Watchful Shadow

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - @too-good-to-be-tru 

Hi! Can you do a Harry Hook x daughter of Peter Pan?

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook x Reader

Summary – (Y/N), daughter of Peter Pan goes to the Isle with Mal only to run into an old friend

Warning(s) - none

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break the ice, 1

Pairing:  jungkook x reader x jimin
Genre: sports au, hockey player jungkook & jimin, smut, comedy?, slight angst, fluff too :’)
Warnings: thigh riding, sexting, phone sex, pillow riding
Word Count:  18k

There are three rules to become an official Puck Bunny:
1.     You have to love hockey. No exceptions.
2.     You have to had slept with at least three hockey players. Starters, no benchwarmers.
3.     And most importantly, have fun!

A/N: i wanted this to be a oneshot but i kept adding and adding more :( …
anyway… enjoy part 1!!

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Heaven is Hotter Than Hell

Characters: CastielXReader, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1980

A/N: Jealous!Cas with a hint of Dom!Cas for extra spice. Public sex. Adult/NSFW/smut warning!!! A little fluffy, because I don’t know how to write Castiel without the fluff. I am not ashamed of this.

Effervescent laughter rose above all else - the din of bar conversation, the clinking of glass, the sloshing of alcohol, and the classic rock humming on repeat from the jukebox. It needled at the patient reserve of the angel isolated in a dimly lit corner. Castiel’s steel-blue eyes smoldered - fixed on the raven-haired man in a well-fitted suit situated at the bar - lids burdened with disdain.

Bouncing hair flirtatiously tossed, teasingly dragging your lower lip through biting teeth, fingers playing with the lapel of the man’s coat, you exuded virility.

The delighted pitch of your giggle pierced the seraph more painfully than any angel blade could - fuel to the flame, his fiery gaze flared, the wrath directed towards this stranger barely contained in tightly wound muscles primed to snap. Cas observed you dance this dance before – the choreography a festering lesion seared into his memory. Next, you would excuse yourself on some pretext to reapply needless makeup and straighten already perfectly mussed hair. Upon returning, you would whisper something meant only for the stranger’s ears, yet also perceived by angelic ones - an invitation to call it a night and join you in your motel room. The rare evening such as this one, witnessing you escape the rigors of the hunter life into a stranger’s arms, was nearly overwhelming. The angel seethed with envy, longing for those words to be uttered from your honeyed lips - spoken only for him. But you didn’t look at him that way, and never laughed so freely when he spoke.

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Cream cotton net, the floral decorated bodice having lace neck insert and trim to three quarter sleeve, lappet front, back hook and eye closure, skirt embroidered with bands of clover alternating with ribbons, roses and lace insertion above scrolling border and deep hem flounce.

Harry Hook x fem!reader || Break the rules
requested; prompt #39. “Make me” & #55. “ Don’t stop now” & “ #17 I didn’t know you were a stalker. ”

A/N; I hope you guys like how this turned out; I really try my best with all the prompts and I try to write them in order but I guess I’ll just write them based on the inspiration I have at the moment (: also I know this is , again, two requests in one but I kind of have a lot of writing to do at the moment so I just thought that putting these two together was a good choice since they fitted.

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Harry took off his shirt and pants, leaving only his boxers on, and jumped into the cold water. He had been in Auradon for six months now and sometimes he just couldn’t take it anymore. The pressure put on him and the other villain kids was too huge, at least from his point of view.

They’ve made him give up his hook and sword, take classes about goodness and he was most of the time followed by guards.

Harry always thought that Auradon was a better place, some way for him to be truly happy, but God, he was so wrong; it was just like back on the isle, with someone else giving orders. Only this time he had a decent room and food.

The pirate frowned as he got under the water, trying to cleanse his thoughts as well, Harry couldn’t believe what he got himself into.

“ You can’t be out here this late, you know that right?” a voice echoed from the shore

Harry turned around to see (Y/N) staring at him, he chuckled. Even since he arrived here the poor girl was assigned to be his tutor, that meant she never got her eyes off of him.

“ I didn’t know you were a stalker, ” Harry grinned

(Y/N) rolled her eyes , “ Harry you will get in trouble for this. We need to go , now!” the girl complained, “ Plus it’s my job to keep an eye on you. ”

“ You’ve got quite the job, didn’t you? ”

The girl sighed, not wanting to let Harry to get to her. (Y/N) was Jane’s older sister, her mother being the Fairy Godmother, so she had her reasons to be acting like a goody-two-shoes. She was scared of being a disappointment. (Y/N) was always doing her best and for sure she wasn’t going to let Harry Hook ruin that for her, or at least she thought she wouldn’t.

“ Aren’t you sick of always being so uptight ?”

(Y/N)’s mouth dropped in shock, “ I’m not uptight !”, she yelled, “ Or at least you can’t call me uptight !”

Harry smirked, “ Then come and loosen up a little bit, angel. ”

(Y/N) groaned in annoyance, she knew this wasn’t getting anywhere, without thinking she bit her lower lip and said, “ Make me. ”

“ Ya sure about that ?” Harry laughed

It was just one time, right? Who would hurt this small act of rebellion? It was already past midnight and (Y/N) was probably sure no one was awake, except for them.

“ Only if you catch me, Harry,” she smirked, starting to run in the opposite direction to buy her some time.

“ I never thought fairies could be this spontaneous ,” Harry smirked while getting out of the water and running in the direction (Y/N) went.

The (h/c) haired girl ran to the small forest, hiding behind a tree. She tried her best to stop herself from giggling but (Y/N) couldn’t help it. She never did anything like this - stay up past the bed time, disobeying her mother’s strict rules , doing anything that could make you feel alive.

“ Here you are, love,” Harry said grabbing her wrist, (Y/N) let her giggle escape from her mouth and put her free hand around Harry’s waist. That’s when she realized - he was half naked.

