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Ben & Sophie high five each other & hold hands at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016


• your first impression of him was to kinda steer clear bc he looks so intimidating and scary (;_;;
• i don’t think he thought much of you when he first met you, at first he saw you occasionally whenever you came to hang out with the other members but you two never talked. then you two got pre close and it was cute yalls
• freKinf jeon wonwoo didn’t want to admit to himself that he had a crush on you bc !! crushes are trouble !!
• and even the members saw the way he looked at you and started to pester him about it.
• then one day he just finally admits it to the members and they’re so happy and start bombarding him w questions like when he was gonna ask u out bc they already know you like him a lot too
• and when the day finally came, he was a bundle of neves oml. constantly stuttering after and before and between every sentence and he looked like he COULDNT BREATH. plus he was so nervous that he brought you 3 flavours of chocolate, and like 10000 types of flowers bc HE DIDNT KNOW WHAT U LIKED SO HE BROUGHT IT ALL
• “you… me, together? uh…”
• and you just laughed and said yes bc this cutie…
• for your first date, wonwoo took to an amusement park. you pigged out on candy, scoffed down on street food and nearly puked on the rides aw so cute
• he saw you staring at this huge teddy bear prize at one stall and like coolly said ‘I got this’ and gave money in for the game where you have to shoot the target and if you do you win. BUT HE DIDNT WIN IN THE FIRST SHOT SO HE DID IT AGAIN BUT KEPT FAILING AND HE NEARLY WASTED ALL HIS MONEY
• “wonwoo… its just a teddy bear, it’s fine.”
• “sHHH just give me a few more tries.”
• he eventually wins and he’s the happiest boy in the world and proudly gives you the bear awawawawaw
• “pfft, told you I got this.”
• and when you guys were on the top of Ferris wheel, you saw the amazing view before you and you just was breath taken.
• “it’s beautiful..”
• “yeah, it is”
• nicknames with wonwoo would mainly consist of cool as nicknames bc he wants to sound really flash and swag in front of the members by calling you babe, b, bae, baby and things like that. but the members secretly know that he really calls you the most sickening sweet names like sweetie and cutie but they don’t want to embarrass their friend lol
• your first kiss with him was on a cold and you two were freezing outside and it was horrible tbh but he beckons you closer and holds your face in his hands bc his hands were toasty warm and it made you blush bc his face was SO CLOSE and wonwoo saw it to9 and then you got closer until BAAAAAM
• it was a really soft and delicate kiss but it made you all warm inside ;;_;;
• although wonwoo gives off a cold persona, hES NOT AT ALL HE LOVES SKINSHIP AND CUDDLING ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY
• he would want to have contact with you at all times if possible , like cling onto your hand until people have to physically pull him away from you lololol
• wonwoo has a habit of cleaning anything that’s out of order. his dorm is literally so clean that it would be impossible to find something not folded neatly or put away properly, you often catch him scolding members bc they’re always so messy
• sometimes you like to tease him and purposely leave a huge mess on the floor but he refrains himself from picking it up and putting it in a tidy place bc he knows what your doing YOU MEANY
• his favourite kisses are Eskimo kisses bc jeon wonwoo LOVES THE IDEA OF DOING SOMETHING SO NICE AND CUDDLY
• like he’d grab your cheeks out of nowhere and give you an Eskimo kiss just coz he felt like it.
• he likes to hug you really tight and pick you up off the ground and spin you in circles aw cutie
• wonwoo would be kinda demanding when he wants attention, he’d give you a serious glare as if he was saying HUG ME OR ILL BE IN THIS MOOD FOREVER
• he lives for sweater weather, like he’s got a whole separate wardrobe filled with sweaters just waiting for the time he’s able to wear them and he turns into the happiest boy on earth when he knows tHAT ITS FINALLY TIME FOR SWEATERS
• but he gets really upset bc he doesn’t know which sweater to wear
• he HATES aegyo, it makes him cringe and want to crawl into a hole. but ofc he’ll let it slide when it comes to you bc your cute in whatever you do
• he also doesn’t like dogs, but he pretends he’s fine with it just to put on a brave face but this one time a small dog barked at him and he started to cry into your hair and you laughed bc YOU LOVE THIS BOY
• wonwoo secretly slips some of his sweaters in your wardrobe just so he can see you wear it bc he loves it when you wear his big sweaters. your always left wondering where all these sweaters are coming from and keep telling wonwoo how your positive the sweater fairy exists
• has an addiction to the movie ‘miracle in cell no. 7’ he watches it at least once a week and cries everytime no joke, you have to always be there to hold him when he sobs
