front and master

“I see the way you look at me. I know you see the way I look at you. It’s only a matter of time before one of us loses this game we’ve set up for ourselves.”

“Vivian,” Zen’s voice rings out loud and clear as he calls the young woman’s name who passed him by in the hallway.

The maid stops in her steps and turns back around to approach the young man. Keeping a rehearsed and polite smile on her face, Vivi offers a respective bow with her hands folded neatly in front of her. “Yes, Master Zen?” She only calls him by that name when alone; otherwise, she usually would have addressed him as “Master Hyun”.

Zen’s fingers cup her chin, tilting her head upwards to look at him. She can see the whirlstorm of emotions behind his eyes, and for a moment, she almost finds herself lost and consumed in them. Zen’s voice snaps her out of her thoughts.

“I lose,” he finally acknowledges in a low whisper, but despite his admittance of defeat in their unspoken game, his voice still holds power and authority that makes Vivi weak in the knees. “Come to my room later tonight. There’s a special service I want from you specifically.”

Biting back the triumphant smirk that threatens to cross her lips, Vivi answers, “As you wish, Master Zen.”

Master/Maid AU with Zen and my OC because I am so incredibly weak for these kinds of stories. I was gonna make this a full blown out thing, but I lack motivation, ahhhh… Maybe I’ll just draw/write random scenes? Or I might actually write out a full fic. I dunno. I do know for sure that I’ll be uploading some concept art or sketches at some point.
I actually have other AUs I want to draw Zen/my OC in, but eh.

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Why do we assume the diamonds pearls need rescuing?(or, on the nature of pearls)

Probably gonna be an unpopular opinion but eh, here goes.

Why is it we as a fandom have come to a consensus that yellow and blue Pearl are hopelessly trapped damsels that need rescuing from their diamonds? Like, I understand we’re biased towards that mindset because of our pearl, but isn’t it possible theyre content where they are, or even happy?

Let’s start with our pearl. She left an unknown master(possibly pink or white diamond, but she may not have belonged to a diamond at all, now that we know other gems have pearl servants(rhodonite, “off-colors”)), to join rose quartz and her rebellion. She hasn’t revealed much info about her previous life but we have a few things. 1. She believes rose saved her(I think these were here words, waaaaay back in roses scabbard), 2. She primarily left to follow rose. She maaaay have left because she desired more than to be someone servant but like…based on relationship with Rose, it seems like our Pearl just wanted to be someone ELSE’s servant, rather than a free gem. She’s grown into the role of self ownership over the years, but it seems likely it hasn’t always been that way. Regardless, we gain no indication from our pearl that being in servitude was particularly abusive, just a rigidly mandated life.

Moving on, let’s observe what we know about pearls from others actions and descriptions. During the contest in the gem drill arc, peridot exposed the fact that pearls are servants, disposable, “meant to stand around and look pretty”, and she is incredibly dismissive of pearl, treating her as an inferior. While on the human zoo, Holly Blue Agate is derisive and commanding of pearl, insulting her openly in front of her “master”. In off-colors, Rhodonite mentions that the Ruby and pearl that constitute her were quickly dropped by the morganite they served when she found out they were fusing. From this, it’s obvious that pearls are definitely seen as lesser by most gems, and disposable by some who own them, but, the idea of treating a pearl well is not entirely alien. Holly Blue jokes about Sapphire’s “patience” with pearl, but she doesn’t seem to find it all that unusual. As well, the only gems we’ve seen be verbally abusive of pearls are peridot(essentially a tech person, so probably not actually much above pearl caste wise), and Holly Blue(literally built to cow underlings into submission, see ‘natures the use of feeling blue?’: “an agate terrifies/a lapis terraforms”). Given that we know that gems seem to feel the same emotions as humans, even if they aren’t exactly encouraged(love; topaz/topaz, YD and BD to PD, grief; Blue diamond all the way, etc), it’s not hard to surmise that gems become attached to their pearl servants.

Next point; many people compare the servant status of pearls as akin to slavery and like…yeah, it kind of is, but isn’t that the position of EVERY gem on homeworld? You serve the purpose you were made for, nothing less, you get no choices. But it seems like we only see pearls as unwilling participants in this system, struggling under the thumb of their masters, when in reality , this is the lot of every gem. But no one assumes Holly Blue, or Jasper, or aquamarine are only doing what they do because they’re made to, it’s assumed these gems, and essentially every homeworld gem who hasn’t explicitly defected, is a horrible monster. It just seems a bit double-standardish.

This is getting waaay long so I’ll hit my last point: Blue and Yellow Pearl themselves. From them, we’ve gotten no indication they dislike their station, or that the diamonds heap any particular abuse on them. If anything, the pearls are treated BETTER than any other gem the diamonds have interacted with. Theyre trusted with important tasks(screening communications with yellow diamond in yp’s case), and given a certain amount of autonomy(when BP investigates Greg and Steven making noises in the bushes near BD, blue diamonds reaction is not anger, but simply asking what she noticed. Blue Pearl is confident enough to move away from her diamond to do something on her own). The diamonds have never commanded the pearls, the closest we’ve seen to this is yellow diamond telling yellow pearl to sing to cheer up BD, and she is far sterner with other gems. To be honest, being a diamonds pearl is probably a higher social status than any other gem. Yellow pearl is responsible for saying who does and doesn’t speak to yellow diamond via communicator, and blue zircon insinuates that Pink Pearl was trusted as Pink Diamonds last line of warning/defense(“where was her pearl?”)

I guess that was a long of boiling down this simple question: why do we assume the pearls WANT rescuing? Why isn’t it possible that yellow and blue Pearl have a fairly good life, and enjoy where they are?

Idk, mostly I wanted to blab about what we know about homeworld and pearls and do some theory crafting so. Yep.


Pairing: Raphael x Reader (Not established)

“Just a few more minutes and you will reach a state of complete understanding. You will find true peace and true purpose. Now, breathe in-”

The soothing voice that came out of the radio speakers was suddenly drowned out by a guttural roar, echoing through the sewers. Splinter, who had been balancing on his tail for more than twenty-four hours, lost his footing and had to resume his normal posture before falling to the ground in the most humiliating way.

