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You were sick and tired of your attractive idiot neighbor blocking your driveway.

a/n: i felt like writing this weekend and this happened surprise surprise. this is what happens when i’m buzzed off of two venti macchiatos please leave me feedback TT

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

You blocked out the angry voice shouting at you from your neighbors now open door. The hurried footsteps were getting closer but you pretended you didn’t hear, continuing to drag your key along the shiny black BMW blocking your driveway. Before you could reach the back tires a hand grasped your wrist, turning you around to face your irritating neighbor.

“Oh! Hey there, neighbor,” you grinned, innocently eyeing your neighbor head to toe. He was dressed casually with his hair tousled as though he’d just woken up. His jaw was tense as his hands tightly held your wrist, nothing but anger found in his eyes. You weren’t sure of his first name but had seen him a few times in silent passing. He was relatively new to the neighborhood, keeping to himself along with his roommate you caught quick glimpses of as well. The two had moved in a month ago and you kept to yourself as well, not bothering to play nice and whip up a housewarming desert you couldn’t even properly bake. It wasn’t until a week ago that you realized your neighbors weren’t exactly your cup of tea. They had people over constantly whether they were attending their overcrowded house parties, movie nights or simply staying over till the sun came back up. It seemed whenever the two had guests around their parking lot quickly become full, causing a new issue to arrive. You noticed the brunette, tall one seemed to have a kick out of parking right in front of your light blue beetle making it impossible for you to maneuver around his pricey sports car. The parties seemed to hit an all time high and you constantly found yourself trapped in your own driveway. You left sticky notes on his windshield, kindly asking him to stop blocking your spot and occasionally he would but it wouldn’t take long for him to fall back into his routine. It wasn’t until he made you late to your job earning you a lengthy lecture from your boss, that you felt you’d had enough, storming outside to drag your keys along his prized possession.

Your decision making skills weren’t the best when you were angry.

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Let's Pretend (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 2 ♡

A/N: I finally did it! I finished part 2. Thank y’all so much for all the feedback it means so much to me (‘: also, I put a little Easter egg in here. There’s another marvel character mentioned in here that surfs Let’s Pretend, let’s see if y'all can find them. (; (also, tags are open too!)

Warnings: Smut, Pornography, graphic details of sex, swearing. Alcohol.

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i saw a similar post about writing tips when it comes to having paris as a setting, so i thought it would be helpful to have the same thing except for……new york city! as a native new yorker i love seeing my home appearing in fics, because lbr nyc is pretty awesome. so if you’re looking to make nyc your setting, here are some tips when writing about it. these can help establish if your character is a native or non-native.

—first off, nyc is technically not one city. it’s five cities. the boroughs of manhattan, queens, staten island, bronx, and brooklyn are all part of nyc. however, the nyc that’s always on tv/movies is manhattan.

—if you live in any of the four other boroughs, manhattan is always referred to as “the city”. so if your character lives in brooklyn but is heading out to central park, they’re going to the city.

—public transportation is the way to go. unless it’s staten island, where cars are the easiest way to go. mta fare is $2.75 and we use metrocards. trains are divided by uptown and downtown, and some are express and some are local. we do not refer to the train lines by their color—only by their number or letter. buses are designated by their borough; a manhattan bus would have M in front of the number.

—taxis are mad expensive and sometimes public transportation can be too when you need to take a combo of buses and trains. many new yorkers walk a lot. the reason we walk fast is bc it makes it easier to get to your destination. walking up ten blocks can only take ten minutes if you speedwalk basically. which is why slow walkers annoy us, especially when they stop suddenly.

—trains run slower during weekends and nights so your character might be in for quite a wait. bus generally take 10 minutes to come, unless it’s a popular route. then buses come every five minutes.

—except for the very southern part of manhattan, the roads are numbered. so areas such as greenwich village, wall street, little italy, and chinatown do not have streets with numbers. streets run from east to west; avenues run from south to north. the east & west streets are separated by 5th Avenue. numbers increase as you move north and/or to the west.

—you can always find pizza and hot dogs for a dollar. busy areas such as times square and central park will try to overcharge you. no new yorker would be gullible enough to pay $2 for a pizza slice. for cheap $1 pizza, the chain 2Bros is good. speaking of pizza, we fold it in half bc it is easier to eat and walk then.

—a distinctly new yorker thing is saying “on the line”. such as asking someone “are you on the line?” no other state says this. drive into new jersey and they’ll say “in the line”.

—there is one international airport and one domestic airport for nyc, which are both in queens. there’s JFK (international) and La Guardia (domestic). a third option is newark airport (also international) in new jersey.

—smoking is not allowed in nyc parks nor in most public spaces whatsoever. also the legal age for smoking and drinking is 21.

