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Hi! Your Ahsoka costume is amazing! I was wondering if you could do a tutorial?

Hi! Thank you for the compliment! Unfortunately, it’d take about 30 different tutorials to explain all the different methods I used to make the costume; I’m always open to specific questions, though! This does seem like a good time to sort of highlight the details or offer a couple insights into my build process, though, if that is something people might be interested in:

The Montral/Lekku: They are a latex cast. I made these by making a hard foam sculpture which I then covered the entire surface in clay to smooth out and refine. I cast the clay sculpture in Ultracal 30, making a three piece mold, then, after cleaning out the clay, poured liquid latex into said mold and sloshed it around for about three coats on three separate days before opening it up and letting it dry. I filled the tails with squishy expanding foam, and painted the surface by airbrushing with latex paints. The tutorial I used to figure out how to mold and cast a latex headpiece is here:

The headband: Made from the same fabrics as the vest, with a greeblie on the forehead I made from aluminum.

The bodypaint: All done by airbrush. I use Temptu brand alcohol paints. I accomplished the facial markings by literally sticking painter’s tape to my face where they belonged, spraying orange, contouring, taking the stickers off, using a negative outline of the stickers to essentially mask off my face and only expose the markings, then airbrushing those white.

The armscye print: The “Ahsoka Untold” costume has lots of really intricate details and prints. This print was very particular. Looking at the reference, I recreated/drafted the print in Adobe Illustrator by hand, then had the fabric custom-printed by Spoonflower. I also made my own red piping and gold bias for the trims.

The vest/pants: I’m convinced the front closure on the vest is supposed to be a silver exposed metal zipper, so that’s what I went with. The greeblie on the vest was made from sintra. The vest I made with corset construction; no boning, but several layers of canvas is encased between the lining and face fabric, with particular seaming for structure and strength, because I think her vest looks very sturdy. The fabric I chose for the outside is a non-stretch microsuede. For the pants, I went with my favorite: a stretch twill with about 6% spandex. The bottom portion of the pants are a non-stretch vinyl pleather; not my favorite.

Left vambrace: It’s nothing special close up. Just brightly painted buttons out of sintra.

Right vambrace: The art on her right vambrace is a photoshopped/altered version of the very famous piece Wave Off Kanagawa. I photoshopped the original piece to match the character sheet version, and had it printed on a vinyl wall sticker (so it had some stretch) and wrapped it around a sintra bracer. I have no clue what the little greeblie on her right hip is supposed to be, but I literally made it out of sintra, a cut up deoderant canister, and doo-dads I found in the shop. The straps are made from real leather. 

The lightsabers: Made by Solo’s Hold. The only thing on the costume I didn’t make from scratch. They are perfection.

Left leg: Ahsoka has a pair of macrobinoculars on her right leg. I made them out of sintra and PVC pipe; that’s it. The straps are made from real leather.

The boots: I sewed Ahsoka’s boot covers from scratch out of real leather (yay, industrial sewing machines). I don’t know why, but she has this monkey painted on her left boot. I accomplished this by taping a sheet of painter’s tape to a cutting board, traced on the image, cut it out with an exacto knife, stuck the negative to the side of the boot, and spray painted it on (the same method I used for masking my face off for airbrushing the tattoos, actually). I don’t have a close up picture of the other boot, but Ahsoka has a vibroknife holstered there. I made the knife from sintra and the holster from leather as well.

“Under The Spell of Moonlight”

The Olicity Valentine’s Day Smut-A-Thon @olicityvalentinesdaysmut-a-thon

Prompt: Morning Sex.  

A/N:M-Rated. I decided to write an alternate ending to 2x23.  There’s angst with a splash of love finally declared and sexy times.

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Through the languor of bone deep exhaustion, Felicity could feel the vehicle ease to a complete stop. She was both physically and emotionally drained.  The trip back from Lian Yu and the horrifying events of the last few days were catching up with her.  She lay heavily against the door of the passenger seat in Oliver’s car, with her head against the window, seeking relief in the coolness of the glass.

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For everyone curious, some info on Katie’s shirt from the Heroes for Heroes event. It looks like it was from a 2014 collection from Religion clothing. 

Jet black polyester shirt from Religion featuring a classic collar, front full button down closure, and sheer design with star print throughout. Has long sleeves with buttoned cuffs and a high low hem.