His eyes grew wide and his lips were just a thin line as Leonardo and Michelangelo tried to pull Raphael into their lair. He wasn’t angry - he was furious.

“Let me go! I will find them! I will ki-”

“Calm down, brah!”

“Shut up and let me GO!”

Raphael pulled on Mikey’s golden necklace to throw him out of balance, before roughly shoving him against Donatello and out of the way. After that, he faced his big brother Leo and snarled at him. His voice wasn’t more than a dangerous hiss, and his eyes were narrowed to piercing slits.

“Lemme go, Leo. I won’t ask twice!”

“No, you won’t!”, came the deafening voice of their father. It was only then that Raphael paused in his tracks.

The giant rat slowly made his way to Michelangelo and Donatello, touching their forearms in concern, before facing the red-clad turtle again.

“Care to explain what’s going on? Or will a day in the Hashi loosen your tongues?”

Raphael only huffed, his hands clenched into fists. His breathing was ragged and hard and his nostrils flared as Leonardo let go of his arm and kneeled in front of their master.

“Father, he’s lost control. There was an incident in the city. (Y/N), she … she got hurt.”
Leonardo glanced at his hotheaded brother before continuing.

“She’s in the hospital. It’s nothing too serious, but Raphael is out of his mind! The sun’s coming up in two hours and he rambles about bringing them to justice.”

Raphael couldn’t stay quiet anymore. His oh-so-perfect brother was talking as if he wasn’t there!

“Yer the one always talkin’ about justice and fairness! Our friend got hurt by some thieves, they’re still runnin’ around … maybe hurtin’ others!”

Leonardo sighed in annoyance while he stood up and faced his brother again. Couldn’t he obey for once? The blue-clad turtle crossed his arms before speaking in a calm and rather cold voice.

“You’re beyond reason, Raph. We weren’t there when it happened. We don’t know how they looked like. We will find them, but not over the next twelve hours. Going outside wouldn’t help anyone right now. Especially not her.”

Raphael’s eyes widened and he took a step back from his brother. His breathing hadn’t slowed down in the slightest, and even though he tried to be reasonable - he couldn’t. He looked from one family member to the next, finally gazing at his father, who seemingly agreed with Leonardo’s decision. He couldn’t speak right now. He couldn’t apologize right now. The bulky terrapin only puffed and turned on his heels, stomping over to his bench.

His older brother wanted to say something else, but the clawed hand of his father kept him silent.
“Don’t, Leonardo. He knows you’re right. We all know you’re right. But it hurts him nonetheless.”

“But why? She’s a friend, but-”

The soft chuckle of Splinter interrupted the skilled ninja.

“Oh, Leonardo. You’re not as omniscient as you think you are. She’s so much more than a friend to your dear brother.”

His eyes had a soft sheen to it as he looked around, fixating Michelangelo, who had a knowing smirk written across his face.

“She holds his heart.”

Raphael grunted as he lay on his bench, lifting all the manhole covers he possessed in an agonizingly fast rhythm. Sweat trickled down his arms, his forehead, running along the tendons of his neck and pooling inside his shell. He had to dull the pain. The only way he knew how to do it was to inflict a different kind of pain. So he continued to stem those weights, gritting his teeth, screwing his eyes shut. White blazing patterns flickered through the darkness. He didn’t want to see. Didn’t want to imagine how you looked like when they attacked. How you must’ve screamed, hoping for someone to help you. And he wasn’t there.

The big terrapin began to pant, his body was at its limit, but he couldn’t stop yet. His mind wouldn’t stop racing. You were stabbed. If he had been there, he could’ve taken the blow for you. Hell, he would cut his arm off this instant, just to undo all this.
The thought of losing you … he couldn’t. Raphael tried to block out those pictures flashing before his eyes but found he was incapable of doing so. He saw your long hair and imagined how soft it felt between his rough and scaly fingers. You always giggled when he buried his face in those silky tresses, inhaling your rosy scent.

No. Stop it!

Raphael clenched his jaw and with each painful movement of his arms, a fuming grunt left his lungs. He could hear his blood pumping through his veins. Could hear his frantic heartbeat in his ears, drumming, distracting, tormenting him.
He felt how the weights came closer to his face, and even though he tried with all his might, they wouldn’t stop in their tracks. He had no control over his muscles anymore and just before they seriously hurt him, two strong hands wrapped around the barbell and pulled the weight away from the red-clad turtle.

“What are you doing, Raph?” came the unmistakable voice of Leonardo, his big brother.

Raphael gasped for air, feeling the burning sensation in his arms and the familiar weakness that came along with it. The giant terrapin slowly straightened himself before looking up. He expected to see disdain written over his brother’s face, but all he saw was deep and honest concern. Raphael desperately tried to slow his breathing, to collect his thoughts. Sweat ran down his skin and he reached for a towel on the floor, but before he could wipe his face, Leo spoke again.

“I … I am sorry.”

Raphael looked up.


Leonardo seemed to search for the right words, absentmindedly chewing on his bottom lip.

“A good leader shows consideration for others. A good brother shows sympathy.”

Raphael had to process the words of his big brother. It wasn’t often that he had a reason to apologize to him, but it definitely struck a chord each time he did it.

“Come on. Put that towel away and follow me. We don’t have much time.”

A couple of minutes later, both brothers stood on a highrise, slowly making their way to the edge of the building. The horizon already got a lilac hue to it and they couldn’t waste much more time.

“Look into the second window from the right. Third row.”

Raphael squinted his eyes and let them roam over the hospital on the opposite side.

“Is that-”


“But how-”


His brother slowly put his hand on Raphael’s shoulder, assuring him.

“She will be alright. We can’t get any closer, but now you know she will be up and about in no time and you have no reason to run amok in New York City.”

Raphael bit his lip and looked at his feet.

“I know … I know.” His gaze lifted and he looked into the eyes of his leader.

“Thank you, Leo.”