—if your character is a college student, all public colleges are branded as CUNY (City University of New York). every borough has at least one CUNY college. public colleges have “cheap” tuition rates, which are usually around $5000-$8000. the “famous” colleges in NYC are not public. NYU and Columbia are both private and are ridiculously expensive. Wagner College (private) in Staten Island has a really good performing arts/music program.

—new yorkers avoid many of the sightseeing places bc they’re expensive and overcrowded. i have lived my whole life in nyc (almost 20 years) and have only visited the Empire State Building for the first time this summer—and that’s only bc my internship covers the expense of my tickets to such places.

—speaking of expenses, most of the homes in the boroughs are apartments. Staten Island however is suburban and residential. houses are abundant there. in manhattan, houses which are really just townhouses, are super expensive. we’re talking millions here.

—manhattan is an island. so is staten island. the only ways off manhattan are by cars/buses over bridges or tunnels, or by trains. the only way off staten island is by car, bus, or the Staten Island Ferry. the ferry is free of charge, running 24/7 between SI and Manhattan. all bridges have tolls, where ezpass holders have lower rates.

—yes we’re the city that never sleeps, but we do sleep. some areas like times square don’t appear to. i’ve shopped at the forever 21 in times square at 1 AM. it was still crowded.

—SI has a predominant Italian and Sri Lankan community. Queens has a predominant Indian community, most especially in the Jackson Heights neighborhood.

—coney island is in brooklyn. the rides are fun but expensive. the beach is crowded and dirty. brighton beach and rockaway beach are better choices. staten island has a more calmer (and actually fourth longest in the usa) boardwalk.

—if you’re mailing something to manhattan, the address should be written as new york, new york. it would not be manhattan, new york.

this got really long but if your heart is set on writing within new york, i think it’s really important to get your setting right. like i said before, these tips can really help your character stand out or not as someone who is or isn’t from new york. i hope this helps for all the fabulous writers out there!

Imagine doctor Dean Winchester flirting with you while coming to check up on you on the hospital.

A/N: I was in need of the doctor!Dean cuteness that someone suggested and here it is! It’s a LOT like the “drunk Dean flirting with reader” mini series I wrote a while ago, so if you liked those flirty (and dirty ;)) remarks you’re gonna enjoy this one too!

“And I fucking told you I don’t want anybody just checking up on her other than me!” your eyes almost widened as you heard the rough voice. You could recognize it anywhere and although it usually made your heart warm up and your entire body relax this time it actually made you jump in your place.

“This is no a job for newbies, and I have made it clear that nobody interferes with my patients. Especially miss (Y/l/n).” you heard his voice become louder as he approached your room and this time you realized he wasn’t just angry or frustrated, but he sounded tired as well. Of course they wouldn’t notice, nobody did but you’d like to admit you knew your doctor more than you should.

“Y-yes doctor, we’ll let them know.” you heard a nurse stutter and footstep hurry away as another pair approached your room.

“Bunch of amateurs.” you heard him let out a frustrated sigh, running a hand down his face as he wanted into your room. The moment his eyes fell on you, you saw his expression soften and a definitely more calm one take over.

“Morning, sweetheart.” he breathed out as he closed the door behind him.

“Morning, doc.” you grinned “What’s with all the fuss today?” you asked although you had a slight suspicion.

“Because nobody seems to be able to do their fucking job right.” he said with a small growl and you raised an eyebrow “I told them I didn’t want anyone checking up on you but Mer and it seems like I was talking to a fucking wall.”

“So it is about Doctor Evans?” you asked with a small smirk, leaning back in your comfy pillows as he looked down at the papers he had concerning you.

Dean let another growl at the mention, his hands clenching in fists “I told him in specific that you were my patient, and mine only. But he had to come and take you for your regular check up because apparently he didn’t have any more patients to take care of!” he huffed and you bit your lips to keep yourself from giggling, but obviously failed.

His head moved up and his eyes locked with yours as a frown set on his face. You placed a hand over your mouth “Sorry” you breathed out, still smiling “I just- I find it cute how you get all over-protective and possessive with me.” you shrugged, looking down at your hands and feeling your cheeks heat up as you realized what you had actually said.

