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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Recently jilted and determined to avoid any love story cliches, you reluctantly attend a wedding, only to run into your college crush.

for @dearthofequanimity

A/N: I’m overwhelmed by all the love on my first story! Thank you so much for the warm feedback; I only hope this one also brings a smile to your face! -j xx

“Another one?”

Almost immediately another blackberry gin and tonic slides in front of you, courtesy of the very sweet bartender. You raise your glass at him before sliding off the bar stool. You got your alcohol. Now you wanted dessert.

You glance at the bride’s bouquet sitting on the counter you had just occupied. With a scoff you toss your hair and stomp off in your stilettos without it.

During the bouquet toss, the bride had thought it would be cute if she first pretended to throw the flowers but then turn around and hand you the bouquet. She thought it would be cute and cheer you up.

Oh, Lord! When she realized her idea wasn’t cute in reality, the bride had awkwardly tried to play it off as a joke. A man in the crowd quickly saved the situation by clinking his glass and loudly chanting, “Kiss! Kiss!”, giving you the opportunity to slink away to the open bar as the couple of the hour kissed to the melody of clinking glasses.

The bouquet only reminds you of your unattached status. Normally you don’t mind being single, but you had checked “Plus One” when filling out the wedding invite. How were you supposed to know that your now-ex would break up with you over text a day before the wedding?

The heartbroken single at a wedding. What a pathetic cliche.

You pick out a cream puff from the dessert table. Right when you’re about to bite in, you feel a light tap on your shoulder.

Who dares to disturb your dessert bliss? You slowly spin on your heel, ready to give the person a piece of your mind but as soon as you see who it is, you practically choke on your cream puff.

“Oh my God, Bucky?”

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Bailey, Great Pyrenees mix (9 m/o), Sewallcrest City Park, Portland, OR • “He can’t really stand up while sitting on a wood floor. His front paws always slide forward. He also squeaks when he yawns.”


Colt Model 1900 pistol

Made by Colt’s Manufacturing Company c.1900-02 based on Browning’s 1897 design - serial number 3207.
.38ACP seven-round removable box magazine, short-recoil semi-automatic, single action.

I think the weirdest thing about this gun is the placement of the grip on the front of the slide instead of the rear as became usual.

Russian hackers came into my house and interlocked all my hanging blinds in front of my sliding glass door so that when I twist the stick to open then they get stuck and break

12x12 coda

They don’t talk about it, but Dean can’t drive. Not tonight. He’s seen unspeakable things, done unspeakable things. And he never talks about them. Probably never will. But always, always, he’s good enough to drive.

Not tonight. This is the thing that breaks him.

Dean presses the key silently into Sam’s hand and opts for the back with Cas. They don’t mention the empty seat in the front when Dean slides into the back after his angel, and they don’t mention the lack of an empty seat in the back between them when Dean lets his momentum carry him into the middle seat. Sam starts the car and drives. Dean sits quietly, sinking into Cas’s space like a rock in a pond. Cas stares at Dean, right up until Dean is so close that Cas can’t meet his eyes without moving away.

He doesn’t move away.

Instead, he lets his gaze shift to his knees, which are now brushing against Dean’s at every bump in the road.

They don’t talk about it.

In fact, no one talks about anything. Sam turns on the radio. But no one speaks for a long time.

The silence is tired. It’s heavy. It’s painful.

Dean can’t carry it anymore. Not when he’s broken.

When Dean finally speaks, it’s only for Cas to hear.

“Thank god,” Dean breathes into Cas’s ear and Cas must be in shock because he doesn’t even roll his eyes at the empty approbation.

“I thought I lost you,” Dean says, “again.” And then his knee is pressing against Cas’s in earnest, the line of his thigh flush against Cas’s, steady and insistent.

He doesn’t want to talk about it, but he can’t stop. He’s broken. He’s broken and out of the cracks, words pour like water.

