front mount intercooler


I promised more on this modded s202 from Minkara a few posts back belonging to Pikarin from Osaka, Japan. It packs a JUN 2.2L stroker for starters. I think this is my first J-spec subaru post as well! I’ve been on an S202 kick lately so a little background…

At 320 horsepower from the factory, the Subaru S202 was the first car to break the 276-horsepower restriction on all Japanese cars (ever notice why so many cars in Gran Turismo are “exactly” 276 hp) and paved the way for the ISF, GTR and other high horsepower creations to roll out of the island country. Every generation of Impreza has had a super limited edition sportscar model dubbed the S201 (classic GC8 ), S202 (bugeye GD), S203 (blobeye GD), S204 (hawkeye GD), and R205 (the new GRB).

The S202 essentially takes the stripped down racing model of the STI – the STI type RA spec C – and reloads it with high end sports car goodies: STI projector headlights (heavier but better looking), STI front mount oil cooler, bronze 17″ STI wheels made by RAYS (which bear a striking resemblance to RAYS Volk CE28N), chassis and brake upgrades, and a carbon fiber GT wing. Only 400 were ever made.

This guy modded an S202. He took Subaru’s ultimate bugeye and made it better, and more suited to his use for it as a weekend track car.

The metal bumper vent only on one side of the car may not be the prettiest but it is functional… behind it is a the GReddy front mount oil cooler (in addition to the STI factory front mount oil cooler that all S202′s come with), which vents air through the metal duct… pretty creative engineering.

The vents cut into the stock rear bumper (though they vary in appearance) – and the flip up rear license plate with vents behind it – are pretty standard faire on Japanese track cars. Both allow trapped air to escape the bumper and reduce drag.

The S202′s front-mount factory STI oil cooler switched positions with the intercooler.

And it gets tracked…

– JUN AUTO custom 2.2L stroker kit EX
– JUN AUTO pistons
– JUN AUTO oil pump
– Tomei valve springs
– Tomei cams
– Tomei timing belt reinforced belt guide
– Tomei exhaust manifold (headers)
– Ganador Full Titanium exhaust
– Cusco air intake hose
– HKS racing intake
– HKS twin power ignition amplifier
– Big throttle Racing shaft Baku Baku Factory (ばくばく工房 Big throttle Racing shaft)
– Power enterprise F1 black engine bearing
– SARD fuel collector tank
– SARD fuel injectors
– SARD fuel pressure regulator
– Laile (BeatRush) crank pulley
– Tomei baffle stiffiner plate
– ARC oil pan
– Kondo Engineering “3” all aluminum radiator
– Kondo Engineering tune for 2.2L motor
– Ecutek ECU

Turbo & Cooling
– IHI Turbo (machined)
– GReddy Type RS blow off valve
– GReddy Front Mount Intercooler SPEC-R (editor’s note: the SPEC-R is a different GReddy fmic than the smaller GReddy front mount that you see on U.S. WRX’s)
– earlier setup: ARC top mount intercooler and Prova High Pressure Bypass Valve (made by Forge)
– STI Oil Cooler (stock - OEM S202 Part)
– GReddy Oil Cooler (secondary… custom metal vent)

– ATS Twin Carbon Clutch
– Steel mesh clutch hose
– Cusco transmission mount
– Cusco 1.5way RS differential

–PFC front three piece rotors for STI Brembos
–RDD rear 330mm three piece rotors for STI Brembos
–Endless EP357ME22 brake pads
–Endless CCR brake pads
–Prova carbon fiber brake cooling guide ducts

– Extended studs
– Hyperco HYPERCOIL coilovers
– Kondo Engineering Harmonic Drive
– Swift Hyperco Springs F 12k R 10k + 4k Hyperco spring assisted design
– Ikeya Formula roll center adjuster
– Cusco sway bars
– Okuyma floor braces
– Okuyama rear seat delete plate
– J Speed rear seat delete plate reinforcement braces (editors note: there’s a brace for everything :O)
– J Speed multi-piece fender braces
– Beatrush rear strut and trunk braces
– Beatrush floor brace
– STI titanium front strut bar (stock - OEM S202 Part)
– STI lateral links and trailing arms (stock - OEM S202 Part)

Wheel & Tire
– Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires
– STI wheels by RAYS
– RAYS Volk Racing CE28N (black) 17×9 +43
– RAYS Volk Racing RE30 (black) 17×9 +43

