of him, managing to say,  "Alpha please it hurts.” His knot throbs for release in his pants, he looks at her and tries to clear his senses.

“Omega I want nothing more than to help you, I want to knot you. But I will only do it if it’s what you want, what you really want,” he brushes his knuckles gently against her body, trailing up her leg and resting on her hip before he continues, “Push your instincts aside, baby girl, I know it’s hard. Do you really want this?” He looks deeply into her eyes, looking for the truth from her.

“I want you, Alpha, no one else. Please, make it stop, make the pain stop,” he can visibly see beads of sweat running down her entire body, and tears in her eyes. She wraps her arms around his neck and buries her nose into the side, immediately feeling a touch of relief.He lets out a low growl deep from within as his instincts command to be released. Gripping her thighs he hosts her up wrapping her legs round his waist, and slamming the door with his foot.

“I’ll make you feel so good Omega, let me take care of you baby,” his hands run up and down her body as his senses become drunk on her. He walks her over to her bed, where she had been attempting to make a comfortable nest to ride out her heat in. She pulls at his clothes, needing to feel his bare skin against hers.

“Play later, please, I need you inside me now, Alpha, I need your knot,” she whimpers to him.

He lets out a moan at her words, laying her on the bed. He rips his clothes off, his hard cock springing free, as he looks down at her, “So beautiful, Omega.” Climbing onto the bed he hovers over her, rubbing his cock between her folds. His eyes flutter closed at the feel of her slick coating his tip, pleasure tingling through his every nerve. Lining his cock with her entrance, he looks deep into her eyes, his voice covered in lust asking one more time, “Are you ready Omega?”

“Alpha, James, please make the pain go away” she cries, thrusting her hips to encourage him, causing his head to slip into her. She gasps as her greedy walls try to pull him deeper. She takes his cheeks in her hands and pulls him in for a kiss, desperately trying to get as much of him as possible.

His eyes nearly roll back in his head as he feels his tip slide in, moaning into the kiss he grips her hips tight and buries himself deep inside her. She pulls away from the kiss letting out a loud moan, “Oh yes, Alpha.” His hips start moving, pulling out and pushing into her causing moans to fall from his lips as her walls fluttered around his cock. The feeling was nothing he had ever felt before, ecstasy running through him putting his sense on fire.

“Alpha faster please faster,” her words make it to his ears, and his speed picks up pumping into her faster and harder setting a primal pace taking her as his.

She feels her release coming, and bares her neck to him, asking him to bond with her, “Make me yours, Bucky,” he kisses her neck, ravishing her scent gland, knowing he shouldn’t take her just because of the intensity between them in the moment.

“Let me get you through your heat, don’t want your Omega instincts to cloud what you want” he slows his pace to make sure that she listens to his words, “When I bond with you, it won’t be because we are taking care of our primal urges, just let me help you for a bit, ok?” She nods, running her nails down his chest and panting, “Please fuck me, Alpha.”

Music to his ears, he plants his hands on her hips and thrusts into her harshly, “You are so beautiful, baby girl, I waited so long for this, wanted you for so long,” his words washing over her she lets out a moan, her orgasm fast approaching as his knot begins to inflate and gives her some encouragement, “Oh god, oh yes that’s it, baby. Take my cock in that cute pink pussy,” he lets out growls and moans as he feels his own orgasm approaching.

She reaches down and draws quick circles on her clit, “Give me your knot, Alpha,” hoping his knot hits right as she reaches her peak, she feels her walls flutter, feeling so filled and ready to accept his knot.

His head rolls backwards, as he feels her walls fluttering on his knot, “Oh god, Omega cum for me.” His knot starting to inflate, as he feels his orgasm start to rip through him, her back arches as she feels the fireworks in her core start to explode, “Yes Alpha! Yes, I’m cumming!” Her walls spasm round him as she lets out a scream of pleasure, her heart pounding, blood rushing to her ears as she feels ecstasy take over her body. Fire rips through her, as she cums harder than she’s ever cum before, her screams ringing through his ears. His knot inflates fully inside her, catching as he cums, painting her walls with his seed. He lets out a roaring growl, his senses explode, pleasure coursing through him.

She lets out a long sigh, having a knot inside her walls allows the pain to ebb away, knowing it wouldn’t last forever. She watches him finish, his face a sight of pure pleasure, eyes closed, mouth open, and brows slightly furrowed, she pulls his face into the crook of her neck, letting him breathe her sweet scent in to ease himself.

He inhales her scent deeply feeling a wash of calmness flow over him, placing a little kiss to her scent gland his breathing slows as he pulls her closer, not wanting to part as he waits for his knot to deflate.

“Are you ok, Omega sweetheart,” some concern tinting his voice, wondering if she regrets her actions now her instincts have momentarily been calmed.She tucks her head into his neck to press her nose into his gland, breathing deeply, and nodding against him.

She tries to pull him closer, not wanting him to ever leave her, she asks him, “Is this a dream? Because it was better than any of the ones before, and I will be devastated if I open my eyes and you aren’t really here,” he pulls his head back and chuckles at the sight of her with eyes shut incredibly tightly.