“Do you do that with all the patients, doctor?” you asked again, looking at him through your eyelashes. You felt better, despite your blush that at least you could make him smile. Gosh how you loved that smile. It felt as if it could lit up an entire room and you hated when things like this happened and he was all moody or, even worse, burdened, like he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He was a wonderful man, he didn’t deserve this. He lived for saving people and he had actually done so numerous times. But it wasn’t just how much of an amazing doctor he was, more like how much he liked his job past the prescriptions part. He always made sure to talk with all of the patients in the hospital, doing his best they felt at home and of course they all knew and respected him deeply. You never really thought that after your car accident finding yourself in a hospital with him as your personal doctor would be the best thing to happen to you. The first few months had been the hardest but your injures had been taken good care of thanks to him, and the emotional part helped a lot. He was great to you, kind and funny, sweet and soft when needed and never forget flirty. It didn’t harm that he was so good-looking. Your self-confidence needed a boost and with a man like him it was so much more than that.

“Only for the pretty ones.” he said with a smirk, winking at you as he flipped a page and focused back on the numbers in front of him.

“Right, and are there… a lot of pretty ones lately?” you asked shyly, chewing on your lower lip.

His eyes didn’t leave the papers but the smile remained on his face “Nah not really. So far only one, and she really is the most damn beautiful of all. Honestly-” he set them down at the end of your bed “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” he said as he approached you.

“Is that so?” your eyebrows shot up “She must be something really special for you to say this.”

“Yeah, she’s unique.” he breathed out, giving you that boyish grin that always made you thankful you were sitting or else your knees would have given away.

“I’m sure.” you mumbled “For doctor Winchester to take a liking to her.” you shrugged subtly and he shook his head with a chuckle.

“You really want to hear it, don’t you?” he asked, resting his weight on his arm on the head of your bed.

You looked up at him, biting your lip “Maybe a little?” you asked shyly and he laughed at you.

“You’re one of a kind.” he muttered as he pushed some strands out your face “Do you even have any idea what you do to me?” he asked, almost as if accusing you but still with a playful smile on.

“Probably just as much as you don’t.” you shrugged, eyes still locked with his as he flashed you a big smile.

“I would probably lose my job to this but: careful there sweetheart, cause I already got you in a bed for me.” he winked as you couldn’t help yourself but giggle at his remark.

“Gimme your hand for a second.” he said as you extended your hand.

“Here” you whispered and he gave you a soft smile.

He held your wrist for only a minute to check your heartbeat. He smiled as if to tell you you were alright as he ran his fingers up your arm, creating goosebumps in the meantime. You knew very well he was aware of it because there was no need to check on your scratches and bruises practically every day and he still did it, fucking tease. It had become a routine but if you were entirely honest you did enjoy the feeling of his rough calloused hands holding your smaller ones, they way they fitted together almost surprised you at first. But again it made you feel at home, at peace and relaxed and you didn’t care about anything else. You let him pull out that small flashlight you sometimes enjoyed fidgeting with, even if he’d give you a warning look most of the time. He brought his finger in front of your eyes, and you followed it with your eyes just like every time. Soon followed his stethoscope and this time it was impossible not to shiver when he ran his hand up your spine. He took his sweet time placing the end of it on your back, according to him it was just about checking your injures but you always knew better. And you would never complain.

“You know, Dean I never asked you but judging by its looks it seems old. How come you haven’t changed it? Considering you have plenty of them laying around here.” you asked looking at the old stethoscope.

“Nah it’s my brother’s gift, when I first decided I wanted to be a doctor. Back when we were kids.” he said with a fond smile “It’s more for the memories and emotions and… all that stuff you girls know better.” he shrugged, trying to play it of as nothing.

You scoffed “Sure thing, doc.”

He grinned as he looked up at you “Besies, this one really helps me listen better to your heart. I’ve got to learn most of your secrets this way.” he said casually.

“Oh really? Like?” you asked back with a smile.

“You know, how it aches for a certain smile or how it is tired of you only listening to your mind and not letting him close or even more how it beats a little faster when a certainly doctor is around.” he said with a shrug.

“Oh really? And was she out of breath when she told you that?”

“Absolutely!” he exclaimed with a wide grin and you laughed, looking down at your hands.

“I can’t believe you sometimes. If flirting was a job you’d be the best at it, Winchester.” you shook your head.

“Thank you, I’ll take it as a compliment. But it really depends on the person, you just inspire me.” he winked “Although I know there are some good ones out there like-” he licked his lips and you almost got distracted a little too distracted “Blood is red, cyanosis is blue, I get tachycardia when I think of you.” he said with a grin and you actually smiled as well.

“Oh wow, I’m impressed doc. Did you also learn this in med school?”

“No, but I remember I was bad in one lesson in specific. Hey (Y/n), wanna go study some anatomy?” he said suggestively and you giggled.


“I mean when I finished med school I didn’t plan on specializing but to be honest- you seem pretty special to me.” he continued with a cheeky grin.

“Ok!” you felt your face heat up “I get it, you’re good at this!”