• “nooooo”
• wonwoo HATES couple clothes like even if you beg and plead with him he will just deny deny deny bc COUPLE CLOTHES ARE SO CRINGE
• but one time you convinced him to buy matching couple socks and he gave in bc you looked like you were gonna cry, besides, nobody would see it anyway.
• jealous wonwoo = cold wonwoo
• he will not be happy if he sees anyone flirting with you and would get v protective. he’s not the type to get aggressive, he’s more of the quiet mad type like he’ll give the person flirting with you a death glare and they would know not to mess with you OR him.
• then when they like run away your so confused bc you were just talking ??
• “hey, why did he just walk away?”
• “i don’t know.. i guess he’s got somewhere to be”
• his phone background is of you sleeping in one of his sweaters, he thought you were the cutest thing in the world and just HAD to take a photo and just HAD to make it his background
• and you were like ?? ????? was it necessary to make it his background
• and he was like, yes, yes it was.
• your phone background was a photo of him laughing, it was one of those laughs where he scrunches his nose like little cutie and you just so happened to capture it and use it as your background despite his complaints bc happy wonwoo is best wonwoo
• the first time you saw his aegyo come out was during this one night when you two were bickering over who had to run to the convenience store a few blocks away to get some more ramen bc you were running out lol. he did the good old sweater paw and spoke in the highest voice he could muster and batted his eyelashes at you aND YOU JUST HAD TO SAY YES BC THIS MOMENT WAS PRECIOUS JEON WONWOO WAS SHOWING YOU HIS AEGYO
• but when you were about to leave the door he decided to come with you and gave you his jacket bc it was cold.
• “i wasn’t just gonna let you go by yourself at night, are you insane?”
• this one time he saw you wear his clothes for the first time and he just froze on the spot bc you just came out of the bathroom wearing his sweatpants and his shirt AND his sweater ?? and you thought it would mean NOTHING to him ?????. um nO wearing his clothes was like a whOLE NEW STAGE IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP BC HIS CLOTHES ESPECIALLY HIS SWEATERS R V PRECIOUS TO HIM
• he acted like he it didn’t bother him but inside he was squealing bc YOU LOOKED SO CUTE AND SMOL IN HIS SAGGY SWEATPANTS AND BAGGY SWEATER
• his role as a rapper in seventeen tends to put lots of pressure on him, especially since he has to write his rap lyrics. he’s usually up late writing lyrics and practicing until he’s lost his voice. sometime you see him passed out on his work table and you sigh bc he’s working so hard and u worry for his health
• he always assures you he’s doing fine but the bags under his eyes say otherwise and you turn into such a worry wart
• “I don’t know why your stressing about this jagiya”
• which leads me to your first fight. one day you got upset with him because he was working himself too hard and you barely got to see him anymore. it just turned out that wonwoo was really stressed that day and your words didn’t help at all and he just snapped and said that you were being selfish and said that his music was way more important. the argument ended with you storming out.
• a few days later wonwoo returned to you with tears in his eyes and a pout on his face. he brought a massive teddy bear with him and an even bigger I’m sorry card. he was dressed in the most cringe worthy couple clothes with a shirt that said I’m sorry. he didn’t let you say anything as he started to rap a rap he had spent the past few days writing, it was about how much he loved you and how you were the most precious thing in the world.
• “jagi.. I’m so sorry, I don’t know what came over me that day. you are just as important as music is to me, like music, without you, I don’t think I’d be able to function. please forgive me..”
• ofc u forgive him bc u love him
• wonwoo sends you to sleep by hugging you as tight as he can, as if protecting you and just lays there until you sleep.
• your always the one to wake him up bc jeon wonwoo treasures his sleep k. like he’s always so reluctant to get up but he eventually will if you promise him pomegranates and unlimited kisses
• and lemme tell you this, morning wonwoo is so sexy omg. his already low voice gOES EVEN LOWER LIKE HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE LIKE ITS ALL RASPY AND BEAUTIFUL. he’s also completely cuddly in the mornings and wants nothing but hugs and kisses bc he just wants love
• “babeee stop making food, and come love me”
• jeon wonwoo may come off as scary and closed off, but you know he’s anything but that. he loves you with all his heart and would do anything for you, he’s such a big sweetheart and people often fail to see it. he’s forever loyal to you, and you to him. you bring out the best in him and is genuinely a good positive influence to him.
• “When you leave me I have no energy to cheer
But when you’re close to me
I have no choice but to smile (That’s right)” -WONWOO XOXOXOXOX