They both bumped their fists, before making their way back to the funnel.

“Anytime, Raph.”


Bruce Wayne x Reader

word count: 588

warnings: none

author’s note: this was requested by @hypno-bear-tini (dunno why the tag isn’t working), based on the song Hero by Miguel. Enjoy!

Originally posted by larapaulussen

It was 3:30am by the time Y/N began packing up to go home- her third attempt for the night. A code blue was called for one of her patients recovering from a hip replacement just as she finished up her paperwork for the night, crushing any hopes of leaving work on time. An hour and a half later, a dozen patients were carted in after a fight broke out at The Iceburg Lounge. With a full house, Y/N and several other nurses were shifted around help manage the overflow. After several renditions of how Batman saved the day while she cleaned cuts and gathered insurance information, Y/N was finally free to leave.

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Daddy Dearest (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: “Request for Jason Todd being your daddy ;)” from anon.

A/N: Hell sounds like a great place to live right now. JASON IS DOMINANT AF IN HERE!!!! SO DOMINANT!!! DOMINANT™!!!! ANON I’M SO SORRY IF THIS IS TOO DIRTY FOR YOU!!!! 





Jason pushed you off of him, “Fuck, your God damn teeth!”

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Goku and Chichi’s Relationship

”Chichi does nothing but yell and nag.”
“Goku married Chichi without fully knowing what he was getting into.”
“Goku is henpecked.”
“Goku does not have romantic feelings for Chichi.”
“Goku sees Chichi as just another companion.” 

And so on and so forth. These are things I usually hear people say about GoChi. And you know what, I don’t understand.

The reason I fell in love with the GoChi ship was because Dragon Ball ends with Goku knowing nothing about marriage, but when Dragon Ball Z comes along we see that despite his initial ignorance he manages to maintain a happy marriage. He had no idea what love was in DB, but in DBZ we see that he has grown to love Chichi. 

When people bash GoChi, I always think about the part in the Cell Saga where Goku has just recovered from the heart virus. I’m not even talking about just the kiss; it’s everything. That’s the longest the series allows us to see Goku and Chichi together, so it’s the best window we have into their relationship. Plus, Goku has just escaped death at this point, and usually it is during moments like this that people are most honest about their feelings. 

And what feelings do they show us? Let’s take a look at the following screenshots:

Goku smiles as Chichi hugs him. He apologizes for worrying her, then proceeds to swing her around. My favorite part is when Chichi tells him to cut it out but ends up enjoying it anyway. They laugh together like teenagers in love, then he accidentally throws her too high into the sky, but when he catches her, they just laugh it off. 

I think this is basically a summary of how Goku and Chichi are as a couple. Goku does something silly or stupid, Chichi tries to tell him off, but then she gives in and ends up loving him all the more for his antics. 

I think this is how they show affection to each other too. They’re not passionate or intense. They don’t go on candlelit dinners or profess undying love for each other through poetry. Instead, they play in the snow, run around in the rain, and laugh together doing simple sweet things in their simple sweet home in the mountain. 

I think this scene also shows how Goku loves and treats Chichi differently from Krillin or Bulma or even his own sons. Have you ever seen Goku act this way around any other character? Case in point, when Goku ITs into the aircraft carrying his friends shortly after this scene, Krillin cries with joy and throws himself into Goku’s arms so fervently that they smash through the side of the aircraft. His reaction is just as powerful as Chichi’s, and yet Goku does not feel the urge to swing him around or do with him the same things he did with Chichi. 

Next, is Goku actually a henpecked husband? Is Chichi actually an irrational nagger who cannot accept the kind of person her husband is? Let’s look at these screenshots:


I have this belief that Goku isn’t as henpecked as he seems to be. I believe that he lets Chichi yell and nag because he’s a patient and generally peace-loving person. But here, when people’s lives are at stake and time is of the essence, Goku looks disapproving of Chichi’s stubbornness and looks about ready to argue. 

I love this because it shows that Goku loves his strong-willed wife and so he lets her assume dominance in the relationship for the most part, but he also won’t just quietly submit to her when she’s being irrational. 

But here’s what makes this even more wonderful:

Chichi reveals that she’s not irrational at all. And Chichi knows her husband well enough to know that she won’t win an argument about this anyway. Which makes me think that she and Goku do argue from time to time; they just don’t do it so publicly like Bulma and Vegeta.

Chichi also shows here that she, despite everything she usually yells about, believes in her husband and in the potential of their son. Goku appreciates this, and thanks her. He understands just how much courage it takes to accept this kind of fate for her family. Master Roshi realizes this too and thinks to himself that Chichi has “nerves of steel”, as befitting the wife of the strongest man on Earth.

Then they just gaze at each other lovingly for a while:

And when it’s time to go, they share a kiss. They kiss for like seven seconds in front of Master Roshi.

If you think about it, contrary to popular portrayal in fanfiction, Goku and Chichi are usually not embarrassed to show their love in front of others.

We see more examples in the Buu Saga, when in front of their friends, Goku tells Chichi that he missed her, when Chichi throws herself into his arms as he is about to go back to the afterlife and he hugs her and holds her hand, and finally when Chichi cries against his chest as they are finally reunited at Kami’s Lookout and he tells her he loves her.

All this done in public, and neither of them act like it’s embarrassing. They treat it as if it were something natural.

Anyway, going back to this scene, the kiss they share here isn’t just a ‘routine’ kiss but something they both genuinely feel like sharing at that moment. How do I know? 

Look at Goku’s face right after they kiss. His gaze lingers on her longer and he has this satisfied smile on his face.

And this next part just kills me. Goku goes all serious as he is about to IT away, but just before he disappears, he takes one last look at Chichi. And I’m like, WHOA GUYS, TOO MUCH LOVE, GIVE IT A REST.

But seriously, how can anyone say that he doesn’t love her the way a husband loves a wife?

The Price of a Name 1

So, instead of starting Told You So, or the next Gen Buir, or even updating Learning Curves to prep for the next round of updates, I’m throwing THIS at you before I go to sleep.