“I mean-” and oh of course he continued “I am thinking about being an ophthalmologist now, ‘cause I really can’t stop looking into your eyes.” he winked and you bit hard on your lower lip.

“Are we gonna play 'Doctor’ now, doctor?” you asked, and he shrugged.

“Maybe? I’m up for any suggestion from you, sweetheart.” he chuckled “But on another note- You seem a whole lot better today.” he said with a pleased smile, mostly a relaxed one and you could swear you heard a sigh of relief leave his lips.

“Yeah, my doc’s taking good care of me. And I’m being a good girl too, I take all of my meds.” you said with a chuckle and he grinned at you.

“Good, before you realize it you will be in no need of your doc.” he said a little bitterly and your own smile fell. Before he could pull away completely you took hold of his hand, maybe you were testing your limits here but the boundaries between you were always blurry.

“I’ll always need you, Dean.” you whispered “You didn’t just save my life in a physical way, you know that.”

“Sweetheart-” he brought his other hand up and brushed a few strands of hair out of your face “If anything, you are the one that saved me.” he smiled softly at you as he brought your hand up anc kissed your wrist, all playfulness gone. He was serious about this, about you… and about you and him.

You felt your heart swell inside your chest at his words but somehow you felt something hold you back, because maybe it was holding him back. You tilted your head as you looked him deeply in the eyes and he let out a heavy sigh, eyes casting down.

“It wasn’t just about Evans, was it?” you asked in a low voice.

“No, although I have to admit that when I found out he even dared to come in here I saw red.” he breathed out a low chuckle “I blame it on your pretty eyes and breath-taking smile.” he looked at you with a half smile and you shook yourhead.

“Nice, but sweet-talking me won’t get you out of this, Dean.” you squeezed his hand.

“Shame, cause I was only saying the truth. What?” he shrugged “Can’t I be jealous if someone else wants to get close to my favorite patient?”

“Dean” you said a little more sternly this time “As fllattered as I am about all of this- You’re doing it again, but whether you like it or not I am a persistent one. Tell me about everything… how many did you lose?”

“I know, and that’s why I am going to tell you. At some point, but not today and not now.” he said and before you could protest he continued “I’ll tell you everything, tomorrow.”

“But tomorrow you… have a day off.” you frowned, blinking.

“Exactly, and I plan on spending it with my most favorite girl on the world.” he smirked, winking at you “What did you think? There’s nothing else I would rather do, sweetheart. I already planned on taking you out for a few hours too.”

Well, this was something you never thought you’d hear.

Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 5)

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Summary: You and Dean are getting comfortable in your relationship, but Bobby isn’t giving up and causes problems for Dean at work. Later, a house fire lands Dean and Benny in some trouble.

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,200

Warnings: mild smut, language, house fire, civilians trapped inside

Lingo Guide: “Striking a box” is when a department calls for help from surrounding towns. They can strike multiple boxes, which just means they call in towns from farther and farther away. “Recalling firefighters” means they’re asking men who are off duty to come into work to help out. “Working fire” means that it’s the real deal, smoke and flames confirmed.

Check out the Series Masterlist for Previous Parts!

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Why are we not discussing these things about today’s G/M/S&G/M/S/More? Link saying to Rhett that he wants him to feel some emotions, any emotions, and continuing to say things like that throughout the episode. All of the flirting. The bit in G/M/S/More where Link mentioned Mexico and Rhett gave him an odd look before quickly making it about the prunes, Then stumbling over what he was saying about prunes being delivered to Link’s room, which included a room number that Link then said “Don’t give out my room number, I’m still there” and then Rhett said “That was my room number” and they just quite and someone (stevie I believe) made a snickering/laughing sound before they started talking about the gummy again. and the bit about “Make us agree on something (their guess for the gummies) our relationship depends on it”

You haven’t called in two weeks

That’s what I keep repeating to myself
That you haven’t called in two weeks
so when I go to a restaurant

And know what you’d want to order
or when I see something in a window
that I know you’d want to wear
I tell myself
that you haven’t fucking called so it’s time
to start forgetting what you like from places that you’re never going to be with me

So when I laugh a little too loud at parties

With a different boy hanging from my fingers
that doesn’t smile the same way

Or delete your number in front of my friends

as if I wouldn’t get that rush to my heart
if you ever called again

Know that it’s all for you and in spite of you

Because you haven’t fucking called

And I don’t really want to remember
the sound of your voice
or the way your laugh sounds
when it’s right next to my ear

because I know I won’t hear it
not anymore
not in person

not even over the phone

—  you promised you would

Words: 5,220
Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader
Warnings: language… always…  
A/N: Oh demon!Dean… The things you do to us… 

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”Dean.” Crowley stared at the elder Winchester as he downed another shot of tequila. “Dean…” he said again, this time with a bit of an edge to his voice.