“You were dying. You were dying and all I could do was watch. I would have begged anyone that could hear to save you even though… but I couldn’t even pray because I–I didn’t want you to hear. I wanted to so bad it made me sick but I couldn’t do that to you. I couldn’t.”
His voice cracks.

Cas is still staring at their knees.

“Cas,” Dean says, and it sounds as broken as he feels.

He reaches his arm across to coax Cas’s chin up, but he doesn’t need to pull because as soon as Dean’s fingers meet his cheek, Cas’s head snaps up.

Cas can see Dean’s eyes now that Dean’s face is turned towards him, inches away. Dean’s eyes are bright and desperate. Confusion plays across Cas’s face.

“Cas, I need you to hear me,” Dean whispers urgently. “I’m praying. I’m begging. I need you to hear me now.”

Cas holds his gaze. “Always,” he murmurs.

Dean swallows.

Dean kisses him.

Cas kisses back.


When they get home, Sam says goodnight, polite and quiet like he doesn’t know. Or maybe like he does.

Dean dithers in the hallway.

Normally at this point, he would say goodnight and go to bed. Alone.

He’s been lonely for so long, so lonely he could never talk about it. But always, always, he goes to bed alone.

Not tonight.

This is the thing that saves him.

#5 Hands

A/N: Surprise!! Bet you didn’t think I’d post two fics in two day! Don’t get too excited yet, this is a shortie, but hopefully a goodie. It sort of took a path of its own, but I quite like how it turned out.

This is a thank you to everyone who gave me an ego boost by sending feedback/review/comment/like last night. I love you for believing in me and my writing.

Prompt #5: Hands - She didn’t know how she really felt, until he held her hand that night.

Word count: 485

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“Hello,” Ed abruptly greeted, sliding in front of Oswald.

“Hi," Oswald replied, smiling grimly.

"Is there something I can help you with?” Ed asked, silently referring to the prolonged and chaste glances the man has been shooting your way. “Or are you going to keep staring at my girlfriend?” Ed said politely, refraining himself of showing the irritation that lurk under his skin. Penguin scoffed in surprise.

That’s your girlfriend?”

“Yes. And I’m almost certain she wouldn’t feel too comfortable with a Penguin gawking at her.”

A Big Favor /01/

Part /02/  Part /03/

You had no idea who decided that they wanted to pound on your front door before noon. You definitely weren’t expecting anyone but you unwillingly dragged your feet across the floor in drowsiness. You caught a glimpse of the silhouette through the glass on the front door. Of course it had to be him, no other than your best friend, Wonwoo.

“(Y/N), YA! Open the door,” he continued to ring your doorbell in impatience as if his goal was to break you doorbell. “I’ve been waiting here forever,” you rolled your eyes, whining as you trotted towards the front door, feet sliding across the ground.

You couldn’t take it anymore the ringing was started to annoy you. 

 “Wonwoo, you can stop now,” you groaned, annoyed as you swung the door open to see a suit clad Wonwoo at your mist. You nearly choked being taken aback by his fancy attire but soon began to laugh. “What’s up handsome? Did you show up to my house all dressed up for me?” you joked while running your hand along the collar of his suit.

He just scoffed, brushing your hand off and letting out a chuckle as he passed through the door to let himself into your home. He began taking off his shoes, all while trying to hide the immense blush on his cheeks.

“It’s a long story so close the door,” his sock clad feet slid across the floor in the direction of you room but he stopped abruptly. “By the way do you have any cola left in your fridge.” You hit his shoulder but ran into the kitchen and grabbed a cola from the fridge for him anyways. He entering your room immediately flopping down on your bed. 

You situated yourself next to him looking down on him with eager eyes. “So tell me, why you chose to show up to my house in a suit.”

Wonwoo sat up quickly, reaching for the soda, opening it and taking one large gulp before he began speaking. He turned to face you with a serious face, but ended up laughing nervously as he ran his hand through the back of his hair. A gesture he always did when he was either in a situation that made him nervous or things had just gotten awkward.