Quickly, she pulled away, blushing. “ Where are y-your clothes, Harry?”

The pirate smirked at her reaction, “ Near the river, I thought you’d enjoy this more if I left them there.

(Y/N) didn’t reply , she just turned her face away from him, feeling her cheeks heat up and knowing that a slight blush started to form, ” What is that? You’re blushing ?“ Harry teased

” How can you see that? It’s practically night and we don’t have any light. “

Harry smiled, ” I didn’t need to see, ye just admitted. “

(Y/N) sighed frustrated, she didn’t like the effect Harry had on her, ” We should really go, it’s probably for the best. “

Harry shook his head, ” Here she is again - the serious and the goody-two-shoes (Y/N). You’re not fun, love. “

That hurt her ego. Of course she was fun. How could she not be? Jane always laughed at her jokes. Her mother always told her she was the best at entertainment.

” I can be fun, actually I’m always fun,“ she said, moving her head so she could look him in the eyes. (Y/N) was already sorry for having such a big mouth when she saw the look on Harry’s face. It wasn’t his usual ’ I know you’re only making things up ’ look, no. This time it was something more. It was lust.

"Really?” he asked, putting his hands around her waist, “ Then prove it,” he wishpered in her ear, “ Prove you’re fun. ”

(Y/N)’s breathe stopped, her heart beating faster than usual, she didn’t want to do anything stupid, but she also didn’t want to look like a fool in front of Harry Hook.

“ I knew you couldn’t go bad, not even for one night,” he said, pulling away from her, but (Y/N) reacted quickly, she made up her mind about not wanting to look like a coward in front of him, so she did the unexpected.

(Y/N) pulled Harry towards her and connected her lips with his; he gasped in surprise by her sudden reaction, but didn’t waste a second as his hands started to travel down her back.

His lips were firm against hers, but the kiss remained soft, gentle, slow. They held it for a few seconds, before their lips began to move in perfect sync, slowly, cautiously. Harry exhaled through his nose, not wanting to let go.

(Y/N)’s entire body had been taken over by the overwhelming feeling of relief, combined with eccentric panic, and lust.

When she wanted to pull away, Harry wishpered , his lips only two centimeters away from hers, “ Don’t stop now, ” .

“ Harry…”

“ What? Don’t ye wanna kiss me again?”

She sighed, “ I only have one rule, I can’t break it,” Harry didn’t move, he had no intention in letting this moment slip through his fingers.

“ What rule, love?”

“ That everything means nothing, especially when it comes to guys like you” she wishpered, trying to pull away, but Harry’s hands only brought her closer to him, “ If I kiss you again, it will mean something. For me at least,” she confessed.

“ Good, because it means something for me too, (Y/N). ”

Without hesitation, they both slowly moved in. Their lips finally united together, her warm lips compelling against his slimmer, cold ones, dancing around and soon bonding together, (Y/N) knew this was the beginning of something.

Her eyes have fluttered shut and in the darkness she saw light exploding. His lips were tasting like the sea but she doesn’t care because all she can focus on is the liquid warmth that is quickly spreading through her body.

No one has ever kissed her like that. Nobody had ever kissed her. She’d always wondered what stories meant by melting in a kiss, now she fully understood, dissolving into Harry’s lips. She agreed that sometimes it was worth breaking the rules if that meant kissing Harry Hook.

How to Put on a Wig and Not Want to Die


I am here today to show you how to put on a wig and, well, not want to stab yourself in the eye afterwards. The thing with wigs, is they’re essentially like everything else in cosplay: in order to finish with a good result, you need to start with a good beginning. So, here we go.

First things first, you need your supplies:

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Trading T-Shirts

After an unexpected one night stand, Betty isn’t really sure how to return a certain person’s shirt.

Based on @bettybettycooper‘s post about her predicament. She agreed that it was like something out of a college au and I just couldn’t help myself once the idea stuck!

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If Betty could have described the sensation emanating from the inside of her skull at that moment it would’ve been somewhere between a dull throb and an uncomfortably persistent humming. It wasn’t what she would consider a full blown hangover but she could already tell, even with only the light filtering through her closed eyelids, that opening her eyes was not going to be a perfectly pleasant experience.

She groaned quietly, burrowing further into the warmth of the sheets surrounding her. Luckily, Betty had never been a particularly heavy drinker; she was well aware of her limits and was loathe to exceed them. Wanting to remain in control of your facets at all times came with the territory when you had been dealing with anxiety for your entire life, and this was merely an extension of those well-practiced habits for Betty. Unfortunately, that also meant that when someone – Veronica, her brain supplied haughtily – managed to sneak a few extra unsavoury cocktails past your normally impenetrable barriers you definitely felt it.  

Betty was already planning a few choice words for her roommate when she got back from her early class later.

It was just as she was mustering up the courage to swing her legs out from beneath the cosy comforter and finally greet the day that two things happened simultaneously. Firstly, her final ditch attempt at soaking up some of the softness from her pillow by burying her nose in the down alerted her senses to the fact that the citrus and sandalwood scent she could smell wasn’t the usual lavender of her sleep-easy fabric softener. And secondly, something moved next to her.

Betty’s eyes flew open, all thoughts of her early onset headache vanishing immediately. There was someone in her room, and not only that but that someone was in her bed. At least, she thought so until she noticed the pillowcase beneath her head was navy blue instead of white with purple daisies. What the–

The someone shuffled again, letting out a soft hum that got lost to the sound of cotton on cotton rustling about the air, then everything was silent once again. Betty held her breath, not daring to contribute anything to making a noise while she gingerly turned over in the bed – clearly, not her bed, she’d come to determine – and peered over to her left, lower lip drawn anxiously between her teeth.