”Crowley!” Dean threw his arm around the shoulders of the King of Hell and let out a burp that caused several other bar-goers to turn and stare. “Loosen the knot in your undies, huh? It’s almost karaoke time!” Dean grinned. “What do you say we do a duet tonight? Come on! You know you want to!”

Crowley shrugged off Dean’s arm and stared at him. “Don’t you think it’s time we get down to business? Not that I haven’t enjoyed our… fiestas—you know I have—it’s just that I have a realm to run and I was hoping that perhaps you may be interested in a partnership of sorts…”

Dean laughed into his beer. “How many times do I have to tell you? I’m not gay, Crowley, even for the King of Hell.”

Crowley gave Dean a smile that was more of a grimace. “Charming, as always.” There was a pregnant silence. “Dean, I have a surprise for you,” Crowley said. “Perhaps you could take a brief interlude in your alcoholism and follow me.”

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Night Falls: Chapter 20

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 3,971


A/N: Brace yourself, friends. 

In case you’re squirmish, it gets a little bloody below. Just a warning. 

Wanna be tagged? Shoot @attractiverandomness a note and a “thank you” for being my tag master savior!

Night Falls Master List

Your jaw clenches as you hang up the phone. Crowley plucks it from your hand before his henchman grabs your wrists and ties them behind the back of the chair you had been thrown into when you arrived at the warehouse.

After you had made your decision, the same man who was tying your wrists just a little too tight for comfort appeared in your apartment and gripped your arm, forcing you to stand with a grunt. A gun was waiting in his hand, and he had pressed it into your stomach as he led you from your apartment to an awaiting limo outside. 

It was late, so there was no one around to see you as you got shoved into the car. From the tinted windows, you could see the unmarked car that was parked right across the street, and you could see the face of an unknown agent, his head resting against the window with his eyes closed. If you hadn’t known any better, he looked like some guy napping in his car.  Your stomach clenched as you had to fight down the urge to be sick.

Crowley’s henchman–who seemed to have no name–climbed into the car behind you before Crowley joined you, someone outside closing the door once he was settled. The man with you had pulled you onto the seat with him and kept the cold barrel of the gun pressed against you. 

The three of you drove in silence for about thirty minutes until you had pulled up to a row of warehouses along the river. You had never been to this part of town before, not that you had any reason to before now. It looked like some sort of shipping yard–and with not a single person in sight. 

You had been dragged inside and thrown into the chair you were currently tied down to before Crowley had handed you a cell phone and instructed you to call Dean. 

You hated yourself for the choice you had made, but Dean was smart. He would figure out at some point that this was a trap, wouldn’t he? Your fingers had hesitated over the phone screen, second guessing your choice before Crowley’s man backhanded you across your cheek. 

The sting had burned and you hissed as your neck snapped to one side. It had been a warning to cooperate. 

So you called Dean and said a prayer that the two of you would make it out of this alive. 

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A Mess (Lams)

AN: this is a mess and way longer than I thought it would be. Enjoy. 

Request: @ash-the-shadowhunter - Hello! So I love your writing and I would absolutely love to see a lams fic where someone starts flirting with John (or Alexander) and then Alexander (or John) gets all possessive/Jealous. Maybe even John has to calm Alex down possibly? Thanks again! I really love your writing

Warning: fighting 

Word Count: 4,405 

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @theoverlordofeverything @hmltntrsh51 @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 @megabooklover18


John and Alexander were at the reception after Aaron Burr’s wedding. Neither of them particularly wanted to go, but Alexander and Aaron were colleagues and it would have come of as rude if they hadn’t attended. John had spent the evening trying to get Alexander to enjoy himself at least a little, without much success. Now, he was going to hope that dancing would loosen him up.

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TYPE: Ghost Shell Recording

DESCRIPTION: Conversation




[1.1] What’s that?

[2.1] It’s a hat.

[1.2] You’re making a hat?

[2.2] Crocheting. Keeps the mind off things, keeps the hands steady. You don’t do anything like that? Y’know…create something? Instead of just destroy it?

[1.3] Buddy, when you’re as good at destroying stuff as I am, you don’t need much else.

[2.3] Right. Each his own, then.

[1.4] Gotta say, this is kinda surprising coming from someone who spends most of his time punching aliens. You don’t even have anyone to give gifts to.

[2.4] Don’t have to give ‘em away if I don’t want to. It’s more like - it’s more like I’m making armor. For things that I want to protect.

[1.5] That’s not going to stop a bullet.

[2.5] It’s a metaphor, you pylon. I thought Hunters were clever.

[1.6] I think the word you’re looking for is “pragmatic.”