The Cornish Bride

I’m beginning the Poldark Costume Project with a costume that is one of my favorites as well as featuring a woman in red in honor of International Women’s Day. Demelza’s wedding dress is a modified late 18th Century Round Gown. Before Queen Victoria popularized white, brides who could not afford to buy a new dress wore their “Sunday Best” in their favorite color. 

The most prominent feature of the Round Gown is the bodice and the petticoat (outer skirt) were seamed together. The hook and eye front closure on Demelza’s dress is a little bit ahead of the time, but this detail isn’t immediately obvious. This Pinterest collection of various extant (still in existence) 18th Century gowns shows closed front dresses that were most likely pinned, had hidden buttons or ribbon lacing to secure the front. 

Another thing to note is that Demelza is not wearing a bum roll, panniers, or pocket hoops which were used to extend the dimensions of the dress at the back and sides. This shows the transition during the Poldark era from earlier wide skirt styles to the streamlined Regency gowns. 

Her loosely curled hair with a wide headband is a reflection of more modern bohemian styling. 18th Century women regardless of class would have had a wider cap, bonnet, or hat covering their pinned up hair. This purposeful deviation away from history shows Demelza as a free-spirited woman in touch with nature.

Are there any particular costumes you would like to see a historical breakdown for? The Ask Box is open for your suggestions!

Fire Emblem Cosplay Masterlist

Yeah, yeah, our actual tutorial list is like 2 years out of date. I know. But for now, here’s a fairly comprehensive list of things we have done for the Fire Emblem project thus far. You can usually see these things on our tag Dangerous Second Seal anyway, but I felt like doing this.


Pegasus Knights






Sumia’s opening dress


Pants worn by Prince in the movie Purple Rain, 1984. Black velour knit with elastic straps at the bottom for fitting the pants inside boots. There is a wide soft band at the waistline and diagonal asymmetrical front opening with closure by six flat white plastic buttons and buttonholes. Sides of each leg, from knee to foot, are gathered up with inner casings and elastic. Eight matching buttons are widely spaced down the outer side of each leg. A white “PRINCE” is machine embroidered on black grosgrain ribbon as an inner label in center back.

Not for sale 

The Day and Night AU reference compilation

To be updated as I find fabrics and with my outfit breakdowns, etc. 

Debut: Otakon 2017 or Winter 2017 (tentative)

So I fell in love with @beanpots Viktuuri Au where they’re Day and Night and I asked if I could take their art and make it. I just checked and saw that a few days ago? they gave me permission (and posted outfit designs for Otabek, Yuri, and Pichit!) I’m really excited for this, like it’s ridiculous how excited I am. But this will be my run of references, notes and thoughts as I start planning the outfit. So feel free to skip, I’ll be posting WIPs as soon as I start making the outfits.


Gold/bronze braid -  appears military grade. study dad’s old uniform, see where it can be purchased, find design and braid self? Think more on this.

Cape - learn how to ombre dye fabric, pale blue to royal blue/pale yellow to orange. Soft fabric, fleece or fur?

Crown - seven (7) points, same gold/bronze as braiding/metal detailing. further detailing to be decided

Man dress - either find a matrix pattern or cut at knee length and pair with boots and pants? lined in white. turned up cuffs? Cuff edged in gold braid, white lining visible. Buttons for ease. 

Detailing -  cape chain is darker metal, standing collar. Peacoat type closure? Shoulder boards need some thought. Is a nod to the British royal family military uniforms. Braid does NOT go behind shoulder


Cape - lined in pale gray. high collar, should be freestanding. Slight ombre from top to bottom. Hand paint stars, constellations and galaxies?

Bottom - empire/high waisted, tied with cord. Navy/midnight colored fabric under mesh with stars. Hand paint stars for ombre, add crystals for extra glam. Decorative tie in back?

Top - Leotard base, covers back of hand, middle finger loops to keep this length in place. Wide neck overlayer. Long kimono sleeves.

Crown - constellations or random stars. wire and light string (more thought needed)

Detailing - choker out of velvet with interchangeable moon focal pieces (references somewhere on hard drive)


Cape - ombre, mix of Viktor’s colors to Yuuri’s lighter blue. Attached at shoulderboards (more thought needed for this). Lined int pale pink to orange ombre. 