She was met with a smooth expanse of olive toned skin, leading up to a mess of dark waves that Betty had resurfacing memories of; more specifically, she was starting to remember what it felt like to run her hands through it while another pair of hands explored the length of her thighs…

Her eyes clenched shut as she swallowed thickly, embarrassment running through her body, and leaving a white hot trail in its wake that made it all the way down to the tips of her toes. She didn’t do this kind of thing! Oh god, what would her mother think? Not that she had any immediate plans for telling her mom of such events, but still, she couldn’t help but think it. A few weeks in and she was already a college cliché. Betty Cooper did not have one night stands with random strangers when she’d had too much to drink. In fact, it was one of the reasons why she didn’t have too much to drink. There was no way in hell she was going to be able to navigate her way out of this situation gracefully, already resigned to the fact that she was going to make an utter fool of herself in front of her ‘hook up’.

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Overnight Sensation  (Requested)

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x Reader 
Request: Could you maybe do something with “losing your virginity too Peter maximoff (from x-men)” I don’t care if it’s a Drabble or an imagine. Thank you<3
Word Count: 2213 Words
Warning: Fluff, smut, Peter being cute, swearing 
A/N: I made Peter a virgin because feeeeelss. Also please, please, please give feedback, this is my first time writing smut and I am more then a little nervous. (Loosely based of Overnight Sensation by BORNS)
Tagging: @notsoprettykitty, @quiskcilver, @sparklyspikes, @the-holy-honey-buddha-chip-bag (let me know if you want to be tagged/untagged)

((gif not mine, credit to owner))

               Moments are like fleeting glances to Peter. Everything happens so quickly that he can’t even register what’s going on sometimes. But right now everything is quiet, slow and calm. You’re sitting on Peter’s lap, arms wrapped around his neck as his hands tightly hold onto your hips as if you would fly away. His grasp, and your lips moving against each other’s is what’s anchoring you to here; here in Peter’s basement, white noise from the world around, but you two are off in your own little world.

               Peter’s mom had taken the girls out a while ago, something about a school meeting. You both weren’t sure, but didn’t really care because as soon as Peter’s mom closed the door he was tugging at your wrist to come cuddle with him. Which turned into more. You both have some idea of where this may go, your relationship for the last few months has been going anywhere, but down. Yet, there is some hesitation, you can taste it on Peter’s lips when you slide your hand between your bodies. You think you feel Peter suck in a sharp breathe, but ignore it as your lips are warm against another’s. Then he lets out a shuddering breath inching away slightly. That you noticed. 

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150+ Celebration Smut!

A/N: It’s here! Finally! I wrote this to celebrate reaching over 150 followers! I just wanna thank each and every one of you. I love y’all so much!! This isn’t my first smut, but this IS my first good smut lol. Thank you all so much for reading. I wanna give a special thank you to @not-moose-one-shots , who has helped me so much with writing and life stuff. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. I love you girl ❤ PS if you’d like to be tagged in anything of mine please lemme know by either ask/message and I shall tag youuu! Hope you enjoy! (Feedback is always welcome and appreciated!)

Pairing: TonyxReaderxBucky (there’s no TonyxBucky)

Warnings: SMUTTY SMUT SMUT LADIES AND GENTS, Threeway, fingering, oral (M&F), dirty talk, orgasm denial (?) I think that’s all

(gifs not mine)

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God, you loved teasing him.

Everyday, you’d drop subtle hints to Bucky that you wanted him. But today, you kicked it up a notch. 

You started off the day by wearing a tight tank and short workout shorts. It was your day to spar off with Bucky.

“Hello, James.” You smirked, knowing what using his first name did to him.

“Y/n…” Bucky replied, clenching his jaw.

You got into position and spent the next 45 minutes sparring. Every time Bucky thought he’d had you you’d turn around and pin him down.

“What’s the matter old man? Can’t handle my moves?” You chuckle out of breath. You were straddling his legs holding his hands above his head. “C’mon, show me what you really wanna do to me.”Bucky swallowed the lump in his throat, “oh doll, you couldn’t handle what I wanna do to you.” Bucky’s voice had grown deeper with each word.

You leaned down to whisper in his ear, “oh, soldier… you underestimate me.” And with that you stood up, not before ever-so-slightly rolling your hips on his very obvious hard-on.

You smirk as you walk over to grab your stuff, hips swaying.

You push open the doors with your bag slung over your shoulder and head down the hall toward your room. Suddenly someone grabs you by the arm and pulls you into a dark room, shutting the door and slamming you against it.

“You’re such a tease” someone whispered in your ear. “I watched you get the poor man all hot and bothered then just leave him hangin high and dry.” By this point his hands were travelling all over your body, “you knew exactly what you were doing.”

You finally find the lightswitch and flip the lights on, only to find Tony staring at you with lust-blown pupils.

“T-tony? What are yo-” you’re cut off by Tony slamming his lips to yours.

“I can’t tell you… how long… I’ve wanted you… How long I’ve wanted to taste you… to feel your soft, plump lips wrapped around my cock…” I need you, y/n..” Tony whispered in a deep, husky voice between kisses.

You moan at the thoughts this man was putting in your head.”Tony, I-” suddenly the door handle was jiggling and you could hear a string of curses following. You look behind Tony and your eyes widen. He had gotten you so worked up you hadn’t realized what room he’d pulled you into.

“Who the fuck is in my room?” Bucky yelled, banging on the door.

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Kitchen Counter x Ashton Irwin

Word Count: 

Requested: Yes

Warnings: SMUT, Dominant!Ash

Much love…

“Ash, what are you doing,” you muttered as he pressed your body against the wall, catching you completely off guard.

 "(Y/N), just relax, the shops will still be there when you finish. You never take that long anyway,“ he muttered, his eyes locking with your own. 

You nodded slowly as he gripped onto your hips, his lips pressing roughly along your jawline, "Hm, I knew you wouldn’t complain,” he smirked, his lips quickly returning to you warm skin, “You never do." 

