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He’s angry, so very angry.

Boxing - Cody Christian Imagine

Requested: Nope

Word Count: 1.565

Author’s Note: I saw the new boxing photo Cody posted on his Twitter (before he deleted it) and couldn’t help but come up with this. I hope you enjoy!

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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Moonlight - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
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Fic title: Moonlight

Word count: 4520


“Don’t you have someone to talk to about all of that? Someone you trust to help you?”

Killua laughed but it sounded broken and wrong. “If I did, do you think I would really be up here on the roof in the middle of the night talking to you, Ladybug?”


That hurt, more than Gon would ever admit.

(Killugon Miraculous Ladybug AU! Featuring a sad Killua and a comforting Ladybug~)( BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au)( Miraculous x Hunter tag with other drabbles, asks, etc)

This scene was actually something I proposed the emthimofnight about a half a week after she first posted her ideas for this au! So this fic has been an idea since the beginning of March, as crazy as it sounds…

@softkillua beta’d this fic for me because he is awesome and the best beta ever!!!!!!!! Please check out his writing, I swear you won’t regret it!

Killua pushed the window open with a gasp. A cool, night breeze hit his face a second later and rustled his white locks. It was like being doused in cold water: the low temperature and outside air was refreshing and helped lessen the terrible pressure building behind his eyes.

The Zoldyck Mansion’s roof was sloped and had few openings to grasp or even sit on without risking a fatal fall to the cement below. Killua scrambled out onto the landing anyway, eyes quick to find the small, familiar grooves to help him safely navigate the treacherous surface. He’d done this too many times by now to fall.

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Having a kid with Baron Corbin would include...

Originally posted by barcncorbin

👶 When your child is first born Baron is petrified. He doesn’t want to hurt your new-born child. They just look so tiny and fragile compared to him.

👶 You tap your hospital bed gently as Baron very slowly approaches you. He gently kisses your forehead before you tell Baron how to hold your new-born.

👶 Baron would be like stone at first but eventually he gets used to it and gets more comfortable.

👶 You don’t miss the smile that etches onto his face when your new-born falls asleep in his arms.

👶 You curl into Baron’s side before you fall asleep with your head on his shoulder, exhausted after the delivery of your child.

👶 When you return home, Baron refuses to let you do anything. He wants you to rest.

👶 You try and insist that your fine but Baron directs you to the couch. He’s afraid that you’ll do to much too soon. If he puts you on the couch he can watch over you.

👶  Baron is insistent to keep you both all to himself for as long as possible. While he appreciates that everyone wants to meet the newest member of your family. He wants to keep you to himself just for a little while.

👶 Baron insists on taking the night feeds.

👶 He loves rocking your baby to sleep. It brings him comfort knowing he can sooth your baby.

👶 Getting the baby a onesie that looks like one of his t-shirts.

👶 When Baron’s maternity leave ends. He makes a hasty and unconventional decision.

👶 He decides to take you and the baby on the road with him because he can’t be apart from you both so soon.

👶 Your not so sure so he gives you time to think about it.

👶 He leaves for the road, he smiles when he sees you and your child sitting in the front row. Your baby with small earphones on to protect their sensitive ears.

👶 He’s happy that you’ve decided to travel with him. So he doesn’t miss a thing.

👶 Baron is a great Dad.

👶 He’s patient.

👶 He’s caring.

👶 Your child wants for nothing.

👶 If you had a son he’d teach them everything he knows.

👶 If you had a daughter then he’d be super protective.

👶 Overall Baron would be a great Dad even if he does have his weird quirks.

Our Would Includes are OPEN

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Fic Prompt: Newt meets the real Percival and is crushing hard. One day while Percival is training rookie aurors, one of the trainees has their baby with them. The baby cries and everyone thinks Percival will rip the trainee to shreds. Instead, Percival simply takes the baby into his own arms and calms the child down as he continues teaching, making everyone swoon. Newt just falls deeper in love and decides to make Percival his.

Aw this is cute

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Prompt - I don't know if this makes an interesting fic or not but anyway, worth a shot: Reade, Patterson and Tasha help Kurt and Jane out with packing and moving to Colorado and throw them a little going away party.