[1.7] It means sensible.

[2.6] I know what it means! Anyway, I crochet something for all the stuff I care about.

[1.8] Ah. I wondered about your collection of hat-wearing rocks.

[2.7] One from each planet. And now I’m pretty good at making hats.


[1.9] And you - I mean, it makes a difference? Makes you feel good?


[2.8] More’n that. It almost - it almost makes me feel alive.



[2.9] Here, it’s done. Happy Dawning - the hat’s for you. Make sure you keep your head attached to your neck.

Galra ladies in Lotor’s Squad

So about these ladies that we see here. A few theories..

Lady on the far left in red, this could be the new version of Kala, whom I mentioned previously in another post. Kala was a military commander for the Drule in Voltron Force and was the person behind the revival of Lotor on that show. While her outfit is very different, she does bear some similarities to the original Kala

High ponytail resembles the roman like mohawk the original had on her helmet. She also has the same flat nose, yellow eyes and V like shaped design over her brow that extends to the bridge of her nose in this case. The ears can be seen as the edging of the front.

Number two to note, the lady in Front, could be a gender bent form of either Mogor or Cossak. Both men worked directly under Lotor, and while she doesn’t quiet look like either she seems to be taking some of their styles.

Mogor is a large imposing person who has a very thick body and a darker color skin tone, as well as a thicker neck and face. Certainly the body stance resembles him. However we also can see some Cossak in her.

The wider ears makes me think of his horns. So this lady could be a mix of both of them, and be the one that Lotor has the most faith in?

The one that’s really interesting in the back is the lady with the purple hair. And my mind went to the Rebel leader Dorma of Drule. Her brother was the head of the the Drule commanders and later came over to the side of good, after their father who was in the rebellion convinced him to help Voltron.

Similar hair, similar eyes, and skin tone.

 One thing that really stands out about her is her outfit. It’s the same as the weblum Galra.

Not the best of shots, but it’s clear that these two are the same person. So this could pick up that old trail. This could be Keith’s half sister, Dorma, if they so decide to keep her name as such. You can see that the suits are the same, the gun holster is the same, and the gun is the same. Given this information, we could have a potential ally for the team in this member of Lotor’s squad who feeds them info or switches sides.

For the record, in the original, Dorma’s brother was Hazar: 

And her father lead the rebels against the Drule empire: 

and this is followed by his friend the Commander Bakki

Kind of Reminds me of someone…Oh Yeah, Kolivan

Lastly we have the chick with the cat, and the weird tail. we can see that when she’s attacking Hunk and pidge in the trailer that just came out.

Her design reminds me of the Quran character from Mass effect “Tali”  tali'zorah (thank you to the person that pointed that out to me). With the covering of the face. I’m guessing she’s got more then one set of eyes and given the claws on the feet and the tail, it’s safe to say she’s probably the Storm Shadow of the group, and the assassin. Leaving the larger lady the brusier, the Weblum Galra, the sharp shooter, and the other lady probably the spy master and so forth.

So there you have it. Some thoughts on who these chicks are and their roles in Season 3.

Her Saying `No` to Them: BTS


With his gentle nature, SeokJin was hard to anger, though that’s not to say that it wasn’t impossible. One of those instances might be when you decide to go out fr secret business and refuse to tell him where you went. His rage is the silent killer one, so looking at him or even being in his presence was a big no-no in those situations. His aura would always increase ten-fold, gaze piercing into your orbs as you shook at the threshold of your house.


YoonGi’s quiet rage was no secret to anybody, YoonGi’s quiet rage with a gun was an omen to everybody, however YoonGi’s loud rage plus that same gun pointed at your forehead was only known to you, and you found that side out just recently; or right now, to be exact. You knew that he had always used his gun for threatening people, but it was never once pointed at you. Like that, you knew that he has finally gone completely insane. To think that you two were fighting about breaking up, as well.


As far as you knew, HoSeok was never an aggressive person, even if he was a leader of a mafia group controlling the crimes all over the city. That didn’t concern you, either. What pissed you off the most was the fact that he had spent a lot of time with other women, be it for work or pleasure. She didn’t know and couldn’t care less to figure out, either, so the wisest choice was evident; she was going for a conflict. Him having caught you in a club with a whimsy dress all over some dude was what you wanted, and when he told you to leave before things would become ugly, you obviously refused. You regretted it quickly, though, as he pulled out his gun and pointed it at the poor guy that was now shivering behind you.

“I won’t tolerate such disrespect, sweetheart. Get out or I’ll shoot him.”