His movements were so natural, though nothing about it ever felt rehearsed. The man knew what he was doing but you weren’t making a protest. 

Ashton had always managed to get what he wanted from you. It didn’t take much though as you acted on his every whim, always trying to please him first. He never failed to make sure that you were satisfied too though, that was evident. He was a clear dominant but he wasn’t anything close to sadistic. 

Even so, your plans for an afternoon of shopping with a promise from Ashton to visit your favorite bookstore with the cafe was clearly being put on hold as Ashton continued with his actions. 

"Where do you think I should have my way with you today? I haven’t fucked you in the kitchen in ages,” he purred, “And it looks like we cleaned up just for the occasion,” he continued, dragging you by the hand through the entryway. “Up on the counter,” he demanded, “And how about we take these off,” Ashton offered, pulling at the fabric of your jeans. 

As you slipped off your pants, his eyes roamed your body. He knew your body better than his own and far better than you had. It took a bit of time for you to be comfortable with how possessive Ashton was with you but you grown to thrive on it; in moments like this, his actions seemed only proper. 

“And to think you wore those pretty little panties, it’s a shame that they’ll have to go as well, Beautiful,” he continued, snapping the slim waistband back against your skin. He was so cocky when it came to sex. The sweet and cuddly Ashton you’d fell in love with seemed to be replaced in his hunger. He was raw and needy yet he didn’t want that to be evident. It was masked by his slick demands and sort of unconventional loving that left you buckling at your knees. Nodding, you pulled down the delicate fabric down without hesitation. Ashton had placed a sort of fear in you but you loved it and he knew it. You knew he would never hurt you in the slightest but you still felt small as he took over any balance of power. 

“What a beautiful girl, and she listens so well,” he smirked as he grabbed your hips, “You love when I praise you too,” he continued as he picked up the panties you’d been wearing, “And you’re already wet Baby,” he confirmed, stuffing the fabric into his pocket. 

You were a bit confused as Ashton still remained fully clothed whereas you were left in your top alone, “Ash why are you still dressed?" 

"Oh, I thought you understood why I wanted you in the kitchen. I know how much you hate when I eat in other rooms,” he replied smoothly.

As filthy as his mouth had been, it left you nearly begging for him to use it as promised. He knew the impact his speech had on you, especially as he ran a finger along your heat, “Lean back, just watch your pretty little head,” he instructed before quickly kissing your lips. 

As you leaned back, Ash kneeled down in front of you, hooking his arms beneath your thighs. He yanked your body toward his, nearly pulling you off the marbled surface. 

“Do you want me to eat my beautiful girl out right here,” he questioned, his chin resting directly below your navel, “And don’t just nod, I need to hear that perfect little voice of yours,” he continued, awaiting your consent. 

You had to clear your throat to be able to form any sound as you glimpsed down at your honey haired boyfriend. His eyes hadn’t left your face for a moment, even as he brushed a stray curl from them. “Please Ash, can you give me your mouth?" 

"Of course I can, especially when you know to ask like that,” he groaned, holding down your hips as he pressed his tongue to your clit.

 As he lapped along the length of your slit, you couldn’t help but squirm. His slight stubble served to be an odd sensation against your smooth skin as he continued.

 "Ashton,“ you moaned as he allowed his nose to rub roughly over you clit, his tongue made languid movements against your entrance.

 Ashton pulled away for a moment, blowing cold air at your heat. It felt as though chills were climbing your spine as he did and even though your eyes had been closed, you could sense his smirk. 

 You whined as he was yet to return his attention to your core which caused him to chuckle, "Aw, what’s wrong (Y/N)? Were you getting close?" 

 "Fuck you,” you complained, hands reaching out to Ash, begging for more contact. 

 "Mm, what was that? I don’t think I heard you right Beautiful,“ he mocked, leaning on your hands as he stood up from his knees. 

 "I said ‘Fuck you,’ Ashton. You know what I said,” you spoke bitterly as he leaned down over you, pressing a finger down against your lips. 

 His head shook in disappointment, “You know I don’t like to hear you curse. I gave you a chance but now I’m not sure I should let you cum." 

 You didn’t even attempt to retort against him, Ashton always won. At this rate he wouldn’t be pleased in the slightest so you let out an exasperated sigh. "On the other hand, I love to see your face when you let go. So I’ll get you there under one condition, you’ve gotta be quiet for me, okay?" 

 "Yes Ashton,” you smiled gratefully at his offer. “Good,” he remarked, a finger unknowingly slipping into you as he kneeled down once again, this time pulling your legs over his shoulder, “You’re so responsive, this should be fun,” he insisted as another finger reached even deeper. 

 Forcing yourself to stay silent, you abruptly pressed a hand against your own mouth. Your eyes were pulled shut as Ash ran his tongue against you once more. As his fingers continued to thrust into you at a rapid pace, his lips pulled at your clit, his teeth grazing ever so lightly. Your body tensed around him confirming his thoughts, “C'mon (Y/N), you’re almost there,” he muttered against your skin. 

Your hands reached out to pull at his hair eliciting a soft moan from Ash as your fingers weaved throughout it. Your hips bucked once more as Ashton licked a last bold stripe against you preparing for your release, “Cum for me,” he urged, allowing you to let go.

 "Oh my- Ashton,“ you whimpered out as you came.

 "Fuck,” he mumbled as your body jerked, your head thrown back against the counter. Smirking against your heat, he lapped up the remainder of your release, “This is the best part,” he finished, standing back up to reveal his glistening chin.  

Ashton brought you down from the counter onto rather unstable feet, pressing your body against his. He brought his hand up toward your chin as he kissed your lips almost too softly. 

 You pulled away after a moment and poked at his chest, “You made me hit my head." 

 "Yeah but I also let you cum,” his simper feigning innocence, “I think that should make up for it.”