“Promise me you’ll hear me out and not laugh at me when I ask you this,” he gave you a serious look. His face told you that he was positive that you would laugh. 

“I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try my best,” you tried to wipe the emerging grin from your face. It was hard to be serious with Wonwoo.

“Good enough for me,” he smiled again. “The thing is, I need a favour and it’s kind of a really big one. And I really need you to say yes, because if you say no then it’ll be kind of embarrassing and-”

“Okay, okay, just get to the point.” You were practically bouncing on your toes at this point.

“Well, the thing is. My families having a big fancy reunion at a banquet hall. Which explains why I’m wearing the suit because it’s kinda in an hour or two.” But, they’re kind of expecting me to bring a date,” his voice was nervous and he avoided your eye contact, fiddling with his fingers in his lap.

“And you want me to be your date? Sure, it’s not like I haven’t done it before. What was the big deal,” you laughed at him teasingly poking his cheek.

“No, that’s not all. They kind of want me to bring like a real date, like a, girlfriend,” he paused letting out the last word ever so slightly.

This was when your smile faded slightly and your brows began to furrow. “Girlfriend? Couldn’t you just have asked one of the other girls that you’re friends with? Why’d you ask me?”

“It’s cause it needs to be you.” Your heart fluttered as he tilted his head up slightly to make his dark brown orbs pierce into your own as he spoke. You quickly told yourself that he was just being sincere nothing serious. But why was your heart pounding like this. 

“You know how my family feels about you. They love you and basically already consider you as ‘the only one for me,” He chuckled softly, “If I brought anyone else then in wouldn’t seem believable. So please just do me this favour and say yes, because I’m already dying from embarrassment here.” He looked away clearly embarrassed by the way he hid is face with one if the pillows on your bed.

You took a deep breath, considering how all of this could end up. You’ve been Wonwoo’s date to many occasions before because you both were really close and it seemed like nothing. But you didn’t know about how you’d feel showing up as not only his friend this time but his girlfriend. It felt like quite a burden especially when his family would definitely have a lot of questions. But looking over your shoulder to your friend in distress, already messing up his smooth white shirt, you made a decision. 

‘Wonwoo?” you let out another sigh, thinking that you might end up regretting this  decision. Especially if your heart started to get involved.

“Yes?” his body quickly rise up to hear your answer. 

“I’ll go with you, but only on one case.” You could see him gulp at your words. “If we’re going to do this, you have to do it right. So from now on until the end of the night, I’m your girlfriend,” you tried to fake sternness but had to look away from Wonwoo to avoid his wide eyes. Finally turning to look at Wonwoo you reached up to place your hands on his shoulders. “Deal?”

His closed his mouth, which was wide enough to catch flies, his cheeks burning so evidently. He nodded. “Deal.” 

“Now help me pick out something to wear,” you said laughing.

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Small Damen and small Laurent meeting and probably becoming friends.

I decreased the age difference, because five years gets a lot bigger the younger you are

“You’re blocking the slide.” Damen crossed his arms over his chest and glared at the smaller, blond boy sitting at the top of the playground.

The other boy looked behind him, then back at Damen, and nodded. “Yeah.”


“I don’t want to.”

“You have to. I want to go down.”

“I don’t want to.”

Damen huffed. “I’ll tell my dad, and he’ll get you in trouble.”

“Tell your dad. I don’t care.”

“I will.” Damen turned to climb back down the ladder that led to the slide, but stopped. He’d expected the other boy to scramble to tell him not to tell after all, but he still didn’t move from where he was sitting in front of the slide. He looked like he was rooted to the spot. Damen turned back around to face him. “Why are you sitting up here? You’re not even playing.”

“I want to.”

“No you don’t. That’s boring.”

The boy glared at him, and Damen scowled back. He was good at scowling. His older brother had taught him how.

After a minute of that, the boy looked down. His face was turning red. “I’m stuck.”