Rap Monster:

Ohhh… You regretted your words as soon as they left your lips, cringing horribly as NamJoon’s thick lips were sucked in by his teeth, fury evident in his eyes. With predator’s steps he approached you, trapping you against the wall and bringing his face close to yours, ready to kill you with his gaze.

“What was that, just now?”


You two were arguing, again, as the many times you’ve done, but only this time he clearly told you to keep quiet, as his migraine continued to grow. Getting enough of his attitude, you cursed under your breath, and spoke a loud and clear `No` right in his face, stomping your foot to at least somehow control your anger. Sitting in his chair, JiMin blinked a couple of times, spreading his legs and sinking deeper into the soft cushions. A daring smirk played on his lips as he spoke,

“Say that again, Love, and I will lock you up for a day or two.”


As aloof as Kim TaeHyung tended to be with you, he actually had close to an army under his thumb, ruling over the underworld’s prostitution rings. Nobody ever said `no` to him, so you were a first. Her was surprised, sure, but what actually got to him was your determined stare and bitten lip as you tried to prove your point. Slowly, he could feel the little friend in his pants begin to grow, his hands twitching in excitement. Whoever disobeyed him, never went unpunished.


JeongGuk was being known to have a horrible temper, so when you said no to him ordering you to sit on his lap, in front of quite a number of his colleagues- he was fuming. His hands balled into fists and soon turned white, eyes were tightly closed as he counted up till ten in his head. You saw his reaction, and were left standing and shaking in your boots, the tens of pairs of eyes were staring at you with pitying looks. It felt as if you were in a lion’s den, about to be devoured. Without him even saying anything, you listened to his finger as it crooked up and back again, letting you know that he wanted you to come.

Voltron squad shirt headcanon

*everyone gets shirts that say “fuck nasa”/“fuck the Garrison” and on the back it says “join Voltron”
*Keith and Lance get t-shirts that say “I’m with stupid” and “I’m with mullet” respectively
*Pidge gets a sweatshirt that says “get hacked” with a whole bunch of memes around it
*Brogones shirts? Brogones shirts.
*Everyone gets jackets that say Voltron on the front and has a number on the back as well as their nickname. Shiro is space dad. Keith is cowboy. Pidge is pidgeon. Hunk is leggy. Lance is dat boi.
*Coran and Allura get similar jackets but the front says Voltron support. Allura is space mom. Coran is mother hen.
*When Matt joins the team he also gets a support jacket. It says gay cousin on the back. (Shiro has been seen wearing this jacket early in the mornings)

leahelizabeth89  asked:

So, I was thinking about how I have a tiny Vetinari in my brain who very deliberately Does Not flinch when Trump is mentioned, and this lead me to wonder how many words that Discworld/Star Wolds fic you were working on? Even if you aren't working on it any longer, I remember you saying it had gotten a bit longer than intended.

Oooh yea, I think it’s in my google drive somewhere. If I remember correctly it was about 4000 words. Might be less once I edit it down, but yea, it was…I mean now you’ve got me thinking of how Vetinari would deal with a man like Drumpf and:

There was an awkward silence around the table as the name dropped, all eyes swiveling toward Vetinari who sat perfectly still at the head of the table.

It was Mr Slant who broke the silence first, the zombie clearing his throat with a dusty cough. 

“Forgive me for saying so my Lord, but there are,” his eyes darted to Lord Downey at the opposite end of the table, the master assassin pointedly not acknowledging his look, “other methods, for dealing with this particular…problem.”

“Indeed?” Vetinari asked, managing to convey the polite interest of one discussing the weather. 



“My Lord?”

“There are no easy ways. Only those which are done in the shadows,” when he looked up there was a particularly Vimesian glint to his eye, “and men like that need to be brought into the light. There will be no other methods, there will be no back alleys, there will be no cake. Am I quite clear?”

Several people gave the impression of flinching without actually moving. Others, the younger members of the guild leaders, merely looked confused. 

It might have been Slant who had spoken, but it was Downey who nodded. 

“Good.“ The tyrant continued, holding up his hand and accepting a ledger from his clerk, “It’s time to do this, by the books.”

“Book,” Slant guffawed, “You mean the law? There are no legal means we can take against him, he has us at every turn. You can’t just send Vimes in to arrest him because the man’s a lunatic.”

“No,” Vetinari agreed, nodding slowly as he scanned over the numbers in front of him, “And I dare say we couldn’t prove it even if we could. No, what I am in fact referring to, is much neater. Drumknott, do send in Mr Lipwig, I believe it is his time to shine.”

“Lipwig?” Downey started, “that jumped up…what can he do?”

“Why, Robert,” Vetinari said, startling the assassin with the use of his first name, “he’s going to start taking taxes.”