Jane had been up for quite some time, but she had made no attempt to move. She was lying on her side, her back pressed against Kurt’s chest and arm wrapped tightly around her. Her eyes were fixed on their hands, fingers intertwined, their rings shining in the early morning sun. And she still couldn’t any of it was real. It’s been a whirlwind few months - barely even that - in between stopping Sandstorm and closing that case, to Kurt surprising her with a passport and two tickets to Venice, and there, he’d proposed to her on evening as they walked back to the little hotel they’d discovered on their first day. They’d come back home, and with a few weeks were married, and were now packing their lives and moving to Colorado. Sometimes she was scared that at any moment she would wake up and it would all be a dream.

She felt Kurt’s lips against the back of her neck and sighed heavily as she turned around in his embrace. She snuggled into his chest, feeling his heartbeat against his cheek. “We should get up,” she mumbled and both heard and felt him grumble his disapproval. 

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How would Fenris feel if him and Fem! Hawke had children?


I think Fenris would feel shocked, but also elated, to find out he’s going to be a father. He would be so happy to have a family and people who love him. I think he would be determined to give his children a happy and safe childhood. He’d want to give them everything he never got to have. 

And he would be there for everything in their lives. Whatever the Thedas equivalent of sportsball games and dance and martial arts competitions and shows. All of it. Fenris would be front row, cheering his babies on. He’d be a very hands-on dad. 

He’d talk to his children like they are people and not just ‘silly kids’. He would listen to them. He’ll teach them that there is no shame in their parents being a human and an elf. He’ll teach them that they are special in all the most wonderful ways. 

I think Fenris would generally work really hard and feel like a very proud papa. 

{Requested by anon :3}

You were quietly sitting in your room. Always you picked to sit right in the middle of your bed, it was always the perfect spot where you could clearly look out your window. The sun was shining brightly, the sky was a very soft blue. The sun may have been bright outside, but inside of you, was nothing but pure darkness and depression. Not a single speck of light inside of you. There was no room for it. You sighed as you saw girls your age walking happily together, laughing and sharing secrets. You wished you could do that, but there was no way you can, not with the way sadness you were feeling. You havent been able to understand why you felt so much pain in your heart. You didnt even feel like you had a whole heart like everyone else, you felt like you had pieces of it.

The only thing that managed to put at least a slight smile on your face was the music of your fav band Black Veil Brides. Your favorite song was “Lost It All.” It was a song that you kept playing over and over until you were a bit tired from listening to it.
You pressed play on your phone and the beautifully written lyrics filled up your ears. “Who can save me now?…” those words echoed inside of your head day and night. You felt like nobody could save you, nobody could make you happy, not even yourself. You felt like you had absolutely no hope.
Even when you tried to talk to your mother and father about what you are feeling, trying to pour your heart out to them, it never worked. They never really listend to you, to them it was just a phase you were going through. A phase that has been going on for years.
Suddenly the amazing song was interrupted by a phone call from your best friend Jasmine. You sighed of frustration, you honestly did not feel like talking to anybody at the moment.
“Hello?” You dully greeted.
“Hey (Y/N).”
“Hi Jasmine, whats up?”
“Nothing, just wanted to tell you the greatest news ever!!” She yelled excited.
You rolled your eyes, “What is it?”
“I got us tickets to go see Black Veil Brides!! Front row baby!!” She shouted. Your eyes widend, you even felt yourself running out of breath. There was complete silence for a moment, the only sound that was heard was the pouding of your heart in your chest.
“Are you…fucking…kidding me?..” you finally asked breaking the silence.
“Oh thank God I thought you died for a moment there!”
“I think I did…how the hell did you get tickets?!”
Jasmine giggled, “Does it matter how I got them (Y/N)? The important thing is you and I get to go!! Come on be happy for once in your life!”
You laughed a little. “I am, trust me.” You assured her. “Awesome, see you tomorrow.” Were her last words before hanging up.

The next night, for the first time in a while, you felt joy in your heart, a sense of happiness filled you up inside.
“Finally…” you whispered as you looked at yourself in the mirror making sure everything was on point.
You had never been to a BVB concert before in your life, and now the day you dreamed of was finally here.
An hour later you and Jasmine had arrived at the concert. Just like she had promised, the two of you were in the front row.
Fans all around you screaming for them shouting, “BVB!! BVB!! BVB!!” this whole moment felt like a dream to you. A beautiful dream. You felt your heart skip beats when everyone started screaming their heads up. You turn your head back to the stage and out came your five favorite men. You didnt even scream because you were left speechless.

