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Whitemoore House

You don’t go out after dark. That had been one of the inn’s rules since it opened in the late 19th century. Built beside a wide swath of marshland, it was large, beautiful, and sitting on a precarious edge. During daylight hours, paths were easy enough to see and enough signposts had been erected that finding one’s way to and from Whitemoore House wasn’t much of a challenge. After nightfall, however, shadows had a way of obscuring signs and swallowing light, pathways got tangled and lost underfoot, and one misstep was all it took to end up in one of the bogs. And once you were in, there was almost no getting out.

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cinderella o3 [hoseok&you]

Summary:  You’re a singer hidden behind the curtains, all because someone has taken your voice. With no willpower to fight, you’re forced to watch as your dream fades in sight.

part one part two

a/n: @bangtrashboi and the series still continues on~! lmao i hope everyone is enjoying this as well ^_^ again, i know that idols don’t have time to all of what i have written. it’s basically a fiction for everyone’s enjoyment. XDD

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Music recording removals have become a popular thing in the music industry, due to fans working their way with electronics and exploiting singers of being absolutely horrible, who instead lip-syncs to their songs. This has been going on for about a good four year period of time, and only now did some fans with magic computer skills would ace to remove the background noise to depict what’s real.

With that being done, a scandal was largely let out about Seung Hye’s fakeness. An anonymous person have sent in videos where they were able to edit in and out of Seung Hye’s live performances, and handed it over to the press. The media surfaced greatly beyond this work, and the first to blame was you.

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we just keep our pumpkins inside at night and only let them out during the day.

The Signs As Hospitality Jobs
  • aries: general manager
  • taurus: most frustrated breakfast host ever
  • gemini: the cutest bartender that makes up the silliest cocktails and gets the staff drunk
  • cancer: angriest accountant who silently cheers when their numbers are even
  • leo: the head chef that yells at everyone and gives people samples of their new recipes all the time and teaches you how to pickle apples
  • virgo: the only waitress
  • libra: front desk assistant, answering them phones and faking a smile all day erry day
  • scorpio: night auditor that hates the sun and most people
  • sagittarius: housekeeping manager that gets shit done professionally but when they’re alone doing laundry they’re blasting AC/DC and playing air guitar on a pile of pillows
  • capricorn: office manager, don’t fucking steal our sharpies or i won’t speak to you for a week
  • aquarius: the most frazzled bell boy who gets the best tips
  • pisces: the could-care-less reservations manager
REIGISA: The Most Beautiful Thing

I’M BACK (with Free! this time) I saw this really good prompt and in my head I screamed Reigisa. I hope you enjoy this crappy one shot as much as I enjoyed writing it! :D ——-

“Rei-chan, what color glasses do you want? Yellow? Green? Blue?” The blond asked his dark haired boyfriend, who was currently sitting uncomfortably. He smiled at the excitement in the blond’s voice.

“Pick whatever you think would suit me Nagisa-kun. I trust your judgment.” The blond giggled, and Rei swore it was one of the sweetest sounds he had ever heard.

“I think red would be a good color for you! It matches your eye color perfectly, Rei-chan.” The purple eyed male nodded, and Nagisa grabbed the cane, putting it in the taller one’s hand. “I’ll just pay for this then we can go!” Rei stood, waiting for the small male to finish. “Alright Rei-chan, let’s go!” Rei followed the sound of Nagisa’s voice, waving his stick on the ground in front of him. Whispers started up and he ignored them, used to it by now.

_________• _________• _________• _________• __

The first thing Rei saw when the bandages were unwrapped was white, and for a moment he was worried the surgery had only made it worse. But he blinked and the light bulb came into view. He turned his head to see the doctor smiling broadly, and he felt his heart had begun to beat once more. Tears stung his eyes and he choked on the “Thank you’’s that were falling out of his mouth.

Rei stumbled out of the room, his eyes hungrily taking in all the sights he had never known. White, blue, green, orange, red. People with dark skin, light skin, tan skin. Carts, fake plants, beds, bright lights, dark rooms. And the words. So many words. /X-rays, Rooms 100 - 145, Front Desk, Call for Assistance./

"Rei-chan!” The familiar, bubbly voice of Nagisa came from behind him and he spun around. A smiling blond haired male with bright pink eyes jumped onto him, arms wrapping themselves around Rei tightly. “Rei-chan can you see me now? Can you?” His throat went dry, and he licked his lips. “…Rei-chan? Are you okay?” So this is what Nagisa looked like. God he was beautiful. He was so, so beautiful. So, so…/perfect/.

“Nagisa-kun..I-I’ve never doubted it, but you really are the most beautiful thing in this world…” Nagisa’s eyes widened and he backed away from Rei just the tiniest bit.

“W-what?” He squeaked, face completely red. Rei smiled, a chuckle escaping. He grabbed Nagisa and squeezed him close.

“I never doubted it. You are the most beautiful thing in this world.” 


The format will prob be off but that’s because it’s in my phone so idk. I think I fixed it tho. I really hope you enjoyed this! The prompt had something to do with eye surgery and then saying the first thing Rei said Nagisa, which I found incredibly cute. Ships man, they kill me.

What the hell

I am currently hiring for a new staff member, and granted you don’t need a degree and we pay just over minimum wage, these are actual quotes from some of the resumes I have received so far:

“I read your post on Craig list and immediarly became interested. I enjoy working around kids and have my whole life. I have done volunteer work in the past at my nieces and newphews elememtray schools and would like an opportyunty to join you staff.”

“From taking out bound and took inbound calls to scheduling hair appointments. From children to the elderly I have had experience with them all. I WORKED IN A RETIREMET HOME.”

“Who graduated from community college in June 2012 and its wanting to be in a successful company to gain a position where I can show my skills and also learn and expand further to help myself grow as a professionally.”

“My availability currently is Monday through Sunday during anytime.”

(when describing duties)

“Day camp council ,front desk assistant, Event Flyer’s, File management, Micro soft office”

Do people not even proof read anything anymore? I don’t claim to be 100% on my writing skills but if I was applying for a job I would sure as hell have at least one other person read over my resume. I have done a lot of hiring in my day, and these are the worst batch of resume’s I have ever seen.