Dress - Simple floor length design, bishop sleeves with simple cuff (buttoned on side for ease). fitted through torso. simple round neck or collared v neck? Where skirt starts at waist slight ombre from orange color of inner cape to pale pink. Midweight cotton?

Vest/waist coat - Same color as the bottom of his outer cape, simple closure along front. v neck. cape part of vest? collar attached for structural support?

Detailing - shoulder boards are done in the same color as Viktor’s metal detailing. Pin appears polished and brighter, gold braided rope. through shoulder board fixment. Navy/midnight blue of  Yuuri’s top as sash.

** Keep undergarments light as possible to avoid overheating with the layers.

** Capes should be midweight

** Look into fabric detailing and keep it natural, vines/leaves for Viktor and Yuri. Dark on dark detailing on Yuuri but still natural motifs. 

Happiest Place on Earth

Written for the 100 Kinks List,  #27 Inappropriate location - requested by @ancoowner and @kittenofdoomage Summer Lovin’ Challenge. My prompt was amusement park.   

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Demon!Dean x female reader

Word Count: 1732

Warnings: explicit language, nsfw, explicit sexual content, smut, unprotected sex, maybe dubious consent (if you squint), rough sex, public sex, some voyeurism,

Author’s Notes: This does not take place in Disneyland, just a random made up amusement park. I stole their logo for the title. This was fun to write! I hope you enjoy it!

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Bite (Part 3)

Taehyung x Jungkook x Reader
Vampire Smut
Word Count: 4,320
Warnings: Blood, Violence, Rough Sex, Dirty Talk, Pain

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (No Vkook) | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |
Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 |

“I’ll be that you taste just as good here.” Jungkook purrs.

“I’m sure she does.” Taehyung agrees.

I prop myself up on my elbows, eager to see his red lips and tongue touch me where I ached the most. He eyes me one last time before his face disappears and he dips his tongue into my throbbing opening, shallow fucking me with his mouth, his tongue gliding in and out easily, aided with my natural lubricant.


I throw my head back and my voice reverberates against the walls, and I’m glad they are supposedly soundproof.

“Oh fu—mm, shit…” I don’t know which words to use so I just let them all fall from my lips as his tongue slides up and circles my swollen clit, my legs twitching with every tingle that his tongue elicits.

Taehyung circles to the side of me and pops open the front closures of my corset, freeing my breasts from their confines. He has already taken off his sweater and his hair is ruffled and messy from pulling it over his head and his large erection is easily visible as it strains against the shiny leather of his pants.

I eagerly slide my hands down his smooth stomach and grasp at the bulge, sighing at how rock hard he is. Grabbing onto the edge of his pants, I pull him closer to me on the bed and fumble with the button as Jungkook continues to swirl his tongue right on the tip of my bundle of nerves. Just as I peel down his pants and underwear enough to grip Tae’s dick, Jungkook inserts his middle finger into my swollen core and pumps it back and forth, forcing me to tighten my hold on Tae and cry out.

“Jungkook-ah! That feels so good, don’t stop.” He grunts in acknowledgement and continues to massage my inner walls.

I fall to my back and began working my hand over Tae’s thick shaft, using my thumb to circle the head and smear the oozing pre-cum that beaded at the tip. His eyes close and he bites his lip, moaning as I increase my speed and pressure.

“You’re so good with your hands, I want to see what you can do with your mouth. Open wide for me, love.”

I do as he says and part my lips, as the tip presses against them, licking the head before letting him enter completely. I bob my head slowly at first, hollowing my cheeks and sucking harshly while swirling my tongue on his sensitive tip, but he soon takes control and cradles me head as he thrusts inside my warm cavern. Jungkook adds another finger and curls them up, stroking me while quickly flicking his pointed tongue just over the top of my clit. High pitched whines vibrate over Tae’s cock and he bucks into my mouth harshly, making me choke slightly.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). You feel so fucking good on my cock. Can you deep throat me? Can you try that for me?”