A Cup of Cold Coffee

A cup of bitter coffee. Cold. He sighed, roughly dragging his sleeve over his eyes, and squinting back at the screen. An array of multi-coloured bars flashed at him. He sighed. The workroom was dark, the dim yellow light lulling him to sleep. Yoongi was stressed. “Fuck this.” He muttered angrily. He wanted something to keep him awake. Suddenly his thoughts produced an image of Jimin, chatting away in his bubbly voice, and Yoongi groaned, slamming his face down onto the MIDI keyboard. A small gasp came from behind him, and Yoongi whipped around in shock.

“J-Jimin?” said Yoongi, still trying to unsuccessfully slow down his racing heart, though he was half shocked half pleased.

“Hyung.” Jimin squeaked. He took a deep breath. “Hyung, if you keep doing this you’ll die early. Caffeine overdose exists you now. And brain-death from no sleep. And stress. And –“

“Caffeine overdose?” snorted Yoongi, amused.

“yeah. I don’t want you to die before Me.” he whispered, with a naughty wink, and Yoongi has no idea what to do with this low-key sarcastic boy. Jimin walked over to grab the cup of coffee next to Yoongi.

Yoongi almost died of cuteness overload, when he noticed Jimin’s tiny hands barely wrap around the cup.  

“Yah, Jimin. Quit worrying about me. Stress makes you die early.” He glanced at Jimin, who looked scandalised that Yoongi would throw jimin’s remark back in his face.

“Hyunnnnng!” Jimin whined smacking him with his tiny hand.

Yoongi reached up to defend himself, and ended up swiping at his extra-large cup of espresso. “FUCK!” yelled Yoongi as he got coated in cold coffee. Jimin opened his mouth in shock, his plump lips rounded. Suddenly he started to laugh. Hard.

“Hyung, I suggest you clean your mouth out, unless you want to scare our ARMY away.” Jimin teased.

Yoongi swore. “Yah, Jimin! If you weren’t here, I wouldn’t be covered in cold coffee! What where you doing here anyways?”

Jimin’s laughing stopped as abruptly as it had started. He suddenly looked nervous. And Yoongi instantly knew what was up. He knows Jimin stays up, night after night, practicing in the dancing room, watching himself in the mirror, dancing until he is perfection itself. “Yah, Jimin-ah.” He pulled Jimin down into his wet lap, snuggling against Jimin’s soft chestnut hair. Jimin naturally curled up against Yoongi, nuzzling into his shoulder his small hands gripping the front of Yoongi’s Swag hoodie. Suddenly Yoongi flushes red. Jimin is very much straddling his lap. Jimin shifts closer, and Yoongi practically dies. He can’t believe he’s fallen for his Jimin. Yeah, he was always cute and adorable, with those chubby cheeks and eye smiles. But Yoongi knows this is something else. He suddenly got up abruptly, knocking Jimin off, who saves himself just in time.

“Hyung, I nearly died!” cried Jimin smiling still.

“Yeah, I’m making sure you die before me, sunshine.” Yoongi winked at Jimin, who stuck his tongue out.

“Hyung, that doesn’t mean kill me.”

“Well, how can we guarantee you’d die before me?”

Jimin laughed, walking over to Yoongi, to give him a back hug.

“I love you, Hyung. You’re hilarious. At least your jokes are better than Jin-Hyung’s dad-jokes anyways.”

Though Yoongi stiffened at the first three words that left Jimin’s pretty mouth, he realised Jimin meant it innocently and let out a shaky breath before mentally reminding himself for the millionth time not to get excited when Jimin said that. But every time… Damn. It’s hard.

Suddenly Jimin squeezed Yoongi extra tight before letting go and spanking Yoongi lightly on his butt.

“Yah, you’re the worst Hyung ever. You made my butt wet!” exclaimed Jimin, initiating a chase.

Well, Yoongi aint letting anyone spank his butt and get away with it. Ask Hoseok. Hoseok made the mistake of doing that. And ended up excluded from the rap line for 2 days. And he had to dress up like a girl. Not that jhope doesn’t belong in a girl group, with those awesome moves and a hell load of twerking.