Anakin doesn’t get to the war for three months because of his new arm.  It should have been one but Anakin is a mechanic and a tinkerer and manages to break it four times trying to ‘improve it’.  In the end, it takes a group effort from Healer Naomi Talis, Master Yoda, and Master Obi-Wan to get him to stop trying to improve it before he understands it.  It frustrates him, that arm, it sticks, and the neuro-relays aren’t always sensitive enough, and he knows he could fix it, if he just had the time.

Instead, Anakin is sent to the front, diverted from joining Master Obi-Wan when he’s needed to follow Master Koon on an air strike that required them to take a path that made the Boonta Eve Race seem like shooting down Beggars’ Canyon.

At the end of it, Anakin is left to oversee the cleanup of the battle after the former General dies, and that’s how he meets the 501st.  It’s also how Anakin learns the full story of the clones.  He’d been so distracted with his own healing that Anakin hadn’t really paid attention to the army they were fielding, and he hadn’t realized that what he did hear was sanitized on some level until he met the surviving captain.

“CT-7567, Commander,” the clone said with a salute.

Anakin frowned, but set it aside at first, “What’s the report on the casualties?”

“230 clones down sir, seven officers.”

Anakin gritted his teeth, wondering why ‘CT-7567’ seemed so indifferent to the numbers.  “Do we have everything we need to build a pyre?”

“For General Rusk? Yes sir.”

“For all of them,” Anakin said, “all the fallen.”

“That’s not necessary, sir,” CT-7567 replied, “the ship has an incinerator for the remains.  We’ll begin shipping up within the hour, with your permission.”

Anakin’s temperamental empathy flared, and the thing that stood out the most to him was CT-7567’s lack of self-awareness, as if the man truly felt nothing for the men they’d lost. There were hints, hidden deep inside, of deeper emotions, but it was as if CT-7567 had learned to bury it, if not shield his inner most thoughts.

“CT-7567, do you have any other name?  That’s a bit of a mouthful on a battle field.”  Anakin suspected he knew what the answer would be, but he had to ask.  This had to be a trick or something.

“Captain will work just fine sir,” CT-7567 said calmly.

“Not even a nickname?” Anakin asked, “Something for when you’re off duty?”

“No sir,” CT-7567 said, confused.  “Clones don’t need that.  Our designation is sufficient.”

Anakin’s mechanical fist clench so suddenly and tightly the hinges squeaked.  He had a suspicion that if he pursued this course, CT-7567 would blandly block ever attempt to get an answer, regardless of whether it existed or not.  There was only one thing he could do.

“Your men fought and died with honor, Captain.  We will acknowledge that.  Make sure that there is sufficient material for their pyres alongside the General.” Anakin said firmly.  “When the ashes are cool, we’re to join General Obi-Wan Kenobi and the 212th for our next deployment.”

“Understood sir,” CT-7567 replied and saluted.

Part Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen


I just had to make fun of this....

In this scene of DBS Goku shows he was embarrassed to show public affection in front of everyone ….. but 

He showed public affection in front of his master and friends lmao. 

((All of these publicly in front of people. lmfo))

**Unless cause that time it was under new friends??? Or just bad DBS script writing lmao. 

Feisty Little Hobbit

Summary: Your brother finally catches up with the company only to find out that you’ve been keeping a few secrets of your own.

MASTER LIST Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 4

Your ear twitches as it hears your brother. You knew he would come. He would never leave you alone with 13 dwarves.

“Wait! Wait! I’ve signed it!” he exclaims, holding up a contract that you had signed earlier. He turns to Balin and hands him the contract. Balin smiles at him and brings out his eye glass. Bilbo looks frightened to be standing next to a pony making you laugh. He was such a gentle lad.

“Everything seems to be in order. Welcome, Mr. Baggins to the company of Thorin Oakenshield,” Balin announces, putting his contract away and everyone cheers.

“Mr. Baggins. You will be sharing a pony with your sister,” Thorin says. “Oh no. I’ll be fine walking. I made it as far as Frogmorton once,” he tries, but he is soon lifted by Fili and Kili onto your pono. Bilbo clings to you for dear life and it makes you laugh.

“Y/n?” he asks as you continue your journey.

“Hmm?” you ask, watching the forest go by. “Why do you have a sword?” he asks . “Because I’ll need it?” you ask back.

“Better question, how did you get a sword? And is that my trousers?” he asks and the company memebers that are within earshot laugh.

You had stolen some of your brothers clothes a while ago and you hemmed them to make them fit you. You didn’t like dresses. You hated them in fact so you always wore trousers under your skirts. Last night, majority of the night was spent hemming your skirts into trousers and it was the best decision of your life.

“Yes. I can’t do anything in a dress,” you say, shrugging. “And why do you have a bow and arrow?” he asks again. That causes Thorin, who is all the way up in the front, to laugh. “It seems, master burglar, that you know almost nothing about your sister,” he calls out and the company joins in on his laughter.

“Honestly, y/n, where did you get the weapons?” Biblo asks.

“I went to Michel Delving once and there were a couple of dwarves there. I took an interest in their weapons and I bought the bow and arrow from them. The sword they gifted me for free. Said that I was the first Hobbit that they’ve met that was instrested in anything remotely dangerous,” you explains.

“Ah. So that’s how you stole Thorin’s weapon from him. You know how to handle one,” Dwalin states, slowing down to come next to you.

“Of course Master Dwarf. My mother sometimes worried that I was born in to the wrong race,” you say, laughing. “That’s because you were. You should be a dwarf not a hobbit. You don’t do anything remotely hobbit,” Biblo grumbles as he loosens his grip.

“You’re just jealous because I got more Took blood than you,” you grumble.

“We literally got the same amount,” he argues, rolling his eyes.

The company smiles at the banter. This was going to be funnier than they thought.


Student Council Prez [4]

Episode 3 - Episode 4 - Episode 4.5 OR Episode 5
Words: 5.6k
Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, High School!Au


Absolutely unbelieveable.