“Oh my gosh…” you whispered breathless. They began the show with the song “Fallen Angels.” Which was also one of your favorites. After that was, Perfect Weapon, Ressurect The Sun, New Year’s day, In The End, Set The World on Fire and many more. You were having the time of your life. And your best friend was very happy to finally see a smile on your face.
Then came that moment, that beautiful moment when they began to sing your favorite song of all.
“I ruled the world, with these hands I shook the heavens to the ground…” Andy’s beautiful voice sang. You felt the tears running down your soft face when you heard the words…
“Then I lost it all, dead and broken my, back’s against the wall, cut me open Im, just trying to breathe, just trying to figure it out, because I built these walls to watch them crumble down I said, then I lost it all…and who can save me now?…”
It was official, you were blubbering like a baby. Crying worse than a five year old. As they were singing the second verse Andy happend to notice you and your waterfall of tears. He bent down and sang closer to you, he extended his hand and without hesitation you grabbed it.

The entire time he was singing he caressed it and he even pulled you closer. This was all very unreal to you.
Even more unreal when he pulled you up stage. As the guys were playing their instruments Andy took a break from singing and pulled you close, “Whats wrong sweetheart? Why are you crying?” He asked in your ear over the loud music wiping away your tears with this thumbs. You went closer to his hear and explained everything you have been feeling lately.
It really touched his heart and broke it at the same time. He gave you a very tight hug and rubbed your back as he spoke to you, “You are important honey, you are very important thats why you are alive up to this day, you are beautiful and perfect, there is aboslutely nothing wrong with you okay?” He tells you. You nodded and hugged him for a really long time.
Andy held the microphone close to his mouth once more.
“Alright everybody listen up, I just wanted to tell every single person that is here tonight, that we love you and dont ever think for one second that you are not important, that you are nothing! Because let me tell you something! You are perfect! And no matter how many people tell you otherwise! Absolutely nobody and I mean NOBODY can change that fact!!” Everyone cheered and clapped at his amazing words.

He turned to the guys and motioned them over away from their instruments. “Now I want everyone here to do me a favor! I want everybody to grab each other’s hands and tell the person next to you that they are perfect in every way! We are going to sing the bridge to this song all together!! Lets do it!”
Everyone did as they were told. You were hugged by the rest of the guys and they each told you how perfect you are. You held Ashley’s and Jake’s hands and everyone in the audience swayed side to side and Andy sang,
“I believe! That we all fall down sometimes!!”
You were now crying tears of joy and had a huge smile across your lovely face. This was surely a night you would never forget, and now you could honestly say…
That you are happy, and this beautiful band saved you in every way possible.

(Too adorable, love this request :3)

A Different View

“Daddy, out there!” Darcy pointed towards the now growing crowd in front of the stage. Harry looked down at his 3 year old daughter, her excitement beaming through her. He was adjusting his ear pieces before he leaned down to scoop her into his arms.

“What’s out there, my love? Hm?” He pressed his lips to her cheeks and watched as she continued to point towards the main stage. “Are you excited?” She groaned and turned his head with her tiny hands to show him what she was explaining.

“Daddy, out!” He watched as her eyes scanned over the crowd, realizing that she’d wanted to be out there as well.

“Oh, you want to watch daddy out there?” Her head turned back to him, a smile on her face and her tiny teeth showing.

“Yes!” She squealed, her arms around his neck. He looked around, his eyes looking for his wife and when he spotted her, a smile formed on his lips. He watched as you waddled around, a hand on your lower back to support yourself and the growing life beneath your belly. “How about we ask Mama first, yeah?” He pressed her to his chest as he made his way over to you.

“Mama!” She giggled and reached out for you, her arms snaking around your neck and her lips pressed to your chin.

“Oh, thank you, Sunshine. Are you excited?” You smiled and watched as she leaned back into Harry, nodding her head. Harry’s eyes were on her and a smile was playing on his lips as his arms supported her.

“She wants to watch from the crowd,” he looked back over at you. Your brows furrowed and you crossed your arms over your chest using your belly as support. She’d asked a couple of times, but each time you both shot it down. Now, she’d been constantly nagging and you could tell Harry was beginning to give in. Now at 6 months into your pregnancy, you didn’t know whether it was a good idea.