This section will cover everything from tanning a pelt, to true taxidermy where an animal is mounted on a frame, to cleaning bones. Taxidermy is a very interesting art form that combines many different disciplines, but with guidance anyone can create amazing pieces that can be used to educate or decorate. I will give this warning though, because taxidermy deals with dead animals, it is incredibly important that you take all necessary precautions. Use protection when dealing with the animal, keep your workbench away from your living space, dispose of all leftovers properly, and make sure you look up the rules in your state about collecting roadkill.

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One True Princess - Harry Hook x Reader

[Requested by @stevebuchananparker267 ]

Originally posted by evieshook

It was no lie that cats hated water, so when (Y/N) awoke to the feeling of being submerged in the deep water her eyes snapped open and she let out a muffled scream. Digging her way to the top she found she couldn’t her claws could do her no good as the waves worked against her.

“(Y/N)! (Y/N), wake up!” a thick Scottish accent called out to her, awakening her from her dream of sleeping with the fishes. She latched onto the boy in front of her, claws digging into his red coat as she calmed her breathing. Her eyes darted up to see the bright blue eyes framed by black makeup watching her closely.

She retracted her claws from his coat as her ears twitched, seeing the face of her boyfriend in front of her. “Harry!” the daughter of Prince John, the lion prince who was beaten by Robin Hood and his Merry men, cried out. “I thought I was under water again, I couldn’t swim to the top, it was like the waves wanted me dead!” Harry Hook looked pitifully upon his girlfriend who seemed to be in such a state that it broke his cold and insane heart right in half.

“You’re alright, Love. The water can’t hurt you while I’m around,” he whispered as he brought the half-lioness princess onto his lap. She purred in contentment as she curled her tail around his waist as a gesture to pull her closer and he obliged with no complaint.

When the villains were banished to the Isle and stripped of their magic it was a heck of a time for the animal villains. Scar, Shere Khan, Kaa, Mor’du, Prince John, and the many others were condemned to a double lifestyle. Alternating between their animal forms and human forms the children took some animalistic features while still possessing the general physique of a human. (Y/N) was a lioness in many ways, to the ears atop her head, to the way her vocal cords produced the purring of a cat, to the claws that extended and retracted when the circumstance called for it, to the tail that was currently wrapped around Harry’s midsection.

Harry adored his animalistic companion it every way that made her (Y/N). She expressed herself with the features in ways she couldn’t as a normal human girl. Her ears twitch when she’s nervous or feels she’s not getting the attention she deserves, her claws and tail are used as a defense and possessive mechanism, and her purring shows she’s okay with what’s happening at that moment.

The day grew easier as the dream was long forgotten by (Y/N), Harry had to do his job as Uma’s first mate so she took it upon herself to hang around with some of the other villain kids on the Isle. Shane, Shere Khan’s son, and Mor’du’s daughter, Mairi (she’s an OC of mine).

As the three villain descendants walked the lengths of the Marketplace talking aimlessly with each other as the sun started to slip away. It wasn’t until (Y/N) had said bye to her two friends did she see the boy she loved so much watching from the shadows. It looked as if someone had poured a new coat of mania over his eyes because she could tell the Harry Hook she knew so well wasn’t there completely.

“Harry, darling?” (Y/N) whispered softly, reaching out to place a hand on his cheek, her ears twitching in anticipation. He looked dazed, and there was an obvious blood stain on his shirt underneath his jacket. His hook still dripped a bit of blood as well.

Harry’s eyes skimmed right past her to the two animalistic villain kids walking away in the distance. “Are you mad at me?” she whispered, feeling a painful squeeze in her heart as she looked at the boy she loved and wanted to pull close to her.

His blue eyes flickered over her face, seeing the way her ears twitched every few seconds and the way her lip quivered in obvious pain. He gently brought his hook up to her cheek and rubbed the metal against her skin, watching as it left a trail of blood, that wasn’t hers, on her cheek. He let out a deep breath as sound slowly came back to his ears and his sight blurred a little less. Looking down at the half-lioness in front of him he immediately took in the signs of pain.

“Did I hurt you, oh my gosh I did, didn’t I!” He looked down at the hook in his hand and the blood on her cheek and it was Harry that let out the pained whimper this time. But all (Y/N) could do was sigh in relief as her Harry returned to her. She gently grasped his hand and hook to steady his shaking as she smiled and pulled him close to her.

“No, you didn’t hurt me, darling. You just left for a while,”(Y/N) calmly explained to him and he slowly nodded in understanding. “Where did you go, my love?” she asked calmly to the manic boy in front of her. He opened his mouth to speak but his eyes flitted behind her and she turned to see Shane and Mairi watching in the distance, concern written on their features.

It clicked for (Y/N) then as she turned to look back at Harry and giggled. ”Wait a second. Are you jealous?” Harry growled in obvious annoyance as his attention shifted from the two half-animal villains watching in the distance to his petite half-lioness girlfriend in front of him.

“Harry Hook… Jealous? That’s the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard you say,” his protest was weak as the mania drained from his eyes. (Y/N) giggled and kissed his cheek before grabbing his hand to lead them back to Uma’s ship.

Later that night as they lay, half awake, tired from the sensations coursing their veins mere minutes ago, (Y/N) asks a question. “Harry, if they gave you and me a chance to go to Auradon… would you take it?” His half-lidded eyes looked down at her, her face lying on his chest as he rubbed soothing circles on her skin.

“I don’t know, I would love to go with you but I couldn’t abandon Uma or Gil or the other members of the crew. They’re my family too.” (Y/N) swallowed thickly to keep the tears from slipping down her cheeks as she shifted on Harry’s chest and tried to sleep away the pain she felt in her heart.