Yoongi smirked at the memory, before grabbing hold of Jimin before giving him a HARD spank, causing Jimin to flail around and try to escape. Well, Yoongi isn’t letting his sunshine go just yet. He grabbed at Jimin, who being his clumsy self, lost footing and fell.

Suddenly, Jimin was trapped below Yoongi, whose left leg was trapped between the two of jimin’s, while the rest of his body lay sprawled on top. Yoongi was staring deep into jimin’s eyes. Pink dusted jimin’s cheeks, and Yoongi knew his cheeks probably looked the same. They were breathless. That chase sure was a good one.

Suddenly, Yoongi couldn’t deal with it anymore. Against his own will, he had closed off the small gap between them and was pressing his lips to Jimin’s. Jimin’s lips were soft, so full, that if felt like sinking into a soft bed. Jimin froze. Suddenly, all sense flew back to Yoongi and he was horrified. He pulled back, desperately trying to escape, when small hands gripped the front of Yoongi’s hoodie and were tugging him back down.

“Hyung…” breathed Jimin as he clung onto Yoongi like a lifeline, arching against the floor, trying to get as close as he could. Yoongi pressed against Jimin with equal vigour, softly nipping at those plump lips, smiling as his tongue skimmed over that one crooked tooth, that failed at making jimin’s smile look bad, but instead made it that much perfect. Jimin sighed desperately against Yoongi, his fingers clenching and unclenching on the hoodie, as he grabbed at Yoongi, pulling him as close as possible.

Yoongi stroked his tongue into jimin’s mouth, exploring and tasting Jimin, who moaned softly into Yoongi’s mouth on return. Yoongi felt heat rush down, and he gasped at the feeling racing through him, and let out a shaky breath against Jimin’s lips. Jimin groaned, low at the back of his throat, as he felt Yoongi harden beneath him. Yoongi tugged at the simple light blue button down shirt, as he undid the buttons, and..FUCK. This boy was an angel. Jimin looked like an angel sprawled beneath him, the shirt open wide and spread in both directions like crumpled wings. His lips were kiss swollen and glistening, his abs got Yoongi. He kissed them softly before reaching the edge of Jimin’s trousers. Yoongi, pulled at it, before tugging of his own hoodie and kicking off his jeans. He threw himself on Jimin again, who gasped as Yoongi’s hardness rubbed on his own. Jimin let out a soft moan, and Yoongi growled. He needed to get into Jimin and now. He looked around-they were in the… dance room? Yoongi internally swore. No fucking lube. That’s when Jimin reached down shyly, and tugged out a tiny tube from one of the pockets.

“You carry lube around?” asked Yoongi, a blonde eyebrow arched.

Jimin flushed. “Well, you never know when you might get laid…” he wiggled his eyebrows mischievously, and Yoongi snorted. Park fucking Jimin.

Yoongi had already pounced on Jimin, who belatedly realised Yoongi had shucked off those hot supreme boxers at some point. Yoongi tugged down Jimin’s boxers before kissing Jimin’s round butt again. Yoongi sucked against jimin’s ass, marking bruises into his pale skin. Jimin was hungry for Yoongi. He flipped around and grabbed Yoongi’s length, when he noticed how huge it was. Suddenly, Jimin slowly pressed his mouth down on the tip. And then he flicked at it with his tongue. Yoongi moaned. He swirled it around before throating him, swallowing. “ff..ffuck Jimin.” Stuttered Yoongi as the heat that rushed down, took hold of his senses. Jimin hummed lightly, from the satisfaction, nd it sent vibrations up Yoongi, and he let out a long stuttering moan, breathy and weak. “I’m… I” Yoongi didn’t even finish. Yoongi came apart in Jimin’s mouth who swallowed happily. Yoongi stared down at Jimin. Lips swollen, shiny with juice, face flushed and hair matted. Jimin looked HOT. Though Yoongi was already sensitive, he realised he was beginning to harden again. He grabbed the lube, determined to prep Jimin, as he placed a small amount of it against his fingers. Yoongi stuck a finger in.  His finger sunk in easily, as they curled around, slowly pushing in and back out again. “Hyungg…” Jimin moaned as Yoongi stuck a second finger in, scissoring him. Jimin twitched as Yoongi’s fingers brushed against his prostrate. Yoongi slipped a third Finger in. “HYUNGG” Jimin practically shrieked, as Yoongi’s long fingers pressed against the bundle of nerves. Jimin’s eyes watered with pleasure as Yoongi smirked. He positioned himself at jimin’s entrance, before plunging in. Jimin moaned. “H-hyung. Don’t, don’t stop.” He gasped as Yoongi began to move, picking up the pace. Yoongi was practically slamming into Jimin, who gasped with each stroke, moving slightly forward every time, causing his round ass to bob along.