“Unbelievable.” You mutter under your breath, mopping the floor roughly and narrowing your eyes at Yoongi whose chest is heaving, eyes are shut and the letter z’s are practically dancing in the air.

The moment he stepped inside, he collapsed onto the sofa dead asleep while you slaved away, beginning to clean his house from top to bottom.

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NYC Pride 2017: "Take my hand, pup. Let's be proud together."


Today’s the day  Master and I met at Penn Station. After coffees and Shake Shack, we made our way to the hotel. We stayed at Paramount in the Theatre District. Master was so exhausted, I offered to check us in early. SUCCESS! We slept for a few hours then began our afternoon. Master took me to my first ever barber. It was a special place for Master and Alpha: Made Men in Chelsea. After, we journeyed to Nasty Pig and Mr. Turk while stopping for poke along the way. It was such a beautiful day. We had to leave a little sooner than expected from Mr Turk for our date day plans. Master gave me permission to plan a date day for him. I planned our date to be meaningful and packed our itinerary with memorable experiences.

[Before writing about our date, I feel it’s important to share a beautiful and significant pillar of our relationship. This part of our relationship is that we are driven to grow for each other. Love, trust, intimacy, and more. This pride was special in that I not only was pushed to be more submissive, but I was also pushed to grow the more dominant side to Angus (please take note of the “A” in Angus versus the “a” in pup angus). When Angus’ dom side is being stroked and nurtured, there is an internal *buzz* that is felt. Master ordered it to grow to be able to take better care of pup krypto. Krypto makes Angus buzz when he submits, melts into my arms, expresses so much love and emotion he cries, lets me take care of him, and allows me to spoil and pamper him like he has always deserved. Angus shows krypto how much he is loved, wanted, cared for, and that Angus is always going to be there for krypto. Together, our dom and sub energies flow in such a way that we fall more in love with each other and our relationship grows. Thank you for trusting Angus with such a beautiful, needy, giving, and loving pup, Master. Krypto is the most important person in Angus’ life. Angus loves krypto so incredibly much and feels so lucky to have krypto in his life. I love you so much, Master.]

Leaving Mr. Turk, I turned around, blinked, and there in front of me was krypto! Angus took over and in the lyft, presented krypto with a video from krypto’s Sir and a card from Angus. 

[It important to also thank kyrpto’s Sir (Alpha) for allowing Angus to take care and treat his pup to a very special date. Thank you, Alpha. I love you, Alpha.]

Krypto was so overjoyed and overwhelmed with how Angus was going to spoil and take care of him. Krypto was in tears. *buzz*

The Date Itinerary

  1. A picnic in central park (rescheduled for Friday on the High Line) 
  2. A couples deep tissue massage
  3. Japanese BBQ

We struggled to arrive on time for the massage but the spa was so willing to accommodate. We were even able to enjoy some couples time alone in the spa before and after our massage. Oh it was amazing. Krypto was so relaxed he even fell asleep during the massage. This was my first deep tissue massage. I never realized how tight my muscles had been. 

After making it back to the hotel and stopping for a Times Square photo or two, we rested briefly before walking to the restaurant for dinner reservations. Krypto dressed so handsomely. *buzz* I brought krypto to a Japanese BBQ. We had the kobe omakase. It was delicious. Krypto made perfect suggestions for courses. He made me so happy that my dom buzz got even stronger as dinner continued. With our dessert course, krypto to was adorable and giving when be offered to make Angus a s'more over the grill. Thank you krypto. It was so delicious. We made our way back to the hotel. Once there, krypto said goodnight and Master joined angus for bed. What an incredible first day of pride.


We began our day with sleeping in, lunch at Juniors with Masters friends, and getting ready for our picnic on the High Line. As we neared Chelsea Market, Master ordered Angus to wait inside in front of The Lobster Place. Master needed to do Master things. I walked inside and krypto found his way to me and Angus couldn’t have been more eager to see his pup. I felt so loved and happy to be joined by him for another date filled afternoon. *buzz* We had sushi and sodas. Krypto picked an amazing blood orange, lime, and jalapeño soda for me knowing how much I would love the flavor vignettes. Oh what a good pup. After we enjoyed the best oysters I’ve ever had. So good that krypto food-gasmed over the Ichobad oysters. And lastly, we ordered meat pies to enjoy on the High Line. We found seats, took some beautiful photos and walked the park to the most southern end. After such a perfect and romantic date with krypto, it was time for Master to come back. Thank you Master. Thank you for giving Angus time with krypto. I love you so much, Master.  

[I love you, krypto. Thank you for joining me on such a romantic date. We had a perfect date on the High Line. I keep falling more in love with you every time I’m given time with you. You’re amazing and I will always keep growing for you. *buzz*]

Master and I walked over and a couple blocks to Magnum and made our own ice cream bars. This was more fun than we thought! And delicious too! Master made a vanilla bar with chocolate coating topped with cacao nibs, Himalayan sea salt, and chipotle seasoning. 

I made a chocolate bar with dark chocolate coating, dark chocolate vermicelli, gold sugar crystals, and Himalayan sea salt.
We ended our day with tacos and a disco nap. After I would need to get ready for Furball. I was dancing and couldn’t wait to show off for Master. 

  • Furball highs: Master was there, I danced for Master, Master and I met Joe, DJ Jack Chang played a good set, and I was paid. 
  • Furball lows: the small/crowded venue, the fog that made it impossible to see or breath, and the terrible gogo boxes. 

I came home to Master patiently waiting with dinner. Thank you for coming to see pup work and for dinner, Master. I presented Master with the night’s earnings. I love you so much Master.


We slept in and enjoyed a small brunch in HK. Master got a sandwich and I had eggs benedict. After, we prepared for the VIP Roof Top Tea Dance. The venue was small, we weren’t really able to dance or flag much, the crowd was weird. Master did get a chance to flag on the gogo box before the dancers arrived. *whimpers* It’s so beautiful when Master flags. We left after an hour, regrouped at the hotel and headed to the Musclebear Cruise. It was an amazing choice! We had an amazing time and took so many wonderful photos along the Hudson. There was food, great music and Master taught me how to flag. Thank you so much for teaching me Master! I can’t wait to flag with you again! It was a great way to get ready for the main party: BRÜT. 