“Open your eyes, Omega, it’s no dream, let me see those beautiful eyes,“ he waits for her to open them. She opens them to find him looking down at her lovingly, he whispers, “See? I’m still here, I’m not leaving. I’ve thought about this moment and dreamed about it for so long now, this is heaven.” He leans down and presses a kiss to her lips.

“James,” she whispers against his lips, and adds more force behind her lips onto his. When he pulls back after a moment, she puts little kisses all across his face, ending on a peck to the tip of his nose and smiles at him, “Bucky, how long have you wanted me?”

He looks into her eyes, his shining with love and adoration, “Since I meet you, baby girl, and my feelings grew stronger and stronger every day, but I never thought you may feel the same, and I valued getting to be with you in that way, so I kept it to myself and chose to be close to you as a friend, rather than nothing at all.” He gives her a light smile.

She smiles back at him and sighs, “Well then I’m glad I was overheating so quickly, I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough, then I find you assaulting my panties with your nose.” She booped his nose for emphasis.

He blushes at the thought, “I followed you heading for my room, but your smell was so intoxicating and I wanted to make sure you were safe, and I saw them on the floor, I couldn’t stop myself I’m sorry,” he rambled, feeling the need to explain his actions.

Feeling his knot go down slightly she shifts, then realizes it didn’t deflate that much and winces, deciding to continue talking, “Don’t apologize, you can keep them if you want, I was just poking fun at you,” she shifts in slight discomfort. He looks at her with concern on his features and runs his fingers down her cheek, “Not long now Omega. Are you ok?”

“Yeah,” she tells him leaning into his touch, “could you put more of your weight on me? I know that’s weird, but I think it would help.” She motions to the space between their chests, and he nods at her request, “Being closer to you is a pleasure.” Laying gently on top of her chest he watches her features for signs of discomfort and asks, “How is this, princess?”

She sighs happily, “Much better.” She lazily puts her head down on the pillows and absentmindedly runs her fingertips up and down his back.He watches her, content to be close to her, for as long as he can. He leans his head down, pressing kisses along her neck and around her scent gland “You are beautiful, Omega.”

She smiles with her eyes still shut softly, when she opens them she asks, “Make me your Omega?” She manages to whisper. His eyes widen at her request, his heart pounds hard knowing he has been praying for this moment to come.

He takes her face in his hands, “I would love to, but I’ll be damned if I don’t court you properly first. You deserve to be worshiped and shown how much you mean to me before you become mine. Before you give me the honor of letting me be you Alpha.”

She grins, “I love the sound of that, James. It’s a date.”

John Lewis (May 3, 1920 – March 29, 2001) 

American jazz pianist, composer and arranger, best known as the founder and musical director of the Modern Jazz Quartet.

Portrait of musician John Lewis, at the piano. Printed on front: “John Lewis. Personal management, Monte Kay, 200 West 57th St., New York, N.Y.” Handwritten on back: “Lewis, John.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library
Rainy Day Cuddles || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: in which Peter Parker finds that spending a stormy day alone with his crush may not be such a bad day.}

me to me: stop writing so much about Peter. You’re annoying everyone in the tags.

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warnings: none

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Social Butterfly (Jason Todd x Reader)

@ahs-elsa :Could you write a Jason Todd one shot where the reader is super shy around him, so he thinks that she doesn’t like him & it sort of pisses him off and he rants about it to the other Robins and they’re like “dude she’s like in love with you” please?:D”

Schninner: Why of course!!! This is such an adorable idea, but I am pretty sure I butchered it. So apologies, but I hope you like it! This was also WAY longer than expected…

(Reader is a Female)

Key: [F/B] – Favorite book

Warnings: Just a few cuss words,

Word count: 1317

Master List

You lounged comfortably on the couch inside of the Wayne manor’s living room reading one of your favorite book. You stretched out feeling the warmth of the fire spread through you, and let out a lazy yawn as you curled back once more and continued reading.

Some might find it weird to be so comfortable in a home that wasn’t yours, and if it were any other house, you wouldn’t have even asked to use the bathroom. You were just that timid. This just happened to be the house of your best friend Dick Grayson. You guys had met when you were kids, and both went to Gotham Academy. You had been the awkward and quiet girl that nobody noticed, and you were perfectly fine with that. People had always made you extremely nervous, you just never knew what to say to them, so you tended just to keep to yourself.

Most people just ignored you, but Dick was not most people. He had seemed to make it his mission to befriend you, and in the end, he had succeeded. It wasn’t long before you guys started hanging out, and as the years went by, he eventually introduced you to his family.

You were quiet around them at first, but after a while you warmed up to them and essentially became a part of the family. You loosened up and become more vocal toward everyone in the family. Well… almost everybody.

Jason Todd. That was the name of probably the most gorgeous man alive, and it wasn’t even his looks that made him attractive to you. You loved how he acted like such a rugged bad boy, but in reality, he was just a big dork. You loved the way his blue eyes lit up whenever he heard someone mention his favorite book. And his smile? There were no words to describe the feeling in your stomach whenever he flashed you one of his dazzling smiles.

