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Tease || Jughead Jones x Reader

Show: Riverdale

Request: So I know you put everything on hold and I am so sorry about your grandma, I totally understand because I’m going through the exact same thing, I will keep you in my thoughts ❤️. I was just wondering if I could request something before I forget the idea 😂 so could you do an Imagine with reader X jughead where they are at pops with the gang and he keeps getting frisky with her under the table like thigh touching and stuff? Or something to that extent! Thank you so much!!

Warnings: Frisky Jughead

Word Count:

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“(Y/N), are you gonna join us at Pop’s tonight?“ Veronica startled you as she linked her arm with yours suddenly.

“Oh yeah. I finished my paper last night so I’m free to hang out finally,“ she smiled at you while you walked out of the school in step. You two were walking to the car out front that was waiting for her.

“Good because Jughead has been annoying us with all the doom and gloom about everything and you’re the only one who gets him to shut up about it for a little bit,“ a soft chuckle left your lips as you got into the sleek black car.

“Where to, Miss Veronica?“ the driver said while he started to pull out of the school’s parking lot.

“Take us to Pop’s please,“ Veronica smiled quickly at you before turning her attention to responding the the text she got. You didn’t mind though. You enjoyed the silence that filled the car on the way to Pop’s. It was peaceful, “And here we are,” you jumped a little when you softly fell forward while the car slowed to a stop. You got out and walked to quickly link your arm with Veronica’s again before walking in and seeing the rest of the gang there in the booth.

“Oh, (Y/N), you’ve been released from your cage?”Archie laughed while you rolled your eyes and slid in the booth next to your boyfriend, Jughead. It felt right for you to be there. Betty and Veronica sharing knowing looks to one another, Archie finding a chair to pull up to the edge of the table being his usual cheeky self, and you and Jughead leaning gently on each other as laughs fell into the open air.

“Babe, did you finish your paper or are you taking a break?“ Archie, Betty, and Veronica were talking about the next football game and Archie’s music so Jughead took this opportunity to talk to you.

“I finished it last night,“ you went to sip your vanilla milkshake when Jughead almost made you choke by placing his hand fairly high up on the inside of your thigh. He completely avoided that one area though.

“(Y/N), are you okay?“ Betty’s voice was laced with concern from your very sudden coughing fit.

“Yeah, the milkshake went down the wrong pipe, that’s all,“ you got the rest of your coughing out while glaring at Jughead, who stared at you with an innocent smile. You couldn’t help but be thankful for wearing jeans that day though because as the night continued, both yours and Jughead’s frustration with each other grew. He kept teasing you under the table and leaning to kiss the side of your head while whispering some raunchy stuff into your ear but his advances weren’t gonna make too much progress with your jeans on.

“You tired, Jug?“ you smirked at him knowing full well that he wasn’t at all tired.

“A little bit why? You ready to get some sleep, baby?“ luckily for you two, the conversation was normal so the friends you were spending time with didn’t suspect anything. Of course, that could also be because they couldn’t see Jughead’s hand teasing you and squeezing your thigh tightly.

“Yeah,“ he patted your thigh as a signal to get up. The rest of your friends knew you two were going to up and leave after quick goodbyes like usual but they hand no idea about anything to follow your leave.

“When we get back, those jeans better be on the floor,” Jughead’s words were harsh in your ear as a teasing giggle left your lips.

I hope you like it! And thank you for saying that you’ll keep my grandma in your thoughts! I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts as well


How do you have the balls to keep saying “blue lives matter” after homeless men are beaten to death while crying for their dad, after a kind soul is murdered in his car in front of his wife and child, after children are beaten, after people are raped, after you’ve been given every chance to see that the state hates you and cops are simply violent thugs?

You people are fucking disgusting and deserve to be put on your knees and shot just like the police. Fuck all y'all.

Driving Lessons // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: domestic fluff, parent!phan

Words: 2.8k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Dan and Phil’s first time teaching Emily how to drive doesn’t exactly go as smoothly as they would’ve hoped it would go.

A/N: Sorry if any of this is inaccurate - I don’t live in the UK, so I had to research a bit on how driving works there, so sorry if any of the info I used was incorrect!

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Ok but where the heckidy heck were Jennie’s pigtails they even took them down in front of the car when they were dancing but like in the Behind The Scenes and teasers it showed the cute ass pigtails? WHERE ARE THEY THO? MY BIAS LOOKED CUTE AS HELL IN THAT TEASER CMON


lmao I forgot I made this so I finished it.
this was just a little inside joke I was discussing about sugar daddy Viktor being extra af

People like to give Bethesda a hard time for the bugs in Fallout, but I have a suspicion it’s not just them. I think the Fallout franchise is cursed. I played the originals when they were new, and… well, let me give you an example.

In Fallout 2 (published by Interplay way back in 1998, for reference), you can obtain a car that serves as a combination fast-travel system and storage locker. The interface for using it isn’t the friendliest, and you can actually lose it permanently if you park it in the wrong spot, since random encounter maps despawn, but all that’s par for the course for CRPGs of its era.

What isn’t par for the course is that sometimes the back half of the car spawns in a completely different location from front half of the car. You’ll enter a map and find yourself standing beside… half a car. Each half is still fully functional if you can find the blasted thing (i.e., the front half can still be driven away, and the back half can still be accessed for storage), but they’re otherwise completely decoupled.

And that’s not even the weirdest bug afflicting the car in particular, let alone the rest of the game!

nathan2000000  asked:

Any ideas of what I can do in my GSA club?

Tie-die club t-shirts! Do a bake-sale for your local LGBTQ+ resource center! Play the board game LIFE & have a same-sex couple in the front seats of your car! Have a movie night & watch Moonlight!

If your school has a GSA, I’d consider you to be pretty lucky - so many communities & schools aren’t as welcoming. A cool thing to do is to support organizations like GLSEN - they help make schools be more inclusive. You can learn more about them online.

Plus - I’m selling a shirt this week to raise money for GLSEN - get a shirt or sweater here. A portion of the proceeds helps GLSEN continue their amazing work! Look how cute…!! Comes in t-shirt or sweater, in a bunch of pastel colors too!! But only available for four more days… :o