front desk assistant


we just keep our pumpkins inside at night and only let them out during the day.

The Signs As Hospitality Jobs
  • aries: general manager
  • taurus: most frustrated breakfast host ever
  • gemini: the cutest bartender that makes up the silliest cocktails and gets the staff drunk
  • cancer: angriest accountant who silently cheers when their numbers are even
  • leo: the head chef that yells at everyone and gives people samples of their new recipes all the time and teaches you how to pickle apples
  • virgo: the only waitress
  • libra: front desk assistant, answering them phones and faking a smile all day erry day
  • scorpio: night auditor that hates the sun and most people
  • sagittarius: housekeeping manager that gets shit done professionally but when they’re alone doing laundry they’re blasting AC/DC and playing air guitar on a pile of pillows
  • capricorn: office manager, don’t fucking steal our sharpies or i won’t speak to you for a week
  • aquarius: the most frazzled bell boy who gets the best tips
  • pisces: the could-care-less reservations manager