The next morning Harry awoke alone with only a jewel from one of Prince John’s crowns. His panic set in moments later when Uma burst through his door asking why Gil saw (Y/N) leave crying at the break of dawn. He had shooed Uma from his room as he threw on ripped jeans and a ripped shirt, his red coat floated behind him as he grabbed his hook and ran through the doors and off of the ship entirely.

Running through the streets of the Marketplace he ran to the front of Bargain Castle, the same place the limo picked up four children a mere month ago. Harry watched as Shane, Mairi, and (Y/N) walked towards the limo. Harry stepped to the front of the crowd, giving (Y/N) a clear view of him.

“You can’t do this to us!” Harry shouted at her, her hyper-sensitive ears twitching at the Scottish voice that used to comfort her in her time of need. She turned to look at Harry with a cold expression.

“You gave your answer last night on us, Harry Hook,” her expression was dead as she climbed into the limo and the last thing she saw before going through the barrier was Harry collapsing onto the ground as a hooded villain ran away.

When she arrived at Auradon she realized her mistake on leaving Harry there, if anyone needed to be at Auradon was Harry so he could be medically treated by professionals. The thought of watching him collapse and doing nothing weighed heavily on her shoulders and she felt as if she would break into a sob any moment.

The three VKs were greeted with open arms by most students but (Y/N) stayed emotionless as she sifted through her small quantity of belongings. At the bottom of her bag was a small crown her father had given her on her fifteenth birthday. Harry had used to place it on her head and call her his “one true princess” and the thought of him only left her in tears as she curled in on herself and cried herself to sleep on the floor of her dorm.

Back on the Isle Uma and Gil watched worriedly over Harry after a couple of Wharf Rats had dragged him back to the ship unconscious saying he passed out when the limo left with (Y/N) in it. He had been out for three days now and showed no signs of waking up anytime soon.

Uma needed a way to get in contact with Auradon, but couldn’t think of anything until it hit her, Maleficent and the three other villains had talked to their children on Maleficent’s television.

Ordering Gil to watch over Harry as she stormed to the other side of the Isle where Bargain Castle stood tall above most buildings and noticed the limo tire tracks on the ground from three days prior.

Making her way into the lounge area where Maleficent’s television stood Uma walked over to turn it on. The screen went black for a moment before showcasing a load of students walking the halls of Auradon. She didn’t question how exactly that was able to work that fast.

“Hey! Can any of you Auradons hear me?” Uma’s voice rang loudly through the school as the students in the hall looked up to the blue-haired sea witch on the screen above them.

Uma laughed as she saw Mal and Carlos walk forward from the crowd. “What do you want Uma?” Mal yelled back at her and Uma blinked at her before taking a deep breath.

“I don’t know how much time we have, but something’s happened to Harry. Some of my crew found him out cold the moment the limo went through the barrier and he hasn’t woken up yet. We need help over here, I’m not losing my first mate over some silly feud.” The girl’s vulnerability shocked the students of Auradon, remembering the last time they had saw the girl she had bewitched their King and tried to take down the barrier by force.

“And how do we know this isn’t some trick to get us back to the Isle?” Mal asked and it was then she noticed the heartbroken look on Uma’s face.

“UMA! UMA! IT’S HARRY!” A voice yelled out from behind her and Gil came running through the door of the Bargain Castle lounge. As Gil caught his breath every student of Auradon had made their way to the television where the VKs stayed on the screen.

“Gil! What’s wrong with Harry!?” Uma grabbed the youngest Gaston by the shoulders, completely forgetting the television still being on for a moment as she pleaded with the boy to talk.

“I found… I found a needle scar on his shoulder,” Gil panted out as he looked over to the television where Uma previously sat. “He’s been cursed to an eternal sleep.” The last things the Auradon students saw was the television crashing to the ground as Uma fell and they noticed the waves crashing against the shore as if they aimed to kill, and they possibly did. They all took it seriously then if Uma’s wrath was powerful enough to even mess with the waters outside the barrier it was serious.

Mal dashed up to (Y/N)’s dorm room where she found the girl furiously packing her things back into her small pack and she turned with her crown on her head to see Mal standing there. “I’m his one true princess. Now I’ve got to go wake up my Pirate Prince,” (Y/N) gave a feline grin as she started to walk past Mal. She stopped before looking back at the half-faery girl. “Can I borrow your Moped?”

News travels fast on the Isle as (Y/N) had barely stepped foot off the Moped before she saw Gil behind her. “You’re back! Oh, thank Maleficent!” Gil almost cried out as he grabbed her arm and started dragging her to the boat docks.

“Uma! (Y/N)’s back!” Gil called out to his Captain as she came running from the living quarters below and her and Gil dragged her back to Harry’s room.

“I was really hoping that you’d be back, he needs you… and not just because he’s under a curse,” Uma told her as she approached Harry’s bed. He looked so peaceful while he was asleep, but it hid his blue eyes from the world around him.

“We’re going to leave,” Gil said as he and Uma left the room. (Y/N) looked at her sleeping pirate and brushed some of his hair back. If Harry was able to wake up that would have been the trick to do it. Harry’s hair was as sensitive as (Y/N)’s ears, which they both learned not too long into their relationship.

“I’m going to wake you up Harry, and I’m going to take us back to Auradon so you can get proper medical treatment. And I’ll see if I can get Uma, Gil, and the crew over too. Okay,” her words were not answered as she took a shaky breath.

She kissed him… and watched as his eyes fluttered open with a soft smile. “I heard what you said. Everything. And that was torture because when someone wasn’t talking it was the last sentence you said to me screaming in my ears. I’m sorry, Love. You’re my one true princess.”

Mal’s Moped took her and Harry back through the barrier and when they arrived at Auradon Mal and Ben were there to greet them. “It’s good to see you awake Harry. We’re glad you decided to come here,” Ben said.

“And Uma, Gil, and the crew?” Harry asked.

