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So no doubt quite a few people have heard about Front Porch Step the musician, and what he’s done recently. For those of you who don’t know he’s an acoustic musician, who has sexually harassed and targeted many of his fans- resulting in him being kicked off warped tour because he does not create a safe environment for young female fans.

His name is Jake Mcelfresh, and now he’s trying to sue his girlfriend claiming that she ‘slandered’ him and ruined his reputation- which was his own trashy fault because of his actions against underage girls. She needs money to help get a lawyer to fight against him and his own lawyers, but not only that he is trying to make her pay for all the court costs.

Please at least reblog this, and if any of you can donate because she’s close to getting what she needs to defend herself. Real Friends is amazing for speaking out in this issue, I’ve seen them make many comments on Front Porch Step and how he’s not created the safe, much needed escape for fans looking to music to help/comfort them. please donate/reblog to stand against this man

I really hope this gets notes, please stand up for this woman and all the girls he’s harassed- we need to stand up for our fellow gals.



Autumn Lavis, the ex-girlfriend of Jake Mcelfresh (Front Porch Step), has shared a detailed Tumblr post recalling her relationship with Jake. Her story includes insight into Jake’s manipulative personality, 19 girls that he cheated on her with, how she spoke with Kevin Lyman and informed him that Jake was not sticking to his treatment, how he had intentions to meet up with minors, and much more. You can read her story here.

Autumn also shared a phone conversation that she recorded between herself and Jake where Mcelfresh admits to sleeping with prostitutes, cheating, and talking to minors. You can listen to that here.

On a personal note, we at Pup Fresh see Autumn as being extremely courageous through all of this–for not only being so open in detailing her past, but for sticking up for herself and walking away from a manipulative relationship. Thank you, Autumn.

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In the center of this crowd sits Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman.

After expressed outrage at Lyman’s decision to allow Jake Mcelfresh (Front Porch Step) to play the Nashville date of Warped Tour, Lyman scheduled an open forum for all concerned parties on the tour.

Over 100 people showed up.

In the crowd their were bands, acoustic musicians, Youtubers, roadies, Merch people, managers, and more who came together to stand up for their fans. All waiting for answers as to how this was allowed to happen.

During the meeting Lyman discussed Mcelfresh’s ongoing treatment, his time in a residential care center, and the therapy he’s currently undergoing. He shared about the length of time Mcelfresh spent on suicide watch. He told the group that Mcelfresh’s consoler had asked that as a part of his recovery he be allowed to play. Mcelfresh was continuously escorted by security guards for his own safety, and the safety of others. Another speaker, a woman, spoke about how triggering things like seeing Mcelfresh can be for young girls who have been through trauma.

Lyman also spoke about Austin Jones, a Youtuber who removed himself from the tour after controversial rumors began to spread about a twerk video he made. Lyman expressed his interest in having Jones join the tour later, as no sexual follow ups were made nor was there any nudity involved.

Overall, he does not condone what Mcelfresh did nor does he think Front Porch Step has a place in the music scene anymore. However, he does believe in supporting people who make efforts to better themselves. He believed that allowing Mcelfresh this opportunity would help him in his therapy. Lyman apologized at the end, and expressed that he felt he had made a mistake springing this on the tour and not thinking enough about the effect Mcelfresh’s presence may have.

Thought the course of the day numerous bands stepped up over Twitter to show their disapproval of any decision that may not be in the interest of the fans. Aaron West on the Acoustic Basement stage refused to preform today as a protest to Mcelfresh’s presence.