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Every once in a while, I come across a wide variety of odd things while exploring an abandoned house. From finding rotten old Bibles that were chillingly opened to the book of Exodus in Elkmont and Cades Cove to finding a noose hanging from the rafters of an abandoned barn, discovering objects of possible ironic symbolism has become somewhat of an inside joke.

Wedged in between the old chair, strange door, and blanket box was a pile of rotten newspapers and what looked like a phone book. One newspaper in particular was separated from the others. The front page was covered in years of grime, but I could kind of see what the writing said.

Apparently, there was a murder that had taken place outside of Vonore. A man was shot to death and his corpse was bound. The suspect had placed the man’s body inside of his vehicle and pushed it into the Tellico Lake, sending him into a watery grave beneath the murky waves. On the front page was a picture of local police officers and members of the Rescue Squad. I couldn’t read the date because the paper was so worn.

When I had gotten home, I shown my dad the pictures from the Kefauver mansion that I had taken. When he had gotten to this picture, he gasped in surprise and said, “Hey, I’m in this picture!”

Long before I was born, Dad was in the Rescue Squad. He’s told me many stories about the calls he had been on, including this one. Apparently, Dad had to help recover the body of this gentleman. Dad is the second man on the right of the photo. According to him, this murder took place either in 1983 or 1984.

What are the chances?