I nod slightly and hum on him, loving the way his voice is dirty yet caring, and he slowly moves deeper into my mouth, letting me adjust my throat to the invasion. My gag reflex barely triggers so he moves faster, both hands now gripping my hair and thumbs stroking my face, wiping away the occasional tear that forms in the corner of my eyes. I’m glad he’s in control because I can barely focus from all the pleasure that is building up inside of me from Jungkook’s skillful hands and mouth.

“You taste so sweet (Y/N), I want you to come in my mouth.”

My eyes flutter at Jungkook’s dirty words and they bring me even closer to my orgasm. I glance at him momentarily as he returns his mouth to me and I can see one arm is moving furiously but it is not touching me. The thought of him stroking himself while he eats me out is too much and I release Tae to scream as my orgasm overtakes me and I flow right into his mouth like he wanted.

“Jungkook! I’m coming!”

Desperate whimpers echo through the room as my body shudders and quakes, a tingling sensation radiating from my clit throughout my body. My hands shoot to Jungkook’s head and I grip his soft hair, holding on as my climax comes to an end. Jungkook rises from his knees, all his clothes still on except his jeans are unbuttoned and his long, erect cock is out, flat against his stomach. His lips and chin are glossy from my wetness as he beckons Taehyung over to him.

“Hyung, come taste how delicious she is.”

He holds out his still wet fingers and Tae immediately grabs his hand and sucks my cum off, moaning around Jungkook’s digits. He continues to suck while staring into Jungkook’s hooded eyes, the sensuality of his actions increasing with every second that passes. Finally, he lets the other boys fingers slide out of his mouth.

“He’s right, you do taste amazing. I think I want some more.”

Taehyung presses his body into Kookie’s and connects their mouths in an open kiss, tongues sliding against each other and erections brushing together. He licks off all my cum from Jungkook’s face and then grabs the hem of his shirt and swiftly pulls it over his head. All I can do is sit in the bed and watch, completely in awe and aroused by the eroticism of them making out in front of me. Jungkook is more muscularly defined than Taehyung, his abs popping out slightly from his tight stomach. His strong arms grip Tae’s hips as they deepen their kiss, moans slipping from the both of them. My core begins to throb again and a whimper escapes me; I want to join in too.

“I think we are being rude to (Y/N), hyung.”

Jungkook breaks away first and moves toward me, kicking off his shoes and socks along the way.

“That was really sexy, I’ll have to see you guys together more often.” I say, properly speaking for the first time.

“Any time, Love. I think I like you. We’ll have to request you exclusively from now on.” said Taehyung.

Excitement burned at the back of my mind at the mention of a next time, yet we weren’t even finished with ‘this time’. Jungkook pushes down his pants, throws them to the floor, and then grabs his leaking cock, stroking it slowly and coating himself in his pre-cum.

“Lie down.” He commands. I obey immediately. The difference between the cute, shy boy and the dominant sex god in front of me is exhilarating.

“Spread your legs for me. I’ll try to go easy on you. For now.”

The silent promise that he would be rough made my walls contract and a shiver ran up my spine. I wanted to see how dominant and rough he could be, so instead of completely opening my legs wide, I open just a little, teasing him with a glance at my sex.

“I said- “ he gripped each knee and slammed them apart, a dark look in his eyes and his fangs extended slightly with agitation. “ -spread your legs.”

“Don’t be a bad girl, now. Or I’ll have to punish you.” At the word ‘punish’, he forced into me without any warning and my back arched from the pleasure and pain.

“AH! Fuck me! Yes!”

His hips drew back and snapped back into me and I moaned loudly again, writhing as I gripped the sheets underneath me.

“Do you like it when I punish you?”

His voice came out as a deep, dangerous growl and oozed sex. He thrusted hard into me again, his hands holding my legs above me for support so that my knees were close to my head.

“Yes! Jungkook, go harder.” I begged.

My face felt hot and sweaty and every part of me ached to be touched, ravished. My hair had fallen from the pins that were holding it up and became a mess around my face, pieces sticking to my forehead and cheeks. I reached up, my abs burning from the strain, and grabbed his hips, both to help support me and to pull him further into me. Jungkook’s hand fell from my legs and landed on the bed on both sides of me and he met me halfway, lips meeting in a hard, open mouthed kiss. His cock thrusted into me slowly but filled me up completely each time, loud slaps sounding in the air when his skin smacked into mine. His tongue tasted sweet and spicy, like cinnamon candy, and my stomach twisted with pleasure when he wrapped it around mine and sucked erotically. High pitched sounds escapes my mouth and I spoke in a breathy voice.

