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Okay! Wow! I’m really excited to say that with the posting of this front cover, Hurricane’s Lift will start updating in just a week! This comic is a long time coming–Key and I (Dave) started writing it at the end of March, if you can believe it. Anyways, we’re both really excited for you all to get to read it, and we hope you love it just as much as we do!


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Fronting- Seventeen

Hurricane- B.A.P

Hot Pink- EXID

If Only- Loveholic

Baby I’m Sorry- B1A4

Hate- 4Minute

Please Be My First Love- IMFACT

No Oh Oh- CLC

On My Mind- Royal Pirates

July- Kris Wu

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I spent a childhood studying the lines in my mother’s palms, believing with all the world that her callused skin was the softest thing I would ever know. When people would shake her hand, they would blink back, staring at her hands as if they could cut another to the bone, not knowing as I did that they had been that way since she was eight-years-old. They did not know as I did that she was given such calluses from a rope swing made by her father, for her. They did not know as I did that she placed me on the same swing and pushed me into the air, teaching that until then, I never knew how it was to breathe with the blur of the sun.
—  I have my mother’s skin, but not her hands. (m.m.)
Breaking the Hinges (1/?)

This is reposted because tumblr deleted my original one? Anyway, this story is now up on AO3 and! Feedback is always welcome.

[AO3] [FF]

When Killian Jones decides to spend his night off relaxing in his apartment, the last thing he expects is a beautiful blonde woman bursting through his front door. Modern AU.

Chapter 1:
The Beginning

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