BRÜT was held at the PlayStation Theatre. We arrived and made our way to the clothes check. While everyone else there was dressed for in their black leather and fetish gear, we lit up the halls in pink thongs, calf high socks, and Master in his crotch-less and ass-less singlet. His pe'a showing through, muscles pumped, rump so perfectly framed in his singlet; I was so overwhelmed in his presence. Master is so incredibly sexy and I couldnt keep my eyes off him. Master ordered me to follow him around the venue as we explored its amenities and features. The venue was perfect with multiple dance floors and DJs. The lighting spectacular. The crowd was good too. There were water fountains and concessions too! 

All night and into the morning, we danced, flagged, and had sexy intimate time. The dance floors had special lighting. The main floor had spotlights from the ceiling that were black lights. Master shined like a God; his chest so big and body beaming. *whimpers* I was so entranced it felt like we were the only ones there. I grinded up against Master and danced and showed off for him. Master flagged and hypnotized his pup with his power and perfection. I felt the butterflies in me growing and it felt like I was twisting up inside. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be his pup. I’m so grateful to be owned by you, Master. *whimpers* The other dance floor was all black lights and dark which provided ample space for us to be intimate. Master pulled me aside to a more private area and intamacy in there. He adorned my neck with marks of love and ownership. I begged Master for them and cried out “Thank you Master! I need your marks, Master! I love you so much Master!” I moaned louder as Master pressed harder. He pushed me deeper and ordered me on my knees to present his pup. 

My heart was racing and I fell deeper and harder for Master. He led me to the couches and ordered me on his lap. I kissed Master deeply. I held to Master tightly feeling our energies flow and as our lips separated to breath, Angus was over krypto. We held each other tightly falling more in love. Angus and krypto danced together and Angus took care of krypto’s needs at the party. 

I led him to the dance floors and halls for water and fresh air. I was buzzing watching krypto dance for me and letting me take care of him in the early hours of the morning. Krypto even flagged so beautifully for me. His gift made me buzz too. Later, we were able to get onto the lit gogo boxes and flag under the black lights. I was so incredibly hypnotized by krypto’s dancing and flagging as he kept shining. His rump bounced and chest and arms looks like they were growing right in front of me while he glowed under the lights. Thank you for giving me a beautiful display of your art and rhythm, krypto. After dancing we shared more private intimate time with each other. On the couches I strattled krypto and we shared a macro growth fantasy. I kept pushing krypto to grow bigger and he wanted to make me happy. I led krypto through a fantasy where he out grew the theatre quickly. Then Manhattan…The continent… describing to him more and more how and what grew faster. Krypto joined and shared what he would grow bigger. I began to pre on his lap. It was dripping through my pink thong. Krypto was so eager and ready to pick it up. I love you so much, krypto. Thank you for dancing with me and letting me grow you to macro proportions.*buzz* Oh krypto is such a special pup to Angus. He is such a good pup. 

We looked at the time and agreed 6am would be our time to walk back to the hotel. Master returned and made sure angus made kt hoke safely. I resumed place at Master’s feet and thanked Master. I was whimpering as we talked about how much fun and how amazing BRÜT was. I love you so much, Master.  We had such an incredible time. Thank you for an this exceptional evening. Master led us back to the hotel and after we fell asleep to get ready to close our pride weekend. 


This day was the struggle day. Struggled to eat Shake Shack for brunch, struggled to stay hydrated, and struggled getting to the last pride party.
Despite the behavior of some straight women, the bad music, and overcrowded pier, we really had a wonderful time. Dancing with Master free VIP upgrade from some strangers leaving early, free vitamin water, a less crowded area to flag, and getting to meet some of Masters friends. We left before sunset and headed back to the hotel to rest. We needed to pack and rest for our travel day on Monday would come early. We stayed up in bed that night distracting ourselves from the bad party. I watched endless YouTube videos of flagging in the park to try and find Master  (I did!!!) And Master edited photos of our weekend *swoon*


It was an emotional “see you soon”. We went separate ways at Penn Station. Master treated me to a protein filled Jamba Juice and bagel with lox and cream cheese. Thank you so much Master. We waited for our trains. Before we knew it, it was time to board. Master to Montreal and myself to Providence. “5 more days pup” Master would keep telling me. *whimpers* I love you Master.

Thank you for joining me on such and incredible weekend and offering me your hand to be proud together. Thank you for your gifts and generosity, Master. I will always feel more lucky and grateful every day to be owned by you, Master. I love you more and more every day Master.

Happy Pride, Master!

forever in service,

Maiden’s Unfair Heart

Warning: THIS IS EXTREMELY LONG. Also, this fic takes place in the Middle Ages so sexism is an obvious. Of course 21st century Harry wouldn’t dare say these things, however please keep the time era in mind. The girl’s name is Jo only because this story is an original story with Harry’s name instead of the original: Michael H. Fitz. This one shot is inspired by the novel “Ransom My Heart”. If you love History and Romance together, this is the right book for you :)

Happy reading and please give me some feedback, I beg you!

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lacefedora  asked:

2. spiritassassin

#2. Please, just stop talking

Thousands upon thousands of windows glitter like scales in the morning sun. It’s so bright that Baze has to hold a hand over his eyes just to make sure he doesn’t accidentally walk off the edge of their landing platform.

Beside him, Chirrut is smiling, sightless eyes staring unblinking into the distance.

“This place is so alive.” Chirrut breathes deeply, and grips his staff a little tighter. “It is amazing.”

“It’s ugly.” Baze rolls his eyes and looks around for their Jedi escort. He misses the soft, sandy silence of Jehda already. He hopes these negotiations won’t take too long.

“I highly doubt that.”

“You wouldn’t if you could see it as I do,” Baze responds gruffly, pushing a long strand of dark hair out of his face. That’s another thing. Jehda is never this damned windy. Baze’s long hair is whipping this way and that, so much so that with a losing scowl, he pulls it up into a bun at the top of his head.