“Jimin, why do you do this to me” Yoongi made out as he began to lose his steady rhythm and became sloppier as he got closer to his peak. Jimin let out an incoherent moan in response that sounded something like “love hyung and ducks”. Yoongi couldn’t hold on any longer and erupted into Jimin, who feeling the sudden warmth, released as well, their strangled moans reflecting off the mirrors surrounding the room. Yoongi flopped down next to Jimin breathless, and stared into Jimin’s slightly wet eyes. He suddenly leaned forward and kissed Jimin’s nose, because let’s face it. That nose-It’s cute as hell.

They stared at the ceiling, hands clasped, chasing their breaths as their chests heaved up and down. Jimin turned towards Yoongi, snuggling into his chest. “H-Hyung? Does this mean I’m your boyfriend?” Jimin asked with all the innocence of a 5 year old.

Yoongi smirked as he remembers the previous 2 minutes. Jimin is sin. Looks are deceiving. “Yeah, sunshine.” And he threw Jimin a wink.

Jimin sighed, as if annoyed at the prospect of detaching himself off Yoongi, and got up off to clean himself, and Yoongi followed, and soon they were dressed and back on the floor as they snuggled into each other’s arms, entwined so tight they were almost one. The moonlight shone through the window and reflected off the mirrors around the room, where there lay, two figures, very much in love, as they softly drifted to sleep. Each mirror reflected back an image. It showed Love.




I need holy water… it was supposed to be 100% fluff,  but my dirty mind doesnt know how to stay pure like that and it turned into…well… this

Oh well, don’t we all love a bit of yoonmin. 


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Today isn’t just any other ordinary day. Oh well…Jimin in Buzzfeed, Jessi x BTS SKT CF, and RUN Jpn version MV. So, yeah it’s one of those days where chill doesn’t exist.
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the thing that i love the most in this pic is that everyone’s lookin at the camera like they got some lowkey swag then we have the six in the back …,,,,…nice,,,amazing,,

8 facts of your relationship with Jackson Wang

A special Jackson’s birthday scenario

1.   Usually it is very loud.

Since day one, everything was loud because you were the one who dared to touch a fatty puffy worm and place it in your hand. Meanwhile, the hottest guy in town, the one who sang and rapped and danced and beat-boxed and captured all the ladies’ hearts grimaced, secretly replaced his scream with a low groan. How unfortunate or fortunate your choice, you could hear it.

“Someone scared?”, you snickered.

“Psttt!”, Jackson waved his hand in annoyance. “As if!”.

“Uh huh? You seem scared to me!”, you smirked, coming closer to the boy while shoving the worm out. Jackson hesitantly took a step back, eyes widened at the creature, then shot up to you. This cheeky side of you stunned him, especially the way you bit the corner of your bottom lip in mischief.

“S-STOP!”, Jackson shout-stammered. In one swift movement, the hot boy swung his backpack in front of him as a shield. “I just… I don’t like bugs!”

He admitted and you giggled. Who would have known the almighty Jackson was afraid of a little creature like this. “Okay!”, you backed off. “Just… you’re really cute”, you shrugged, putting the worm back on its tree before going on your way again.

Jackson, on the other hand, was still in a daze. No one thinks he’s cute. They always say he’s sexy, swag, hot and wild, not cute. This was the first time he felt intimidated by a girl, a brave beautiful girl.

“HEY!”, he called after you. “WHAT’S YOUR NAME?”.

“Y/N!”, you shouted back.

“CAN I… CAN I WALK YOU HOME?”, Jackson ran up to you, panting.

“Huh? You know, I might throw something even scarier to your face!”, you put on a half smile and he burst into his hyena laugh.

“I’ll take that chance!”.

2.   Sometimes, not always though, you play along with his stupid games.

And Jackson surely does has many to try out. Ever since you started dating, Jackson has never left a day without laughter. Just by yesterday, after a big portion of pizza, he dragged you into a burping competition, in which you could only last for three seconds before that derp face of his – eyes goggling, nostrils expanding and fists forming, made you crash on the floor laughing.