“Mmm, Jungkook-ah, fuck me faster.”

He hissed out a string of curses and pushed me down into the bed, hands at my waist, holding me down as he sped up his rhythm. One hand traveled up my torso until he reached one peaked nipple and began to pinch and twist at my sensitive pink nub. It felt so good to have one nipple stimulated that I began to rub and pinch my other, but Tae slapped my hand away and flicked his wet tongue out and licked it.

“Let me play with you, love.” He moaned around my nipple and began to suck and swirl his muscle around the top, occasionally nibbling on it and gaining a lewd noise from me.

“Tae, that feels good. Don’t stop. Ah! Faster Jungkook, faster…”

My orgasm built up in my lower stomach as they both overstimulate me. Taehyung is pushed out of the way as Jungkook bends down and slips his arms underneath me. I can feel his hot, ragged breath on my neck and I can hear him pant as his hips rock into me at a blinding pace. I find his mouth and our kiss is sloppy and wet, and I explore, tongue sliding over tongue and fang. As soon as I scrape the tip over his sharp point, he jerks his head away, careful not to draw any more blood. He kisses down my cheek and along my jaw, trailing down to the sensitive spot where Taehyung left two bite marks, and sucks harshly at the wound. I try to move slightly away but his hand wraps around my throat and applies just enough pressure to stop me, slightly cutting off my airway in the process, but I like it. His lips find the crook between my neck and shoulder and I sigh in ecstasy.

“Bite me. Please.”

He groans at my request and I can tell he is just as close to release as me because his breathing is faster and higher and his movement become frantic and uneven.

“I – I can’t. I’ve already… taken too much.” 

His voice is gruff and ragged as he denies me, although his teeth are nibbling at my skin as though he really wants too. I wrap my hands tightly around his neck and back and press his face into my neck as hard as I can.

“Fucking. Bite me!”

I clench my walls around him and my nails scrape down his back and I know I’ve broken skin. His head rears back and I see his fangs drop down completely and his eyes roll back behind his eyelids. With a guttural growl, his head whips down and that searing hot pain/pleasure fills me up in all the places that my orgasm could not reach, lighting me up like a bulb.

“I’m – I’m gonna – I’m gonna cum!”

My climax exploded in me like a bomb and I contract and release fast around his cock and drive him over the edge with me, his grunts and moans like music to my ears. Jungkook squeezes his eyes closed and his jaw has gone slack, his chin stained with my red blood. The sight should terrify me or make me sick to my stomach but it doesn’t.

“Fuck! You feel so good, noona!”

His seed shoots into me, hot and sticky. His thrusts slow drastically but they do not stop as he milks every last drop of pleasure from himself. A warmness spreads through my chest and mixes with the ravenous lust within me.

“I can’t take it anymore, seeing you two like this. I need you too (Y/N).” croaked Taehyung, his hand pumping furiously around his erection as he watches Jungkook slide in and out of me.

Jungkook flips us so that he is laying underneath me and I slide off of him, my body twitching as his tip slides over my sensitive spot again. Even though his turn is over, his hands and eyes never leave me as Tae takes over.

“Let’s pick up where we left off shall we?”

He turns our bodies so Jungkook has a full side view of us as he touched his lips to mine. My arms wrap around his form and pull him closer to me until our fronts are touching and Taehyung grips my back, his mouth sucking its way down my neck and collar bone until he reaches my nipples. I arch my back into his mouth and sigh as his tongue licks over my sensitive buds and occasionally bites down so that I make a sharp whimpering sound.

“I want to hear you (Y/N), I want you to be so loud that I can still hear your screams tomorrow, okay?”

“Yes, Taehyung.”

“Good Girl.”