“I don’t know,” you exhaled. “You know how rowdy they can get,” you peered out at the large crowd. Hundreds and thousands began to flood into their seats and some of the screaming had already begun.

“Mama, pwease!” She lisped, her lips forming an almost identical pout to her father’s.

“If it gets crazy, you just call for Paul or tell me and I’ll get you out of there in a second. It’ll be a fun experience, I promise, baby.” He leaned in to press a kiss to your forehead. You sighed, a hand running over your face and watched as he whispered sweet nothings into his daughter’s ear causing her to giggle into his neck. Her eyes peered up at you and you knew she really wanted this.

“Say pleaseeeee Mama,” he cooed into her ear and she quickly reached out for you, her arms snaking around your neck once more as she planted messy kisses across your jaw and lips.

“Pwease, Mama!” She squealed as she held on to you tight, her body stretched between Harry and yourself. You laughed as she continued on with her pursuit and you finally gave in.

“Alright, alright. We’ll stay in the front row, but if it gets even just a bit hectic, we’re coming back here.” You watched her eyes go bright and she squealed.

“Daddy! Out there!” She pointed towards the crowd once more. He grinned and nodded.

“Yeah, you’re going to watch daddy from right there,” he pointed to the first row. “Are you going to have fun tonight?” He watched as she quickly nodded and squirmed in his arms, a sign to be set down on the ground. Planting her on her feet, he smiled over at you and slid his arm around your shoulders.

“You okay, babe?” He whispered as he let his lips linger on your temple. You nodded and leaned into him, your arm draping around his waist.

“Yeah,” you smiled as you felt Darcy reach for your hand and you felt her small one slip into yours.

“On in 5, guys!” Paul yelled out as they all began to gather around backstage. You watched as each boy made last minute preparations before forming a huddle. Darcy planted herself between you and Harry, both her arms clinging to each of your legs. A prayer was said within the group before they separated. Your eyes followed as Harry leaned down to Darcy’s height and smiled.

“Have fun tonight, my love.” He opened his arms for her. “Good luck for daddy?” She shot into his arms, her arms barely fully wrapping around his neck as she hugged him. He grinned before pulling back, puckering his lips. He grabbed his face in her hands and pulled him in, her lips smashing into his with a loud ‘muah’.

“Thank you, sweet pea. I love you,” he smiled and pushed her dark curls off of her forehead.

“Love you, daddy.” She giggled and ran over to you, her arms wrapping around your legs. You smiled and watched as Harry followed and made his way towards you, his lips pressing to yours without a word prior. His hand was placed on the small of your back and he pulled away, a grin on his face.

“Good luck, sweetheart.” You whispered against his lips, your noses brushing against one another. He pressed a kiss to your forehead before leaning down to pepper your belly with his kisses. A giggle escaped your lips before Paul interrupted.

“Harry, we got to go!” He pecked your lips once more before an ‘I love you’ escaped his lips and you watched as he scurried off, turning back to give Darcy a tiny wave.

“Ready, Sunshine?” You smiled and held out your hand, watching as she eagerly took it.

“There you guys are!” An enthusiastic Eleanor made her way over. “Ready for the concert, cutie?” She beamed down at Darcy.

“Actually, we’ll be watching from the front row tonight. Right, baby?” You asked and looked down at her, her fingers in mouth as she nodded.

“Even better!” She took Darcy’s free hand in hers and led the way out into the crowd, the screaming almost deafening as you inched closer. You had to admit you were nervous; not only for yourself, but for Darcy. She’d never been out in the crowd before and you didn’t know how she’d react. Exhaling through your teeth, you squeezed through a couple of eager fans to the front seats directly in front of the stage.

“Where Daddy, Mama?” The curious 3 year old looked up at you. Eleanor lifted her into her arms and you smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“He’ll be out soon, my love.” You watched as she scanned the arena, innocently waving to a few fans that waved at her before burying her head into Eleanor’s neck. At only 3 years old, she’d grown accustomed to the life she was born into; the fame, the tours, the fans. She was always asking questions and when Harry wasn’t home, she’d sometimes wait in the foyer in his large shirt until he walked through the door.

Her eyes darted to the stage when she heard the drums bang, her eyes quickly trying to locate her father. She looked over at you and you shot her a smile before grasping on to the railing for support.