“Will have the opportunity to leave on their ship when Fairy Godmother and I take one of my ships out to take the barrier down long enough for them to leave,” Ben assured.

“Okay, Harry, first things first. We’re taking you to the nurse for a check-up.”

Harry ended up diagnosed with Schizotypal Personality Disorder, PTSD, and Mania. (Y/N) helped him through the tough times when he woke up Jay and Carlos with nightmares about his dad pushing his mom off the plank or when Harriet told Harry he’d never been a true pirate like her or CJ.

Uma and Gil helped too, Shane, Carlos, Jay, Harry, and Gil all fitting into one room because they needed to show the new VKs how to get up in the morning for school. Mal, Evie, Mairi, Uma, and (Y/N) all shared a room for the same reasons.

School got easier as time went on, and Harry still teased (Y/N) about her royal heritage, calling her his “one true princess”. (Y/N) found she was a skill at Jewelry Making and Harry joined R.O.A.R. along with Uma once the rules had been bent a little. Now almost half of the R.O.A.R. team consisted of former VKs and (Y/N) never missed a practice for her Pirate Prince.

[I hope you liked this, I adored writing this for you <3]

(Random Question: The Carolina Mountains are breathtaking, has anyone been there before?)

rienerose  asked:

Thank you so much for your previous answers! They have helped quite a bit. I have a follow-up quick question--what type of fasteners were used at this time? I am assuming there was not yet a rubbery-grip for stockings, so did they use garters or ribbon side-ties? Ties for slips? Did we have snaps, hook-and-eye closures, or zippers yet? Thank you!

Hi again! I’ll do my best to answer your question. :)

For closing and holding clothes in place, here was a multitude of techniques. Hooks and eyes seems by far the most common. The bodices could simply be closed in the front or the back with a row of hooks and eyes. Since they were usually worn over the corset, it was the corset who got the straining, and not so much the bodice itself.

It was common to insert a broad waistband, “anchoring” the bodice in the waist. This was usually closed in front with hooks and eyes. The bodice could then be buttoned over, as seen in this 1876 one:

Another common thing was to combine two methods. This 1879 bodice (from The Met) has a sturdy front-buttoned panel under a decorative “stomacher” attached with hooks and eyes at the left side:

Last but not least, bodices could also be laced together. This had been one of the preferred methods historically, as it allowed the garment to be adjusted in size. But it became less common in the Victorian era, and was often used as a “statement” detail rather than a practical detail.

Skirts were typically held together with hooks and bars, or buttoning, or lacing/tying. With overlapping panels and lots of drapes, it only needed to be firmly anchored in the waist, and whatever method enabled this could be used.

Zippers were however not in use in Victorian fashion. Simply because they were invented in the 1890s, and first came into use in the 1910-20s. Even then they were not common, and only used for jackets and the like.

As for stockings, they could have a rubber facing on the inside/top to make them less slippery, similar to what’s found today. Women often wore a belt-like construction in addition, with straps attached to the top of the stockings to hold them in place. One ad from 1897 shows the straps going down the side of the leg, but it could also be in the front and back of the leg:

But more common was the garter, which could be tied, buttoned, buckled or eventually also held together with elastics. Stockings usually were over-knee, or tied right under the knee. It’s how socks were held in place for centuries, and despite newer inventions also how many Victorian ladies did it. In the Edwardian era corsets became longer, extending down over the hips, and here corsets could replace the separate “hose supporters” as seen in the 1897 ad. This was in use until the socks themselves became more elastic and self-supporting.

anonymous asked:

Can you do some Harry/Uma headcanons please?

That faint sound you guys heard in the distance? That was me squealing when I got this ask.

- Uma’s the only reason Harry’s passed his math class (or science or anything else involving numbers). She mouths her answers as she writes them down. Harry noticed after a while and he’d copy her (more or less, sometimes he’d put a different answer down just to keep the teachers off). He’s never been caught and Uma’s perfectly okay with this system.

- They’re just??? Constantly flirting. It’s gotten to the point it’s not even fun for CJ to make fun of them anymore so she just tells them to get a room. Harriet makes a disgusted noise and says they should be spayed and neutered and that’s about it.

- Harry is well aware he has competition - like half the crew has a crush on Uma and the other half just won’t admit they do out loud. That whole crew has basically been a long game of ‘Steal Your Girl’ since they got together. Harry’s not even remotely bothered, this is fun. Bring it on!

- Occasionally they’ll date a third. Or one of them will date someone else as well (this is called a ‘V’ relationship). So far, Gil’s got the record to beat for a third. The two of them are constant though. 

- Harry’s got it SO BAD though - like Uma could step on him and he’d say thanks. It’s either adorable or sickening depending on your outlook. 

- Uma knows his order by heart which means he’d BETTER pay and tip well. 

- Harry constantly has an eye out for threats - they’ve taken a lot of territory and that’s prime pickings for people looking for their own turf.

- Uma has always interrupted him flirting with other people strictly so she can share embarrassing stories and they’ll leave. Not because she’s jealous or possessive, but because he gets so annoyed and flustered it’s hilarious. Her favourite thing to do is pop a hole in his ‘bad boy buccaneer’ veneer by telling people he used to call Harriet ‘Hettie’ because he couldn’t say her name properly EVEN THOUGH IT’S LITERALLY YOUR NAME WITH “ET” AT THE END. 

- Harry’s normally happy enough to follow what she says and listen to her but very occasionally she’ll push him just enough to get him in take charge mode. She loves it because she can mock the heck out of him for it and bring him back to ‘follow her around’ mode. 

- Those two could be necking right in front of him and Hook probably wouldn’t notice they were a thing because he simply does not care. Ursula wouldn’t look at them if they were on fire. Uma’s little sisters though have flocked around them, either cooing or making fun depending on which sister. It’s the WORST. There is nowhere in the chip shop to make out so they usually head to the Lost Revenge where the worst that will happen is the crew will wolf whistle (and maybe make a pass at Uma - I’m not kidding about the ‘Steal Your Girl’ part). 