He continues to kiss down my torso, licking inside of my belly button and I giggle at the slight tickle. I feel Taehyung smile against my navel as he presses a kiss to it before nibbling at my hips bones. My head tilts back at the sudden pleasure that churns in my lower stomach and I emit a low moan and shiver as I tangle my hands in his hair one more time. Hand hands grip my hips and the sharp points of his nails cut into my soft skin. I hiss at the sudden sting but it doesn’t hurt too much so I’m not worried. Tae’s wicked tongue catches the tiny drops of blood that bead at the incision, and he sucks dark purple and blue swirls over them. Sweet kisses trail back up to my mouth and he is licking at my upper lip, while his strong hand grip and knead my butt. A sudden, harsh slap to my left cheek makes me jump and squeal in surprise and he invades my mouth with his, tongue running over my own muscle as he groans and slaps the same cheek again. My skin burns and pricks where his handprint resides but he continues to slap my ass and tease my mouth until I am grinding my hips against his erection and panting with need.

My hand travels south to wrap around his cock and I tease the head with my entrance, running it up and down my slit and dipping it just inside me until Taehyung can’t take it anymore.

“Fuck!” He bites my lip and scrapes his teeth over the surface.

“Turn around and bend over, (Y/N). Give Jungkook a kiss.”

His voice deepens and he flips me over onto Jungkook and pushes his hand up my back so that I am straddling the boy with my face over his and my ass in the air. We intertwine our hands and exchange light kisses as Tae teases his cock just past my entrance over and over again and it feels so good but I want more, so I push back on him until he slides in further.

“Oh Tae!”

My mouth opens in gasp as he fills me to the brim and rocks his hips against mine, swirling into me and stretching me to fit him.

My upper body drops onto Jungkook and I rest my face in his neck, softly biting on his skin and mewling from Taehyung’s slow, torturous pace inside me. Suddenly, Jungkook’s hand is at my clitoris, matching Tae’s pace and I would’ve collapsed if I wasn’t being held up from behind by my hips. A slight cry floats from me and I kiss Jungkook’s face, his damp hair filtering through my fingers as I smooth it away from his forehead and lay a kiss down right in the middle. I falter and my body shakes as his fingertips grazes faster around my clit and I repeatedly whisper out strangled versions of his name. Just as I am beginning to crumble, Tae drives into me fast and hard, assaulting that spot within me until I’m spilling profanities. He slaps down on my butt so hard that I scream out and growl as he rubs away the sharp burn.


I’m surprised by myself; I have never been this vocal or intense before, but then again, all the sex I’ve ever had could never compare to the amount of mind numbing pleasure that these two boys were giving me.

Taehyung bends over my back and I can feel his words against my ear as he whispers and bites at the lobe.

“Do I feel good inside of you, Love?”

I close my eyes at that word. Somehow, I have grown fond of that word, Love, even though pet names have never interested me. Hearing him croon “Love” to me in that voice; it makes me weak.

“Yes, Teahung, Yes! I love – it so much!”

I startle momentarily, my eyes snapping open at what I had wanted to say instead. You. I love you. Where had that come from? I had caught myself just in time but my pause went unnoticed it seemed. His mouth sucked on the back of my neck, a new erogenous zone I didn’t know I had, and I felt myself bubble up dangerously high to another breathtaking orgasm.

“Fuck! You’re so tight, I can’t hold back anymore (Y/N)”

His pace reaches a speed and strength I have never felt before and Jungkook Increases his pace as well until I am twitching and shaking in between these beautiful Vampyres.

“I’m gonna cum, Tae!”

“Cum for me, Love. Cum with me.” he pants out, his hips erratic and forceful against mine.

 My eyes flutter open and closed and I see Jungkook eyes in between my lashes. His eyes are clouded and churning as they bore into mine, full of heat, both warm and scalding at the same time. His free hand reaches up and cups my cheek, thumb smoothing over my lips. He catches my lips in an open mouth kiss and our tongue glide against each other.

That warmth from before grows and expands in my chest, making it hard to breathe and I am falling over the edge into the abyss. One more thrust and one more stroke and I burst and pulse around Tae and he is soon to follow, my high pitched screams melting with his low moans and grunts. I faintly feel him slip out of me, my walls still throbbing, and fall to the bed. Exhaustion overcomes me and I collapse, out of breath, upon Jungkook who strokes my hair and shifts me so I am comfortably laying in between both of the boys. I am hot and sweaty and weak, all my left over energy being spent on thinking about sleep. I feel as if I am being pulled into a darkness and it is difficult to open my eyes but Jungkook insists that I must.

“Noona, you can’t sleep yet. Here, drink.”