He finally spots the Jedi that will to escort them to the Coruscant Temple coming down the runway. She’s a Tholothian, wearing the typical seed pod headdress of her people. Her name bubbles up in the back of Baze’s mind: Gallia. They’d dealt with her before.

Chirrut clicks his tongue softly at Baze, still facing out over the edge of the platform. “Show me, then, before our Jedi friend gets here.”

With a sigh, Baze opens himself up to the Force. To Chirrut. He allows his blind companion to access his eyes and see through them.

“Careful, it’s bright,” Baze warns.

Chirrut’s eyes blink the same time that Baze’s do, but the low sound of amazement Chirrut creates makes the odd sensation worth it.

“It is beautiful, you liar,” Chirrut murmurs.


“We can only provide you with so many Kyber crystals before our planet becomes a target for the Separatists,” Baze says, again. “I’m sorry, Masters Jedi, but there’s nothing we can do.”

The Jedi Council members seated around them look towards one another, before the small green one – Master Yoda, their former Grandmaster – speaks in a low warble.

“Needed, they are. Abandon us, your Order would not.”

“No…” Baze searches for words. “But I was given strict orders. We can try, but there isn’t much either of us can do.”

Yoda stares at him with haunting green eyes, “There is no try.”

Chirrut suddenly steps up in front of Baze. “Actually, Master, there is. You’ve tried other sources. Ilum is a perfectly good one, why do you need ours?”

“Chirrut,” Baze hisses, but Chirrut holds up a hand.

“Trust me,” he murmurs over his shoulder.

Chirrut continues. “Perhaps if the Jedi stopped breaking their own lightsabers in unnecessary battle, more Kyber needn’t be necessary,” He notes with a tap of his staff on the tiled floor to accentuate his words.

Baze stays silent, watches as the small green master’s eyes widen, and then Yoda too taps his small gimmer stick on the floor, echoing Chirrut.

“Necessary it is, to fight. Sometimes.”

Chirrut tilts his chin up. “Of course it is. If you’re defending something. What, do tell, are the Jedi defending at this point? A way of life? Why? What if this is the will of the Force?”

“Defending the Republic, we are. ”

“Ah. But why? You seek to guilt trip us, but you give no reason aside from ‘It’s necessary’. What makes it necessary to manufacture men, and use special Kyber…?”

Baze doesn’t say a word, and keeps his hands behind his back and his lips tightly sealed to keep himself from laughing. By the stones of the temple back home, he loves this man.

Yoda goes quiet, and this seems to surprise the other members of the Council. The Grandmaster himself, Mace Windu, who had looked nothing but taciturn throughout their visit, looks shaken. Yet Yoda only smiles and hums, clicking the tile with his staff once more.

“Right, you are, young monk, but fight we must to protect what we care for.” Yoda leans forward in his seat. “That is why the clones we have. And ourselves. And more Kyber crystals, humbly request we do.”

Chirrut tilts his head towards Baze, but doesn’t turn away from the Jedi Master completely.

Oh no, Baze thinks.

“The Jedi should embrace their caring feelings more often, particularly when they’re the reason behind what they protect,” Chirrut says with an incline of his head. “My companion and I will speak with the Ajahn herself. You will have your Jehdian Kyber Crystals, Master.”


As they leave the round chamber and enter the turbolift, Baze says, “Were you told to do that?”

“No,” Chirrut says, utterly devoid of remorse.

“The Ajahn won’t be pleased,” Baze points out.

“She will understand,” Chirrut insists, as the levels of the tower flash outside the protective cover of their lift. “Yu-Phin wanted a reason to help the Jedi. I’ve found one.”

“They care about people?”

“Yes. Besides, we have the reserves, do we not? Might as well help them.”

The turbolift comes to a stop and the doors slide open.

“I get the feeling you did something you weren’t supposed to.”

Chirrut snorts as he gets off behind Baze. “Don’t I always?”


Chirrut retires to their apartment in the temple early, complaining of a headache. Baze goes with him.

“This place is so loud,” says Chirrut as he slips off his sandals and climbs into one of the two low beds in the room. Baze lowers the suite’s lights completely, takes off his own boots, and climbs into the narrow bed beside Chirrut.

Baze hums in agreement, stroking his hand down the back of Chirrut’s neck. “Do you want some water?”

Chirrut shakes his head and presses in closer to Baze. His breath is hot against Baze’s cheek. “I wouldn’t mind a certain… other activity, if you’re up for it.” A hand brushes along Baze’s crotch, inviting.

Baze smirks, and pulls his hair loose with one hand. Dark hair covers his shoulders as he presses his lips against the spot beneath Chirrut’s right ear. “I thought you had a headache?” he whispers, before leaving a kiss on the soft skin.

The hand at Baze’s crotch becomes a little more insistent, rubbing him to semi-hardness through the thin material of his trousers.

“I may have overexaggerated,” Chirrut says playfully. “Most of it was that Jedi Master Yoda. I don’t believe he likes me very much.”

“He’d be a fool not to like you,” Baze nips lightly down the length of Chirrut’s neck, opening up the fold in his robes as Chirrut sets to work untying his belt.

Chirrut tilts his head, and his pale eyes close halfway as he presses a kiss to Baze’s lips. “Prove it.”


Chirrut is lean and strong beneath him; warm and tight around his length. He moves as Baze moves, arching up when Baze pushes forward, wrapping his legs around Baze’s hips to pull him in deeper and deeper when it doesn’t seem like they can get any closer. Attempting to make them one.

At the brink of climax, Baze opens himself up to the Force and, for a moment, Chirrut sees himself, sweating and flushed, beneath Baze. For a moment, Baze feeling himself pumping into Chirrut; feels himself being stretched and filled. Made whole. For a moment, as they hit that final point in tandem, they are one.

Afterwards, as they lay side by side with legs tangled and their hands fitted together, Chirrut laughs at the ceiling.

“Do you still hate Coruscant now?” he asks.

Baze huffs. “Please, just stop talking, love.”