“You’re stuck?”

“Yeah. I only climbed up here because my uncle told me to, and then he left, and I don’t like heights. And my brother’s meeting me here after school but that’s not for ages because he has sports so I’m stuck.”

Well, that Damen could work with. He offered the boy a hand. “I’m Damen. Come on, I’ll help you get down.”

The boy glared. “I’m Laurent, and I don’t need help.”

“Yes, you do. You just said you’re stuck at the top of the slide.”

“I’ll be fine once my brother gets here.”

“Well, I’m going to help you get down now.

Laurent still didn’t take his hand, so Damen reached down and grabbed it and tugged. Laurent stumbled to his feet, eyes wide and his face pale.

“There. Now you’re standing. Do you want to go back down the ladder, or down the slide?”

Laurent had a death grip on Damen’s arm with both hands, and it kind of hurt. “I want to sit back down.”

“No. Ladder or slide?”

Laurent glanced nervously between his two options. “I don’t like the ladder.”

“Then the slide. That’s easy. You just have to go down it.”

“I don’t want to. I don’t like tunnel slides.”

“Then why did you come up here?”

“Because my uncle told me to!”

“Then your uncle is a jerk. Come on.”

Laurent didn’t want to move, but he was smaller than Damen and didn’t want to let go of Damen’s arm, so it wasn’t that hard for Damen to get him to go the short distance to the slide entrance.

Laurent shook his head. “I don’t want to.”

“You have to. And then you’ll be on the ground and you won’t be stuck anymore.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Too bad. Come on, I can go down with you if you want.”

Laurent looked at him like he was crazy. “Only one person can go down the slide at a time. It says on the rule board.” He pointed to the board in question, releasing his grip on Damen for a second to do so, then immediately grabbing back on.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” That’s what Kastor said every time he broke the rules.

Laurent looked around nervously, like the playground police might jump out at them at any moment for even thinking about going down the slide at the same time.


Damen had to push Laurent to make him sit down, and had to keep pushing him to get him down the slide, as he kept scuffing his feet and slowing them down. They finally emerged back out into the daylight, and Laurent leapt off the bottom of the slide and darted away, like it might drag him back in.

“Thanks,” he said when Damen followed him.

Damen nodded. “Your uncle is a jerk. We should go play on the swings. Swings are better.” He pulled Laurent along, but this time Laurent followed him willingly.


“Dammit Percy.” you mumbled watching as he refused to leave the bull alone. You couldn’t deny that he was amazingly irresponsible when it came to dealing with deadly situations.

Luckily, you weren’t a stranger to weapons, being the only full blood in the camp. Your mother was Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty. Your father was Ares, the God of destruction. Which meant you knew how to fight.

You watched as your idiotic crush almost got pureed by the mechanical bull. Sliding in front of Percy, you aimed your bow, shooting an arrow down its throat.

Percy threw his head back, a relieved sigh leaving him. “Thanks.” he said, pulling you beside him. He gave you a small grin, placing a hard kiss to your lips. You felt the fireworks start in your stomach, and it was over as quick as it started.

“You’re almost as stupid as me.” he told you, connecting your lips once again.

“Well. Well. Well.” a voice tsked behind you. “Poseidon’s Half-Blood and the Full-Blood. Never would have expected that.” it mocked, revealing a familiar head of blonde hair.

“Luke?” you asked. Percy pressed the clip on his pen aiming it at Luke, pushing you behind him.

“Aw. How cute.” Luke teased.

bobbi: no one is calling you short, danny.

danny, at 5′11″, is the second shortest male superhero right behind wolverine:  :||||||||

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this isnt voltron related stuff i hope this is ok!! but like,, i have a headcanon where wag subconsciously does this thing where he sees his friends are in danger/possibly may be in danger so he just slides in front of them and a whole fucking fire wall appears and they're just "wag omg chill it's fine-" "ITS NOT FINE"

awww that’s c u t e