Unlikely Pair

prompt: “My budget is 5 dollars, what are your recommendations?” evan x reader…… @ pottery barn maybe?? :^)))))

notes: its my BABE! im so excited to write for him, omg. hope this is even… vaguely what you wanted


Working in retail, you suppose, was at the very least, never boring. There are probably worse places to be stuck than a pottery barn, all things considered. And there was, of course, a single highlight to the ever nightmare inducing reality that is double shifts after a seven hour school day.


He sat behind you in not one, but two classes, anxiety ruffled and handsome as ever in the never ending stream of striped tee shirts. You had met the first day of high school, unlikely partners in your freshman psych class, and you had giggled over the funny sounding names till you got moved three desks over, and Evan was bright pink all over, red staining his cheeks and creeping down his neck to settle at his collar bones.

You hadn’t spoken since then, but you always had a weakness for him, all soft eyes and ricocheted voices every time you managed to make eye contact. So when he showed up two hours into your first shift, five dollar bill nestled softly into slightly sweaty fingers, you couldn’t believe your luck.

“Evan!” You smiled, waving at him from behind the counter.

He looked around for a minute, eyes darting around the store as if he expected to find another Evan that had fallen through the cracks.

“Y-yes! Hi!” he spoke, cheeks ablaze as he waved back.

“Can I help you find anything?” You asked, teeth on display as you beamed at him.

He shuffled for a second, running his fingers through his hair in an attempt to banish the flyaways.

“Yes! I mean, nothing specific! I mean, it’s my moms birthday coming up? What I mean to say is, I need a present. Not I need a present, she needs a present? And I, uh, thought maybe I could find one here but I’m probably bothering you so-”

“Deep breaths,” you said, hand reaching out to wrap around his arm, and his mouth closed with a clack, swallowing heavily as he took a deep breath.

“Better?” you asked, releasing his arm, and he nodded, looking down at the place where your hand had been as if he missed the touch.

“Y-yes, perfect,” he said, smiling softly.

“So, birthday gift!” you spoke, “Any ideas?”

“Well,” he said, laughing softly, “M-my budget is five dollars. What are your recommendations?”

Your face split in two, laugh startling the both of you, and before you know it the two of you were giggling, short burst of laughter, losing yourself in the comedy of it all, unlikely friends, just like that first day.

Your eyes flickered to his shirt, and you felt the urge to laugh again. Fingers grasped the hem of his sleeve and tugged gently, bringing him alongside you.

“I think I know just the thing.”


Ten minutes later you found yourself at the cash register, carefully wrapping the gift, a striped pillow in blues and whites.

“She’s gonna love this,” Evan said nervously, fidgeting with the bill in his hand.

You smiled at him, and he opened his mouth, before closing it. You cocked your head, waiting patiently, before he spoke.

“Y-you remembered me. I always thought t-that you-”

“That I what?”

He grew red, reaching his good hand behind his head to scratch at the back of his head, a nervous tick.

“That you’d forgotten about me.”

You scrunched your eyebrows together, waiting a moment, before you spoke softly.

“You’re a hard person to forget, Evan.”

He grew, you thought rather impossibly, two shades darker, and you chuckled, reading off the numbers in front of you.

“That’ll be $4.99.”

He laughed softly, gesturing at the register.

“H-how is that possible?”

“Friend discount!” you said cheerily, before you held out your hand for the crumpled bill.

He reached forward to give it to you, and your pinkys met, nudging carefully at the other, meeting for a moment before Evan dropped the bill on the counter and pulled his hand back like he’d been shocked.

“Are you oka-”


You stared at him for what felt like hours, pink cheeked and smiling.

“What did you say?”

“N-nothing! I didn’t… I didn’t say anything because you were saying something and that’s so rude isn’t it, when people talk over you, and I-”

“Because I thought I heard you ask me on a date.”

He let out a squeak at that, hands falling against the counter with a bang.

“N-no, definitely n-”

“Well, that’s a shame. Because if you had, I definitely would have said yes.”

You thought, with great certainty, that in all your years of life, you’d never seen anything quite as beautiful as Evan Hansen, bright pink and beaming, peeking through his fingers at you behind the register.

“I did!” He spoke quickly, nearly stumbling over the syllables in his haste.

You smiled, pushing the bag towards him and grabbing the receipt, paper tearing away from the machine as you produced a pen from your pocket.

“Well then, Mr. Hansen,” you spoke, uncapping the pen with careful fingers.

“Call me sometime.”

Seven little digits appeared on the back of the receipt, scrawled carefully as Evan trembled above you.

“Now,” you smiled, sitting up straight, and meeting his eyes.

“Would you like this with you, or in the bag?”

You lied. This, right here? Definitely the most beautiful thing you’d ever seen.