“Come on, you try it!”, Jackson encouraged you, offering you his coke.

“Never!”, you managed to breathe. “There’s no way I’m gonna do that!”.

“Come on babe! I know you want to~”, Jackson nudged you playfully. “You need to let that pizza have some fresh air!”

“No no no!”, you started running away as he followed, catching you in less than one minute. “Fine!”, you gave in, taking a sip of the drink in his hand. You glared at him once before burping out and you both laughed, again.

3.   He easily takes offense by the way you tease his height.

But it’s not that hard to comfort him since he knows you didn’t really mean it when teasing him. All it takes is vanilla ice cream.

“Jack baby, I bought you some ice cream~”, you smile, crawling up to him sitting on the couch, crossing his arms against his chest, till now upset. “I’m just kidding, babe. I’m sorry~”.

“I’m not short! I just like wearing baggy pants!”, he pouts.

“I know I know. Your height is completely normal for a boy. And you know I love it because it’s perfect for me”, you say sweetly, kissing his cheek as the frown on his face soon fades.

“I’m not short”, he states, probably the hundredth since last night.

“I know”, you kiss him on the lips this time. “Ice cream?”. Scooping a ball of vanilla ice cream, you feed your boyfriend and he eats it up, not forgetting to kiss you back.

4.  However, every relationship has its ups and downs.

There was one time when you two were actually mad at each other, so mad that Jackson stormed out  of your house and didn’t come back for days.

Sometimes, pride just kept getting in the way.

But you missed him. And he missed you as much crazy.

You missed all your laughter together, all those games, and the loud but hilarious conversations you had.

You missed his arms wrapping around you, his eyes contemplating you, his lips devouring yours.

With the thought stinging your head, you found yourself running into the crowed street to his dorm with the boys and once again, just like how you two first met, you bumped into him.

“Babe, I’m sorry”, Jackson blurted out in a fraction of seconds seeing you. He immediately pinned you against the wall, one hand placing on the cold surface behind you while the other weaving on the back of your head, knotting in your hair. His genuine gaze searched for the same sympathy in yours.

“I miss you”, you sobbed and the image of your boyfriend became blurry in tears.

Jackson shook his head. “Not as much as I do, babe. I love you”, he muttered before decreasing the small gap between your lips. Jackson caught them glistening every shade of pink and he couldn’t help but desperately wanting to claim them as his. Jackson’s lips fitted perfectly into yours, his upper lip sitting in between your lips before he started moving them slowly, nibbling to taste you. His movements became more aggressive when his tongue darted into your mouth, exploring your wet cavern as his hands cradled your face, thumbs wiping off those tears dreading to fall.

“I love you, too”, you said between kisses, arms snaking around his neck, then pulling away to catch your breath, connecting your foreheads.

“Come on”, Jackson beamed, entwined your fingers with his as you walked together. “Let’s get some vanilla ice cream and head home!”.

5.   He may be swag in front of people but will ultimately become Wang puppy for you.

“Why do you always wear black to the airport?”. Still burying yourself in a burrito blanket, you poke your head out to see your boyfriend checking himself in the mirror, getting ready for the next schedule.

“Because I’m swag, duh”, he turns back to tell you the obvious truth, at which you laugh.

“No, you’re not. You’re cute”, you motion him to inch closer to you to peck his lips.

“Excuse you! Everybody thinks I’m swag, too!”, he lowers his sunglasses on his nose before smirking, trying to create a swagger look. But to his expectation, all you do is puffing his cheeks cutely and knocking his snapback off to pull him in for a shower of cuddle.

“But you’re my Wang puppy~”.

“Fine. I am.”. You giggled.

“Off you go~”. Putting the snapback back on his head, you readjust it stylishly, which means placing it backward. “Come home early”, you send him another kiss before he gets in the van with his group.

6.   You two enjoy little sweet things more than fancy stuffs.

You wake up to the emptiness of your room and start to panic. He goes to work? Again? Nooo~

As you are going to whine like a kid, you abruptly hear the sound of Jackson whistling coming from the bathroom.

“Jack? Babe?”.

“Yes babe?”.

You hurry to the closed bathroom as Jackson opens it for you from the inside. He chuckles, noticing how messy you are, unorganized and half-asleep in his big hoodie and he still finds you extremely beautiful. You practically jump onto him to kiss the life out of your precious boy as he kisses you back hungrily, his hands traveling all over your back as he places you on the counter.

