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>>> vitamins [milk teeth] | smoke [pvris] | move, shake, hide [marmozets] | name that thing [chumped] | anklebiters [paramore] | lone wolves [happy fangs] | the best thing [we are the in crowd] | make a move [icon for hire] | nothing’s wrong [echosmith] | fireproof [against the current] | don’t wish [tonight alive] | drown with the monster [white lung] | cold blooded [courage my love] | the one to get me out [candy hearts] | vice [love, robot] | other side [new years day] | follow me down [the pretty reckless] | just a girl [no doubt] <<<

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Raphael was furious, he stormed away from you, leaving you alone among the other vampires. Despite knowing, they wouldn’t dare touch you it was still alarming to be outnumbered by the Downworlders.


“You let her go.” Raphael spat at you as he stormed to the rooms at the top of the hotel that were normally kept for meetings.


“Not me, the Clave let her go.” You yelped when he appeared in front of you, his fangs bared with frustration as he backed you against the door frame you’d been stood next to.

“Oh don’t give me that crap (Y/N), you were there so you could have objected.” He hissed. Instinct kicked in and you shoved his chest causing him to hurtle backwards.

“No I couldn’t, we’re already in enough trouble with the Clave and I couldn’t add to that by admitting the Lightwoods most disappointing trainee has a thing for the leader of the New York vampires.” You snapped at him.

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sean and snow - Fang Hang
“Get away from the window.”


“Get away from the window.” Snow ordered as he took broad steps toward the wide stretch of glass at the front face of Fang Hang. Wide hands gently pressed and led shoulders away. There were no drapes to close off the space, keep wandering eyes from looking inside, and even if there were Snow was convinced that wouldn’t keep the rioters from breaking into one of Klamenth Falls’ popular locations. A break in was imminent, but steps could be taken to protect the customers and staff. Snow lost himself for a short moment and looked down at his pale branded mortal hand… It considered another option that would surely bring about its own demise. So soon…

Not now. He prayed to the nothingness while clenching the same hand along with both eyelids. Damn. The monster might not be living, not truly, but it had to. It needed… more time, now more than ever.

A voice broke Snow’s vision of a face that stood out so clear in his celestial eye and brought the artist back to the situation at hand. “We stay put and quiet… get beneath the floor boards.” They’d discovered an opening in the wooden panels behind the bar counter in which bodies could crawl under and hide between boxes and kegs. Snow looked to Sean who still was present. “Whoever goes out the back… can leave at their own risk.”

Not Quite (FF XIII Snippet)

Fang was struck utterly speechless as Lightning knelt down in front of her.

“I know this is awkward…” Lightning said. “But…”

“Yes!” Fang cried. “Yes, I’ll marry you!”

“What?” Lightning yelped. “Marry me? What are you talking about?”

“Uh… wasn’t that what you were going to ask me?”

“No!” Lightning wailed. “I bumped my head getting out of bed this morning. I wanted you to take a look at it.”

“… oh.” Fang winced. “Well, this is awkward.”

“… yeah.” Lightning got up. “I mean… we’ve only been going out for two months and…”


X     X     X

Six months later…

Lightning knelt down in front of Fang. “I know this is awkward, but -”

“So help me, if you bumped your head again, I’ll kill you.”

“No.” Lightning smiled. “Will you marry me?”


Third Wheel (Final Fantasy XIII Snippet)

Lightning leaned back into Fang and bit back a moan as the other woman cupped one of her breasts with one hand while her other hand began to trace a path down from her stomach to the juncture of her thighs. When Fang leaned forward and bit the place where her shoulder met her neck, Lightning couldn’t stop herself from crying out, but the sound was carried away by the wind.

“Don’t worry about keeping quiet,” Fang growled, lavishing attention on the mark she’d left on Lightning’s skin. “No one can hear us up here.”

Lightning swallowed thickly, her hips jerking as Fang’s fingers traced lazy patterns across the front of her underwear. Fang was right. No one would be able to hear them, not when they were soaring through the air with nothing but the cloudless night sky above them and rolling plains below them.

“Stop talking,” Lightning replied as she reached up and back to pull Fang’s head toward her. 

“I’ll talk if I want to.” Fang’s hand dipped past Lightning’s underwear, and Lightning was unable to contain a gasp of pleasure. “You’re not in charge now, Lightning -”

A low rumble came from below them, and Lightning froze. Fang was wrong. There was someone up here who could hear them: Bahamut. They were flying through the sky on top of the Eidolon. No, they were about to have sex while flying through the sky on top of the Eidolon.


“Yeah?” Fang tried to continue with what they were doing, but Lightning grabbed her wrist.

“We need to stop.”


Lightning winced. “I don’t think Bahamut likes us having sex on his back.”

“Oh.” Fang made a face. “Yeah… yeah you might be right about that.” She was about to reach down and pat Bahamut with one hand before she realised where that hand had been and switched to the other one. “Uh, sorry, buddy. We’ll wait until later.”

The mighty Eidolon could only give another low, rumbling growl. At least they’d remember this time. 

Amazing Facts To End (Or Fuel) Your Arachnophobia

Scientists have identified more than 44,500 spider species so far (for comparison, there are about 6,000 mammal species). Before you head out to the American Museum of Natural History to see the 16 species featured in Spiders Alive! curated by Lorenzo Prendini, curator in the Division of Invertebrate Zoology, here are some amazing arachnid facts:

  • Nearly all spiders have eight simple eyes—consisting of one lens and a retina—arranged in different ways. But, for the most part, they don’t see very well. In most cases, spiders use other senses, like touch and smell, to help capture prey.
  • Only about 50 percent of known spider species make webs. Others hunt their prey or burrow underground and one species, Argyroneta aquatica, lives underwater.
  • One of the biggest spiders in the world, the goliath bird eater preys on snakes, mice, and frogs but, despite the name, rarely birds. When threatened, it may take a defensive pose—raising its front legs and displaying fangs.

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Timber Rattlesnake, (Crotalus horridus), is a species of venomous pit viper found in the eastern United States. This is the only rattlesnake species in most of the populous northeastern United States.

Potentially, this is one of North America’s most dangerous snakes, due to its long fangs, impressive size and high venom yield. This is to some degree offset by its relatively mild disposition. Before striking, they often do a good deal of preliminary rattling and feinting, shown in this photo. Cist (1845) described how he lived in western Pennsylvania for many years and that the species was quite common there, but in all that time he heard of only a single death resulting from its bite.

Photo taken by John Macey