Something warm, wet, and fleshy presses against my lips but I can only groan out in protest.

“Please” he begs. “You have to, we took too much blood, you’re too weak right now.”

Something in the way his voice is desperate and almost afraid makes me cease my struggle. He presses the object to my lips again and I part my lips as much as I can and a sickly sweet liquid fills my mouth. I try to fight but Tae holds my head fast and the thick, warm liquid runs down my throat.

“Shhh, Love. It’s alright…”

His honey voice and Kook’s stroking hands quiet the muffled sounds I am making and my body relaxes into their forms as I drink in what I’m sure is their own blood.

“Okay, I think that’s enough.” Taehyung suggests, and the wrist leaves my mouth.

Soft, caring hands wipe my face and pull the thick fluffy, probably-not-white-anymore, covers over our bodies and I am so comfortable and happy that I smile as I drift off. My heavy, slow breathing must fool them into thinking I have completely fallen asleep because they begin to converse in hushed tones.


“We took too much from her, Jungkook. We lost control. We can’t do that again.” Taehyungs voice vibrates soothingly against my back and his arms are around my waist, cradling me against him.

“I know. I haven’t lost control like that since…. I was turned.” his words were broken and filled with unspoken memories that seemed to haunt him.

“I was scared there for a second, hyung. I thought it happened again. –“ Jungkook’s fingers brushed away the sleepy tears that had bubbled up and ran from my eyes, a weird habit that I had always had.

“- she reminds me of her so much. She even cries in her sleep…” he whispered the last part, almost to himself it seemed.

“Did you bond with her?” asked Taehyung.

“Yes.” Said Jungkook. “Did you?”

There was a long moment of silence and I nearly succumbed to the comfortable darkness when Taehyung finally spoke again.



My heart was beating so fast it felt like it would burst from my chest. My breathing matched the impossible pace and the pain? Oh, the pain. It felt like fire was burning away at my veins, disintegrating them into nothing, but when I looked down, my skin was smooth and unblemished; Normal. No bubbling, no melting off the bone, no flames. The searing sensation traveled up to my chest and it became more intense than I could handle. As it reached my heart, I screamed out loud into the empty night air, a chilling sound that I had never made before. My heart felt like a slab of meat on a flaming grill, sizzling and burning to a crisp. All at once an intense pressure hit me in the chest like someone had punched me right in the heart, and I stopped screaming. All my senses began to fade out as I slipped into unconsciousness, the echo of my agony ringing in my ears from a distance.

When I came to all I felt was a hunger. No, a thirst? It burned differently than The Change had. It was like a nagging itch on my skin, in my veins, in the back of my throat. It was a slow burn that grew more intense the closer I became to what I wanted, needed. My feet were stepping across the cold floor before I realized I had sat up off the bed. My reflection stared at me as I passed a mirror mounted on the wall. Pale skin, black hair and eyes, blood red lips. Blood! Blood, blood, blood. My mind was obsessed with that word. My instincts led me to the next room where a figure lay on a bed, surrounded by covers. I was at the bed in second, deeply breathing in the scent of her. Dark curtains of hair surrounded her head like a dark halo. Her skin was stained white by the moonlight filtering in through the window but all I could see was red. Shades of red everywhere. The blush of her cheek, the stain of her lips, the veins beneath her skin that carried what plagued my every thought. Her eyes fluttered open as my form hovered over her and she startled.

“Jungkook-Ah! You scared me! W-What are you doing?”

Her voice came out in loud whispers, her heart beating strongly against her chest. I was on top of her now, my face close to hers as my hands slowly grasped her, our fingers weaved together. She gasped as I nuzzled against her neck, so dangerously close to relief.


My name was laced with pleasure as it floated from her mouth in a sweet whisper just for me. My hands tightened on hers and my body trapped her below mine, unable to move and I sucked on her neck, the hunger growing so strong. Her moans only fueled my lusts and I moved her hands above her head, crushing her wrists in one of my large hands.

“Ju-Jungkook, you’re hurting me. Jungkook?”

I ignored her words already lost and too far gone to care anymore. My free hand pushed her head harshly to the side so I had easy access to the smooth, pale skin.