“Morning, sleepy head”, Jackson grazes the tip of your nose with his teeth cutely as you protest, squishing his cheeks.

“I was planning to get out of bed at six, thanks for asking! But you want to sleep next to me so bad that I can’t leave you!”.

“Well I just miss you. Even in my sleep, you know that”, Jackson shrugs, dropping yet, another kiss on your forehead before going back to his morning routine of brushing his teeth.

“Why don’t you join me?”. Holding his brush by his mouth, Jackson helps you apply the toothpaste on your brush and gives it to you.

Nodding, you receive your brush but still too lazy to get off the counter so there you are, crossing your legs on the granite surface, opposite to Jackson and brushing your teeth, eyes can’t wander off of him even for a split second.

“What? I’m super handsome, aren’t I?”, he snickers.

“Pstt!”, you roll your eyes at him. “You’re cute! If only those tiny beard didn’t grow~”, you giggle as Jackson exclaims.

“I’m a man! And men are supposed to have beard!”, just then his voice softens. “But that reminds me I need to shave”.

You laugh at his puppy eyes at you before agreeing to help him (not that you don’t want it anyway). You open your legs so that Jackson can stand in the middle, one hand resting on your lower back while the other supporting his body by placing on the counter. Jackson smiles as you apply the foam onto his face, smearing it on the lower halves of his cheeks and chin. Jackson happily enjoys the moment of heaven at first before changing back to his hyper self, puckering his lips and scrunching up his face at you, which you finds absolutely adorable.

“Jack! Stay still or I may leave a scratch!”, you hold back a laugh as Jackson tries to kiss you with his face full of foam. You end up straddling your legs around his waist before shaving carefully, after all, his face is your fortune. Jackson contemplates you through every small action, never in a fraction of second looking away. You have cast a love spell on him and he has no intention to break it.

7.   He has a habit of touching any accessory on his index finger with his thumb and your couple ring gives him an even better reason to love doing it.

Jackson sometimes has a problem with his over-protective side when it comes to you (he prefers calling it like that), but it’s over-possessive in your opinion and you are very much, enjoying teasing him by throwing your arm over Mark’s shoulders or clinging onto Jaebum. Normally, Jackson would never show he does mind about it but he secretly hates it, that explains all the couple matching things you wear every time you hang out, from snapbacks, beanies, glasses, masks, piercings to hoodies, T-shirts, sneakers, even underwear! However, Jackson loves your couple rings the most, not just because you bought them, but also because of the meaning behind them – you finally claim him as yours. Now Jackson has another reason to make you watch all his shows, to see him fiddle with the ring, not subconsciously but purposely.

8.   His all time favorite birthday gift will always be you.

You turn yourself over in bed so that you can face the sleeping boyfriend of yours. Unlike how loud and annoyed he could be when he’s awake, Jackson is a lot more quiet, a lot more cute when he sleeps, mostly because of you. You make him feel at ease and peaceful to sleep with, not that hot sexy ‘sleep with’ but a genuine sweet kind of it. Jackson loves your being, as much as your warmth.

Despite his busy schedule, Jackson somehow always manages to come home once in a while, not the dorm with the boys even though it’s closer to the studio, but your house, with you. How lucky when this time, the next morning is the beginning of his birthday. Reaching for your phone which says 5.00 AM, you carefully remove his grip on your waist to go to the kitchen and prepare for him a nice decent breakfast, something that he usually misses because fatigue only lets him wake up at noon. As you are about to successfully make your way out of your bed, Jackson almost instantly realizes the vacancy next to him.

“Babe?”, he groans under his breath as his hand automatically grabs yours. His half-lidded eyes search for you as a flush of possessiveness runs in his veins. You let out a soft sign, moving back into his embrace, your cold fingertips feel warm on his skin.

“I’m here”, you coo sweetly. “I was just going to make you a special breakfast. Happy birthday, Jack”, you enclose your birthday wish with a deep kiss, which Jackson melts incoherently, his arms easily find their way around you, pushing you closer to him.

He smiles. “Are you my present?”.

“If you want…”, you cup his face, flipping his fringe up to kiss his forehead as Jackson snuggles into the crook of your neck.

“Good. Just stay with me, forever.”, he muffles before falling back to sleep.

 For years, no matter what you have prepared to surprise him, Jackson always makes sure to ask you that question, to hear your sweet answer and smile sheepishly every birthday.

Because all he ever needs, is you.


Cre pic: Just Wonderful