Of course, you had never told Jason this. In fact, you could never seem to form full sentences when you were around Jason. You spoke, but your more were usually incoherent mumbles or grunts. Simple to say, you didn’t talk to him much.

Just then, Dick plopped himself down right by your feet.

“Hiya [F/N]! What ‘cha reading?” he asked snatching the book away from your grasp.

“Dick, what the hell?” You squeaked in surprise as your friend looked at your book’s cover.

“[F/B]? Oh no, [F/N] not you to!” He said with an exasperated groan.

“What are you talking about-?” You start as you try to snatch you book back.

That’s when a hand reached up from above you two and grasped the book, removing it from Dick’s hands. A pair or bright blue eyes danced with excitement as they read the title of the book. Jason Todd then took his eyes off the book and looked to you, he smiled brightly as he spoke, causing your heart to flutter.

“[F/B]?! No way! [F/N] you like this series too?”

You nodded, avoiding any and all eye contact while letting out a small, “Mmm hmm.”

“Oh, don’t you just love the part when…” He went on and on bringing up several of your own favorite parts of the book. You gave him a small smile and nodded your head while he was speaking.

His phone then beeped a few times, causing him to pause while he was in the middle of angrily ranting about the antagonist o the book. He eyed the phone and gave a slight frown.

“Well, duty calls.” He said gesturing to his phone.

He handed you back your book, his thumb, accidentally brushing against yours, almost sent you into shock.

“It’ been fun talking books with you [F/N], we should do it again sometime.” He said as he walked toward the front door.

You managed to make a barely audible, “Mmm hmm,” and a little wave before the door shut gently behind him.  You stared at the door for a while before turning around to find Dick smiling at you mischievously.

“What?” You said, trying to act as casual as possible.

“OOOHH!!! [F/N] got a crush on Jaybird!!!!!” He teased giving you a wide smile.

“Grow up Grayson! I do not!” but as soon as you said it, you felt your cheeks burn bright red.

“I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!” He replied giddily bouncing up and down on the couch like a six-year-old on Christmas day.

You groaned in defeat, and slumped into the couch covering your now bright red face with your book. He was never going to let this go.

Jason Todd did not get you. It wasn’t as if he didn’t try, in fact, some might say he’s tried a little too hard to understand you or get your attention. But it seemed to him that whenever he was around, you would tense up and immediately grow silent avoiding pretty much all eye contact.

At first, he thought you were just shy, but he quickly diminished this idea when he saw you casually chatting with Tim and Damian. He had tried to enter the conversation, but you had immediately found an excuse to leave the conversation.

At first, he thought he might have done something to upset you, but then he realized that you had never been in a conversation long enough for him to have insulted you in any way.

Then, a thought had crossed his mind.

“What if she just doesn’t like me?”

And that idea really pissed him off. It wasn’t just because he had had a crush on you ever since Dick introduced you to everyone, but mostly because he had done nothing wrong.

This is what Jason had been angrily ranting about to Tim, Dick, and Babs for the past 40 minutes. (Damian was there at one point, but he had “refused to tolerate listening to Todd’s sad love life.” Then left)

“… it just really pisses me off!” He angrily stated while walking back and forth.

Babs just sighed, this wasn’t the first time she had listened to Jason rant about you.

“Jay! Just relax, [F/N] is too sweet to hate anybody, your just over reacting.”

Tim gave Barbara an unsure look, “I’m not so sure Babs, I mean, why else would [F/N] not talk to him?”

Jason gestured toward Tim, “Thank you!” he shouted before collapsing in a nearby chair. He sighed angrily and leaned over, placing his head in his hands. He gave his head a firm shake before looking up. He looked over to where Dick was standing… silently?

“What’s up with you? Why are you all quiet all of the sudden?” Jason asked Dick.

Dick’s eyes widened, “Who? Me? Nothing’s wrong! I don’t know anything!” His voice cracked, and he quickly averted his eyes away from Jason’s.

Jason, Tim, and Babs all gave each other confused glances. Jason stood up from his chair and walked slowly up to Dick.

“Richard Grayson, you know something, don’t you?”

“Whaaat? Pfft! No…”

Jason looked at Dick with suspicion, “Well that’s a bummer, cause it would really be helpful if- “

“[F/N] doesn’t hate you, she’s just really really shy especially around you because she has a MEGA crush on you and she made me promise not to tell you but here I am telling you and she is going to kill me if she ever finds out so please don’t tell her that I told you!” The words came rushing out of his mouth, and as soon as he finished talking his shoulders slumped as if a large burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

“So… yeah.”

Jason looked at the older male with wide eyed shock. His heart seemed to be beating faster by the second, and he could feel his face grows bright red. She-she likes me?

“Holy shi-! “

Sarah Vaughan (March 27, 1924 – April 3, 1990)

Portrait of Sarah Vaughan. Printed on front: “Sarah Vaughan. Personal management, George Treadwell. Tour direction, Gale Agency, Inc., 48 West 48 St., New York, City. James Kriegsmann, N.Y.”

  • Courtesy of the E. Azalia Hackley Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts, Detroit Public Library