- That thing where Uma pets his hair? She does it all the time. He loves it. 

- Harry is basically Uma’s hype man, you realize this, yes?

- They learned to sword fight together - they went from playing at it as children to serious for real sparring. It’s a lot of fun. They do a LOT together to be honest. Uma was over so often as a child, Hook occasionally mistook her for one of his crew’s children. He used to ask Harriet who her father was. 

- They’re the best people to navigate each other’s emotions and thought processes, with perhaps the exception of Harriet, who practically raised Harry since he was a year old. 

Imagine: Peter can’t stop flirting with you, in front of Hook.

Warning: extreme leaves of sass

“You’re cute.”

“Well, thank you?”

“Can I keep you?

“N-no!”  You had only been on Neverland for five minutes and Peter has already managed to make you feel small and strange.  Not that it took much, it was easy for others to make you feel insecure and when you did you became defensive and sassy.  Most girls would think it was a cute attempt at flirting but you knew better.  You knew no one would ever think that you were attractive.  Although you looked confident your Captain could see your change in mood and stepped in.

“Pan, my crew and I are done here we just need permission off the island.”  You smile glad that Hook diverted Peter’s attention away from you.

“Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?”

   “Cute, but no.” you couldn’t help the words that flowed from your mouth.  For a second you were afraid Peter would get mad at you.  Or at least until you saw him smile.

   “Fuck me if I’m wrong, but do you want to kiss me?”  You could hear Killian beside you groan, probably feeling extremely awkward and just wanting to leave.  For a second you panicked you couldn’t say yes or no.  But what else was there to say, unless.

   “Maybe, I always keep my options open.”  

“There is definitely something wrong with my bed.”  You look between Peter and Killian trying to understand what is even going on.  Peter is smirking waiting for a response, and Hook is rubbing his eyes with his hand clearly annoyed.

“Are you seriously just going to stand there until I ask what it is?”  He continued staring at you.

“Just get it over with, I want to get out of here,” Killian has lost his patients with Peter and hopefully not you.

“Fine, what is wrong with your bed?”

“You’re not in it.”

“You are impossible Peter.”

“Did you buy your pants on sale because at my house they would be 100% off.”  Okay now he has gone beyond making you uncomfortable.  You were getting mad.

“Screw you, Peter.”

“That is a terrible idea, let’s do it.”  All of your brilliant comebacks flew out the window.


“Why?  I am sure I could make you very happy.”  That stupid smug smirk.  It’s infuriating.

“How, are you leaving?”  There was that comeback.  Where the heck did it go a second ago.

“You won’t get rid of me that easy.”

“You must be the Pied Piper then.”

“Why is that, love?”

“Because you are a massive douchebag and I want to punch you in the face.”  Not as clever as you could have been but still it got your point across.

“What is it like to be the most beautiful girl in the world?”

“What is it like being the biggest liar in the world?”  He could at least try to be believable.

“Stop being shy go on and ask me out.  You know you want to.”

“Okay.  Go out.”

“Ouch that hurts.

“I hope it hurt as much as when you crawled out of hell, bloody demon.”  He paused and simply looked at your face.  You would think he was thinking of a comeback except he seemed to be studying you.  When he looked back into your eyes you were certain he had you memorized.

“You are perfect.  Where have you been all my life?”

“Hiding from you.”  you smirk hoping you won this stupid little argument.  But Peter continues to act as cocky as ever.

“What are you doing this Friday night?”  You pause taken aback by the fact that he is actually asking you out.  For a split second you almost consider his offer before you come up with a brilliant comeback.

“Not you.”  Simple sweet and ego destroying.
“Are you two done?  I honestly want to go home now, so can we just leave?”  Hook tapped his foot in annoyance.


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrators Russ bus.

Author’s note: Not requested. Also, not romantic. But if y'all like it, I can write a part two with some forbidden romance ;) so comment on this post if I should continue it.

Update: So the lovely Alyssa, aka @imyourliquor-youremypoison, rewrote my story, fixing the errors and making it less cringy to my beautiful readers. It’s the same story, but with beautiful words, I promise! Hahaha and go check Alyssa’s fics too, she has two about Chris and they’re incredible.

Part 2.

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Summer (Part Three)

Requested by anon

Hi love, just wondering if you would be willing to do a Harry hook imagine set in neverland where the reader is peter pans daughter and meets Harry but they don’t know who each other are (Harry is without his hook for some reason etc) and they fall in love but discover who each other are after it’s too late? Love your writing so much!!!

Summary: You had always wanted to go to Neverland and when your father refused you decided to take matters into your own hands. Little did you know that on that island you would meet the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Characters: Harry Hook, reader (daughter of Peter Pan), Ben, 

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2320

A/N: Okay so don’t hate me but this part is more of a general summary of the first movie with a couple scenes from your point of view the next part’s gonna be better I swear! Also towards the end it skips to basically the beginning of the second movie so I mean time skip? 


Requests and tags are always open (find my prompt list here)

Part One (x) Part Two (x)

Originally posted by seaside-stars

It was the day the four students from the Isle were due to arrive. You were standing with Lonnie and Jane when Ben walked towards you.

“You don’t mind, right?” He asked you. Audrey had offered herself up to help Ben give them a tour of the school. Though you had a feeling that wasn’t the real reason. Audrey was one your closest friends and you knew that she meant well. Most of the time. “I mean you did help me with the planning and picking them out and everything”

“Ben, you know me,” You told him. “If I minded I would’ve said something” He nodded once but didn’t walk back to his place. Suddenly you knew what was actually going on. He was nervous. “You’re going to be fine, trust me” This time he smiled at you before nodding and returning to his place.

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