– Ganador SuperMirrors
– STI version 1 lip w/ factory STI unpainted/flat black option
– STI mesh fog covers – unpainted.
– STI projector headlights (stock - OEM S202 Part)
– STI roof vent (stock - OEM S202 Part)
– STI S202 carbon fiber wing (stock - OEM S202 Part)
– Monster Sport carbon trunk
– Monster Sport carbon hood with drop-in hood vent — also custom vented over the turbo.
– hood pins
– Stage 21 custom vented fenders – 20mm wider than stock

– Recaro Tomcat Limited Edition seats w/ yellow “carbon kevlar” style fabric insert
– Defi gauge pod + gauges
– Infinite i-TCMS (Mugen track display meter)


I present to you Patrick Daguio’s 2006 Subaru WRX STI ladies and gentlemen; this Subie is a textbook example of fitment and function, which is not particularly common seen together. Not only does it perform well on the track and earn street-cred on the road, but it looks amazing, too! Scoobies come out of the factory nimble and capable with an AWD system put with a turbocharged 2.5L flat-four “boxer” engine, but Patrick felt as if he had to take his STI one step further.

Like with many car owners, interest in this vehicle came from a ride Patrick took with his good friend Daniel in his Subaru. Daniel’s WRX was packing fire with 400 whp which made Patrick catch the Impreza bug. Patrick, under much admiration and peer-pressure, decided to pick up his own in May of 2009 and has loved driving and building it since.

Patrick said that his favorite thing about the car are the wicked Karlton fenders and the 250mm wide tires. That’s pretty rare and ballsy considering the 350 wheel horsepower to the ground. The 295/30R18 Toyo R888 tires are wrapped around some sexy, custom anodized 10-inch wide MTechnica Aero wheels. Patrick said that fitting the wheels was the hardest part about building the car thus far, but the work clearly paid off. Patrick also had help from David at MemoryFab to get the correct width, offset, and dimensions.

The exterior isn’t just nice wheels and over-fenders. Patrick’s Subaru boasts a VOLTEX front bumper with canards, VOLTEX front CF under-tray diffuser, VOLTEX side skirts, and VOLTEX rear diffuser. This STI also has a SEIBON carbon fiber hood with an ARC hood scope and a SEIBON carbon fiber trunk. Patrick also replaced the 2006 tail lights with the 2005 model’s; a good choice.

Patrick’s main focus for the future of his Impreza is to improve the vehicle for auto cross racing. He currently is utilizing Stance GR+ coilovers which already keeps the car low and aggressive on corners, but Patrick would like to add Cusco parts on all corners to tighten up the car further for cornering and to add the ability of adjustment.

Patrick’s EJ25 2.5L STI motor has been modified with horsepower and daily reliability in mind. He added a Blouch 20g TD05 Turbo, Deatschwerks 850cc Side-Feed Injectors, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, Perrin Short-Ram Intake, Gruppe-S Unequal-Length Header to keep the Subaru “rumble”, Titek Cat-less Downpipe, and HKS Carbon Fiber Turbo-Back Exhaust. Patrick also added a GReddy 13-Row Oil and Perrin Front Mount Intercooler to keep his engine temps in check. Patrick’s STI is also equipped with an Exedy “Stage 2” Clutch and COBB Accessport. Patrick had the COBB Accessport tuned by Mike over at GST with a conservative and reliable E85 tune pushing right around 350whp.

Patrick said that he’d like to thank his wife for putting up with his Subaru addiction, his “brother from another mother” Daniel for first getting him involved with Scoobies, Devin and “the crew” at SPEED ELEMENT, and David and “the guys” from MemoryFab for building his wheels. I hope the future bodes well for Patrick Daguio and his wonderful STI.

Thank you StanceNation for the amazing post. For more pictures, please check the source. Here is the parts list.

VOLTEX front bumper with canards
VOLTEX front CF undertray diffuser
VOLTEX side skirts
VOLTEX rear diffuser
ARC hood scoop
SEIBON rear trunk
2005 STI Rear headlamps

Stance GR+ Coilovers
ARP extended studs
18×10.5 +5 MTechnica Aeros in custom anodized red.
Project Kiks R40 lug nuts
295/30/18 Toyo R888

Blouch 20g TD05
Cobb Accessport tuned by Mike of GST
E85 350 whp, conservative tune.
Deatschwerks 850cc sidefeed injectors
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
Gruppe S unequal header
Titek Catless Downpipe
HKS Carbon Fiber TBE
Greddy 13 Row oil cooler kit.
Perrin front mount intercooler and pipping
Perrin short ram intake

Innovative A/F gauge
DEFI Oil temp, EGT, and BOOST gauge