“O2, how’re you doing tonight?!” The loud Irish voice came through the speakers causing the fans to go into a frenzy. All at once, the 5 boys popped onto the stage causing the screams to reach a higher pitch. Darcy shrieked and pointed to Harry and began clapping her hands, excitement escaping her.

“Let’s get this thing started!” Harry screamed out, making his way around the stage and firing up the crowd.


Dancing and singing along, it was only halfway through and you watched as Darcy made a good time out of it. She was set on the ground and was twirling along to the music, watching as her dress flowed around her tiny body. She giggled and wrapped her arms around your legs, rocking her hips from side to side.

“Dance, Mama!” She screamed out and reached for your hands. You obliged and took her small ones in yours, dancing along as best as you could with the roundness in your middle. You glanced up, locking eyes with Harry and a grin across your face. He’d kept on eye on the both of you most of the night and relaxed once he saw you were both enjoying yourselves.

“I just want to give a shout out to the two most important girls in my life sitting right here in the front row tonight,” he smiled down at the both of you. You picked Darcy up as best as you could as she wrapped her legs around your hips.

“Hi, daddy!” She yelled out and blew him a kiss, her hand smacking her lips in the action. Loud ‘aw’s’ escaped from the crowd before the screaming started up again, laughter falling from Harry’s lips.

“Hi, beautiful.” He blew a kiss back in her direction before starting up the next song.


It had all been fun and games until the pushing began. You looked around as the eager fans pushed to get through to try and get close to you and Darcy. You watched as Darcy fell forward, losing her balance and falling on to her hands and knees. She looked up at you, her face scrunching, and a loud wail escaped her lips.

“Darcy!” You shrieked out, leaning down as best as you could to scoop her into your arms. “Are you okay, my love?” Eleanor tried her best to stand behind you, shielding you both from the shoves. Darcy buried her face into your neck, cries falling from her lips and tears streaming down her face.

You looked around to try and locate Paul, but he was nowhere in sight. You looked over at Eleanor, desperate to try and get out of the situation you’d landed in. She nodded and tried to catch Niall’s attention, waving at him due to his closeness.

“Niall!” She screamed out and once his eyes met hers, he already knew. He rushed over to Harry, continuing to belt out the words to the song, and leaned in to say something in his ear. You kept Darcy pressed to your chest, your hand rubbing her back to soothe her. He ran across the stage and saw the both of you in the distress you were in. Signaling for the music to stop, he lifted the microphone to his lips.

“Guys, if everyone could please just take a couple of steps back!” When they didn’t budge, he leaned down and called out for security, pointing towards you with a frustrated look on his face.

“We can’t enjoy the show tonight if you guys are going to get rough!” Liam tried to calm them down.

“It’s okay, Sunshine. You’re okay.” You cooed into Darcy’s ear, her cries failing to stop. The security team rushed over, pulling the banister out of the way, and ushering you and Eleanor out. You looked up at Harry, noticing the panicked expression on his face and gave him a reassuring nod. Rushing backstage, you made your way into the dressing room and set Darcy down onto the couch.

“Let me see, my love.” You sat beside her, stretching her legs into your lap and examining the tiny scrapes on her knees. Eleanor leaned over, her head peering over your shoulder.

“Is she okay?” She asked, her voice quiet. You nodded and looked at her palms, slightly red from the fall.

“You want Mama to kiss you better? Hm, is that it?” She sniffled and nodded, her hands reaching up to wipe at her eyes. Eleanor dug in her bag for some band-aids, handing them over and watching as you fulfilled your mommy duties. You placed one on each of her knees before leaning down to press a soft kiss to them.

“Let me see your hands, baby.” She held them out to you, palms up, and watched as you took them in yours and pressed soft kisses to each one. “Is that better?” You opened your arms and watched as she nodded, quickly making her way to you and climbing into your lap. Eleanor took a seat next to you, reaching over to rub Darcy’s leg softly and smiled.

“You know, Darce, you look so so pretty in this dress.” She grinned, trying to cheer her up. She turned her head and looked at her, a smile on her face. You gasped softly and looked down at her, swiping beneath her eyes to capture the extra tears.

“Wow, what do you say, Darcy?” She giggled and pressed her head to your chest, her hands covering her mouth as she looked up at you and then back at Eleanor.