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Can you write more of the ObiMaul fic?

“And that is the full report Knight Kenobi?” The Korun master eyed him over his folded hands, brows raised high as everyone stared at the young knight and padawan.

“Yes Masters.” Obi-Wan nodded. “Thanks to Darth Maul I was able to survive with minor injuries, he was also the reason I arrived at Coruscant in a timely manner.” He shifted a bit and looked down at Anakin before looking back. “As I’ve earlier reported, he has had a tendency of…following me around.”

His former master gave a low noise from his council seat beside Plo before growing quiet again, his hands clenched on the arms of his chair. His face was serene but Obi-Wan had spent over a decade in the mans company and could see the discomfort and concern in the others eyes.

“Yes, your reports have been…full of the Sith.” Mace leaned back. “This is concerning as you already know. Do you know why he’s following you?” There was an unsaid ‘without killing you’ in that sentence.

Obi-Wan sighed. “He said that was for him to know and me to find out.”

Anakin gave a little mutter.

“What was that Padawan Skywalker?”

The blond looked up quickly then grimaced at the raised brow of Windu. “I said he’s a creep. He keeps looking at Master like he’s a piece of meat he’d love to eat.” He huffed. Obi-Wan colored sharply to his ears and shifted a bit as attention returned to him.

“Knight Kenobi, I have to ask, why haven’t you dealt with this Sith?” Qui-Gon leaned forward a bit and Obi-Wan could have flinched at the question.

He should have, ages ago, he should have sliced the son of a bitch in half but for some reason found himself unable and stared at his former master without answer, opening and closing his mouth.

“You don’t know do you.” Depa stated quietly as they all observed the young knight who stood at a loss in front of them.

“I might.” Eeth Koth murmured, staring at Obi-Wan. “But if I’m right, then Force preserve us.”

Oh now Obi-Wan felt even more nervous, his stomach squirming and tying itself in knots and loops.

“Knight Kenobi, these questions may seem…odd but please answer them honestly.” The Zabrak master murmured, watching him with a small frown.

“Of course Master Koth.”

“Does his voice provoke a…attraction to Maul?”

Oh Force it was going to be one of those conversations. Why did it have to be in front of his Master and Padawan!?!?!?!


“A mating bond?” He feels so lost.

“That is my suspicion. Everything you’ve said so far and Darth Maul has done seems to confirm it.” Koth leans back in his chair and looks to Yoda, Mace and Qui-Gon. “And if so, Knight Kenobi will eventually be compelled by the Force to complete it. The fact that its not already consummated-” Obi-Wan turned bright red. “Is a wonder as mating bonds are rather compelling things. And revered among Zabraks. Maul must be holding himself in the reins not to claim Knight Kenobi and Knight Kenobi…” He turned his eyes back on Obi-Wan. “Must have unknown will strength. Its not an easy thing to resist.”

“I have good grounds to reject him.” Obi-Wan couldn’t help a brief glance in Qui-Gon’s direction.

“Yes, that is one of the main reasons for resisting him I think. But he didn’t kill Qui-Gon. He injured him, maimed him permanently but didn’t kill him though I suspect that was his orders.” Koth watched him.

Obi-Wan felt off balanced.

“Then what do I do?” He looked around, feeling even more lost and when Anakin took his hand, he held tightly onto the small appendage, wondering if he looked as lost as he felt.

“The Force will compel them to complete the bond, yes?” Qui-Gon spoke up quietly.

“Yes. There will be no fighting it off forever. Not unless one of them dies.” The Zabrak master confirmed for them.

“What would the mating bond entail?” Depa leaned forward, frowning a bit in worry. “For Knight Kenobi? Its clear that it effects him in some manner but how?”

The young knight looked quickly at Koth.

“You have to remember that I’m a Iridonian Zabrak master Billaba. Maul I believe is a Dathomirian Zabrak. Their practices would be different.”

“Please Master, I…I’ll accept any answers right now.” Obi-Wan felt Anakin squeeze his hand, his padawans worry creeping along their bond while the blond pressed to his side. Was it affecting his behavior, would it change his mind, what would this damn mating bond do to him?

“If it follows traditional mating bonds as I know them, you will be incapable of physically harming him, seek protection by his side and always have a desire to remain close even after completing the mating bond.”

Frowning a bit, Obi-Wan licked his lips nervously. “Would his will usurp mine?”

Koth hesitated. “Traditionally speaking it shouldn’t. But you may have a harder time to override his decisions.”

“Then what in Force name should I do?” Obi-Wan struggled to remain calm.

“As I see it, we have two options presented.” Shaak Ti looked about the room. “We allow the mating bond to happen or we kill Darth Maul.”

Something in Obi-Wan was sent cantering and he couldn’t quite muffle the noise that escaped him, gaining attention once again.

“Which seems ill-advised as it would clearly affect Knight Kenobi.” She continued. “That leaves me to this thought…we allow the bond and monitor Maul, we gain his co-operation and trace his Master.”

“You mean we abuse Obi-Wan and the mating bond.” Qui-Gon lips thinned in disapproval.

“There is nothing we can do to stop the bond. We can however limit the damage of it with Master Ti’s proposal.” Piell argued.

“By setting one of our knights mental and physical health on the line?” Plo questioned.

“Perhaps.” Mace spoke up clearly to quiet the others. “We should ask Knight Kenobi himself what he wants to do as this is his life we are speaking about.”

The council could order him to put his life on the line, they could order him into the field and die protecting politicians and nobility of a thousand different planets. But they could not order him to monitor his mate.

“…I won’t be able to resist the bond forever will I?” Obi-Wan looked at Master Koth, who shook his head. “The Force will make me eventually…complete it.” He looked down at his feet then at Qui-Gon, discomfort and worry itching its way through him.

Qui-Gon however just gave him a worried, sympahtic look. Not accusatory, not blaming Obi-Wan for any of this.

He looked back down. “…Alright. I’ll see if I can’t get his co-operation in exchange for me.”

The room felt so much heavier and discomforted.

And Obi-Wan felt so much more lost then before.