Her panic excited a primal part inside me, it awakened the Blood Lust and all I could do was Bite. I bit down and drank until her screams faded and her body ran cold, until her struggling limbs twitched and then stilled completely. My sanity didn’t return until half her blood was soaked into both our night clothes and her eyes stared out, lifeless and empty.

It was my turn to panic, fear and disgust bubbling up my throat until I vomited the other half of her blood all over us. Salty tears filled my mouth as I wailed a broken cry and clutched at my loves dead body, hoping that there was some way to revive her, that this was just a bad, horrible nightmare. But no matter how much I shook her shoulders or how loud I screamed for her to come back, the only thing that answered back was silence.

Should I continue and make this an AU Series and introduce the other members? or maybe do a scenario for all the members separately like this one?

what do you think?

Set including two outfits - a black bodysuit with golden front zipper closure and a black two parts underwear with silver studs on top
New items / 1 variation for both of them

I hope you like them :)
This set is special to me as it’s one of my favourites I have ever created and as I decided to upload it on my Birthday - August 17th :) SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEE



Welcome back to FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today we’re talking about one of the most common pieces of historical dress: busks! Never heard of a busk? You’re not alone. Despite the fact that busks were worn for centuries, very few people today have ever heard of them. This is likely due to the fact that a busk is almost never seen.

To begin with, what exactly is a busk? Essentially, it is a narrow, stiff piece that is placed down the center front of a corset. They can be traced back to be beginning of corsets (which you can read here.) The busk added additional support to the weakest part of the corset, since the majority of pressure put on a corset occurs when a woman bends forward. Of course, with a busk, this movement becomes seriously hindered. The perceived benefit of the busk was that it aided in perfecting posture, which was key when presenting oneself as high class and proper. Additionally, busks shaped the front bodice to be perfectly flat, as was the style from the start of corsets through the end of the 18th century.

The preferred material for busks was whalebone, which was stiff enough to shape and support, yet supple enough to allow for slight movement. Wood was commonly used as well, as it was far more affordable, but it also tended to be more brittle. Bone was occasionally used, too. The busk was slipped into a pocket in the front of stays or stiffened bodices, which would then be laced closed with a piece called a “busk point.” Busks were often ornately decorated with etchings, just as most pieces of historical clothing were often decorated, whether seen by the public or not. As the piece was so hidden, close to the body, and personal, it became a common gift for a man to give his lover. Men would often take great care in carving personal decorations, typically with hearts, initials, and other romantic themes. The practice was particularly common among sailors on whaling ships, who would create busks while at sea for the women they left behind.

The shape of busks varied slightly throughout the centuries, becoming more straight or tapered, or longer or shorter, depending on what was the popular bodice shape at the time. It wasn’t until the mid 19th Century, though, that busks made a dramatic transformation. During the Industrial Revolution, it became common to use steel in shapewear- namely corsets and cage crinolines. It was soon discovered that this durable material could be used to split the busk into two pieces, with studs and loops that hooked together in the front of corsets, revolutionizing the way that they were taken on and off. This system is still used in corsets to this day, though often with hook and eyes instead of studs. With the front closure, it was suddenly far easier to put a corset on by oneself, without needing to significantly loosen the laces. However, since the studs and loops stuck out of the fabric, yet were attached to the busk itself, busks no longer were removable, and instead were permanently enclosed in the front of the corset.

In the 1870s, the spoon busk was created, which was wider and rounded at the bottom of the corset. This shape dispersed the pressure on the wearer, preventing the bulge that commonly occurred where the corset ended. Despite it’s visual appeal, the curved bottom of the spoon was not ideal as it would dig into the wearer. They therefore faded out of style by the end of the 19th Century. Shortly after, though, the busk faded away altogether, as corsets fell out of fashion in the late 1910s. Thankfully, a few of those early busks survive as reminders of otherwise long forgotten romances.

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♦ DC Bombshell Harley Quinn bra Tutorial ♦

The bra was the first piece I worked on, here’s how I made it :

I bought 2 cheap basic push-up bras, the black one had a racerback, I figured it would stay on better than a normal one so I kept its structure. I unstitched the right cup and hand-sew a red one instead. The junction is made with a tiny part of red strap (the black bra had a front closure that looked weird)

I made a 4-diamond pattern out of masking tape on the red cup and painted the shapes with fabric paint, and voila !