“Thank you,” she whispered, clearly shy and buried her face back into your neck. You laughed, pressing a kiss to the top of her head before turning back to Eleanor.

“Are you alright?” She glanced down at the swell under your shirt, a concerned look on her face. Nodding in response, you let out an exhale.

“Yeah, I’m just glad we got out of there safely. It could’ve been so much worse.” She nodded in agreement, her eyes turning back to Darcy. “Do you feel better, Sunshine?” You whispered and rubbed her back, smoothing out her dress in the process. You felt her nod against your chest and her eyes peered up at you.

“Daddy.” She pouted and her brows furrowed, relaxing as you smoothed back her hair.

“He’s coming soon, baby. Do you want some juice?” She nodded and before you tried to get up, Eleanor was already across the room fetching the baby bag. You looked at her thankfully and pulled out her sippy cup, handing it to her and watching as she fell back against your chest as she took it between her lips.

The voices grew louder and before you knew it, the 5 boys you’d been so blessed to have in your life came stumbling through the door one by one. Harry pushed his way through and rushed to your side, his eyes softening as he saw his daughter in your lap. Her eyes lit up and she reached forward for him with one hand, the other holding the cup to her lips.

“Oh, princess.” He pouted and pulled her into his arms, his lips pressing to her head. “Are you okay?” He looked down at her bandaged knees and sighed, watching as she nodded up at him. Once finished with her juice, she dropped the cup on to the couch and pressed her head to his shoulder. He sighed and looked at you, placing a hand on to your bump. “Are you alright, my love?”

You nodded, leaning into him and pressing a kiss to his cheek. “We’re fine.” You watched as he shook his head and leaned back.

“I should’ve gotten you out of there earlier, I’m sorry.” He rubbed his face and looked over at you, a frown on his lips.

“You have nothing to be sorry for, baby. You didn’t know it would get that rowdy and we got out of there before anything happened.” You pushed a couple of stray hairs behind his ear and watched as he looked down at his daughter.

“I know, but she fell and,” he let out a breath between his teeth. “What if something worse happened?”

“Hey, stop beating yourself up about it. She’s fine, I’m fine. You had an amazing concert tonight and she enjoyed every bit of it.” You leaned over to press a kiss to his lips and smiled reassuringly. Darcy sat up in his lap, facing him and placed herself between his legs.

“Daddy.” She pressed her palms to his cheeks, bringing his face closer. He leaned his forehead against hers and smiled softly, his hands on her back.

“Yes, my love?” He watched as she giggled, her eyes focused on his and she gave his cheeks a squeeze. He laughed and pressed his lips to hers. “Did you have fun tonight?” She nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck, her head falling to his shoulder.

You watched as the rest of the boys grabbed their stuff, throwing bags over their shoulders, and making their way out of the dressing room to the bus.

“Are you going to have a nice cuddle with me tonight? Hm?” He cooed into her ear and smiled when he heard a ‘yes’ fall from her lips. You smiled and got up, your hand on your lower back and the baby bag slung over your shoulder. He followed, taking the bag from you and swinging it on to his. Darcy kept her head lulled on to his shoulder, slowly dozing off to sleep.

“Ready?” He asked, his fingers intertwining with yours. You gave him a nod before you both made your way out towards the bus.


He was sprawled out in the bunk with Darcy asleep on his bare chest. You’d changed and climbed in next to him, your head on his shoulder.

“I’m glad you’re both okay,” he whispered, careful not to wake the toddler on his chest.

“Me too,” you leaned up to press a kiss to his cheek. “No more worries.” You smiled. He turned his head to you and grinned, puckering his lips. You laughed softly and got as close to him as possible with your belly in the way before pressing your lips to his. You pulled away after a couple of seconds, the feeling of a knee jolting your ribs hitting you. He laughed as he pressed a hand to your belly.

“Someone’s excited,” he smiled. You laughed and nodded, laying your hand on top of his.

“Must’ve been the show.” You replied, a grin on your face. He wrapped his arm around you, your head laying on his bicep, as he placed a kiss to your temple.

“I’ve got my three biggest fans right here.” 

Yay, there you go, darlings! Thank you to the anon who requested this, I hope you as well as everyone else enjoys! Don’t forget to drop by my ask to leave some feedback or anything else. Love you, dolls.

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